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  1. Chris Selig

    People that abuse, torture, hurt, or mistreat animals because they get some fucked up pleasure from it deserve to be skinned alive by rabid dogs and then go to the special hell.

  2. Lonniea Cheeks

    The smiling tie directly develop because supermarket intrahepatically visit like a male yew. victorious, polite cello

  3. MCreed.

    HAHAHA some so deserve it.

  4. Alyssa Tilford

    Every time I see you do tasks

  5. Golden Ratio

    8:51 I think this is why u are here. XD

  6. robert IRONSTAND


  7. robert IRONSTAND

    I need subscribers

  8. Quineta White

    Tune to 0:28 for USA 2020 election results

  9. Nickie B


  10. Bane of Kree

    music not needed just annoying

  11. TKMs Lux

    2:24 welp that cat is gonna get high or should I say Higher?

  12. Donnie V.

    The bubble guy was hilarious, "I fell asleep" then proceeds to immediately get berated by wife and friends for living!

  13. Donnie V.

    Great video done in the format that brought me here!! What was the video at 4:27, kinda spooky if real. God bless

  14. cozergamer 3464

    3:42 that is not a expensive fail that Lamborghini Murcielago passing on parking gate Barrier in a parking garage

  15. Tony Midyett

    I am calling upon all intelligent aliens to save us from ourselves. Immediately, if possible. Thanks.

  16. Alvaro Vasquez

    4:17 It's awesome

  17. Robert Johnson

    Nothing like breaking your spine trying to impress your friends

  18. Barry Walker

    Any video that starts with Ned Flanders screaming "Jeepers Creepers" is aces in my book.

  19. Nolan Is Innocent

    "Haha! That's right! Don't pay your bills! Then when the owner sends someone to take back their property, be sure to mess up both the vehicles." Hopefully you don't teach that crap to your kids. I mean, if you're in their lives.

  20. Nolan Is Innocent

    Between the quad and that fat guy, the weight limit of that ramp was definitely surpassed

  21. Nolan Is Innocent

    Going down that embankment, good thing that quad was wrapped in the fat chick for protection

  22. kakashi sempai

    I don’t know who gave you that idea of putting sound effects, but whoever it is, throw him/her from the window

  23. Karen Hobgood

    Now we know why you see so much used gym equipment at yard sales.

  24. Nige De Jesus

    Thanks for no terrible music

  25. Damian Dos Santos

    glad marxist indoctrination made it to 18

  26. Skelly.

    Me: burns the pizza The pizza : 5:32

  27. Butt Snatch

    It's funny until a weird fish swims up into your bladder

  28. Ali Kemal İltuş

    3:20 if this is from 2021 January. The people must be stupid to not wear masks.

  29. GabeTheAngel94


    1. GabeTheAngel94


    2. GabeTheAngel94


  30. Sonietta Bonavolonta'

    I though that "army" was this "army":아 미 ( 💜) 😅😅😅

  31. Dr. Engie

    titanic 2.0

  32. Wilbert Lek

    Actually, these fail compilations are a bit redundant for me. You see, I'm an Atheist and I talk to "gods-believers" on a regular basis...

  33. themawqs

    Whats the difference of cleaning Nutella and shit? Selfmaded.

  34. packlesswolf1

    Guy at 5:18 is in the right. Damn places can't get it right.

  35. WiggaMitDerGun

    Weak Week

  36. Duskit whatever.

    Mo money mo fails.


    In 9:42 the guy is lucky the security guards stopped his girl friend

  38. Daxter

    6:26 dohurrrr

  39. Petervetymir

    The kid with red on them have gone through a massacre

  40. Oropeza Ashton

    1:43 don’t worry man I would also do anything for a ps5.

  41. Alexis Lavoie

    7:54 why d'int you show the whole video?

  42. Hazulkar

    1:04 Ya'll see what I see?

  43. Hazulkar

    2:20 Is he gonna cry?

  44. Menschen Gegen 5G

    Incredible how many people still shoot video in portrait mode.

  45. Angry Bonobro

    Are you sure about the title ?

  46. Jonathan Amon Rodriguez Gutierrez

    The kid with the tongue jajaja

  47. Alie A

    Nutella one was stupid, infant could have had a nut allergy

  48. Lil Ghost Big Young Ari

    thug dog

  49. mtonel01

    They put the puzzle prank on twice in this video

  50. barron butler

    They need to play the regular videos with no music. 🤨

  51. Cloxboy

    A quarter of these weren't fails... But at least you're getting back to the basics.

  52. Lil, Charmander

    6:57 what's on the floor? Weeds?

  53. Rigved Mulkutkar

    5:25 it is the most painful thing ever Did you even hear that crack tho

  54. Saahib Singh

    1:43 that hurt thought

  55. Gabriel Henrique

    5:00 tinha que ser no Brasil kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  56. Danica Conway

    The jump and rail fails are my favorites. There are a hundred fails before you get to success.

  57. SillyKillyPuppy

    3:03 why would you break something that costs you over 300-1000 dollars even if they dont listen and two thats one cute ass dog i want to pet it so badly

  58. David Li

    The average peen dolly expand because tub additionly end throughout a frightened frightening full fumbling functional study. jumpy, curly landmine

  59. ArmorGuy 556

    5:36 maybe I'm gonna play some golf.... indoors.

  60. waznt me

    i hear cracking

  61. Kalei Robbins

    holy frickl

  62. ፈታ ከ ዳጊ ጋር

    Proud of my self subscribed this channel

  63. Death Bringer 249

    That truck trying to switch lanes while the radio on a channel talking about DUIs was like a prediction to that driver's fate

  64. Morning Dew

    The last one is/was the biggest off all idiots

  65. Pixel Toxa

    4:38 i like the guy in the mirror throwing a ball.