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  1. Baba Hadia

    Nick better get more screentime in S4 or I'm suing

  2. тома тамара

    ben basagin leventi nasil tavladigini ogrenmek icin geldim

  3. Deathstroke

    Blessed be this trailer.

  4. Vivi 121

    Please can we get this in the UK??

  5. Solodolo84

    When the forest goes quiet, stay aware. They out there.

  6. blk coverboy

    This would have been a smash in 1991! 🙌🏽

  7. Sloane P

    for everyone which is confuse or doubt about nick : he is a double agent!!!! So yes he will pretend to be on gilead'side but he is not... He already proved himself in the previous seasons...stop doubting about him and trust him

  8. I. Gray

    I can't wait. Nick is only in it for June. He's comfortable staying in his post and ascending rank. I also want to know what his crime was against the US & his role in toppling the Gov.

  9. D Doll

    Is he a cannibal in this?💀

  10. Douglass Family

    My mother grow up back then and she said At seven you can feel the tension in the air from the white people about the song Billie holiday song back then people stared at the Black people Call them names and threw rocks at them she said it was a scary time back then

  11. Zayd Shakur

    EXCELLENT WORK!!! One of the MOST IMPORTANT documentaries ever made! This and the seven-Five documentary put a HUGE spotlight on Police corruption in NY. And like the dred said, what happens in NY spreads to other, smaller states and cities. This is a nation wide issue! And when racism and politics can force our first black President to publicly apologize to a racist cop who profiled and abused a sitting black Representative in Congress for trying to break into his OWN HOME, simply because that cop was publicly embarrassed by the president for being the racist cop he is....WE HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM to deal with.

  12. Zayd Shakur

    Unfortunately, this will never stop until the top polices the middle and protects the bottom. There's no place for politics, ego and greed on issues of human freedom and decency. The right thing shouldn't be this hard for men and women, PAID by our tax dollars, to do. When the Mayor can't be man enough to admonish a crooked, lying Police Commissioner publicly, there's a much bigger problem that must be addressed!

  13. 007 db11

    nothing good hulu need to spend more money

  14. shovon

    Missing 411

  15. Helen Freeman

    Wait until she finds out that June lied to her about her son. Good intentions or not, I bet that turns Janine against June.

  16. HereticCowboy

    I can't believe she's been gone four years already.

  17. SimplyLex

    Why are we suddenly questioning Nick's loyalties? Like seriously, why is this even a thing? Did I watch a different show for the first two seasons, when he did things like getting out the letters from Jezebel's or refusing to sleep with his child bride, not to mention all the Gilead laws he broke for June? I sure hope this "divided loyalty" is just a ploy of his and not what he actually feels, because that would be some seriously inconsistent writing.

  18. Will Coors


  19. Cole Wallace

    It just gives me chills when June explains to Serena everything bad she has done, she destroyed June’s life, killed her friends, enslaved her country, and stolen her child. It feels good for Serena to know her place.

  20. Nina's Videos

    I got goosebumps 👁️👄👁️

  21. Sohini Dutta

    If I want one character to survive this, it would be Janine.

  22. Pedro Cervera

    The Wall

  23. Sohini Dutta


  24. Jhon Lloyd Bongabong

    You must watch it!!! Recommended movie 👍🏻 it made me cry a lot 😢

  25. Jennifer Joyner

    Is June the only reason Nick changed? Would he have still happily been a part of Gilead otherwise?😬

  26. Joseph Gilson

    I was born in '81 and grew up in this era as well (in NY too). Wasn't expecting it but this film hit me w/ some very deep, deep feelings and memories and made me reflect on my own "growing up" in the 90s. Rembering when I was 16, 17, 18 years old and felt indestructible...ready to conquer the world....then I learned a little, grew a lot, people came, people went, and somehow I survived to become an adult. I think back on all the stuff I've seen in these 40 years and it amazes me....makes me glad I was born when I was born....breaks my heart a little too. Being young is a trip...I wish I'd enjoyed it more for what it was instead of always thinking ahead to the future. Either way I'm glad I made it this far.

  27. BrandonR6

    Was a good movie

  28. annu ravi

    Just because of Nick I watched this series wish to see him more this season

  29. Garrett Carr


    1. Garrett Carr

      Apr 13, 2021

    2. Garrett Carr

      Shrill Season 3 Official Trailer The Final Season

  30. Ever Rose

    Janine deserves to be free. She breaks my heart every season. 💔

  31. JuJu Herbst

    The Handmaid's Tale essentially depicts the slavery and violence many women are subjected to in a contemporary context except in real life there are never, ever men to help them!!!!! I would have found it even less-fictional if the main character had been a single mother and no one found her remotely attractive as that would have really grasped the predicament of so many women. No one is going to come to your rescue!

  32. AG Valencia

    Wow 😳

  33. Stella DT

    Best character with so many layers and all thanks to Yvonne that is Spectacular! I hope to see her more in S4

  34. ImPaPi

    Thats crazy, I didn't even notice that it was Andra Day at first. Her voice is absolutely amazing and she play Billie Holiday amazingly. Her story is so sad, rip Billie.

  35. Lyla Leroy

    Is serena pregnant ? OMG

  36. Et

    And the Oscar goes to ... this lady right here. The movie ,the songs , most importantly the issues raised :we are all human and deserve to be treated with respect no matter what! Thank you Billie Holiday

  37. Angelgelpro Free Fire y roblox

    Me explican que era el movimiento que estaba en la cola ? Y que tenía que ver ?

  38. Forever Lovee

    Hi i love the show but can yall make the episode longer and and have more episodes in the seasons plz thanks👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💙💙😂

  39. aliaq95

    All these 'journey' uploads... Is season 4 the last season?

  40. Carabo

    Does anyone know the name of the piece of music that wraps up the trailer?

  41. Mark Depeña

    What the

  42. Miriam Bell

    gaaaaaaahhhhhh I love the set up for Nick and June this season. Now that she's beyond saving in Gilead and staring a war, will he help her destroy it or turn his back on her? I hope we find out more about his motivation for fighting for Gilead and how strong his bond to the sons of Jacob really is, to fully understand his choice this season.

  43. Nesh Kiersten

    Nick! please... please nick!!

  44. 李嘉琳

    我讓法國影星瑪琳-華克特成為了坎城影后 在去年 我寫的劇本

  45. Sher Chu

    Wait why does Fred hate Serena right now?

  46. 李嘉琳

    BELOVE VIDEO 是濱崎步的夢想 所以親自演 她有替身 很多孩子是她的夢想

  47. Kriti Tripathi

    Nick, please be brave this time. Don't let her down.

  48. Sher Chu

    Not looking forward to seeing 0:49 oh no

    1. MusicKttn

      That already happened in season two.

  49. Sher Chu

    bruh does this mean Janine dies 🥺

  50. 李嘉琳

    濱崎步早上告訴我她懷孕了 大約三個月了 她希望是個女兒 懷得很好 八個月至九個月就可以生

  51. Sarah Roberts

    All of us in Europe have to wait til,at least July or more to see the next season on HBO😏

  52. zenxymes

    She was always a pistol. She just forgot. Go Janine!✊

  53. Selome Girma

    I love you and your testimony Ms.Tyra/Dominique

  54. Shango Oya

    Outstanding ❤️

  55. Tasia Tasia

    Question is that Leslie from ig

  56. KDrop

    She needs a victory this season

  57. Alexia

    She’s such a badass

  58. Alphaphenomenon Gaming

    Why a final season? Still, I'm excited!!

  59. Akash

    Man...BILLIE HOLIDAY and Her voice❤️❤️ Thanks Hulu for this one ❤️❤️

  60. Neha Shaikh

    Nick 😍

  61. Brad Summer

    Okay .. Sounds stressful

  62. video nocturnal

    I hope we eventually get a scene of him reuniting with Nichole/Holly

  63. Brandy Byers

    I am angry at nick now

  64. Donald Davis

    The Government Then Wanted Mrs. Billie Holiday 🌼 🎶 🌼 🎶 To Be Silence 🔕 🔕 And Don't Tell The Whole World 🌎.. What Jim Crow Laws Was Doing By Lynching African-American's Down In The South And Deep South As Well.. Mrs. Billie Holiday Are A Monarch Of Black Music Movement ⚖ ⚖.. Say It.. Andra Day 🌹 🌹... R.I.P. Eleanor Fagan aka Mrs. Billie Holiday.

  65. Ongo Gablogian

    Nick is a deadbeat father. Cancel him.

  66. Ongo Gablogian

    This pirate has an extremely WAP and is not to be trifled with. Facts.

  67. pal

    I want VPN sooo bad😭 cuz I'm in India and we don't have hulu here and I can't wait to watch this season. These trailors are driving me crazy

    1. Rebeka Molnar

      If you have HBO there, they might have like in Europe


      Isnt it available in amazon prime?

  68. Michael Lombardo

    Man crush.

  69. Eva Gerritsen

    NICK vs JUNE?! OMG

  70. unicorn mermaid yay

    3:28 piggy and granny jumpscares

  71. Khushi rizvi

    Nick is literally the reason why I watch this show