1. Aakash Baviskar

    Am i the only one who searched this as “There Was A Ship”✨

  2. Carla Choucair

    Its not a legend

  3. Juleka

    Ta piosenka miała być wesoła a słysząc ją...od razu zaczynam płakać..

  4. Joshua Gorman

    This is entertaining our 1 year old, he will sit there for hours listening to this

  5. Elizabel garcia

    👍👎 thumbs up or thumbs down subscribe 😎

  6. Khoa Trần

    I love this song

  7. My Oppo


  8. Nadia Koohi


  9. Axomonster Playz


  10. Ethan Trott

    soon may the wellaman come to bring the tea and rum

  11. 유빈

    잘부르네요 ㅎㅎ

  12. Sauce Boy


  13. Daniel de Andrade

    As a rum drinker, the lack of rum annoyed me... But the music was Awesome!

  14. candy Soans

    No one: Everyone uses this song in gacha

  15. Taylereq

    It's very good😎

  16. varsity Tearetoa

    This song is stuck in my head

  17. Lulu‘s_Sunny‘s

    This song is so good!🥰🤍

  18. Casper Gindeberg-Solander

    Now this is good

  19. Juan benedicto Santillan arevalo

    El único comentario en español


    It's a very nice song, I like it from Thailand.🇹🇭

  21. Sj

    This is becoming my summer song for everyday.

  22. sadboy sadboy000

    i love this song :)

  23. TornadoTony

    Imaging if sea of thieves put this into there game that would be so cool

  24. Sohan Gamez

    that boy be talented

  25. DBD9B


  26. şųğąřđąđşąwąです

    I feel like belong to the anime of luffy lol (one piece)

  27. Angelina Mitchell


  28. Shary Contreras


  29. varsity Tearetoa

    I did I love this song

  30. DrandraFaizal

    OMG this music is very,very,very,very,very,very good.....

  31. Marissa Sofea

    i already hit the table at the first and saw your doing it on the guitar

  32. Eryn K.

    He has a TikTok account I followed it

  33. Nandini Das

    I freaking fell in Love with this song 😻😻 I Freaking Want a Swordfight ⚔️ between pirates in a sea while a storm🌊🌪️ is going on😻😻 Damn I can visualise it😌

  34. kitttytube

    Gacha: this is mine now.

  35. Nwnwj Bwhwbw

    You can tell he’s one of those guys that dont need autotune

  36. Monique Cambaya

    Ay lije this song

  37. DJ: FimTM


  38. Madeline Nutt

    Me vibeing to this in class

  39. Smellsbelly M


  40. Jett Johnson

    i just play this song on repeat when i play sea of thieves

  41. kedeshia johnson

    This song makes me wanna be an irish pirate in the Caribbean

  42. Alpha Sweets_devil

    Amazing😦 nice voice and no auto tune great job

  43. Nikole Playz

    I love this song so much

  44. Lacey Hoerrmann

    My 5 year old sings this everyday and gets it stuck in my head.

  45. Laura Jonas

    Can someone tell me why I spent like two-three hours listening to this song on repeat?

  46. River Westerman

    What is rum

    1. Nikole Playz

      Its a drink that people will use for some food like some egg nogs its also something kids cant drink like beer

  47. Awi Prince TV

    Da da da da da da da da da

  48. Awi Prince TV

    Sugar and tea and rum

  49. Jeremiah Rivera

    Da Da Da Da Da

    1. Jeremiah Rivera

      There once was a ship that but the seat and the name of the ship was o Tea her bowl dipped down low my Bully boys go soon may the wellrman come to bring us sugar and tea and rum

  50. Jeremiah Rivera

    Da Da Da Da Da Da

  51. Mr. Turtle

    coud i react to this on my youtube chanel pls say yes pls

  52. Malas Malakas

    Me bruhhh

  53. anggi channel

    Iegend 👍

  54. Apex predetor

    It feels like Britain and other European powers is colonising lands in the colonial period

  55. pear pp


  56. thiccrat 2021

    This is my favorite 🎧 ima ask my teacher to play this in class

  57. Zhansaya Aimashova


  58. Amanda Triplett

    Ears: listening to song Mouth: singing song Eyes: reading comments Finger's: scrolling through comments

  59. josh h

    I heard it on fortnite an I’m like omggggg yassssss sisters

  60. ยมทูต ดํา


  61. kJ

    We’re singing this song in chorus :D

  62. Amelia m5

    I added my own voice beacuase I thought it would be a good for my b-day

  63. Nexis JohnnyCheesepuff

    I think this song is about people back in the Medieval age lost in the pacific ocean struggling with food and drinks so they sent someone out to find land and also wanted them to get them drinks such as Rum and Tea

  64. Valen Daza

    Pirates, green screen and a dope choreography ✨🍾👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 quality content

  65. nam nhật

    vãi chưởng

  66. Blueberry Muffin

    You are amazing I can’t stop singing this sea shanty

  67. Gaarayan


  68. Onehunglow79

    I like bubbles version better sorry

  69. RIbeiro Pedro


  70. Richard Ramirez


  71. Antonia Batista


  72. Else Isak

    Honestly I am in love with this sweet song ❤️

  73. Keri Perry

    Nathan: Soon may the wellerman come, Me: to bring us sugar and tea and rum!!

  74. Ruth Mullins

    it is "OK"

  75. Veronica Beljano

    who came from tik tok if u didnt here 🏆

  76. Jessica Martinez

    I really really love this song and video very much!🎧🎵🎶🎧

  77. Randem Gamor

    Great song absolutely love it, but the weird ultra widescreen just looks strange on HUgets lol! \o>

  78. ImTribal

    This is actually good without any other instruments

  79. teagan jinx123

    I keep listening to everyday

  80. Vito Ardhika

    Wow amazing