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  1. Marco Amaral

    Rafael Marquez > Keylor Navas. Navas is amazing!!! But Rafa, El Kaiser, is the best in CONCACAF history.

    1. Uhhh Memes

      As a Mexican myself, this is just cap. keylor has won 3 champions leagues and has been so good for PSG. Rafa was great back in his prime but keylor is a different animal altogether.

  2. Don Pepe

    Messi is leaving Barca male team and signed up with the female Barca real champion

  3. Don Pepe

    Messi is gonna have to wear a wig and play with them in order to win something

  4. Rayhan Kamal

    The USA team is great rn! Hopefully they can win!

  5. Frederick Togba

    Can鈥檛 wait to see Tim Weah play. I know that he will do a great job.

  6. B C


    1. Alex Quintana

      This is our year 馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫馃弳馃弳馃弳

  7. Erik 2021


    1. Henry Bonilla


  8. Doug Chan


  9. Mr Matthew F1

    The Concaf National League Preview_2....

  10. Ismael Romero


  11. Andrea Marcovati

    The stadium would be empty even without COVID


    Man City vs UEFA VARcical Decisions incoming

  13. peter

    why he say neggo

  14. Ab

    So much quality in both clubs. It's gonna be a good final

  15. Chinonso Achebe

    I think this will be a good final to watch I鈥檓 going for city because they have just been better this season. I do think that Chelsea will fight for a win but city are just on a different level.

  16. Adurone

    May the better team win

  17. Gabriel Pazmino

    I really hope Man City pull this off, Chelsea are tough I feel like they're the only english team besides Man U that can test our strength, resolve, and tactics.

    1. PythonSB


  18. Auros

    Free win for city no point even tuning in, pretty much any other team in the UCL would鈥檝e been more contest for them

  19. K C

    Pep鈥檚 cousin is teaching those ladies tiki-taka. That Harder might be related to Werner lol 馃槀 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 Manchester city 4-0 Chelsea in the champions league Maybe I should move to Barcelona to find a wife lol 馃槀

  20. Cloud

    Chelsea just shown that they can't win final games. They lost to Leicester. Remember????

  21. John Lavvas

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  22. Fahim Hoq

    Isn't it a little too early for preview of this game?

  23. L 7

    City fan here and I feel like Chelsea have the edge but I think we will win 1-0 from foden but we will have to fight tooth and nail pep doesn't really lose finals he's been there alot he knows what to do I think they will be shocked they haven't played a full strength city side but Chelsea have played a full strength side against us so I think pep knows what to do hopefully kdb is fit and firing city have fought so hard to overcome Dortmund and psg I think we will win

    1. L 7

      @Chelsea Fanatic also you guys played full strength in the fa cap you played everyone except for kante

    2. L 7

      @Chelsea Fanatic Ik Chelsea fantastic but a Chelsea side dominated bc of Pep playing Mendy ake sterling Jesus aguero Chelsea didn't see marhez kdb foden GUNDOGAN fernadinho stones walker and cancelo and even zinchencko that's almost a entire team that tuchel has no clue what they bring and how they can change the game

    3. Chelsea Fanatic

      Chelsea didn鈥檛 play full strength team last two times when they won. Last time they made 5 or 6 changes from the dominating performance against real madrid in second leg and actually billy gilmour even played vs city that second game.

    4. Mr. Bubas

      If Chelsea had a hard time beating Leicester than I would say that we have a good chance. We are a great TEAM. Everyone works great together and we deserve to finish off the treble this year after playing so hard.

  24. 鉂 Jacob Padilla 鉂

    Tuchel's on Fire! Your Defense is Petrified Tuchel's on Fire! Your Defense is Petrified Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

  25. Ender

    they didn't put the tittle

  26. M.I.X Best trio ever

    Manchester city will win by at least 2 goals. It鈥檚 looking like Chelsea had a honeymoon period and still have lots of things to be solved in the upcoming transfer window. That 200 mil must be spent wisely.

    1. Csokops #glazersout

      City will win 1-0 after a very boring game

  27. Stephen Massaquoi28

    As a Chelsea Fan I don鈥檛 think Chelsea can beat City.

    1. Stephen Massaquoi28

      @PythonSB Huh 馃?

    2. PythonSB

      @Stephen Massaquoi28 yup then you are definitely a plastic fan

    3. Stephen Massaquoi28

      @The Wumpus I was a Man United Fan at that time.

    4. The Wumpus

      @Stephen Massaquoi28 Fake fan, that's what you thought in the 2012 Final.

    5. Stephen Massaquoi28

      @Beast Momo I鈥檓 just being realistic.

  28. Unscripted 101

    Go Chelsea for this game馃數馃數馃數

  29. Arturo Miranda

    here when the title is UCL Final Preview_01

  30. nanoleaf

    Yo they forgot to put the actual title lol, they just put the file name

  31. Orlando Hernandez

    city will win, but i would be happy if chelsea won

  32. Va2

    I swear if Chelsea lose another Final

    1. BurgerToons

      I think they will

  33. Mario Terry


  34. Unknown Iker

    Let go

  35. SHAINT

    Omg first

    1. Gabriel Rodr铆guez

      Omg no



    1. MK GAMING

      @Gabriel Rodr铆guez stfu

    2. Bot

      want a cookie?

    3. Gabriel Rodr铆guez

      You want a trophy or something?


    Barca looks 10 times better than their men's team.

  38. Karl Tanner of Gin Alley

    Looks like a high school match

  39. PaleBluu

    0:55 Chelsea keeper should have come out to claim or punch that ball away. It was hanging in the air for an eternity

  40. Dorothy Plummer

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  41. Hyper Legend

    Barca women scored a goal in 39 sec while Men team hardly don鈥檛 even wanna score for 90mins.

  42. Hyper Legend

    The fact is Barca women team is better than men team

    1. Karl Tanner of Gin Alley

      The men鈥檚 team would crush them 15-0

  43. Why Does Your Opinion Matter?

    1st: Ronaldo/ Lewa 2nd: Benzema 3rd: KDB 4th: Mbappe 5th: Kimmich/Haaland 6th: Pessi (Sorry Pessi Fans but every goal and assist Pessi has provided this season has either been vs a statpad team or, he bottled his team to a draw. And has scored as many goals vs top 4 sides as eibar鈥檚 goalkeeper.

  44. Kieran Lahmann

    Not a penalty, it was a blocked shot

  45. 2010sjay

    Congratulations Barca!

  46. Nicholas Mallard

    Fran must have placed a bet on Barca to win! What she smiling for after two straight Barca goals have been scored? lol

  47. Huge Scheer

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  48. it's everyday 棰ㄥ憘

    i noticed that barcelona doesn't square the ball, their attack is more sophisticated.

  49. Jaime Cordova

    Chelsea looked as if they haven鈥檛 practiced in a year. Bar莽a was a well oiled machine. Congrats to the Barcelona ladies.

  50. Laura Cunningham

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  51. Rufuto Rahman

    This Biased Chelsea commentator was infuriating. It was wonderful to watch her team getting smacked by the better team.

  52. Alejandro

    They tried the corner taken quickly method in 1:56, but they forgot that that only works on the men's Barcelona.



  54. Juan Sebastian Copete

    Go equality for women soccer!!!

  55. Carlos O

    If Chelsea would of won Sky wouldn't shut up about how England is dominant

  56. El Beautiful

    i didnt even know 馃様 about women's champions league 馃槖

  57. Joe Longbotham

    The Barcelona kit is so nice

  58. luis gonzalez

    Just watching this game you can tell women鈥檚 football is only gonna keep improving and getting more exciting 馃檹馃従

  59. tammera loson

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  60. Chinmay Purohit

    So the poor finishing skills among strikers is also a feature in the women鈥檚 team. Wonderful thing my club has become!!

  61. Kodama Boy

    this is hard to watch

  62. John Lavvas

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  63. Joe Berrera

    Soon the feminist gonna be like Women soccer need to get the same pay as men .regardless of bringing few thousand to the table.

  64. Gianflavio Gordillo

    damn looks like chelsea isnt winning any finals this year :\ hopefully they beat man city

  65. Miranda Rogers

    1 Corinthians 15:1-4 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

  66. Omar Zamora

    All them fouls and not once did we see them busting the neymar they got up and kept playing ladies should teach the men a thing or two lol.

    1. Tyler Keser

      There was a clear red card challenge on no.10 of barcelona the ref did not give. This is why they roll and do theatrics. Neymar would鈥檝e got that player sent off 100%. These ladies should learn from neymar.

  67. Xanotic

    23 for chelsea is dog shit

  68. ghostZkull


  69. EyoPlayz

    Messi seeing this video: Come on Vamanos, everybody lets *transfer*

  70. 袗谢褜褎褉械写 Arnold

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  71. Vishrut Shenoy

    Chelsea will come back stronger in next season 馃挋馃挭

  72. Diego Hernandez

    Bro mbappe literally just gets his goals but then bouncing off the keepers

  73. Jorge D'Ugard

    Awesome to see at least one of our football teams see success. Congratulations ladies!

  74. Juan Leyva

    Vis莽a el Bar莽a 鉂わ笍馃挋鈿斤笍馃弳馃帀馃挭

  75. Alex Brows

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  76. Alex Brows

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  77. jeremy pearson

    Chelsea had their chances but very poor finishing.

  78. GoldenClovds

    We need the women鈥檚 coach to coach the men , outstanding season with la liga & champions league wins 馃檶馃徎馃檶馃徎

    1. Joe Berrera

      Seriously lol

  79. Sanders Mckowen

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