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  1. Cristiano 007

    Guenther Steiner: "The target for this season is to survive." Romain Grosjean: Hold my beer!

  2. Aaron Jimenez

    Victoria para el Checo Pérez!!!!

  3. Its OURS

    Can we just appreciate that merc has the longest car at the narrowest circuit?? Not his fan but respect bro

  4. RisingSunCountry

    Tsunoda is really fast.

  5. Olivyay

    "Getting a jump on polesitter Nigel Mansell" *image shows Senna on pole and not Mansell*

  6. Jusuff

    It should be "Villeneuve fails to keep it Klien"

  7. steve Johnson

    very underrated driver. In the Benetton he proved he was one of the best.

  8. Carlos Andres Medrano

    not enough ricciardo im out

  9. Turbo Guy

    the last grazie ragazzi :'(

  10. Ameya Nikam

    Grosjean: I'm the man who walked out of fire Niki Lauda:Shut up dude😅😅😅

  11. keomakk

    More of Gunter!

  12. dave eddy

    Love it

  13. Relentlezz

    Hamilton says: BBC Me : Iam not wondering me at all. if you know u know xD

  14. Joy Ndundu

    yaaaaaaay been waiting for this 😍

  15. ScotsmanDoBeMadMental

    Michael schumacher was the benchmark for years and years in F1. Every season he would get better and better. He was racing back when ayrton senna was still alive and he learned a lot from senna, maybe he even learned from niki lauda as well.

  16. Michael Polissky Productions

    Best wishes Seb, one of the most humble guys on the grid!!!

  17. giovanni battistella

    What was the speed at the end of kemmel? Mercedes set up seems very focused on reaching high straight line speed

  18. Yaroslav Boretsky

    2:05 I mean look he literally stops well earlier before the turn, so it then leads Salo to the mistake, what a genuine control!

  19. Daniel Dimov

    Hopefully we see more of this in the upcoming season!

  20. Sebastian Vettel

    Hamilton couldn’t even see them at his mirror

  21. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Young Kimi smiles more than old Kimi lol

  22. 鈴木二郎

    Ⅴ Ε R S Τ Η Α Ρ Ρ Ε Ν Ι Ν G

  23. hwfejefwjkm

    That was really nice to watch.


    Name music 7 min 43 please ? 🎺

  25. Souf

    0:35 that is the sound of the luigis mansion dog

  26. Mustafa Karayazıcı

    Where are the scenes of Turkey Grand Prix Netflix?? You better to detailed about it :)))

  27. TST Liquid


  28. Dman Oli

    Me: how much can you milk the leclerc/verstappen battle? F1: Yes

  29. Noah Thompson

    When F1 had real engines using real petrol!

  30. Niall Brown

    that last “me” from kimi was kinda heartbreaking, he can obviously see his career is slowly deteriorating

  31. HEB

    Sebs 6 second penalty will soon be broken by Nikita Mazepin. He’ll get a penalty before even getting in that car

  32. Miikos070

    max verstappen took himself out

  33. Mauro Giordano

    "Is that Glock" is probably my biggest childhood trauma

  34. f montes


  35. Alessandro Genovese

    Can anyone tell me why he left Ferrari?

  36. Jae _look

    When commin out?

  37. Kei Jiro Sutanto

    The halo helps leclerc

  38. Hayden my fav 2021 E63s

    I hate Monaco just corners to tight and close to handle.

  39. Marcio de Silva

    Recording a video of a race with the vertical camera position is so... dumb... dude...

  40. Alessandro Angeli

    It looks scary and fun at the same time

  41. Soph Xx


  42. Renato Kövesdi

    The times when the beaches of Rio were not completley crowded...

  43. clark racing123

    In in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in NO STAY OUT

  44. Doctor Star Game

    All the France are actually proud of Pierre ( Gasly and Hamelin sure )

  45. Lord Mahaveer Ragunathan

    YES series 3 of gunther swearing compilation!

  46. Nur Zaman

    Aston Martin is so overrated

  47. Adam Petten

    They have done more with a vast budget than another big team..or two.

  48. Tom Boyle

    “Honey, I saw the real ice man in my taxi today!!” “Wait what??!! The real one?” “Bwoah I don’t know”

  49. Wilbirá Miranda

    Certainly, Rubens's win in Hockenheim, was the podium more emotional.

  50. Gregor 7008

    You know, I actually definitely don’t like F1 and Motor Sports in General... But the organization behind F1 and so on is astonishing and just impressing... WOW

  51. edcoded

    I'd rather F1 was a spec series with that minardi being the spec car instead of whatever BS they do today. A sport that is not competitive is an oxymoron.

  52. Small Ben7

    I don't care if it's drive to survive, I won't support the company that defended "cuties"

  53. Tyler Durden

    hallo ich heiße tobiias

  54. Bruno Bergo

    Faltou o do gasly emmmm

  55. Eliltom Santos

    Senna 😭🇧🇷🇧🇷

  56. DeafRaGe

    Really wish you guys would at least turn on the automatic subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing people...

  57. Vincenza Benvegnù

    In the words at the end of the video, Senna illustrates his concept of racing: winning at all costs. Instead, a sportsman aims to win by respecting the rules, because respecting the rules means respecting the opponents. Senna had no respect for his opponents; therefore he was not a sportsman, despite being a skilled driver.

  58. Abdorrasool Bonehgezi

    Singapore 2017😔

  59. -

    Imagine him drawing with the 2020 downforce

  60. Laurent B.

    To win what? a race or two? Praying that Bottas run into Hamilton? With a pink/now green old Mercedes that s all he can hope for. I like him since, like Verstappen he s aging being nice and professional, but here to win? Hamilton/Mercedes gonna be 8 over 8. No question asked. In 2022 we ll see, but I would say, gogogo Daniel!

  61. Jdn InforTecGamer

    If it is not with emotion it is not Brazil.🇧🇷🇧🇷

  62. Flávio 27

    Boa noite !!!! Simplesmente o Melhor. Nada mais. Muito obrigado pelo vídeo e parabéns pelo canal. Abraço do Brasil......

  63. Teddy Kennard

    You can make these compilations with most drivers you just give people another reason to hate mac

    1. Teddy Kennard


  64. Leon

    cmon brazli 2008 only p41? a u ok?

  65. Alfrado2712

    1:33 thats grosjeans fault for knocking hamilton on to the back his car si hamilton couldnt di nithibg ti stop his car so that all grosjeans fault.

  66. jacevedocarlos1

    Netflix, please keep this up. This could be what takes F1 to the next level here in the U.S.

  67. BBBenj

    Absolutely wonderful. Very very very beautiful 😍 😍 😍

  68. Golan Ssenkooza Mutesah

    This came at the exact time of brexit i am in

  69. pepe the real

    Please continue forever

  70. Stene Pires

    Piquet foi único. Nunca houve um piloto como ele e nunca mais haverá porque os pilotos de agora não precisam "domar" os carros. Fantástico Nelson Piquet Souto Maior, "Maior" até no nome!

  71. G0DL1KEL1T


  72. L TG

    Verstappen vs cheating ferrari

  73. Semaj_502

    Who just walks away after getting blown up like that? That man is never gonna take a single second of the rest of his life for granted