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  1. Katherine Ste Marie

    Such total trust & innocent love are soul refreshing & heartwarming, especially from an endangered species !!!

  2. The One and only Hahaha

    I don’t understand anyone in support of the Indian government - they are corrupt, promoting Hindu nationalism and completely against farmers, this is a dictatorship not a democracy. Anyone against the protest who isn’t a farmer can shut up - farmers are people who are impacted and therefore farmers should have a say, 4/10 people in India work in agriculture and this government is moving against them? This is the worst government I’ve ever seen, Modi is an idiot and no one can change my mind.

  3. blackeyesorangedragon

    Can we have a better government because Scotland is doing better and might get independence because of the virus XD

  4. Spenny G


  5. Joe W

    Maria is a good example why russian chicks are hott

  6. razz b

    Bye bye BBC 👋

  7. Don kim

    Interesting doc! But guys, being taller doesn't make you have a better quality of life, it's always better to be average, also tall people have more back problems and they may have issues to fit in some public transport. Also, look at the situation of many people in some parts of Africa, where they are tall and some countries like Japan or Singapore, where people are shorter.

  8. paul john capili

    Its like hearing Christmas carols ☺️

  9. Saif Judi

    When the life suddenly smile for you, this is what going to happen

  10. LisaR777

    Had there been no gun in the house, she wouldn't have been able to make this impulse decision. Guns make it too easy and quick to hurt yourself or someone else. I wonder if they still have that gun in the house.

  11. Raaj Singh

    In India they would of killed him protesting! #kisaan

  12. PETROS

    Funny...Behind Anti-Corruption Foundation you'll find Navalni,Maria Pevchikh AND contributer/tycoon connected to Panama offshores (Offshore Leaks Database) VICTOR YARUTOV!!. Like Ukraines overcorrupted ex presidents Kushma & Yushchenko did to take the power.Certainly not keen on Putin or his views on democraticy

  13. Mostafa O ́beji

    BCC has always been stupid... They also told Ardogan in another program how the Kurdish people smuggle goods for a living...

  14. razz b

    Bye bye BBC

  15. Ce Heath

    People have to earn a living the best they can, especially in this country. If an orangutan is. Destroying crops and taking food off of his table, he should have every right to defend his crops. We have to be reasonable, we can’t put the lives of animals above humans , ever . Move the apes as far in as you can

  16. Matthew Brown

    Most baby animals are cute, but that panda just takes it to another level. Pandas are pretty cute in general though, and it's hard to believe that of the other members of the bear family, most would tear you in half, given the right situation.

  17. Michelle Croom

    Does everyone know it was the Nhs or hospitals that sent residents back to care homes without test swabbing... can’t blame government for that one... and district nurses going into care homes without being tested

  18. Koni Karino

    Super ładny głos ma piosenka. Błogosławionego życia życzę wszystkim ludziom.

  19. Владимир Рыжков

    Хрень! Русские хакеры вам снова тупицу старого посадили! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. Dhyanastha

    Anti nationals

  21. قرصک ملی-Qarsak Melli

    The people u saw in this documentary are all animals of Afghanistan and these people are the one who destroyed Afghanistan and work both in government side and Taliban side so what u think of such people???

  22. nikko Mere

    conte e solo una spia del vaticano.

  23. Parminderjit Singh

    Now punjab gona good way.

  24. Lunatic Psycho

    Stop using misleading headlines.

  25. Hermi Singh

    BBC English and ANI a mouthpiece of Hindutva regime

  26. Edgar Ardon

    Johnson's and his team of scientist very first initiative against covid was herd immunity. Anyone with a little knowledge knows that that takes at least 80% of the population having had the virus already. That was totally implausible back at the beginning of the pandemic, taking into acct the population size in England, but they still enacted that strategy, allowing and encouraging people to keep living their lives as usual, going to pubs, and playing football, while the rest of Europe and the world was locking down. It's almost like this was intended. How can people in power, with scientist to back them, encourage such a folly?

  27. Only here for DDE Bob

    “Would you like me to be the cat ?”

  28. Marko Podganjek

    Mein got. Entire article and 800 comments of brainwahed about something that is easy to check on internet. Palace is owned by Alexander Konamorenko, Russian billionaire, which bought it in 2011 from 2 private founds. Putin owns it as much as Buckhingham palace.

  29. The Computer

    chinese government bad

  30. Victor Horvath

    The picture of them holding each other in front of the waterfall grabbed my attention. The statement literally says to me, we're all we got, and we were unable to survive as working Americans.

  31. Trevor

    Bro you make history

  32. Pawntia H. Pier


  33. Patel Yusuf

    Atypical western attitudes of gloom an doom. Th shameless UAE n gangsters have left.from from the back door . Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say. Th Turks are in town, and every things gonna be O right , Everybody's gonna be O Right.Soon . InshAllah

  34. {Lady_Craftata}

    Una persona per guardare sto video ha bisogno dei sottotitolo

  35. A Life penned down

    Tough questions: 1. Why Delhi? 2. Can protestors ensure to not support such agitation? 3. Why 26th Jan? to make a statement?? After whatever happened, if you remove the context of "farmers" and the respect we have for them, it felt like an attack by some terrorist organisation. Whoever is the culprit - They should be ashamed about the fact that they grew up here to make this country shameful on one of its most important day.

  36. Darwish JR

    Not a single word about the Muslim brotherhood lmao cuz you probably support them yourself. Imagine supporting a certain agenda over a country, the stupidity you guys have.

  37. 888 888

    So hang on he's resigned to maybe return with more support and a knew coalition. How weird. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that like a coup but without the violence?

  38. Jasveen Kaur Sidhu

    People are siding with Police why not farmers the ones who feed us? I know they broke the barricades we want our rights. We get angry because we aren't treated equally? Every religion says to treat people equally, this farmer protests is not just Sikhs, it's muslims, Hindus and Sikhs. I say KISAAN MAJDOOR EKTA JINDABAD. jai jivan jai KISAAN

  39. dennis v vugt


  40. Raaj Kiran

    Not disputed its a international boarder first you rectify then do report

  41. Alan Hopkins

    “I’m sorry if I’m not making myself clear” you said it...!

  42. Yapyap Yap

    The untouchables of a caste system, the slums, and the ongoing vitamins of rapes, all incorporated in the biggest Democracy in the world.

  43. Anthony Matthew

    So cute I want to eat it! I wonder what they taste like? (JOKING) 🐼💖🐼

  44. Jason Holley

    Coz we are wearing masks and they claiming must deaths as covid related when there not as ND there not locking down everything and there to slow at providing tests and protecting small business so they carry on going to work

    1. Jason Holley

      Simple as that as ND it's nit Brits dying here either get your facts straight

  45. Sam Jordan

    The only person fit to lead Italy is Matteo Salvini .. true patriot and European unlike the leftist liberal traitors

  46. Dijy Dahf


  47. Ryan Gooslinger

    Solidarity to that amazing guy who was literally dragging oxygen cannisters to local vulnerable people. Can't bear to see his pain at the loss of his friend. I agree community support is so important, but now is also the time to be asking whether our governments have truly been acting in our interests (or the interests of a few).

  48. G1

    He needs a comb

  49. Gill Glancy-Strachan

    Surely if that was Putins, those bullshitters wouldn’t get anywhere near it?! Why the fuck would you return to a country that supposedly ordered your assassination? I smell 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

    1. Russia is awesome

      Yes YES! See someone gets it! What a bunch of 💩💩💩

  50. super powter

    Is Senator Rand Paul wearing I95 mask behind her ?

  51. Prineet Rajan

    Indian issue briefed by an indian journalist. 😊 Smart move BBC

  52. Vegan Vocalist

    Good , respectful loving Communication is where we find solutions and that’s what all 3 have done and are doing . That is a HUGE learning curve for these three wonderful human beings . May they all be guided with love and protection . This has moved me to tears and I have been there and never take the roof over my head for granted , the food in my belly or the kindness of others 🙏🌻

  53. Reem Alzubaidy

    My Iraqi dad would just have to tighten his jaw he doesn’t even have to look 🤣🤣

  54. marco pomilio

    Good Matteo Salvini Premier

  55. Sajid Rahman

    Putin is corrupt to the core!

    1. Russia is awesome

      Your brain is corrupt to the core!

  56. Thomas Wykes

    The world's a stage

  57. sandra wielebinski

    zum kotzen

  58. Jennifer Boyle

    BUNCH OF ABSOLUTE HYPOCRITES - but God is watching and he knows what you have done Mr Biden!

  59. Benedict Gbojueh

    Terry, You are, holy and spiritual at the same time. God must bless you

  60. levner brown

    Was that baby eating battery?

  61. MK-ULTRA is now wireless.

    I guess it wasn't over until fat lady sang.

  62. Bad Land

    This women wanted to free but she cAnt so sad for this beautiful Women😭

  63. KimberlyAnn219

    His niece is a Biotch

  64. Carlos Oliveira, o alfacinha

    It will go. Nobody knows when.

  65. Johnny Roque

    Putin's house has a sex dungeon in it, but because it's Putin, it's a regular dungeon only with bears and hockey, that's what makes it sexy to him.

  66. Richard Degen

    Get real ... whether we like or not, equality and attempts to artificially create equality is impossible overall. Nature is the controlling entity here, and that is, "survival of the fittest" will, and always has prevailed. The 'deprived' can only be helped when the providers are safe. That is the status quo.

  67. Phillip Collins

    That's 100,000 pensions they've saved paying out now their happy !!!

  68. Sayid Bin Tafiq

    Please help me Admin to watch the full video ; reply that Link. 😷😷😷

  69. Nikki Jackson

    Giving us sweets again? BBC?

  70. The vampire diaries

    "This decision is a decision, Brexit is brexit" Molto poetico Se qualcuno ti uccide tu sei morto

  71. sakaboss

    legit taken their country back

  72. Megumi Yamamoto


  73. Tony Hind

    Dont worry its only the religion of peace.

  74. Claire Leftwich

    Great video, I think Bitcoin is becoming the business of the day after all

    1. Eleni Hadzoglou

      I wanted to trade crypto but I got confused by the fluctuations in price

    2. Katie Collins

      @Roy Wayne You don't really need someone to tell you how to invest your conis, you can make research on your own and also try doing it yourself frist.

    3. Roy Wayne

      Do you think I need a professional to do that

    4. Austin Terry

      I think Bitcoin should be in every wise individuals trading list?

    5. John Way

      @Lizzy Joan Really

  75. Mamie Abd'

    Ooh my God... This is tragic.. May a cure be found

  76. Nikki Jackson

    Posted on 16/12/20 on EVERLAND channel. Keep up.

  77. PuthSardaraDha

    Dehli Police shoot and kill a man, spray tear gas, and beat elderly protesters..... same protesters turned around and handed out bottles of water to the same police. FOR FREE. This BBC host is showing her Hindu bias

  78. Matthieu Smyth

    What a load of bollocks. Wonder why the Beeb didn't mention Sweden and the other countries that didnt have sanitary restrictions and did so well. Propaganda thats what it is.

  79. Yeap Soon

    Mmnn ... mmnn ...mm..mmnn, . Hungry lady, please eat something before the interview.

  80. Mamie Abd'

    The church has done so much harm through the century and more from crusades, witch hunts, unwed pregnant women & their children, pedophilia... Its disgusting and I hope they get exposed 😡😡😡😠