Welcome to the official HUgets channel of Cyberpunk 2077 - an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. Developed by CD PROJEKT RED.

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  1. Navneeth Gopal

    Wish Wiliam Gibson says something about this game after it comes out.

  2. TheFlatEarthChannel.com

    These graphics wasn’t possible back in PS3 era, but these graphics sure are possible in PS5.

  3. Darkwear GT

    Can we play a ps5 game on a ps4

  4. Rabbi Alam

    my pc will finally lose it's virginity

  5. Amit Singh

    Next release date will be announced on Dec 10th.... Watch this space.

  6. chaz32

    Pedestrian models repeating with 16 seconds (big guy, red jacket) and it looks like a ghost town... cool.

  7. Tech God

    well, since the ps4 is lower graphics than very low on PC, this will have amazing graphics on pc

  8. Blackwing Ninja

    So excited! This looks awesome!

  9. Zaviar Wilbern

    The only actor you can use for promo for a video game

  10. Ashley Kitching

    Am I the only that noticed when they turn right after those guy gets wiped out by NCPD the steering wheel doesn’t even move

  11. Myhaboika

    Emmm... Showing a 30 FPS footage is cringe NGL esp for PS5

  12. Koy

    Ffs stop arse licking play station .they love to hog every game to be promoted

  13. Crude Dude

    My biggest fear was that it either stutters as hell on the pro or got a massive graphics downgrade. Thank you for making it work on last gen CDPR!

  14. 白白胖胖 充满希望

    Very strange to see paper money in this world of 2077. Even in 2020, many societies have become almost entirely cashless, seeing paper money in 2020 is becoming so rare already.

  15. Yukari Hideki

    Keanu: why do you come here? Me: to look at you!... a breathtaking man!!

  16. mnaufal ihza

    who care about delay, i care that "future car" still have tire <3

  17. iCmOrHxD

    Rockstar Games left the chat ! look forward to see JALI ON GTA VI !

  18. sayCet

    Ахуеть И это всё "игра" Ждем!! Хотя.. Один хрен не потянет🤣🤣

  19. Aidid Salim

    This is one big step closer to ready player one, damn sonnnn

  20. Geralt of Night City

    hugets.info/show/top7odm9zpl6lZg/vide.html make this public CDPR! 🙏

  21. Burgo

    id never thought id hear keanu reeves go from "no you're breathtaking" to "and you're a cunt"

  22. Joen Reban

    keanu looks different 😫😑

  23. Stylin夢

    Gonna wait for actual hands on gameplay ngl looks like it may be boring we will see soon

  24. Allan Sørensen

    I not really sure about this...That terrible chase scene in the end... sigh... And I really, really hope theres a way to change channel turn the music down.

  25. Митя Еин

    Бля) я конечно понимаю машины в будущем сами поварачивают) но зачем тогда за рулём сидеть?) и конечняя погоня прост кайф) в рдр 2 лошади быстрее бегают)

  26. Игорь Морозов

    4:06 Sound plzzzzzzz

  27. lil joke

    Bien loin de sa en 2020 mdr

  28. Barme Ton

    i hope they add 3rd person mode

  29. Alexander Ulv

    Why isn't this video in 4k. :/

  30. A G.C 007

    works fine on ps4 slim?

  31. black thorns

    1080p WTF

  32. David Pearce

    So...shooting people in the face doesn't count? With how hard it is to die, it makes you wonder why the city is so dead.

  33. Australopithecus Africanus

    If there’s no delay I’ll eat my sock with milk.

  34. theretrogamer1994

    Rip memory to my xbox series x over 150gb possibly

  35. TimmyTimmy

    1:59 ..That single turbo bolt on from Ebay !! :D and that wastegate ♥ :D

  36. Foop

    In the UK it’s impossible to buy it, scalpers are fucking dipshits, I need to move to some place that has no scalpers

  37. Bananaba Mes

    the menus look fucking NASTY i hope you can atleast change the colour or some shit, red is a fucking gross ass colour

  38. Ryan Bond

    Can you turn off the hit counter.

  39. Scott Barbour

    so for those of us lucky enough to have got our hands on a next gen console - will the next gen version of the game be retailing at the same price as the current gen price seeing as there won’t be a next gen patch until “sometime next year” ?

  40. Lewis4

    If you’re going to do a comparison, it really should be the same scenes again.

  41. jobson joy


  42. Petros Voulgaris

    Suck graphics on ps😂😂😂👎 only on xbox

  43. Joshua Cilliers

    Lots of pop ins on the road surface

  44. Atilla :


  45. Unisonic

    November 19 haha

  46. mr. Chace Nguyen

    KR always gives me a sense of.. " what a legend " in everything he does!

  47. Mr Iceman

    If you are trying to showcase the quality of a new game on console, WHY would you upload it to HUgets at only 1080p?? It looks more like ps2 graphics!

  48. Saimcan Sesigür

    Why no one is talking about Ilan Rubin the NINE INCH NAILS DRUMMER that's just great!

  49. 23rd Bastard Knight

    "With Cyberpunk 2077 launching on december 10th" John Cena : "Are you sure about that ?"

  50. Realistic Dude

    Aye if you’re in 2077 please ask apple which iPhone they are going to release🤪

  51. Burgo

    finally an NPC that doesnt always tell you you're the one who needs to drive

  52. Tarık Tavsamaz

    goty comiiiing

    1. Geralt of Night City

      GOTY 2021

  53. Lyko Mushka

    When will be this game available for smartphone...,🤔🤔

  54. Mace Future

    Sorry but it looks boring. It's a Deus ex game with Open world.

  55. arikelvara

    So basically, only in the Corpo path does V know Jackie from beforehand, since childhood I think it was mentioned.

  56. Mechanic

    Классно, жаль только, что поиграть в это не смогу сразу

  57. IksiX99

    4:10 my guy aint even turning the wheel

  58. Myszu PL

    wiecej spojlerow

  59. Phoenix Geekay

    18+ hugets.info/show/1oCGmJu9nYmKq34/vide.html

  60. AkBoR JamiL

    বাই আমার Samsung Galaxy J6 এ এটা সাপোর্ট করবে??

  61. Cre47

    The hype that I have for this game man. Damn should I just play on the ps4 or get the ps5 and play it on that ?

  62. Phasma

    3:16 this blood was added on post prod LOL

  63. Hizhangouts

    Hopefully joe Biden won’t make the same mistake as trump did where he spread pure idiocy saying “Video games cause violence.”

  64. Nikolai

    I swear games are turning into movies with player cues.


    Я предирчевый наверно. Меня смутил Робот, что ходит как то чудно или криво 1:15. Но в общем всё класно и интересно.

  66. Wayne Ashworth

    Gotta say...that's impressive. Gamechanger, actually.

  67. Foop

    1:53 this is solid snake

  68. Vaibhav Gupta

    Believe me I am from 2077 It's been 57 years and still waiting

  69. Miki R.

    15 Days till shitting your pants

  70. Makdub

    I really hope they add retrowave music in the game

  71. Blesso

    If just one person reads this it will make my day. I'm a music artist from Brooklyn. So I'm fully aware that ppl usually post these comments all the time, but I honestly do believe that I'll be the one person who you'll be so happy that you did hear out. I'm currently trying to get 1,000 subscribers.. If ONE PERSON could just give this a thumbs up, you will be a great step closer to helping a person's dreams come true. I swear that Im not wack and you won't be disappointed. I Just need one chance and 2 minutes. Thank you.

  72. Alex

    Ok so Handsome Jack has a new face, he may try to kill you or just help you out all the same, this trailer leaves me wondering for so many fcking things. If Tales from the Borderlands , Deus Ex Human Revolution along with Saints Row IV and Shadow Warrior plus Dragon Age combined to form a game well this would be it, there are just so many elements that make me think of those games, maybe even with a little Mass Effect in between.

  73. AkBoR JamiL

    আমার শাউয়ার গেম 🐸

  74. Foop


  75. Syahreel

    i didnt know moist critikal was one of cyberpunk voice actor

  76. Marlo Manger

    so it will come fpr ps5 but not as a ps5 version ? wtf ? Thats the result of delaying the game 100 times, I am really disappointed. Literally got my ps5 only because I want to play this game with next gen graphics

  77. Mr Robot

    Proud to be polish.