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  1. Tracey Flowers

    Love u Kylie but put your hair away while cooking xo

  2. GAB The Goat

    Lucky Travis

  3. Deepak Rawani

    Who is kylie.why has she big fan following on Instagram

  4. fallenSlave

    Living Waters youtube channel

  5. Gülşen Savaşeri

    I'm just watching for Kylie...

  6. Deepak Rawani

    Anyone is here from india

  7. fallenSlave

    I love Jesus and his words from the Bible.

  8. Meryem Amedowa

    kendall is so sweet!!!

  9. models pagnes africains/sahinah modjal237

    🍏🍀🍀 i love Green color

  10. Rhodah Makena

    you had a butt surgery

  11. models pagnes africains/sahinah modjal237

    A great and lovely mum

  12. CharlieTheChip

    Hi guys, here’s my new video hugets.info/show/xHNqn8bD1qZj25w/vide.html🐿🦄🐾

  13. Alia Hamede

    does kylie has a lip filler in this video

  14. Zo


  15. Kawaii Toga himiko

    I love Kylie and Kim I’m the biggest fan💖💖😍😍

  16. Sergio Muñoz

    Hello Kylie

  17. Shlabadusika Kiss Kiss Fatness

    Why call your mum by her name 🤔🙄

  18. Srinidhi Modekurthi

    I hate kylie with a passion. You thought i would say that?? No!

  19. Team Chinchice

    What’s in my inventory

  20. jaya !!!!

    Twist : she already a layer of makeup b4 💄👀😘😘😘

  21. •Peach Squad•

    Где русские...?

  22. Tom Cruise


  23. Sara Labinski

    Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God. Something that the Jenner's are yet to experience.

  24. Asra Sayeed

    I hope you all liked this video 😊😊😊

  25. Asra Sayeed

    Hi everyone 😊😊😊 its me Kylie Jenner

  26. Tahira Farid

    you could tell this is a promotional video lol

  27. Royale Stella

    Lol khloè really saod money is everything but kylie said no good on u kylie :D

  28. Betty Pagoray

    Hi stormi..you are so cute. Always Happy with you beautifull mom . GOD BLEES YOU

  29. Natali Žuža


  30. Nihali Chawdikar

    Did anyone see Kylies necklace with the name Stormi written on it which she wore for the birthday bash !? Its soo effin cute😍

  31. Hodge Ferraris

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  32. Milli Cerezo

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  33. Aashita Chaudhary Panghal

    New videos please 🙏

  34. Chelsey Gavin

    $chelseygavin Hoping everyone can send me at least $1. Trying to keep a roof over my kids head. Working full time and covid is really putting a damper on life. Just $1 from people is all I ask.

  35. TSA Krieket 03

    When she knew she made a mistake by saying “ I will probably put stormi’s present on the slay “and then she said n

  36. logan

    6:04 LMFAO

  37. Carolina González72

    Alguien habla español ? O solo yo xd

  38. Katherine Mikaelson

    Kylie is a very good mother.

  39. Omer Mohamed Khalifa Taha

    I wish if i was the damn tree !

  40. Meerab Ali

    I am coming your home gove me some cosmetics for me 🥰😆

  41. Haley Powell


  42. Sheila Perino

    I love the bags... Wohohoho

  43. Mimosa Pach

    My dear Kylie 💞❤️

  44. Ms Iryn

    Kylie enjoying the birthday suprise relating with all those not so popular friends of her friends in a normal down to earth way😍😍😍😍😍

  45. Ms Iryn

    I don’t care what y’all say Kylie recording for HUgets amidst her busy work day and stormi Then y’all say these gals don’t work 😂😂

  46. orianna Escalante Garcia

    Love kilie

  47. Hip Hop love

    Θελω αυριο να ξυπνησω πλουσια

  48. Crxy Lxzy

    All i could hear when the man was crying was kylie screaming aaaaaaaaaaaaa OPEEEENNNNN ITTTTTT!!!!!

  49. Vitória Duarte


  50. Sajida Bashir

    She talks as if she's surprised of the things in her bag and her assistant just picked them and put them in

  51. Izzy Marie

    Only Kylie gets over 50 million views on a day in the life vlog

  52. Pritismita Sahoo

    I am not a fan but stormi seems to be very smart intelligent kid

  53. It’s Amira Gueye

    She is so innocent

  54. Felicia Buckner

    It ash like or dislike as if there ain’t any likes already

  55. Lauren Carter

    Does anyone know where Kylie outfit is from?

  56. Alisson lol

    Imagine being Stormi....

  57. Sasha Simone

    Aww my hearts melted. ❤

  58. Chloe Luxton

    why is stormi's closet bigger than my bedroom ;-;

  59. Santana 717Reina

    0:31 Ho Ho Ho's in her house... Ho Ho Ho's in her house 😏

  60. Leif Trejo

    “YOU PUNCHED ME” “i tapped u playback”

  61. MElizaNefer

    Qué hermosa es Stormi..! 😍

  62. P Balthus

    Kylie : bitch Kendall Humble No plastic , Home style more simple than You little girl You have nothing for You,


    My girl kylie Jenner how u doing in quarantine

  64. Faizaan Qureshi

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  65. Madeline Ryan

    i am obsessed with Stormi's lisp!

  66. Aesthetic_Stitchedits

    Me knowing Kylie For about 2 years and still doesnt know why she’s famous My mind: is she a...model?singer?dancer?actor?

    1. Izzy Marie

      Reality tv star who also has a makeup line, skincare line, and an entrepreneur

  67. Aya HR

    Why is no one talking about how kylie kissed the heart when she removed it🥺

  68. Fierra Rhodes

    Miss gender where do you like to get to know me any and gives a friend of some Murch games

  69. Fierra Rhodes

    I am and you can’t get a big fan how far are you🦯

  70. Julia xddd

    i want to be a santa

  71. karolina de cnco

    Like si escuchaste a kylie diciendo si

  72. Sena Kepil

    How would you like to put a subtitly in Turkish?

  73. Samruddhi silas

    3:57 your so beautiful.. Aww so cute❤️

  74. Hannah Matalobos

    makeup artist/ friend

  75. Adore Alexis


  76. Ozge Bayir

    lm turkish l love you kylie my beatiful please lm ozge seni cokkkk seviyorum melegimmmmmmmm no kendal jennar yes kylie jenner kendal ugly

  77. Bladi Perez

    Cariño beibi exchange ilove for you mom

  78. butter sempohny

    Kylie isss really perfect mum 🥰

  79. xmelanie 05