Crafting pop anthems with a much-needed dose of fiery female empowerment, Ava Max is a unique new talent, blessed with a seismic voice, an individualistic high fashion mindset, and an undeniable knack for cinematic, theatrical popcraft.

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  1. decec25

    i sing this but my head phones is broke ahahah

  2. Esi Bil

    O EM ci

  3. romi handriono

    Kesini gara-gara tik tok


    Your voice is amazing! Thanks for releasing this!


    TYSM! You are such a nice person! I hope you are too!


    She is such a big role model for me, I love how confident she is when she's singing!


    You are an amazing songwriter! Thank you for your amazing music you have brought to the world!

  8. David Červeňak



    awesome 💕


    This tune is SO catchy! Love it! :). I love you!

  11. Honeycel hjop

    I love you @Ava max!!!

  12. Rainbow_cats_roblox :3

    Your singing and the song is so cool !!!!!!

  13. Reservoir Channel

    i'n watching this after the corona-virus invasion version 2 in 2021, sad to be humankind

  14. Motolani Eko

    This song made me love her more I’m a fan now not after she sang with Daneliya. Much love for Ava Max

  15. Motolani Eko

    Watching in October 2020 her voice has always been divine I love her so much not after she sang with Daneliya my two queens

  16. Nanang Muhammad

    Ava max hi❤️❤️😀😀... How are you?

  17. Motolani Eko

    She is unique in everything her voice , hairstyles and dresses I love her because she doesn’t go all naked and her voice is divine. This characteristics makes me love her so much

  18. Motolani Eko

    I knew this song very well after she sang with Daneliya on agt their voices was such a blend I love them both they are queens.

  19. Berry Blend

    Wow the live sounds amazing!

  20. Milagros Marchessini

    Love música💜😍🎉💕

  21. Zacks ‘

    Did y’all know that ava is my girl?

  22. Anthony Mayo

    I love this song so much

  23. Anthony Mayo

    Such a great song

  24. Anthony Mayo

    Such a great song

  25. Anthony Mayo

    With all of my heart over the moon and in my dreams my hallmark Christmas

  26. Anthony Mayo

    Such a great song

  27. Mythical Ditto

    I love her sm


    Try on 1.25x speed

  29. Blackjack Mania

    Such a great song

  30. Blackjack Mania

    This is a great song

  31. Blackjack Mania

    Such a great song

  32. Karl Vincent Turingan

    I love you so so so so Much Ava!!!!! I hope to see you someday in person

  33. Blackjack Mania

    Such a great song

  34. Blackjack Mania

    This is a great song

  35. Doug Car


  36. Anas Anu

    Favourite after Alan Wanker's........💙

  37. Ra Mona

    Music without Soul

  38. Emily Hapach

    Anybody notice her slight wardrobe malfunction? Other than that, Ava will always be in the books for songs that empower us girls and women

  39. ay

    ur the queen

  40. •Rose•

    Her rapping is just.. 👌anyone else agree?

  41. NuggetGamerOOF

    This song means no body is perfect and if your differnt its fine because all of us are different so am i :)

  42. DragonriderTechnologies

    Damn. I love that line in the first chorus. You know the one. It hurts a bit, but it's hilarious. The one where she says if she had a sword, it'd be bigger, in case it wasn't clear.

  43. Lucie Aranda

    I love it

  44. Bellezza carina

    💕 💋 I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli Ši traka filma ir tik forša, tik neticama. Es tikko pabeid🔥❤️❤️

  45. lovely audios

    yes god, i want to have THIS confidence <3

  46. Belinsa Long

    Ava Max's normal voice is pretty different from her singing voice. Love :)

  47. CoolkidCj0310

    Ava Max is the equivalent of most caring and best and beautiful person in the world, she is my idle.

    1. CoolkidCj0310

      She pulled it off PERFECTLY, I listen to this song all the time, and she sang it great!!

  48. Paulina Renshaw


  49. Jaime Arango

    ABBA ❤

  50. Caleb Loh

    0:24 Seismitoad

  51. Caleb Loh

    0:24 Seismitoad

  52. Caleb Loh

    0:24 Seismitoad

  53. Caleb Loh

    0:24 Seismitoad

  54. Caleb Loh

    0:24 Seismitoad

  55. Caleb Loh

    0:24 Seismitoad

  56. Caleb Loh

    0:24 Seismitoad

  57. Caleb Loh

    0:24 Seismitoad

  58. Caleb Loh

    0:24 Seismitoad

  59. Christina Furlow

    This should have made the top 100. This is amazing song!

  60. Mary Jane

    I love Ava... ❤️

  61. 린짱맘


  62. faces ncharcoal

    For some reason this song gives me kpop vibes and I’m here for it

  63. ken dave alquiza

    Never hurt Ava Max, or else, this could happen to you😂

  64. aljon aguilar

    such a talented artist ava max

  65. K a y r a

    I've been singing this in my mind for 1 months already.

  66. derickluevbouyz

    She's the sweetest person out there

  67. hollie x

    I more than adore everything about her 😍💗😍

  68. Camilo Yepes ofc

    You are beautiful

  69. Itz_ Midnight Silverpaw

    Finally a place were I belong😌

  70. I D ruk te


  71. Jenni Perry ඩෙරෙක් වෙලින්ටන් හවුල් එය පමණක් මෙම නොහැක්කකි කල් ඔහු

  72. Isabella Kalia

    i looveeeeee you AVAAA SONGS YOU ARE MORE