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  1. Charlie Smith


  2. Charlie Smith

    I love this song

  3. Candy Dog Gacha

    Is it disrespectful if im not suicidal and i listen to this song?

  4. Katsuki Bakugo

    Ive literally never been diagnosed with anything cuz my mum thinks I'm too young to be depressed or have anxiety, and she keeps telling me that I self harmed for attention, even tho she doesnt know I wanna die every day of my life lol I'm only 14 too, but ya know I'm too young and looking for attention so who gives a shit 🙃

  5. Fxck_hawk970

    this gives me Popular Monster vibes...... that I like :))))

  6. Kaleb Lampkin

    One question, Who is Dead Bite?


    I love how Charlie, Danny and funny man brought back their old masks styles. I f’n love all of you guys

  8. xtrm333

    This is for kids, right?

  9. nichole griffin

    That dead bite mask is sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  10. nichole griffin

    Papa Roach's part sucks

  11. nichole griffin

    To yalls music

  12. nichole griffin

    I'm addicted to talks music

  13. nichole griffin

    Neither did I now no Charlie scenes face

  14. nichole griffin

    I dint no that is j3ts face

  15. Black Veil Brides fan Ash

    This gives me Marble Hornets/Creepypasta vibes.

  16. Kurt O'brien

    Need more music like this

  17. Björn Jürgensen

    tbh, the last Song i heard by Hollywood Undead was "Everywhere I go" and now this. I LOVE it

  18. George Chillz

    Shit like this keeps me from going on a rampage and blowing my brains out over this year. For real though, what an epic collab!

  19. CrypticUtopia

    Awesome!! Good old Papa Roach collaborating with Hollywood Undead!! Two of my favourite bands of all time

  20. Cheyanne Colon

    Me at 13 listening to this: 😢😭🔪🩸🙂🔫 Me listening to this at 18: 🤪🤣💃🕺🙂🔫

  21. Brandon & Cheyenne

    I didn't know I needed this but apparently I did.

  22. sam lheureux

    The voices in my head when I'm ready to snap and that

  23. Ferocious Chandelure

    The fact that this satisfied me more than chocolates is scary 🤭❤️

  24. TheJKraze

    Spencer fit in great and Jacoby was that extra hype that this song needed to be absolutely perfect. Well done boys 👍

  25. Andrew Votava

    Dope ass track but would like to see more midwest underground get more notice. #openminded

  26. Colin Bostwick

    This is a good song, don’t get me wrong, I love it but please call the suicide prevention hotline if you are having lots of bad thoughts.

  27. Rapid

    Marvel: Avengers Endgame is the biggest crossover film in movie history HU: Hold my bullet

  28. Huawei Mate

    Papa Roach крутые! Ахрененные ребята.

  29. Catherine Hill

    They definitely had fun with this one

  30. Jacob Reis

    This sing has so much fire!!! Spencer looks awesome and the boys of HU r looking fire too.

  31. mega man

    This was good until papa roach wrecked it

  32. Shrrade

    this video editor did not get paid enough because DAMN

  33. Key Hey

    I fell in love with this song when I heard : Are you my anime?! 😂

  34. Saber- Edits

    I played this song in the car with my family. They legit said nothing. Now I’m scared that they’re signing me back up for therapy

  35. corah711

    I have the heart of a champion! I love like a champion & u took it & left without a word, a goodbye- just silence, which could mean anything. Make it right. I wanna b me again

  36. Mayda Painting


  37. DraxUmbrae

    They went back to their old masks!

    1. Cubertral

      damn 2 weeks totally not the 100th comment to mention that

  38. luke benjamin1995Mar

    i just attemped suicide this morning and failed im a loser i cant even kill myself right i wanna die

    1. Virtue

      if at first you dont succeed try and try again

  39. hanna howle

    Best collaboration in history

  40. Lexan Gurov

    Заебись тема.

  41. Noah w

    I'm so happy that some of my favourite bands got together I know HU kinda well and I think the music is fan-fuckingtastic Papa Roach is awesome as well saw them live at a Shinedown concert holy shit were they all amazing. (I want to see HU live too but I'm not sure if they will go local). Ice Nine Kills is a band I've heard of but damn do they sound good with the other two. I really love the work, keep doing great guys.

  42. Антон Чепилюк

    Я тренуюсь під цю пісню вона дає стимул для кращих результатів

  43. Kacper M.

    When I listen to the chorus it reminds me of songs from anime openings.

  44. Lou Stevens

    My face when I hear my daughters name (Mazikeen) on a Hollywood undead song. 👁👄👁

  45. Thomas Burton

    The fact that in the dead bite mask their interpretated da kurlzz

  46. TheBuggiest

    I’m here from creepypasta vines back when it was alive-

  47. Rocker The Guitar

    3 million views before 1 Year Aniversary! Let's go!

  48. Ethan Wilson

    This song is great beside the fact of sucide but that is what makes it better

  49. tatarin198


  50. Dangeon Masters

    Эх, старички. Привет из России. С вами уже 10 лет.

  51. Rekkless

    I'm a big Papa Roach fan, Jacoby's rap was a bit weak, but his verse was fantastic. I love this version of the song.

  52. Hellen Bach

    groovy, but should have done more with the #bishopbriggs sample ;)

  53. AJ Howl

    3:18, that split second where you see the real life HU vs the real life Dead Bite, J3T looks like the only one who has a good fighting stance. It looks like he's more of a boxer type.

  54. Xeno-Kun

    Amazing ! ❤

  55. I think Tadashi still alive

    Danny 😍👌😭

  56. Andrew Bolton

    [email protected]#$ YES!!! #deuce and #charliescene are tearing this shit up!!! Better than ever guys!

  57. Sir Pentious

    I might sing this for chorus since my teacher doesn't know english at all and neither does the students

  58. Brutal Blue

    The best part was everthing but H.U. 😁

  59. Stacey Diers

    This is energetic and has a lot of emotions, frustrations that need to be heard!! Good job guys

  60. Justin Schieck

    I have been waiting for a collab like this, freaking awesome!

  61. thefiretailedweasel

    Ah, yes. The peak of my emo phase.

  62. Leni R

    This is the exact energy of me telling my friends I wanna die like every hour or so :)

  63. Miranda Landsman

    I wonder who wore that dead bite mask guy was huge

  64. Justin Salazar

    Straight 🔥

  65. Lionel Messi

    Shadix is on an another level😂

  66. Фёдор Фёдор

    Есть заряд

  67. Jen Lilly

    I love this song

  68. Gøsth Bøy

    Yes 🙁 this song its me ☹️🖤

  69. Sin Dachyeo

    Art. 😍

  70. Ashworth Media WV

    Spencer and Jacoby kill the guest features!!!

  71. Cristian Coptil

    so they returned to their masks. nice

  72. the real_ isotope

    Вот такие lyrics лучше чем бессмысленный набор спецэффектов 👍

  73. Drew H. Buy some schwag

    Papa roach is my favorite band. I wanna hear jacoby rap more. Its been so long, this took me back

  74. FormaAlert

    The little synth riff going on in the back sounds kinda like Ram Ranch lmao

  75. Subrata S.E.i

    Yeah papa roach

  76. zach dm

    good for suicide and for joke

  77. Odales Cruz

    Lone wolf lmao

  78. Marlena Velazquez

    This is EPIC!!

  79. Raemizu

    hits different when your doing math homework