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  1. Tony Wildfong

    This is literally my fav youtube vid ever, honestly.

  2. Damsel In Distress

    Ya, I would kiss myself too.

  3. IRG


  4. David

    Joel meets a random homeless man.

  5. Clarks Joint

    698 dislikes are from sneak mission game developers

  6. Evan Buckley

    Based and red-pilled.

  7. ProfessorBAG

    This had me pissing out of my eyes....Great movie.

  8. K Asb


  9. Jessica mhmhmh

    Rip to your amazing father. I love him.

  10. Gworn

    Joel Rogan

  11. Outgoing Shyguy

    Like when they ask you how your doing, and you say fine, but your not fine, but you can't say that because they don't understand how you're feeling...

  12. Joshua Russell

    Guys, Marshal is evil now: HE HAS A GUN!!!

  13. God Zirra

    This could be on adult swum

  14. Conor Fennell

    Give us more!!!!!!

  15. Sergeant Shultz

    Justice was served this day

  16. micko848

    Just found your videos and I am massively impressed with your range of videos you make and the quality you bring in your filmography it's really unique I actually thought you had millions of subs and a whole team hired until I saw your sub count, I'm excited to see your future stuff favourite HUgetsr I've found in recent times recommending to all my friends

  17. satyam

    They just watched the whole video standing

  18. Garrett C.

    The one that ties it all together.

  19. Blaize Whitaker

    Nah I just got crippling adhd

  20. Solidarity Time

    Shots farred

  21. Mauricio Costa

    Was that a portrait of Thom Yorke?

  22. Andrew Burnett

    What a beast for making this 45 minutes long

  23. 11:47

    “Reality has a funny way of coming back to you.” *That hit hard*

  24. Austin Poudrette

    I know realize that my 21 day stint in a Florida jail was just a part of my heroes journey! Nothing wrong with it at all.

  25. No Reason


  26. Conor McCarthy

    Joel is a master at making you laugh at things that happen off camera

  27. Mandalore 58

    Congrats on 500k

  28. Yellow King

    I have met this very man. I was stomping around with a friend's 10 year old girl attached to one of my legs. He thought this looked extremely fun and decided to latch on to my other leg. The girl didn't seem to understand that there was anything wrong with this and I didn't want to ruin her day by starting a fight, so...I kept stomping. That was much harder to write out than I expected it would be. This is the first time I have ever shared this memory. I never realised how deeply violating this was until now.

  29. Enrique Sotelo

    LOL, you didnt even say anything yet showed so much with your expressions xD

  30. Quiet

    Hey, umm...I dunno if you noticed, but you got 400k more in less than a month. That can be more than a little overwhelming; but you look to be doing well in avoiding overload and just remember to put yourself and your health first.

  31. Botchkiy

    My worst dmt trip by far. Edit: Best*

  32. Ribbons0121 R121

    "marshall has no moral compass, he is a rat" speaks volumes

  33. Austin Poudrette

    That shot of you watching shit on your phone on a strange bed is perfect. I always wake up early and there is those few awkward hours. Great shot in a video that didn’t need it. Love your vids bud.

  34. Conor Fennell

    This animation... its lotr all over again... the nightmares....

  35. davd marshall

    insanely prolific yet esoteric. how utterly human.

  36. Favorite Mustard

    Hugh-Big Miniature Alligators®️ *_ARE_* good eatin'... Can attest, & protest the duress these yummy-babies experienced before I would ingest... & btw, this post is not in jest..! . . • • ●🔥🐊💥🐊🔥🐊🍖🐊🔥🐊💥🐊🔥● • • . . !

  37. Terr Bear

    "Is the kingdom corrupt? Not too corrupt." Just the acceptable amount of corrupt, never hurt nobody.

  38. Lando Calrissian

    Congrats on 500k!!!!

  39. Emilis2023

    "I will write anything better you want" Press "x" to doubt.

  40. Thomas Best

    And now 3 weeks later you have half a mill!!!

  41. Mauricio Costa

    Even the worst actor is amazing! hahahaha!

  42. Leo Polymathís

    halfway through the video, I was so invested in the bonding between the characters that I completely forgot about Joel's real date...

  43. Lexyvil

    I remember an article claiming I may be a potential threat during a time I played a lot of Tetris 99.

  44. sbp 421

    but this doesn't make any sense, Joel..? Because _you_ are the most handsome ;)

  45. David G

    This short is better than most movies nowadays.

  46. Michael Krämer

    Why does the Mexican have a Russian accent :'D

  47. wayoftheredpanda

    It's even better when they fail to know any songs outside the band they're talking like they know so much about's 3-5 biggest hits

  48. Culver Lau

    Thank you Joel for creating and sharing such a beautiful piece. It left such an emotional impression on me; words don't describe how connected I feel by this work. I'm grateful artists like you are willing to give a piece of themselves out there to create that emotional solace for others. Thank you.

  49. xori aliro

    AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaAAAhhhH, you are important and you have value just saying

  50. DreamGuest

    Why the hell is this so beautifully shot?!

  51. One and a Half Peasants

    Hit that like button on the first syllable. Just the way he said José lol

  52. Alejandro Abellas-Seitz

    𝓣𝓲𝓷𝔂 𝓖𝓵𝓸𝓬𝓴

  53. ProcverTV

    That last picture... there are no words to describe the wholesomeness

  54. Kwiedsch

    More Ehen?

  55. Grum


  56. Sssophie

    So... Rebellion rebelion? Facility faculty facilty? (I'm sorry to be that person idek why I'm doing this) "President Taylor Lautner" ha Nice intro

  57. Favorite Mustard

    @2:05 When you need your nitestand table top to tabler: 🎶Once... 2×... two times a tub liiiiiid..!🎶

  58. peace out

    I love your content

  59. Sssophie

    Anyone else go back and pause it to read what it said?

  60. Tucker Holt

    This was funny

  61. blue coture

    The man's tush is still firm †

  62. No Reason

    Come on into the shitter Von!

  63. Benboi

    This is the best anime of the season

  64. Sasuke Uchiha

    Such a good “ video “

  65. femmebrûlée

    is this Chris Fleming's he-neice

  66. boi

    New Game+ be like:

  67. sbp 421


  68. ShuttleCrossing

    2:45 - "do you want any water?"

  69. Mauricio Costa

    Dude, you're such a genius!!! Such a unique humor.

  70. DayandNight Radio

    I want this.

  71. Grayson DuBose

    this is like witcher one and two The world changes regardless of the decisions you make for no reason

  72. Hunter Koontz

    This is already better than every isekai anime

  73. David Ridley


  74. c s

    860 represeeeeeent that origin story

  75. toot fruit

    Every single person in this seems as clueless and afraid as I am.

  76. BuIIette

    While I won't dispute how narcissistic Adam Levine is to make himself the center of attention in every music video, I don't understand the difference when that seems to be the usual formula for most music videos. The singer is usually made the focal point, so why is it so negatively noticeable with Maroon 5 compared to a lot of other artists?

  77. Bup

    Dude looks like the CEO of CD Projekt Red

  78. AllTheDrugs

    Ofc, always put a random god bless America at the end. Nice sketch.

  79. Eladar Aumar

    Someone start a kickstarter to fund an actual RPG game of this.

  80. nothing yet

    *h a z a h*