1. Woozi’s Guitar

    This is the first thing I’ve seen on him and his voice is so good! I like how it has a raspiness to it, you don’t hear that too often anymore

  2. Valentina Rocchio


  3. Heather Collum

    Good job Chase but who else thinks that he is cute like just me or what

  4. danh danh

    who else love his vosie

  5. Isa Branco


  6. Trinity

    Chase really is one of the tiktokers that have the talent to make music

  7. Emery Maldonado

    I think I just fell in love his voice

  8. Julya Souza Oliveira 2883

    Aaaaaa que Msc perfect caras❤️💘

  9. Makyla H

    This is AMAZING!! Your so talented Chase!💖

  10. Love Lyric

    How come when a relationship ends it's always the boys fault? Not saying it was charli. Im just saying this in general.

  11. Jass Idgaf


  12. Ashley Williams

    he is so good he should make more songs like this!

  13. Giselle Caballero

    I feel bad for some random reason

  14. penelope

    this song is powerful I love it

  15. Sara May


  16. bbees needs

    This hits different 🥺 he still loves herrrrrr

  17. William Byrd

    Hello Lil Huddy it would mean the world to me if you would suprise my grandaughter. She is having a really hard time with everything and you have helped her out so much. If you wouldn't mind replying to this comment so we can set something up that would mean the world to me and her.

  18. Xulicity


  19. Mayte avitia

    I am going to cry

  20. uh no

    Adrien: She's just a friend. ALSO Adrien:

  21. Elizabeth E.


  22. Nailah J.

    happy belated birthday

  23. Sophia

    This is funnyyyy

  24. Brianna Yanez

    Good job😀😁

  25. SoKun LiZa

    This song make me chill but when I see they were nearly kiss I’m going crazy 😝

  26. Shy Jolley

    Is anybody else confused if they’re dating or not

  27. Candace Prmsn

    I'm a vampire and you're America's sweetheart 🍷

  28. Kenzy TOMS

    I love ur songs are amazing and u are so fucking amazing I love u chase so fucking much I hope u see this comment and reply I comment on every vid on your tiktok plz reaply and BTW Happy birthday 🎂

  29. FineGamer10

    So Are Yall Back Together or something ?

  30. sarah games

    Ay love you

  31. Hexxboy


  32. mikea hiooi

    I bet chacha shippers watched this more than once!!

  33. Michelle Feliciano

    What do you want

  34. Kristin Gonzalez 9c

    No entendi ni pepa😃

  35. Ella

    this video is so addicting istg-

  36. Charlotte .A

    At 0:47 it looked they look like someone just walked in on them

  37. Mairani Vlog


    1. mikea hiooi


  38. Charlotte .A

    Where tf is P2

  39. Charlotte Perreta

    Are charli and chase back

  40. Ailsa Ni

    Nessa makes a song about pain Chase makes a song almost about Charli Dixie makes a song about be happy What’s next Charli making a song about Dunkin’ Donuts

  41. Trina Mca

    Please get back together

  42. Mila Van der velde

    Do you notice?

  43. k0vur fan

    are you still in the hype house???

  44. Serenitee Velasco

    "im the bad guy and ur America's sweetheart" :(

  45. Milana Afichuk

    uh tf is charli doing there its not like ya'll dating but yallz acting like it

    1. Ailsa Ni

      facts*then why you cheat on her?

  46. Bratz baby

    Hey so everyones ganna forget about how he said the N word okay then

  47. Shakry

    please stay on this sound your voice is wonderful!! 😻

  48. Emily Beckham

    I love them together

  49. Maria Soto


  50. PB B

    pov: you're hear to compare tiktokers songs after bella released hers

  51. Liley R


  52. davi

    OMG! How much I loved this song and the video can't be explained bro!

  53. davi

    OMG! How much I loved this song and the video can't be explained bro!

  54. davi

    OMG! How much I loved this song and the video can't be explained bro!

  55. davi

    OMG! How much I loved this song and the video can't be explained bro!

  56. davi

    OMG! How much I loved this song and the video can't be explained bro!

  57. Isis the ice Cube

    Ok but charli saying chase at the end was so cute 😤🥺

  58. Elias Saliba

    Are you guys back togther?

  59. sofia rosales

    im going to cry😭

  60. Mili Abbott

    Beautiful! 🖤

  61. • zxlien •

    Just realized Chase made this song

  62. Jenel Wolfgang

    facts*then why you cheat on her?

  63. hey Cat 🍥

    only me who feel an atmosphere with charli and chese 💞💜⚡

  64. momo's cookie

    This is amazing I wish charli could make a music

  65. Jeffy Da Rappa

    This is much better than Dixie’s song

  66. Ada Akin

    proud of this guy, honestly, he's a strong person.

  67. Corie Hecht

    I- i- can't how is his voice so good like what

  68. Nelly Vilčeková

    𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘢 𝘰𝘴 𝘣𝘢𝘤𝘬

  69. Central séries br

    Esse é o comentário brasileiro que vc procurava

  70. Loic Perron


  71. D.V.A Vlogs

    I’m sorry was that Dixie

  72. BEAN.

    אתה ממש מסכן אח

  73. Natalia Golding


  74. Emma alexander

    based on a real story

  75. Sophia Zapata

    I wish they come back together as a couple🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💞

  76. Sophia Zapata

    They are so cute together

  77. Arisha Khan

    No one: Literally no one: Chase: “she doesn’t have her foots on” LMAOO I love y’all so much you always have something to do to make all of us laugh❤️😽

  78. Dream Vlogs

    Who ever is the lucky girl to marry this man better make this there first day song