I play video games too much. I might not be the best, but I do have hot elbows.

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  1. Natti

    Yo this song will always be a bop like seriously😩

  2. Meliry

    In a Month or more something is coming and you might not have sleep.

  3. Cake

    Nah his gaming chair is just to good, His cracked

  4. Christoper James Ricafort

    well this got on my recommendation

  5. Mason Hazeman


  6. Leikeize

    0:27 receiving your report card be like

  7. Jacob Castle

    idk but i feel bad for jack

  8. LeeDo 21

    Technoblade not gonna lie this is my first video of your channel but I know your a humble mans

  9. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    rankthy month bonus rewards 0:38

  10. Robert Spicer

    I watch 18 minutes and 24 secs about techno’s ultimate potato farm but it was worth it 🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔

  11. PyCoder the Pythonist

    What if technoblade was technahblade?

  12. FireballJumper

    40:01 "I would recommend myself"

  13. ShadowPlayz

    1.06M more subscribers until your dream -_-

  14. PuppyMa5ter

    you...did it...Techno...you accomplished you dream...im so happy....congrats

  15. Smbat Sekepyan

    It as lifetimes he did it that's the man who killed his dogs

  16. FireballJumper

    37:07 *genuine techno laugh*

  17. gatorduck

    Techno is a good brother since the whole time she had the mic.

  18. Wolfiaheart _

    Can we have this as an international anthem-

  19. Reece Neely

    I live in the midwest in winter it gets -17 and in summer it get 108

  20. Iris Guadalupe uwu

    it's too adorable for my ears

  21. FireballJumper


  22. GalaxiGacha

    Techno is the type of person where one moment he will be joking around with his dad, the next blowing up a country.

  23. Ivan

    Rick astly the guy who made the vid was ahead of his time

  24. Squid-Boy

    Waa Waa

  25. Purpel

    2 vids in a month...

  26. Daniel Morgan

    Playing mcm on the same map years later... this was his training

  27. FireballJumper

    25:59 Techno: Oh god thats an abomination! Also Techno: *Makes a bed defense out of beds*

  28. flyingblox

    he doesnt have a auto clicker just a good gaming chair

  29. Luv2Maddie

    POV: you skipped the intro, wondered why your techno potato’s didn’t grown and thought you got scammed so you sued techno.

  30. Lexi Plays

    "what the hell is wrong with you" -Dream

  31. Ghosty

    After 5 years, why is this now on everyone’s recommend page?

    1. KawaiiMargaret



    Little did Technblade know that he was hiding in Pakistan and not in Pakistan

  33. Fallençcyar

    A teacher got mad at me for wearing my winter jacket in class. I mean I get the whole we can’t let you die of overheating but if I was dying I think I’d know enough to take it off and then when it’s like -30 degrees out (very cold) and I’m wearing literally a small sweater and some boots they force me to go outside

  34. animatronic boss

    In reality at least one techno would have killed him this was rigged

  35. Tito Tita

    Whens the last time techno steamed

  36. FireballJumper

    23:16 techno-logic

  37. Sarah Warren

    techno blade: dog 421k people: yes

  38. Dogelol71

    For a rich dude beast mic suck

  39. Eidan Seth

    Lucky block skywars now: you have a full hotbar of extremely OP weapons and don’t know what one to use.

  40. Mio San

    we get it, this is on y’all’s recommendation 5 years later.

  41. Tali’Zorah Vas Normandy0

    This pov of the video is much better

  42. Ereos Stormwalker

    Ranboo = OP

  43. Doodle With me, Peter!

    Face reveal at 10 000 000 subs