This is the official HUgets page of Hoonigan. It contains awesome hoonage, caught on tape.

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  1. JRSS

    Ken block showing ford the mustang needs awd

  2. Christian umdor

    No matter what happens even if ken races a fighter jet, I'll still vote for Ken.

  3. xanzar21

    lets be honest the p/w ratio was in hoonicorns favor; had the tire compounds been closer the race would have been a little more interesting ; but you can't deny the fact that the hoonicorn has 2 tons less weight to swing around and probably about 40lbs less per wheel to rotate. Oh and I forgot four contact patches actively seeking grip .

  4. Jssusfdaure Fdayrw

    Ese unicornio esta súper perrote

  5. Aum Pauskar

    If you have that low profile type you might as well paint the rims black 😂

  6. Shaun Holden

    When Rob Dahm gets done finishing his RX7.. get him out there to give Ken Block a run.

  7. D-bud Trippy

    Great! Get Demonolgy next!

  8. md Oppo


  9. Adam Johnson

    Everyone underestimates the little ole ford.

  10. Shaan Brar

    Trackhawk obviousely faster

  11. Tracy Steele

    What a classic race

  12. aj adams

    That’s insane a 1500hp looking still

  13. Big Feet Shine light on my music. Enjoy!! #TexasWhiteBoi #SweatingBullets #BadBilly #BigFeet

  14. Ravenous Jello

    At this point the only thing that could beat the hoonicorn are electric vehicles probably

  15. Brandon Johnson

    Hoonicorn vs frustrate eg

  16. Fun in the Foothills brando maya

    Mad respect to donkmaster but that thing is a beast idk what can beat the hoonicorn

  17. J Blob

    Man he has that thing geared so gnarly he is just shifting back to back. Powerband like a diesel lol

  18. BOB

    Hoonicorn can’t lose. I can’t think of a setup that would gap that thing other than a proper drag car

  19. Marlon Elmore Freedom Is Ours not division

    So what's next for you guys the red bull formula one car

  20. Ben the Go-Fast Kid

    #2 Trending!!

  21. Marlon Elmore Freedom Is Ours not division

    Ken is getting better at launching this mustang is just a beast

  22. Carlo Austria

    Tri 5 by fire vs Hoonicorn!!!!

  23. K Dubz

    Didn't even give the donk some cars 😕 😒

  24. Angel Oviedo

    Get some 405 guys up there with the hoonicorn

  25. L Wells

    I'd pay good money to see what donkmaster would run on a proper big tire drag set up

  26. Adithya Bayu Wihascaryo

    i like nice and warm conversation between two crews


  28. Space Surfer

    This is a dope series’s keep doing it pls

  29. MusicBot67

    the fun part starts at 9:07

  30. Salt Daemon

    Duh duh duhhhhnnnnn!

  31. Foxx Five

    Street tire vs street tire it’s a even match up lmao the liesssssssss

  32. Neil Crandall

    Tfw you made a donk in format without even knowing it

  33. Frans Badenhorst

    Hoonicorn is like John Wick when the world comes for him..... "Winston... tell them... Tell them all... Whoever comes, whoever it is... I'll kill them. I'll kill them all. Winston : 'Course you will...."

  34. Tim Corley

    I think the Hoonicorn is the FASTEST CAR ON THE PLANET! Take all Challengers.

  35. Marco

    This is the one i was waiting for

  36. matmerzy entertainment

    roses are red violets are blue i liked my own comment cus no one wanted to

  37. Mikey

    farm me hoonicorns a weapon

  38. Kurt Aringoy

    We need manny khoshbin's Bugatti Chiron Hermes!!!

  39. maro

    Hoonicorn vs Frustrate EG?? His Civic hatch is super fast and has a similar awd turbo setup. It’d be sick to see a purpose built drag car race Ken

  40. Talon Fletcher

    The fully moddrd supra still beats it.

  41. AustinJD

    Ok, hoonicorn vs formula racing car... or find a jet car to face lmao

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  43. Jiraiya Sama

    Hes gonna complain that it'll be different on a real track. Lol. Yea, the Hoonicorn will spank him even worst.

  44. Kyle Knavel

    I really enjoyed but you guys overloaded it with ads

  45. TK Skagen

    The "DONK" is where it isn't... The aerodynamics SUCK, and the "HOONACORN" has AWD Baby!

  46. Pranav Pandey

    Bring up a rimac now

  47. Sav Kvd

    Lmao, *Spin City* vs *Win City*

  48. jishimoari

    Somebody mute these mouth...

  49. Jiraiya Sama

    Donks are literally the dumbest shit boxes in the world. Lol. My 500hp civic can beat that.

  50. Trap Bandicoot

    I respect Donkmaster even more now. A turbo from a dump trunk on a brand new Corvette Z06 motor, mannn. That's some country shit

  51. josh J

    The hoonicorn is my dream car

  52. D South

    For God's sake give that grand national a tune up and learn how to launch it. A stock gn would run mid 13s back in 86

  53. Jacob Silva

    I love the hit markers 😂

  54. Puseletso Mollo

    Granny shifting

  55. Christopher Bazuzi

    Someday we're gonna need to know what Ken can really do on a strip with real numbers, cause damn he's fast! And I guess we at least know that he's faster than the World's Fastest Donk...

  56. Claw Loves Jesus

    You guys showed have done 5 cars from the distance so you can see what can happen since the Joni one is so fast off the line.

  57. Kurt Womack

    Audi Quattro taught the world about AWD, and some people just never learned.

  58. Jacob Tharp

    “The Kid” vs Hoonicorn and if he wins he needs to race Ruby on a decent surface. If he wins that then I know James will run it 🤣🤣🤣

  59. Cody Braswell

    Billy the kid needs to race it over at street racing channel.

  60. James Edge

    Spinning aint winning

  61. lil pattee

    if he could hook i think it would give the hoonicorn a good run

  62. Donald Joseph


  63. Jeremiah Muchangi

    The more rounds the Hoonicorn runs, the faster it gets.

  64. Sean Jones

    I'm not into Donk's but that is a badass car.

  65. ralegar5

    now i need ken block on the dirt bike up on california street

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  67. QNote

    Tesla model p100d vs Hoonicorn make it happen pleeeease

  68. Mememan69 Bruh

    The hoonicorn took him to gaplebees dude

  69. balzonyr4head

    Hoonicorn would be more insane with longer/taller gears.

  70. GetItAt_WiLL

    I swear the Hoonicorn so f*cking fast. I’m literally amazed every single time.

  71. Gellert Grindelwald

    What % of that car is the original 1965 mustang

  72. George Robbins

    I saw somethingStar and headhey the

  73. James

    weird he can't get it to hook up with 28" rims and low-profile tires lol

  74. Will Stinson

    Nothing beats this car I fucking love it

  75. Oraine 21

    Come to Jamaica

  76. THM 02

    Fuckin hate donks🤢 sorry but i just cant appreciate those dumb wheels

  77. J.R

    So much advertising

  78. Denny

    The van got this no doubt have not watched it yet gonna in 2 min ;) I was rite as usual :)))

  79. MemphisGrindTv

    I mean awd 1400 vs 1500 heavy donk