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  1. Its not me Tv AUSTRALIA

    Love how she puledl the racial card.

  2. pianokat1

    Where else is there to go right now for revenue? We have weakened our middle and working class. What other country would these wealthy have built their fortunes in? Why not have people earn more instead of having billionaires earmark their favorite charities? Here’s a chance for all those wealthy who want to “pay more” to do so! And let’s beef up the IRS for those who hide it. Forensic accounting is a lovely thing.

  3. seb kun

    CASTLEROCK movie set in Hollywood California, the great awakening, drain the swamp my boy !

  4. Dale Bryan

    Fuc U and the rest of u Dem.s. yall will be voted out.

  5. Good DieYoung

    Lmao 1 in 7 families are hungry wow they do realize its because they trade their ebt for drugs right.... everyone knows this! The WORKING ppl are hungry from paying all your bullshit taxes so these lazy couch potatoes can have literally EVERYTHING! cut welfare and make them lazy bones work!!!!

  6. Stephen Gray

    theese people are so ugly what space ship do they come from,shouldnt be on camera.but ugly

  7. Jag Attack

    All you losers bums want to steal everyone else's earning. Losers. Thieves.

  8. Jag Attack

    Goofus baffoon

  9. samchen18p

    Kamala Harris remained silent on Andrew Cuomo sexual harassment scandal. Biden administraion tolerates unethical behaviors.

  10. Patty Donohue

    SMASH THE FILIBUSTER. It's corrupt oppression on wheels. We are DONE bending over for corrupt politicians.

  11. David Koba


  12. Patty Donohue

    I am so relieved that we have not dropped this proposal. It is OVERDUE...over, over, over due. Please support the American Wealth Tax. It's good for our bottom line, let alone being the right thing to do.

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    1. Leslie Fletcher

      gibberish should be deleted. so unnecessary

  14. Rosebudd70

    @5:30-So well stated...The deliberate blocking of wealth building that has hindered my people, Hispanic people, and Asian people has been shameful!! God needs to intervene in a real way because White America cannot be trusted to do right, be fair, nor allow others who do not look like them to take advantage of the same opportunities that they enjoy! Slavery formally ended, yet Jim Crow tactics a.ka., the new oppression began; red lining and White-out employment due to discriminatory practices in workplaces that should have a diverse looking workforce needs to end!!! This is Demonic activity in action; it's ridiculous and shameful! Demonic activity has consequences, retribution is LONG OVERDUE!!

  15. Toni

    The Unity Party! Joke!


    This is necessary. Capitalism’s survival depends on it. You’ll see. All of us who survive will see what I mean.

  17. J Flowers

    I hate when I can't hear them

  18. Tom Gatewood


  19. lvodlc

    Well said. Abolish the filibuster.

  20. Jennine McLaughlin

    And I haven't been able to get any stimulus or unemployment. Thank you my Wash.state senator for highlighting this inequity. It's n a no brainer. Drill it in!! Continue even more dramatically to be our champion!! Thankyou!!

  21. Nathan Baker

    In a perfect world, Elizabeth Warren would be our President.

    1. fanofbt

      I know -- but she is a strong woman you know how that goes!!! That's why they stopped her and Bernie. We need to take control of our lives and vote them out. No violence no crazies good strong candidates to replace all these Toady's

    2. Patty Donohue

      AMEN! She was my candidate from Day 1. There's still a chance. She's badass with a ton of energy.

  22. Pam Macdonald

    I wonder how much these politicians make a year with their scandals and corruption?

    1. Patty Donohue

      It's called research. Try it sometime. They make way, way less than you think. At least the ones who arent bought and paid for by big corporate lobbyists. Look into Senator Warren before you assume anything. And then compare her to McConnell, Cruz, Paul, Trump, and all the other corrupt crooks who have taken you for a ride.

  23. Thewhakaponoful

    She the real modern day Robin Hood. Get 'em Liz!!!!! We need childcare and universal healthcare!!!

  24. mary luthy

    To pass this we need to kill the filibuster and ensure voting rights (For the people act)

  25. tiny99990


  26. 1bls

    I guess young folks are probably wondering who these old codgers are. Well, in the 80’s, the captured America with a little song called Elvira. Ask your parents, they will know the song word for word.

  27. J.Gharis The Live Life

    Why is it a debate? 2% for people with 50 million?? That's chump change to them

  28. Karl Domingues

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  29. charlotte ryan


  30. Kenny J

    It's obvious the Democrats are trying to spread the wealth where as the republicans want to keep it to themselves and don't want the poor to be better off hence objecting to raising the minimum wage which helps the poor it's sad a lot of trump supporters are poor or middle classed and don't understand the republicans want you to stay poor

  31. Rickey Floy d

    Yeah we need it. Long time coming. Maybe after the civil war

  32. Jacob Smith

    Where's my snake emoji at?

  33. Tim Degroff


  34. G-MA Laigo

    🥳 FINALLY... IT SHOULD BE DONE..... LET'S GET IT DONE. The Rich gets Rich off of those who are struggling to keep a roof over their head and food for their families. If our taxes are draining us... it's should do the same for the RICH...who get RICH off of the Backs of the Middle and lower class.

  35. Deborah Bussell

    This might be a wonderful idea, if so much money wasn't already being squandered on such ridiculous projects, under the name of pandemic relief.

    1. fanofbt

      Go away or actually fine the truth troll.

  36. America Tolliver

    Good idea but, not much will happen with this idea.Who in their right mind thinks the rich are going to go along with giving up a single penny! Greedy people simply will not do it,because they have the power of control over the representatives ,huge donations, speak volumes!

  37. rudy harper

    stop using slogans...it is disgusting.. I am all for the billionaires paying more but stop pretending grandpa biden is spearheading this. he is being led to it because he is a fossilized old git

  38. Faraz Sahba

    Everytime Pocahontas speaks, its a bad day for America

  39. River of Life

    Good, it makes perfect sense for ultra-millionaires to pay more. We need to have a way to make the money circulate better. It does not make sense to give them tax breaks as the Republicans have done. While the little guys struggle to pay taxes right and left, some ultra-rich don't even have to pay federal tax. It's time for them to pay a little extra.

  40. thegreatmonster

    Why is no one talking about how much these rich turds from 'mericuh are costing the rest of the world, and how they are keeping people from other nations from getting rich?!

  41. jim Westerbeck

    I will ask our Politician's who have these great ideas, how do plan on repaying back $28 Trillion dollars in debt?

    1. Patty Donohue

      Are you listening here? The Wealth Tax! Thats how we pay for almost everything.

  42. Troya Schroeder

    Everything he said here is true. I'm living proof.

  43. lil_drummer_ girl_00

    It's not playing

  44. Dave Shively

    If they would stop making loophole for the rich there would be no problem....

  45. Joe Canoy

    I think the people who are against this tax proposal are the poor ones.

  46. Dennis Bunik

    "and the plurality of republicans"....(mic drop)

  47. Shahin Merali

    Warped socialist logic but as a conservative i do very much look forward to bezoz, zukerberg, dorsey, bloomberg et al paying this new proposed wealth tax!! Let them stand warned not to hide their wealth in jurisdictions such as irish republic and luxemborg! Lol!

  48. J C

    But ultra millionaires worked the system hard to get their millions. How will they survive?

  49. L G A

    No wonder we got a group of people saying nothing's wrong and the other half saying everything's wrong. That's the divide the free market has created, that Texas, America's America, is plainly showing the rest of the country. Profits over People means the market can grow unchecked into whatever monster it will.

  50. J C

    This is why January 6th happened. Whites don’t want the playing field leveled

  51. Dennis Bunik

    I believe the congresswoman is from India, so I think she can identify a "caste" system, the wealthy in this country view America in the same way...it's the same attitude expressed by Mother Theresa when asked by a journalist if she prays to God to lift the people of India out of their suffering and she replied "No" when pressed as to why she wouldn't do that she responded, "I believe their suffering brings them closer to God"...Mother Theresa was a monster and so are the 1%

  52. classic kool

    ****** this bi*** ..... This is just the beginning for them.... She'd tax the air we breathe if she could. Spend less, you moron!!

  53. Howard Dennee

    Trump russia looks better everyday.

  54. C. Dima

    And the thing is, even with this wealth tax, these ultra-rich people use tax havens to hide the majority of their wealth. What gets taxed must be only 50% or less than what they actually have. As an evolving civilization, this is how we get more civilized: we care about the least in our society

  55. Maribel Valencia

    People and their stupid conspiracies. No wonder we are where we are today.

  56. Maura Emerine-Danbury

    Finally!!! Democrats are getting better on their messaging!!! Finally!!! I agree...the filibuster needs to go!!!!

  57. Mike Hall

    Remember when she went up against the Big Banks in 2008 and all of a sudden folded and did nothing. Add pressure and take the pay-off is her style don't be fooled. P.S.- She isn't a native American

  58. Alberto Wachsman

    Finally some attempt to do what everybody knows is just and sensible. Expect the Republicans and maybe even some Democrats to try to stop this.

  59. Adam Clifford

    Great break-down!Very tangible!

  60. B

    There are more liberal millionaires than conservative ones. liberals always say they're for the working class but nothing changes, maybe Bernie could give his third house to charity.

  61. Jane MacKenzie

    Liz you lie with such passion!! And your cohorts!!

    1. Patty Donohue

      You're pathetic.

  62. Jane MacKenzie

    That is a bold faced lie. Look at Biden's agenda. You as Democrats do not believe in the working class working! Loook at the jobs cut and the continuing lockdowns. Squeeze the working class is your policy.

  63. Carl Tyndall

    How many Americans do the wealthy employ?

  64. Jane MacKenzie

    Why didn't the founding fathers want to get rid of the filibuster? You are offering a slippery slope argument . We don't buy it. You want power. Be honest. You want total control. I don't believe you.

  65. B

    Congress can just stop sending money out of the country but that would jeopardize their kickbacks.

  66. Jane MacKenzie

    You are penalizing them for wise investment and economic frugality and acquisition.

  67. Jane MacKenzie

    Did you ever think you spend too much on frivolous things and mismanagement? !

    1. Kevin Quartemont


  68. Jane MacKenzie

    WOW Liz! Pretty creepy spying game on income. What about Pelosi? Schumer and you, Liz? Not just McConnell. You need to spend on covid relief PERIOD!!!

    1. Patty Donohue

      You are the biggest most brainwashed fool on here. EDUCATE YOURSELF. Seriously.

  69. Kevin Quartemont

    The problem is, this won't matter. The government does not have any oversight to ensure that this money won't be wasted just like the tax money it already gets. That is a fact. Our government is not held to any standard when it comes to money. An overwhelming amount of our current tax dollars are spent foolishly year in and year out. We already collect enough tax dollars to support everything that is necessary. It's the plethora of stupid spending decisions that is the damn problem. The lady said "just imagine what we could do with this money." Yes, I can just imagine and that's why I don't support any tax increase on anyone. It's time to change our thinking. More money will ultimately result in nothing It's being sold as. Wake up.

  70. Raju George

    Go to work you get more dollars don’t blame other people there grandma when’d work they made dollar why you jellies

    1. Grandpa 82547

      You live in a different universe. If you are a single mother and get a dollar an hour raise, there is a good chance you will take home less pay. The tax laws are way out of balance.

  71. Li Lo

    Get a job people!!! And the people who lost their job, it’s due to the lock downs and stupid Biden selling out jobs to China, Russia and any country that paid him to screw the American people. We need trump back!!!

  72. Jane MacKenzie

    That's BS. There is no limit on motivation, inspiration and perspiration to reach your American Dream.

    1. Patty Donohue

      Wow, your comments get more and more ludicrous. Are you in that .005 percent? Doubt it. Not with that big brain of yours.

  73. Jane MacKenzie

    You ate a 'newbie'. Watch what you eat...and swallow!!!

  74. Jane MacKenzie

    If you cut the loopholes, that will go a long way!

  75. sffsd sfsf

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  76. Jane MacKenzie

    You haven't had 'legalised slavery' for centuries!

    1. Patty Donohue

      Huh? Are you paying attention much?

  77. Jane MacKenzie

    You wouldn't pay out the covid relief funds!!! Who do you think you are kidding? ? Blaming?? Do your jobs. Then go to the trough!

  78. Jane MacKenzie

    Investments in socialism.

  79. Daniel B

    Busting out the ole race card, 70% of wealthy families are first generation made

  80. Sheila Elmendorf

    Does congress and the senate and other political figures equally pay the same tax?