1. Chad Bell

    New as a new channel

  2. Chad Bell

    Dude perfect I’m new and I want to be like you can u pin this comment

  3. Matthew Martin

    go tnt

  4. Travis McBean

    New absurd recurd most pieces of cheese in one minute with no hands

  5. Esmeralda Diaz


  6. Tanya Frotten

    You should make a game called rage monster simulator

  7. ItZLavaZ

    Checkers for sure

  8. Matthew Martin

    yes coby will win a battle

  9. Nick Toma

    I was watching when they made that cat vid long agoooo

  10. Chef noodles Inc.

    Love you Do perfect

  11. Florence Joyce

    Monday was the worst day for me but now it is the best day ever for new dp videos!!!!

  12. Jett Potter

    We love you Cory

  13. Vexic

    To this day this still would be the best battle to be apart of

  14. Tanya Frotten

    Amogus 1:54

  15. VOXL FOX

    ive been to the slides

  16. Tanya Frotten

    My favourite is Safety Stanley 1:07

  17. Thomas Harding

    it looks fun

  18. Thomas Harding


  19. Cyro Zion

    3 years ago seriously

  20. WarGamerTCG GG’s

    What up

  21. Luke Heflin

    I live in Woodlawn Arkansas

  22. Bail_chirstmas 11

    me how?. impossible or skill hmm.

  23. Megan G

    Lol this is my favorite stereotype video you’ve made

  24. The Twinsys

    Im the singer! Lol

  25. Kai von Fintel

    You should’ve put stripes on Coby’s haircut

  26. Valerie Kubick

    Team necklace

  27. Grayson Riley

    I knew it was checkers

  28. Eliandro Filho

    I am from brazil

  29. Angel Herrera

    a halo fight would be amazing

  30. Camille's Special Corner

    How many subs can I gain from this comment!?!?! Current: 39

  31. WayneGlensky 99

    idk who’s louder, Karl Jacobs or dude perfect

  32. Derrick Hill

    so dog

  33. Zachary Verruggio

    Ty: Those grooves are more important than you think Also Ty: smacks it wide left

  34. Stacy G

    I love your videos.

  35. Fantasy 654

    Lol this editing seemed better than the actual Star Wars movie in a new hope XD BUT I LOVE THIS ONE Star Wars is the best lol! Well other than avengers and LOTR but ya.... :)

  36. Cactus4life


  37. Owen Goodfellow

    bye the Bianca Vacker you relise that Tiger woods was in a car accident😅

  38. Owen Goodfellow


  39. Kelly Woods


  40. Austin Nevadomski

    Did garret find the ring

  41. Michael Lacasse


  42. Elfan Tinar

    Gua ga ikutan tapi ngeliat ngerasa seru njir

  43. Guntas lehal

    Nestlé crunch

  44. Freddie Lewis

    Angelfish is so funny

  45. Emman Pro Records 2

    Dude Perfect Make me fun and Happy When i was bored because of quarantine i wish dude perfect make more video and also OT

  46. Freddie Lewis

    especially big daddy it is so funny

  47. Freddie Lewis

    On the top ten list the films that I love are elf ,school of rock and finally big daddy

  48. νΘΓνεγ ϟὮ

    The kid on cod when he shoots a shotgun irl

  49. The Cat

    Pshhhheeeeewwwwwwww..... 🚀

  50. Karim Rubio

    Thumbnail scares me

  51. Jane Kenworthy

    17 BOUCES

  52. Hunter Beaudet

    Should do arcade stereotypes

  53. Grace Lauder

    they should make a spin off called dudette perfect

  54. Lortus187


  55. StrayDogYato

    Best ot so far

  56. Charles Murphy

    Monster route route monster

  57. NathanPlayz

    Alternate title: slippery catapult throwing epic wombo combo basketball challenge

  58. Lillie C


  59. Owleaf 2yt


  60. Meg Payeur

    7 years ago

  61. Jacob Runtell

    did anyone see that fish was already dead? 22:56