I'll be using this channel to combine all of the shorter NileRed videos that I've made on other platforms (Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, etc), but I'll also make new and exclusive short videos that won't be found anywhere else!

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  1. Kobe Vicencio

    "But why, why would you do that?"

  2. Cornholio777

    What air particle

  3. Iz Bizz

    'now what I have is a weird looking tomato' *proceeds to absolutely brutally murder this poor tomato*

  4. GoergeHasBeenFound

    Does it burn when you do that Nile?

  5. AndiKit

    forbidden gatorade

  6. Renzmon Meteo

    amazing no light reflected

  7. Martian Manhunter

    “It is so good to see humans messing around.”

  8. Lucas Laskowski

    I don't know man

  9. Jesse Berry

    And aren't people supposed to take magnesium as part of their vitamins?

  10. seeni gzty

    paints half of a tomato black "Now I have a weird looking tomato" This is the sort of intellectual content I signed up for

  11. •Destiny Noir•

    Just no

  12. PŒTRY

    Fun fact: you can turn a metal barrel into a rocket using acetylene gas

  13. Jotaro Kujo

    Damn that actually *looked* heavier when he lifted the tungsten cube.😳 Like you know it's gonna be, but I didn't expect it to look so obvious but not exaggerated. Also the ending "oh" 😂🤣😭😂🤣😭

  14. Xxyour.local. yesxX

    Looks like my school lunch

  15. Joseph Aguirre

    Someone needs to keep a close eye on this man

  16. José Agustín Ríos

    A pound? How many football fields worth of hamburgers is that?

  17. Sharpened Diamond YT

    Nah me being an ark pro i calls it a cryo fridge

  18. some egyptian guy

    Water in the fire why? , water in the fire why?, ah not understand

  19. Волк

    Oh so that's why scientists are so buff

  20. Michał Szwec

    Oh cool, at first I thought there will be a few drops of liquid nitrogen, but then I realised liquid air is more logical, some good quality content in a compact package here

  21. Ed Sheeran

    What would happen if I were to drink it? What would it even feel like

  22. Theone! Solrac


  23. Christopher

    I had to break all my beakers...

  24. UltraThunder

    Well I. Terraria you can make tungsten amour and run fast so your lying

  25. Random Viewer

    RIP tomato


    Nile red on EVERY SHORT : yeah ima dump it

  27. Dumcanem

    This is what is in dragons breath rounds

  28. LightlySalted Calming Vlogs and ASMR

    It was invented by NASA to make cool alt-pop/rock music videos


    Steve can hold 64 iron block in one inventory stack

  30. Darth iLon

    I could see my reflection on the tomato

  31. Texas Swisher Baby

    Next day he wakes up in the hospital from aspirin overdose

  32. Vatsal P

    Today we did a lab in science class and were able to light a magnesium strip on fire...gosh it was so bright even though we were looking away because the teachers warned us about the brightness Luckily I still have my eyes!!!

  33. Nut Hat

    And lids thats how you make high quality crack

  34. tyler laculeir

    The real question is, which is heavier 1000 pounds of feathers, or 1000 pounds of bricks?

  35. Meteoryte Krenaryte

    I thought he would do one of those "Illusion of weight" kind of things with magnets but no... He's true to his word!

  36. Bella and Lesley

    found the start of the tornado

  37. Benjamin Pardede

    That is so cool

  38. SirIncompetent

    Things like these are really interesting and cool to me.

  39. Lyfe

    The starting process looks like cocaine

  40. Ока Ниеба

    the tomato looks like it has black mold

  41. Six

    I know you did not just light water on fire

  42. Cherry Flavoured Donut

    Pov: A tomato slowly loses it's rights

    1. seeni gzty

      It looks freaking beautiful 😻😍😍😍

  43. adolfo Rodriguez

    Ok Dr stone

  44. Miah J.

    I wonder how it’d look in a homemade movie theater... like would you feel like you’re in a room or outer space??

  45. Bacn_

    That paint lookin like black concrete from minecraft


    Alt title: illegal fire

  47. 421 d

    So rrue

  48. Itsmelainee_ 123

    Loooks like a black mold🤣

  49. FBI

    I would buy it

  50. First Name

    Dont lie I can easily tell this is just a potion that is either really beneficial or really deadly

  51. Eduardo Morquecho

    Love the end of the video

  52. Olga Z


  53. Archosauro Pré-Histórico

    Bad Tomato

  54. Allen Han

    Who buys Calcium Carbide and doesn't plan on using it for years...

  55. Waschuk Sr

    He broke the cap....

  56. Lautaro Ortiz

    Bro you're burning water, chill out lmao

  57. Laimeryn

    Fun fact : It's used by magicians for some tricks with water ! I used it a lot when I was a clown for children birthdays 🥰

  58. Greed Is bad

    For anyone that didn't know A tank round use tungsten because of how dense they are

  59. Maxwell Weaver

    I love that you started doing shorts. It's just some awesome stuff. I hope there's a clean up compilation for em on NileBlue

  60. Juju Kash

    Kuczynski se refirió en un discurso 7

  61. Seb

    Here before 1 mil likes 👇

  62. Daniel Rosado - Flamenco Guitar

    Can it be used as fuel?

  63. Taunter Atwill

    Years ago Los Bravos made a song called black is black. I'll just stick to that ok? 😂

  64. Bradley Maguire

    Why do they not use this at garbage collection areas ? Could you filter the gas to make it safe ?

  65. Carson Ledoux


  66. Meeton

    I never would’ve guess that if you painted a tomato black that the tomato would then be black

  67. Laimeryn

    Wait wait wait wait... WHAT. YOU'VE BEEN IN QUEBEC ALL THIS TIME ?!?!! I just thought you were somewhere less... Frenchier in Canada. That's awesome !

  68. Reignkings 12

    Dang niles doing lines now

  69. єυρнσяιαツ

    kids in my country use this to make bamboo cannons. it's basically a firecracker that makes a very loud boom noise

  70. The_Ranger_44

    Breaking bad reboot is looking good

  71. Salty Mango Music

    "Tell me you are NileRed Shorts without telling me you are NileRed Shorts" *Drops dangerous chemicals on the floor*

  72. Jerelle62

    Mercury piss

  73. Ivana Karastoeva

    Would it work on plastic?

  74. TheWorldsPerson

    Bruh imagine how bad it smells though 🤮

  75. Matt Pankevitch

    It also has a lot of surface area

  76. kris sathwara

    I tought he will throw the beaker

  77. lional 1891

    Damn that must have cost a lot

  78. Bharra Fathi

    Ow, so that's how spongebob done it

  79. Mellow Me

    this has become my favorite Nile red short

  80. Paul Walker