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  1. Samuel Owusu

    There is no need to publish voters names to the public not even to the stake holders . The right procedure is each member must verify his own name but not everybody's name .

  2. Giorgos Melikidis

    Gongrats mister. U just became a meme

  3. Emmanuel Arkoh

    Two Blind men's , who will show the other the way... If u are in support of me let me see ur like...

  4. Winnie Rhybet

    I love my uncle akrobeto

  5. Kwabena Boateng

    JDM, is a flip flopper and a leader without moral and principles I am ashamed he was my former PRESIDENT.

  6. SPLASH658

    Atalanta was said good lol

  7. AK Channel

    Kesini gara" ketoprak jawa 🤣🤣

  8. Harriet Kwarteng

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆akoa wei paaa

  9. Mc Quobbie

    Bad Day at work.. Funny and Sad moments

  10. Mc Quobbie

    Bad Day at work.. Funny and Sad moments

  11. Daphne gn

    The man Sammy is confusing man he is problem maker why all this, so if you can't 👂 hear can't you see, oh my man go and sit in your room and keep quite if you don't have any thing to say.

  12. Liz Holdbrook

    JM you are a liar

  13. Kwame Appiah

    If ndc time good why people snub mahama masa you take tramado

  14. Global Law

    Please help to free Kashmir. India Invaded Kashmir and killed hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris, please help free Kashmir If the Indian Army moved out in accordance with the UN security council resolutions 91, 98, 96, 80, 47, 38, 39, 51, 122, 123, 126, 307 and people could decide their own future the refugees could return then there will be peace.

  15. TheSkaldamanShow

    Is this comedy or he is being serious? 😆😆

  16. TheSkaldamanShow

    Everyone: Sevilla Akrobeto: Serbia 😔👊

  17. TheSkaldamanShow

    Is this a sketch or comedy or is it true? Wtf this man 😂😂

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  19. Vladimir Zinkov


  20. Sulaman Dawda

    Nice program

  21. Appiah yaw Joseph

    As if he x sick (mahama)

  22. Cokrul

    Amazing for report score football Nice to meet you from indonesia 😄



  24. 2taz Jah

    4 more 4 Nana to do more

  25. Nim Rom

    Arrests owusu benpaa and Kennedy and jail them first

  26. Iwansatria 1997

    Goro goro ketoprak jowo aku mrene,, cohhhh

  27. Syteanrics Scenes

    We all need a giggle this year. Bless you Akrobeto!

  28. RAA

    Elephant is the winner, no size 🏆

  29. جنرال شون شانج

    ميم جديد

  30. nana yaw

    NDC dogs are out from the cage barking...... defeat defeat defeat.Mr coconut go burn the sea

  31. Unknown Page

    Who the fuck is this 😂

  32. Mc Quobbie

    Bad Day at work.. Funny and Sad moments captured on camera

  33. Daniel Cortéz

    È un genio ahajahahah

  34. Kieran O'Dwyer

    I like how they just highlighted the word 'United' when he said West Ham Ltd.

  35. ZringMalti

    He got Cagliari much better than most non-Italian speakers would to be fair

  36. Augustine Addis

    4 more

  37. Hello Soul

    I never laughed liked this

  38. Jon Wood

    It’s more accurate News than the BBC offer

  39. I commented

    That's very easy. John Madhama😹😹

  40. Adam

    Brazillia DORTMUND


    This news is better then fake new I'll watch this everyday

  42. Sen Sei

    This commentator moron talked over him in non English so we could not even hear him say it

  43. Ernest Siriboe-sarpong

    Mahama should stop the lies because no reasonable Ghanaian will take him serious.

  44. Florida Nio


  45. Grace S

    4 more 4 Nana

  46. King Me


  47. Henry Berko

    Happy birthday legend of the nose 👃 More blessings and long life 🙏🏿 God bless you wofa

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  49. Ibrahim Berjawi

    Fun fact: you searched for this

  50. Grzegorz Grzybowski

    Mega smieszne

    1. Grzegorz Grzybowski

      To prawda

  51. Tico Turrey


  52. Hall Of Fame

    Wofa ooo wofa😂😂😂😂😂

  53. Casmin Adelmo


  54. Алексей Шувалов


  55. Nana Agyemang Prempeh Amanfo

    JDM said that Ghanaians have short memery and he thinks we are fools

  56. Nana Agyemang Prempeh Amanfo

    JDM should be ashamed of himself because he already said that free shs can't be possible but now he claims to do it better

  57. Baah Manuel

    We saw some people marching that free shs is a scam, so why the u-turn now💯💯💯

  58. Andrews koramoah

    This party is seeing defeat staring at them

  59. Nana Agyemang Prempeh Amanfo

    JDM should be ashamed of himself because he said that free shs can't be possible but now he claims to do it better

  60. Nana Agyemang Prempeh Amanfo

    JDM said Ghanaians have shot memery and he thinks we have forgotten

  61. stealthb0y1

    fatelo intervistare da lundini

  62. Andrica Ion

    Atletico Madrid was so satisfying to listen

  63. Murtuza Hussain Ali

    Try to make one with the french football league (ligue 1) 😂😂😂🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  64. boans b

    Oh my god you are besttt 😍😂😂

  65. boans b

    The best football news 🤣🤣

  66. sitting on toilet

    Another down

  67. Sig Sigoise

    Women Rights in Islam! 👉Please read The Great status Women enjoy in Islam! (As brief as possible) 🔘This's [Part 2 of 2] ➡️ the topics covered: 1- Introduction/Examples from God words and Messenger's words. 2- Equal Reward & Equal Accountability 3- Equal Right to Knowledge 4- Marriage (4 Parts) 5- Inheritance (2Parts) 6- Equal yet Different 🔵 4)- Marriage: ● Equal Right to Choose a Spouse Islam has honoured women by giving them the right to choose a spouse and keep their original family name once married. (A right European ladies didn't have until 20th Century). Additionally, many have the impression that parents force their daughters into marriage. This is a cultural practice, and it is prohibited in Islam. At the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), a woman came to him and said, “My father has married me to my cousin to raise his social standing and I was forced into it.” The Prophet sent for the girl’s father and then in his presence gave the girl the option of remaining married or nullifying the marriage. She responded, “O Messenger of Allah, I have accepted what my father did, but I wanted to show other women (that they could not be forced into a marriage).” ● Further more: In Islam, marriage is not seen only as a sacred covenant but as a mutually beneficial contract between a man and a woman. The stress is on, “mutually beneficial.” Men and women were created to provide solace for one another. In marriage, women have the right to require her husband-to-be to sign a pre-nuptial agreement. The pre-nup not only includes any money she will receive in the event of a divorce but also contains any Islamic rights she wishes to enforce for herself: the right to a divorce, the right to keep custody of her children if there is a divorce, the right to continue her education, the right to work, the right to wear a head covering, the right to be the one and only wife - forbidding her husband to take any other wife while he is married to her -- or whatever other issues most concern her. Otherwise they will have to follow the Divine Law in regard to any disagreements that may arise between herself and her husband in the future. ● Are men allowed to Marry more than one woman? ▪︎The first thing to note on this issue is that polygamy is not ordered as a general rule for all Muslims to follow. Instead, it is a provision - something conditionaly allowed - for special circumstances. As many scholars and researches highlighted the fact it's only apply to marrying a women with orphans to take responsibility of. As the verse clearly states: 《"And if you fear that you will not be fair in dealing with the orphans, then marry of women as may be agreeable to you, two, or three, or four; and if you fear you will not deal justly, then marry only one or what your right hands possess. That is the nearest way for you to avoid injustice. [4:4]》 It should be noticed in this verse that “fair dealing with the orphans” is the primary motivation in Islam for allowing multiple marriages, albeit connected with a strict condition. Prior to the decision to marry a second wife, he should have the consent of his existing wife (especially if she has a pre-nuptial agreement), as well as the man must first ensure that he will deal with his wives and any orphans with full justice and equality in all aspects of life and finance. If he is not able to ensure that, he isn't allowed to mary the second again. Note: ▪︎Islam is the only Religion that oblige Men to marry only one woman as stated above. While other pre and post Qu'ran beliefs and systems have given no limits to as many times men marry or own ladies consecutively. ▪︎Islam had limited men marriage under special circumstances marrying/owning as many ladies as they could without giving them rights, and ended treating women as property. ▪︎Islam only recognise relations between sexes in marriage to protect the rights for ladies in case of divorce, as unmarried circumstances often ladies suffer to get their rights at separation. ● Why women cannot marry more than one husband: ▪︎Men and women are not identical units. The fact that we are similar also means we are not the same. Because many have deviated from divine design and intent, it is the key reason why many are so conflicted about polygamy. The way men are wired by God, two husbands to one wife is bound to cause conflict and violence in the family and in the society at large. The lineage of each child would almost always be a suspect despite DNA testing (As well as it's availability/reliability is not to every human being in the world). Islam is a universal religion and rules are made keeping in mind the greater good of society and the community. From the perspective of a woman, if the objectives of her marriage are not being fulfilled, Islam allows her recourse through divorce, and to find another husband. That is the path which will bring her far greater benefits as compared to having two or more husbands. ▪︎Further more researches analysis shows, that men population is naturally significantly less (by the millions) than women in every country in the world, due to wars, Work conditions, personal conflicts, life span..etc. All of these conditions and more contribute to a significant reduction of the population of men compared to women. Therefore marriage under the appropriate conditions, is a solution for these ladies to have a chance to create a family and stable life. 🔵 5)- Inheritance: Much is made about the ruling that females inherit half of what males inherit! And the answer is as follows: ●1) - If we analyse the ruling of inheritance in Qu'an, we find that there's 28 possible inheritance circumstances in life. ▪︎We find that women share is less than men / or half in only 4 situations out 28 possible circumstances of inheritance. ▪︎ And 10 circumstances the Women get equal as men. ▪︎While 14 circumstances women get more than men. 《Break down in available》 ●2) - As well as even when the Circumstances when women get half of men (e.g. brother and sister only children), Islam gives the woman the right to keep the share for herself, while the men is required to take care of his sister and the rest of the family from his share. Note: These cases only apply if there is no last will and testament. In such situations, men inherit more because they are then required to use their wealth on the female members of their family who have no means of support. 《Muslim women often enjoy living with the motto: “His money is our money while my money is my money.”》 Over fourteen hundred years ago, Islam gave women rights that women in the West have only recently began to enjoy. In the 1930’s, Annie Besant observed, “It is only in the last twenty years that Christian England has recognised the right of woman to property, while Islam has allowed this right from all times. It is a slander to say that Islam preaches that women have no souls.” (The Life and Teachings of Mohammed, 1932). 🔵 6)- Equal yet Different While men and women have equal rights as a general principle, the specific rights and responsibilities granted to them are not identical. Men and women have complementary rights and responsibilities. Aside from external and internal anatomical differences, scientists know there are many other subtle differences in the way the brains of men and women process language, information and emotion, just to mention a few. A socio-biology expert, Edward O. Wilson of Harvard University, said that "females tend to be higher than males in verbal skills, empathy and social skills, among other things, while men tend to be higher in independence, dominance, spatial and mathematical skills, rank-related aggression, and other characteristics." It would be foolish to treat both genders the same and to ignore their differences. Islam teaches that men and women have complementary, yet different, roles because it is best suited to their nature. 👉Allah Almighty Said: “And the male is not like the female.” Qur’an 3:36 👉And Said: “Does not the One who created, know? And He is the Most Kind, the All Aware.” Qur’an 67:14

  68. Sig Sigoise

    Women Rights in Islam! 👉Please read The Great status Women enjoy in Islam! (As brief as possible) 🔘This's [Part 1 of 2] ➡️ the topics covered: 1- Introduction/Examples from God words and Messenger's words. 2- Equal Reward & Equal Accountability 3- Equal Right to Knowledge 4- Marriage (4 Parts) 5- Inheritance (2Parts) 6- Equal yet Different 🔵 1) Introduction: 🔸️The Messenger Mohamed (PBUH) said: "Paradise is under the feet of mothers." Hadeeths book Nisai This's showing the Importance to seek the mothers pleasure, as a way to get Allah's pleasure on you. 👉Allah Almighty Said: "And your Lord has decreed that you do not worship except Him, and to parents a good treatment. Whether one or both of them reach old age [while] with you, say not to them [so much as], “uff,” and do not repel them but speak to them a noble word" 17:23 It's clear from the verse that God's command to humanity to treat both parents with the extreme care. 🔸️The Messenger Said: "The Best Of You Are Those Who Are Best To Their Women (Family), as I'm the best to my family" 🔸️As well as it's reported that a man came to the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) and asked: "O Messenger of Allah, who is the person who has the greatest right on me with regards to kindness and attention? " He replied, "Your mother." "Then who?" He replied, "Your mother." "Then who?" He replied, "Your mother." "Then who?" He replied, "Your father." This a clear Hadeeth indicate the Importance of the Mothers. 🔸️The Messenger also Said: "Among my followers the best of men are those who are best to their wives, and the best of women are those who are best to their husbands.." 🔹️It's reported that the last words in the last sermon the Messenger Muhammad (PBUH) to the nation before he departed this life were: "Take good care for women" 🔹️In Islam there're three women that are considered of the highest status of mankind other than Messengers of God, and Are: Mary the Mother of Aissa. (Jesus PBUH) Assia the Wife of Pharaoh. (Righteous lady) Khadija Bintu Khuwaylid. (Mother of the believers/Messenger's wife) ▪︎Islam came with a message that was a revolution at the time (610 AD) and to today. It uplifted the status of the poor and underprivileged in society. For women, this meant an end to female infanticide - a common practice in Arabia and other parts of the world, (A practice exists until today in many regions in the world e.g. India and China to name a few) - and claimed equality of the sexes in stature and worship. 👉Allah Almighty Said: "for what crime they (Infant Girls) were put to death," 81:09 ▪︎In Islam, the idea of “original sin” doesn’t exist. Adam and Eve both are responsible for eating from the forbidden fruit, for not remembering God’s words to them. The Qu'ran is very clear about their joint responsibility. And when they repent, God forgives them for what in some traditions is called “original sin.” Men and women all descended from a single person - the Prophet Adam (peace be upon him). Islam does not accept for either of them anything but justice and kind treatment. 👉Allah Almighty Said: "..And for women are rights over men, similar to those of men over women..” 2:228 Note: There's a whole long Chapter titled (Women) in Qur’an, containing/detailing Women',s rights , while there isn't a chapter titled (Men). 👉Allah Almighty Said: "O you who believe! You are forbidden to inherit women against their will. Nor should you treat them with harshness, that you may take away part of the dowry you have given them - except when they have become guilty of open lewdness. On the contrary live with them on a footing of kindness and equity. If you take a dislike to them, it may be that you dislike something and Allah will bring about through it a great deal of good." (4:19) ▪︎Muslims believe the Quran to be the actual speech of God handed down through Mohammed between 610 and 632 CE. The original text is in Arabic. The Quran contains 114 chapters that meant to instruct humanity on how to live. God’s guidance through the Quran always is addressed to his believers, both men and women. Both are addressed equally. Both are required to follow the same laws. Both must live by the same standards. In other words, if the Quran is God’s words and God addresses both men and women equally, then both are the same in God’s eyes. 🔵 2)- Equal Reward & Equal Accountability: Men and women worship Allah in the same way, meaning they worship the same God (Allah), perform the same acts of worship, follow the same scripture, and hold the same beliefs. Allah (the Arabic word for the One true God of all creation), judges all human beings fairly and equitably. Allah emphasises the just treatment and reward due to both men and women in many verses of the Qur’an: 👉Allah Almighty said: "Surely ˹for˺ Muslim men and women, believing men and women,1 devout men and women, truthful men and women, patient men and women, humble men and women, charitable men and women, fasting men and women, men and women who guard their chastity, and men and women who remember Allah often-for ˹all of˺ them Allah has prepared forgiveness and a great reward.." (33:35) 👉And said: “Allah has promised to the believers, men and women, gardens under which rivers flow, to dwell therein, and beautiful mansions in gardens of everlasting bliss.”Qur’an 9:72 👉And said: “Never will I allow the loss of the work of any worker amongst you, male or female; you are of one another.”Qur’an 3:195 These verses show that reward is dependent upon one’s actions and not one’s gender. Gender does not play any part in how a person is rewarded and judged. If we compare Islam to other religions, we see that it offers justice between the sexes. For example, Islam dismisses the Christian idea of the original Sin, that put women the source of Sin. 🔵 3)- Equal Right to Knowledge Both men and women are equally encouraged to seek knowledge. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Education is compulsory for every Muslim.” Also, great female Muslim Scholars existed at and around the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Some were from his family and others were his companions or their daughters. Prominent amongst them was Aisha, the wife of the Prophet (peace be upon him) through whom a quarter of the Islamic law has been transmitted. Other females were great scholars of jurisprudence and had famous male scholars as their students. Continue to [Part 2 of 2]

  69. Ernest T. Danquah

    Where are the masks? We're becoming complacent.

  70. All Things Ghanaian

    Happy Birthday Wofa, You're One And Only One Who N👃🏿se Tomorrow XOXO 🥰💋🌹🎉🎁


    Long life long live uncle happy birthday

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    Is this a HUgets show or a real tv show?

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    Crocro de john

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    What I hear when someone speaks French

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    Good tot from Gyampo

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