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  1. Cilma Coelho


  2. Sanjay Gupta

    so sweet songs

  3. Muhammad Indhy Maulana

    Songs wen i was 3 years old

  4. Hendraa azaiy Hertolass

    thank you Justin Bieber all your songs are very meaningful😘 .. anyway your songs are the best 👍

  5. Woods Kathleen

    🙂 اكو عرب بالطياره اثبت وجودك بلايك

  6. 윤정섭

    Back then, My life was not much bad.

  7. Caylah Peak

    Ay my girl from STAR!! She will always be Alex to me ❤

  8. Jack Barrett

    No ones listening to the true message here and it shows

  9. Sebastiano SRC687

    Qui es de America y no entiende ingles pero lo escucha

  10. Saran kalai

    Commenting after 10 years

  11. TodaySquareFeet hyderabad

    Love this song... everytime I see

  12. Windows Media Center

    3.3 million religious people vs 89 thousand atheists

  13. Pooja Mehta

    Oppsiii I'm here after taesii sang on tokopedia :]

  14. Nathanael Kifle

    I love chance the Raper's voice😘😘

  15. Bijay Das

    Directography 101%

  16. Beatriz Zambelli Jorge Clós Madeira

    Cadê o Brasil!

  17. john wick full 78

    Perfecto me encanta esta cansion 👍👌

  18. Lissie Rose

    Someone explain to me why this is bad. It is funny and catchy to me.

  19. Lissie Rose

    Just saying Justin bieber has almost the most liked video and disliked video at the same time. That would be funny.

  20. Jasim Uddin

    Nice to

  21. weird bizarre


  22. αlєχα ναηтєє

    Taehyung cantó una parte de ésta cancion durante una entrevista con Tokopedia. 👍💜

  23. Int3rnetDoll

    Damn, this song sounds like it can be in a movie or something

  24. Libera Saccia

    Ehy.. if you listening this song for depression or Love delusion or broken heart.. I’m here💕 talk whit me!

  25. Haji Nazir

    Listening in January 2021😘🔥🔥. Love this music

  26. Futebol Word


  27. Khasan Farkhodov

    Who is watching this crazy 😜

  28. R0SIE and J0HN

    his facial expressions leave me in tears

  29. girl who loves eating nuggets


  30. gaab シ


  31. Cloudy_rbloxgurl

    How come there's 1.1million dislikes what's wrong with the song-?

  32. Haji Nazir

    Listening in January 2021

  33. Simon Mayerl

    Bruder gehen zu hell

  34. BigPackin Jackson69

    Whos here in 2013

  35. riya sharma

    I love your pure heart ............holy holy holy holy ❤️❤️

  36. كرار عـايد

    اني الوحيد عراقي 🙁

  37. Shakti Vishwakarma

    The Video starts at 0:00

  38. Mahi

    I have came here after Taehyung was singing this....💜🥺.... But don't get me wrong i love Justin too😁💜 Edit-: okay,so I'm not alone here who's listening this after tae sang this🤯💜

  39. Simon Mayerl

    bro i listen to this shit song

  40. ꨄBillie̸ꨄ


  41. Morris Mungai

    Who is listening to this song @2021

  42. Morris Mungai

    Giving back to the society this will always be my favorite song ever

  43. ayesha pns

    Im here beacuse of Taehyung singing this song..at Tokopedia wib tv show 💜

  44. Pierre Ndiaye

    Depuis le senegal 🇸🇳 🔥

  45. Fabru Tv

    To my future girlfriend hope this dedication gets to you.

  46. veliqhx

    dude 12 mik dislikes? Oof!!

  47. Jois Thel

    From Indonesia🇮🇩

  48. Brittany Trent

    I love your videos

  49. Marcelo videos

    100 %belieber 👌

  50. Adeline Greene

    First I love you Justin Bieber ❤️ 2nd I love the song 3rd is your favorite color pink

  51. Thania Febriyanti

    hay justin

  52. Rhonne Elson


  53. Otaku Bar

    "I'm so lo-o-o-o-nly" still hits hard 🖤

  54. Daniel Hernandez

    Fun fact: you came here to dislike this song

  55. Psy !!

    How many army's r listening it ryt now... I'm not the only one ✋ Tokopedia saja Ps - BTW I've already heard it before... Jjangayo

  56. Bangtan girl

    Is that guy Zac affron??

  57. Baby Nopal

    Tom cruz will not fight with Justin if he watch this MV.

  58. Diego Florentino

    is there somebody in 2021?

  59. Sania Dash.

    I love you, Justin Bieber ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  60. shubhayan de

    2:21---how he's "Jaw"-ing

  61. Cayden Gibson

    Who still listening in 2021?😂

  62. Bryant Pitts Jr

    I loved this song in this song mix together

  63. Hasanjon Ziyovadinov

    Oh perfect. Bieber.

  64. ADJ Fut Magic


  65. Deachy_ peachy

    Lagu JB yang enak didengar malam ini...

  66. Joseph Torres

    Justin boobers haha

  67. Dian Mardiana

    Inii lagu yg dinyanyiin sama taehyung di tokopediaa gaess.. Kesini gr² tae.. Wkwk

  68. Sophie Lin


  69. brother sir

    who likes this

  70. Judson Castro

    sou fã demais!

  71. THILER status

    2021 ma kon sun raha ha


    This was the FIRST English song , I have heard in my childhood ...LOVE FROM INDIA 👍👍😁

  73. Ra Ca

    Beautiful love u.

  74. precious taetae

    Coming here after my honey bear Taehyung sang it, it's good ♡

  75. padeweer

    I remember when I came here in 2015 and i saw 2 MLN dislikes. Now is 12 MLN, progress

  76. Rakan Alsayed

    الاغنيه زقه في زقه😡

  77. cece slay

    This my song im listening to this in 2021 😍😍😍

  78. Jay Drama's Life of surprises

    This song is to deep ive also had everything then lost it ive been lonely from 13 till now 34 lost my dad ive went down wrong path of drugs but now sober because of familey noone really knows what the next person going threw or is going threw Deppresion sucks Justin knows from his money and fame that Moneys not everything.

  79. Vincent Victor

    i love it 😍❤