NASA's mission is to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research.

To do that, we have worked around the world -- and off it -- for more than 50 years, searching for answers to fundamental questions about our place in the universe. We're exploring space and discovering Earth. Join us for this exciting and important journey.

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  1. The Catonaut

    W-why are you hard stepspace?

  2. Angel Koach


  3. chanhee Chang

    One day, aliens will find out we live here and invade

  4. kim Jong un

    how to fool people Jesus second coming bible time 2024 8 April my father is a sun he comes in my right eyes and gunning in my brain I can't see in space it comes in right eyes to both eyes any father god vision planted in my brain via god eyes!




    You guys also forgot to mention is that solar flares causes bad weather to stir up in the ionosphere and create earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as well 🤔🤔🤔. They're always leaving stuff out of the equation

  7. Dylxn

    We are focused on spending our tax payers money on non cost efficient rockets using solid rocket boosters that put our astronauts in danger!



  9. Инспектор Нил

    Fleth Earth.🚿💸💥☀️✨

  10. Marion S.O.

    Es gibt unterschiedliche Väter. Es gibt keine Bilderbuchfamilie, kein Prinz und Prinzessin, kein Pretty Woman, kein Titanic.....das sind alles schöne Geschichten, um den Alltag zu entgehen. In der Realität funktionieren wir doch nur und wollen Gutes tun. Keiner fragt, wie es mir geht oder was ich brauche, was ich mir wünsche..... Sowas gibt es nicht.

  11. tharunna funrun3

    Idk whats worse. Going to space or landing in the middle of the ocean!

  12. replica

    moon don't regenerate

  13. Paul Abbott

    Mars! It makes me laugh that mankind while in the process of destroying and degrading earth, seeks to go live on an already dead planet!

  14. Nhlamulo Khosa

    look at the number of people at Boeing'S control room compared to space X.. Boeing has something like double the number. I also like how SpaceX uses a lot of young engineers&scientist. I think Boeing has a lot to learn from space X.

  15. Biswajeet malo

    The Universe Galaxy space station world I like it ❤️ the Universe space world 🙏

  16. Brian Sauer

    They should have added the verb “attempted” to the title of this video.

  17. Marion S.O.

    Ein Auto mit eurem Kennzeichen, Nato war sehr oft bei meinem Exmann zusehen. Ich bin die bessere Bezugsperson.

  18. Marion S.O.

    Ich war sehr viel am Handy,brauchte Kontakt zur Aussenwelt und mich fasziniert Weltall und die Weltwunder.Ich brauchte auch sehr viel Schlaf, nach meiner Biographie kein Wunder. Nicht alle Sternzeichen Löwe verhalten sich richtig und angemessen. Ich weiss nur eins, wer wir sind und was wir können.

  19. Kailash Vidyarthi

    Wow,NAASA to do great work for humane being and science field .very very।।।। congrulations to whole team and blessings for work 🧗🧗🧗🙏

  20. Tanan Baboo


  21. Linda H.

    They never went on moon

    1. Bins nd

      What do you tell the people that saw the rocket start

  22. richard ma

    Almost 10m sub

  23. Denis Hernandez

    We never went to the moon

  24. Parker Cordell

    Going to mars Will be a Memorial adventure!

  25. Angel Koach

    Hello Akihiko

  26. Angel Koach

    Hello shane

  27. terraria yoyo hate club

    they say born too late to explore the earth, too soon to explore the stars. sucker, the stars are right here.

  28. Angel Koach

    Hello Megan

  29. Micah Chase

    This is the result of slowly burning off all your talent. Everything is great till it suddenly isn't. It was too late awhile ago but now you are in deep.

  30. ClientUnity

    Or just pay spacex

    1. ClientUnity

      @MrJakeD420 NASA as they said, it’s a self production

    2. MrJakeD420

      who do you think is making the lander?

  31. mike mars

    never gets old.

  32. Enrico Civardi

    Il magnetismo.

    1. 임석근


  33. Dynamite D

    I can't wait to see what Jupiter looks like

  34. Naruto Isan

    People here are bigger geeks of Sebastian than Sebastian is to space

  35. kevin caswell

    she is an angel!

  36. Tharosa Rajaratne

    This video itself is art.

  37. escape hell want

    you not out solar system you should blame bourgeoisie you should not blame me i don't have happyness condition

  38. Razham Hamdan

    Universe is especially amazing indeed.

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  49. escape hell want

    USA Today won't out solar

  50. kim Jong un

    I am a gold medalist universe with a core north pole or south pole ion to ion connection universe to Milkyway to sun core and earth core end game!

  51. Rehaan Fareed

    I am complain to my all said Ivana hekinig and difoltare to Google and NASA and Garmany

  52. ZzyxxwVvutts

    What I am going to say shall sound far fetched. However, it will be understood when scientifically presented properly. Humans will never be able to go to Mars, in their present material body. It is impossible. Even if they land somewhere, it will be a very gross, 3 dimensional physical aspect of Mars. They won't have access to Mars as it is (in its entirely). Attempts to go to the real Mars will be futile. People watching this are putting faith in NASA. (No doubt NASA has landed somewhere, but only they know). People cannot verify it for themselves; they have to put faith.

  53. hola susana

    This will never happen. It's imposible

    1. MrJakeD420

      @hola susana elon will go to mars. stright clowning if u doubt him

    2. Thechlebek

      @hola susana yup, its way easier than mars

    3. hola susana

      @Brostrod going to the moon is different than mars.

    4. Brostrod

      We did it in 1969 Not impossible lol

  54. postzhwlxxspace l.a. tokyoMVSAYIKO

    this is the greatsty i adore this planet .salutsty and thank you dear the same for everything .salutsty

  55. Zipper Man

    I wish I could see the day when humans land on the Mars

  56. Giancarlo G.

    God bless America

  57. superdude1534

    Went into space and they lost it, trajectory unknown. Mission failed

  58. clark quilino

    I am the first Filipino going to iss

  59. Lian Villar

    Nasa Build a gas station on moon he is easy to to not waste gas

  60. veryrealvano


  61. It's gopal Sharma

    Fell motivated or Remain stunning .......... .. 🤯❤🤟

  62. M A N X FF


  63. Tnt Tnt

    This world is should be peaceful .If other aliens get into trouble, they should be ready to defend themselves

  64. Tnt Tnt

    We are only animal for other aliens

  65. Fat Cat

    Why are even still bothering to go to the moon? We’ve been already

    1. Thechlebek

      have you actually watched the video? they explained that moon is needed to go to mars

    2. Brostrod

      That was to beat the Russians Now we're going to actually do science and stuff

  66. john lake

    you just know who disliked this

  67. Tim Mills

    So what’s the time zone in space lol

  68. the watchman

    He's my idol, when I grow up I want to be like him

  69. Hockey Dude

    Sorry to break it to ya but there’s a thing called starship now...

    1. Hockey Dude

      That’s what there gonna do probably and yes your right Artemis mission is part of it

    2. MrJakeD420

      what do you think is going to be the lander?

    3. h i

      @Hockey Dude the first artemis mission will likely use starship

    4. Hockey Dude

      @h i yes in the future

    5. h i

      which they are using?!!

  70. The Survivalist

    Slim and Fit just like a rocket!

  71. Juan Souza

    Vcs são uns farçantes e metirosos.

  72. Azation

    Every time I watch this, I get chills! So incredible!

  73. EpsilonGoods

    It's a shame that the U.S. needed to use these.

  74. Macovic

    Disapointing. To bad we waste our resources in this when they are needed fo so much more pressing matters on this planet.

    1. dragonhalo89

      No, no and no.

    2. TimePro

      NASA launched Jason-3 and Sentinel-6 which are being used to help earth.

  75. Jacki Sears

    I'm shocked to hear that you don't have a way to sanitize your clothes 😳. Interesting facts

  76. soutrik das

    Why though

  77. Brian Hale

    We should send married couples to Mars: Change my mind.

    1. Brian Hale

      It's going to be a long lonely Journey. The stability and love in a marriage could be a vital asset.

  78. Wings Of Steel

    To bad nasa isn't actually doing anything. Taking credit for most of Space X's work

  79. Face Diaper Psyop!

    Moon is a cheese wheel