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  1. Deen Tunis

    everyone talking about super saiyan mario but no one talking about super saiyan god super saiyan toad

  2. Yoh's Channel

    "The Longer the Godslayer Bowser is on Earth. The Stronger it will become"

  3. Dutch Montega

    Why so many hates

  4. Galaxyflame Gamer

    This is utterly useless like we know you can make snow boys and stuff like that :/

  5. stronger__ty.w

    Hey yo sonic colours soundtrack on nintendo channel

  6. Latoya Tealer

    So I wanna see you trailer tomorrow morning ok nintendo

  7. El Gabro03

    Just as I would like them to build super mario world too in Italy. 🇮🇹❤️

  8. T Hoang

    bro, i got spoiled so much from the japanese gameplays.....

  9. luxi

    5 year old: can I get Mario sunshine 2?? Mom: we have it at home. The game at home:

  10. PKMN -_- Ranger

    Normal person: Items /will appear during the fight. The Announcer: You may notice the sudden appearance of, *ITEMS!!!*

  11. Jordy McNeill


  12. Chaos89P

    Why the heck is Bowser Jr. helping Mario out? Did Bowser go nuts or something?

  13. i like ya cut g

    music be kinda intense tho

  14. João Pedro Lopes e Silva

    how does this place look so unreal

  15. PKMN -_- Ranger

    I predict... That you came here just because The Announcer is featured!

  16. Green Doge

    Deciding weather to get 3D world or little nightmares 😭

  17. Latoya Tealer

    so be ready at 1:30 ok nintendo so remember min I'm believing you

  18. The Changamire

    This went from Furry Fest to Super Mario Z real quick. Madlads.

  19. Flame Mane

    Please tell me the complete version isn’t going to be Switch exclusive...!

  20. TrabineCr8ts


  21. TrabineCr8ts

    bro i know the second girl

  22. Panda team

    Why I play: it calms me and I get to customize a lot of stuff like I want it to and I like the start up music and I play it sometimes to kill some time

  23. luis cruz

    So this is the company that copyright pokemon brick bronze hope this company fail

  24. X o t t i c

    I’m going to use the bathroom now

  25. O .nizzo

    I remember this video like if it was yesterday

  26. Splat Tim

    hearing that good tropical resortttttt!!!!

  27. Mason’s tiny world with friends

    youve called him gay for the last time

  28. Latoya Tealer

    so get for tomorrow morning ok

  29. Joseph Lucas

    among us is on switch so do it!

  30. Joseph Lucas

    Sakurai plz make an among us character in smash plz

  31. Latoya Tealer

    so just wake up in the morning

  32. Latoya Tealer

    so please do it you know what I even crying right now 😭😭😭😭 so please do it dream come true so nintendo I will give you more time when you wake up in the morning get ready ok nintendo I was being honest about it so good luck

  33. PatricioArt

    Neat! They're surely using the switch online voice app 🤣

  34. Latoya Tealer

    I was about it and I crying about it too so please put those games on the Nintendo switch can you launch those games tomorrow please do it at 1:30 tomorrow morning please

  35. Mario Meta Runner

    Mario kart live home circuit suck's

  36. bob

    Mario Goku 1:59

  37. Christian Ruiz

    Si vale la pena comprarlo we

  38. Christian Ruiz

    ALV bowser fue poseído de la grasa

  39. Latoya Tealer

    nintendo can you put crash bandicoot 4 and sackboy a big adventure and Astro playroom please I lost my 3DS

  40. Luke Chapa

    I had a weird feeling in my gut this game wouldn't tell the whole story. Except I was wrong, they told a *different* story.

  41. Crono El cono

    1:26 iwata :'(

  42. Daniel Upsidedownhouse

    More wii u games in 2021

  43. Mr. X

    Still playing this game till now 2021

  44. SANS 999

    it looks great i want to play it

  45. crepllery original

    The true! And the best game of a whole new generation!

  46. Space Boi_07

    All bowser wants to do is defeat mario Looks like he will not get his chance after the past mario games

  47. Crono El cono

    *only in wii u* Yea yea sure....sure....

  48. Latoya Tealer

    please do it you know what I even crying right now so so please do it t Tomorrow 😭😭😭😭 please it's my dream come true

  49. Ya Gotta Pay the Troll Toll

    Time to finally overcome my thalassaphobia

  50. Diarrhea Pantz

    Sakurai: We have to keep this game family friendly! Jokers moveset: we have an attack named *gun*

  51. Latoya Tealer

    so are going to put those 3 games on the Nintendo switch or what

  52. Cole Hazen

    Is that a new smash character I see?

  53. Weebcat

    Imagine is celebrating for the release of Galaxy 3

  54. TheAbnormaltoon

    Why is this rated m

  55. ranpoolz

    I didn’t know I wanted this.

  56. yugi toober

    nintendo you ruined my life mario 3d all stars is avalible until march but i cant get until may i am acctually crying and very angry right now

  57. Haydn Moore Minecraft

    Nice Nintendo you should make super Mario 3-D land deluxe

  58. Anthony Driggers

    I been waiting for this since two years