Our mission is to build the most advanced robots on Earth, with remarkable mobility, agility, dexterity and speed. \nFor more information about Boston Dynamics and our robots, visit us at www.BostonDynamics.com

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  1. Yanan Fu

    Be a superstar now

  2. Steel Prophet

    Well, i guess as long as the terminator does jazz fingers, im fine with being hunted.

  3. Mike RaptorH6

    The r6 drone is real!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Daniel Williams

    Gives a whole new meaning to doing the Robot.

  5. MassiveSpeedy543

    This is cgi right

    1. B L

      It does look that way doesn’t it? I think it’s because the area is lit from all sides so there are few shadows. They are also so in sync that it doesn’t look natural. Well, it isn’t natural because they are robots. Believe it or not these robots are real.

  6. Markus

    Потрясающе !!!

  7. ChillinCloud

    Bro, video explains all.... 2060 robots rule the world

  8. step up step up

    I found a parody video of this video lol hugets.info/show/u6KGjM7NxXugw6A/vide.html

  9. Matrina Ortiguesa

    They dance better than me. Wow!

    1. B L

      @MSM reddy Wrong, they are absolutely real. There’s tons of videos and articles about these robots. Boston Dynamics has been working on them for a looooong time.

    2. MSM reddy

      Bro they r not real! Its fictional man,,,,,

    3. 小柴犬


  10. Ray x

    Everyday we get closer and closer to creating a live version of Mario bros.

  11. Ananthanunni

    Okay, what is it's use.

  12. Nunya Bidniz

    *A little clarity: *Ever notice in movies how the super duper advanced Robots (The Terminator, Robocop etc) can't ever hit anything? Do you really think real life Robots are so fallible? No, they are 100% spot on. When it comes down, and it will, these thing will use weapons, lasers or otherwise and they won't miss. Don't allow the brainwashing from liberal moron movies to corrupt your intelligent (Critical) thinking. These aren't being developed for our benefit*

  13. Void Snakes

    Them robots be grooving

  14. 林秀芹


  15. Sir Ohpacey

    Look how far we've come.


    There dance moves are better than mine....

    1. MSM reddy

      They r not real its fictional! 😂😂😂

  17. LC

    Meanwhile, the camerabot filming :(

    1. MainBlag Banner

      Robot roll call!

  18. Homer The Don

    Skynet has reached sentience.

  19. Barry Goldwasser

    The good people Boston Dynamics are trying to kill us all.

  20. antisocial extrovert

    I just imagine this thing having uzi’s for hands chasing me down like terminator 20 years from now

  21. Sam

    LOVE this a lot!

  22. Vir x

    Year 2040, robot finally take over the world. robot ask it's leader: what's our origin? video: robot: oh god.

  23. ironman12328

    Text Time they will Breakdance with the Jabbawookeez

  24. David Stickles

    I’ve always loved you atlas. And you too spot !

  25. Jaime Realista

    Please make him fingers 🙃 and paw for the dog

  26. abelucious

    Building robots for karaoke night at the Chinese buffet .

  27. Love Diecast Details

    That is scary

  28. Gerald Bennett

    It’s been years since I’ve looked up Boston dynamics stuff. And holy shit the smoothness of motion now is insane!

  29. Twissardz

    Robotic war is coming

  30. jake moore

    I love it, and it terrifies me all at the same time.

  31. 苺モンブラン


  32. Shahjahan Miah

    Just Wow,,,,,,🙂 It's a great new year celebration ☺️

  33. MattBoii

    Sooo, when can I get one for a decent price?

  34. GodSlayer

    Cyberpunk 2077

  35. CoachPiuze

    And after doing their dance they remove your legs, your arms and snap your head off...

  36. An Ma


  37. flim flam

    this is what the town in footloose feared the most.

  38. Hairyskinback

    Sweet...already trained to dance on the grave of the human race (lol)

  39. Real Human

    Pov: terminator fortnite dances over your corpse

  40. Kenn Johnson

    This is your advance team to Mars and beyond. They could build structures for humans to live in. Then we follow up.

  41. Anthony Jeffries

    Addition to the "3 Laws of Robotics".....Law 4: Must be able to do the "mashed potato." When will they make the TARS?

  42. Park Jimin -please stan DKB-

    This video is about to hit 1M likes😂

  43. JeroenEch

    Uncanny valley of human motion.

  44. GUNZ BL4Z1NG

    this doesnt look real great job guys :D

  45. Clinton Worthington

    My brain in an attempt to comprehend this is trying to convince me that this is CGI.

  46. THICC god

    Imagine this thing being under your legs then you look down only to see its two legs fully charged up ready to fire.......all you think is my bois about to be caked

  47. Johannes Schalk

    That moment when literal robots have better moves than you ...

  48. عبدالرحمن الأنصاري

    Everybody gangsta tell the green light terns red..


    Human will be slave of robot, evil spirit, enemy of human. If human don't give me royalty 10% of robot, computer.

  50. Producciones Paisa 4

    Who would say that one day they will exterminate us.

  51. THICC god

    I wonder how these rodots would react with a rtx3010 built in

  52. Dumb Slum

    "Your coming for my job i see"

  53. THICC god

    But i like

  54. Just a random Imp

    They really do be funky tho.....

  55. THICC god

    Its too inteligent

  56. THICC god

    I wonder how people in the 1970s would react to this

    1. Doctor Birdy

      Wow the sci fi books aren't so sci-fi anymore

  57. Cassidy Mitchell

    Now Panasonic owns these robots, can't wait to get mine at Costco this Christmas!

  58. Joey Ginise

    so if it can in fact do all of this, that means the dance is real. YES!

  59. EdoardosoTheMiner AndTheMrBruhMomenter


  60. White Man

    this is bad its almost like terminator wasn't fake

  61. Marcos Rogerio Costa Barros

    Glad I could see this! Thanks and well done BD!

  62. Silver Shark

    Never in my life have I ever thought I would see 4 robots dancing to what sounds like an old 90's song.

    1. slaSSification

      I guess you're joking but it's a 60's song.

  63. Chrollo

    This is terrifying

  64. Wilson Duan

    This might be the craziest shit I have ever seen

  65. SecurityDivision

    When a robot dances better than you.

  66. Ahmed Asiri

    His jumping looks more natural than his walking

  67. Tyler



    If USA give me royallty 10% of computer, robot. USA wiil get patent monopoly from all nations, and many dollar more than a light dollar. International peace will come to all nations. Have a nice day everyone!

  69. Hans Haensel

    What a shit!

  70. MauMau4win

    Well, real or not. It's actually quite easy to control for everyone. Look at the floor and the reflecting parts like discs. The feet of the bots press in the ground, which moves back slowly. The wheels are indented, leaving traces that can still be seen in subsequent photos. The reflections and reflections, the prints, the trembling of the feet from lifting the metal that vibrates. Just look at the details, so you can easily see what is real and what is not.

    1. Joey Ginise

      I think they have one of those high speed cameras that have a ridiculously high frame rate which is why it looks so disturbingly smooth. I think it is all real cause of the people in the back and second floor watching don't look slowed down or sped up in any way. As far as I can tell anyway. But I agree, the area they are in is probably specially designed for testing the bots. Or they stomp so hard it shakes the plexiglass.

  71. Noah M.

    they can make good money off robot dance shows

  72. Memerino !

    first theyll charm us... then theyll start to breed with our women!!

  73. Trang Dao


  74. Jason Galipeau

    We are so screwed.

  75. Hans Haensel

    Stopp this madness!

  76. Kumodh Singh


  77. Suave Atore

    cant wait until these things are used to round up "anti-semitic conspiracy theorists" in FEMA camps.

    1. Dumb Slum

      In 2021 i honestly wouldnt be suprised.

    2. Joe Merino

      No way, it's too easy to just use the latte-powered variant of 'robot' to do that kind of work. Cheaper and more expendable.

    3. Jeffrey Richter

      Holy crap bro Shit comment.

    4. Fabrizziow

      excuse me what the fuck

  78. Adrian Lee

    'come over, my parents aren't home' me:

  79. Josh Stoner

    really should have had an atlas or handle on camera duty


    If companis don't give me royalty 10% of robot,computer. Earth will be destroy as enviroment disaster and ecomomic disaster and health disaster and machin robot disaster. fasten the first button wrongly, step off on the wrong foot , they have been all wrong. God bless everybody ! thank you everyone!