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  1. Señor Kinky

    Damn bro that’s crazy and all

  2. .

    Your chin looks like a butt.

  3. Brayden Kitchens

    U got fat

  4. Suprem3 Savages

    I will be watching her last documentary was astonishing and made me like her even more!!!

  5. Mirella Cardoso

    eu choro sempre

  6. Wes Blac


    1. Wes Blac

  7. Wes Blac

  8. Rìah Famousss Tv

    This is so amazing ❤️

  9. Dee Mescudi

    Sorry but Im tired of this crackhead 😂

  10. Yvette Benton

    I love you're laugh

  11. Caro SH

    They should’ve kept the engaged part out lol damn

  12. Itamara Lima Ofc


  13. Moe

    Who cares

    1. Moe

      Looks like you do cuz you replied

    2. Carl L.

      about you? no one

  14. I watch Saiki K

    Not this getting more likes than most of the music videos that’s how u know she bomn😛😛😛

  15. NoahB33

    Reminder that Demi said that baby gender reveal parties are transphobic.

    1. Carl L.

      no one cares fad

  16. PkmnProductions

    Ok why's it called "dance with the devil" sry girl not for me. I ain't want nothing related with satanic bs.

  17. Blonde Baby

    I had chills the entire time watching the trailer. I can’t wait for this

  18. Thatgirl 212


  19. Thatgirl 212


  20. Thatgirl 212


  21. Thatgirl 212

    THE DRAMA 😍😍😍🤌🏽

  22. Thatgirl 212


  23. Thatgirl 212


  24. Thatgirl 212


  25. Jesus Nunez

    Grow up

  26. jhev gainz

    "are you entirely sober now" ....this wasn't part of the script

  27. Mackenzie Lewis

    You’re health is more important than pleasing everyone around you

  28. Moh Oliveira

    Cadê os fãs brasileiros dessa deusa ? ❤️

  29. Andres Saenz

    It’s shrek documentary

  30. Eggs McMuffin

    lol she’s lookin worse and worse. that’s what you get for being a bully and then nationally victimizing yourself. gross. her ghost producer can make some catchy songs tho

    1. Carl L.


  31. Matheus Graciani

    simply perfect

  32. Zachary Haddox

    Go overdose again

    1. Carl L.


  33. To Release is To Resolve

    Who cares?

    1. Carl L.


  34. TheHostWithTheMost

    Lmfao. Hey poor people. Care about a famous dope head. Forget about the homeless ones in the street

    1. Carl L.

      stay pressed

    2. Carl L.

      go get a life

    3. Carl L.

      no one cares

  35. Maggie Zajdel

    Whats 6×8? I forgot

  36. kimmy kim

    This girl always relapsing. I don’t believe not one word from her. She likes the drugs. If you are strong you are strong if you are weak you are weak.

  37. Illusivv World

    I enjoy this. I agree.

  38. Cyndil Farnsworth

    As someone who also struggles with many demons I have always felt a soul connection to Demi❤️ I have and will always keep rooting for her!❤️

  39. Illusivv World




  41. Drew Flynn

    I thought emo night was every night 👀😂

  42. Matt Johnson

    Your face and your chest are two different colors.

  43. TmacAlpha

    This is going to be one crazy interview... Side note: I'm still crushing on Demi to this day

  44. Ongo Gablogian

    Demi is obese LOL

    1. Carl L.

      demi lovato: pretty, successful, talented, rich stay pressed bye

  45. Future Ninety four

    Love u Demi I want to marry you

  46. Brody Montana

    lol must be nice Demi.

  47. RandomXvideos

    Bruh for someone on there 9th life they still look and sing better than me!!! 😬😂😂

  48. Shawnee Mccaleb

    I love how they included the fans singing at the end🥰

  49. Timothy K

    Didn’t she goo ok to the hospital for doing drugs. Kids don’t do drugs.

  50. Chubbie CheekzQT

    She shouldn’t be here. Her “celeb title” would of had a meaning... for 5 mins.

  51. Itsyagirl Zy

    I got scared

  52. Itsyagirl Zy

    5 to 10 more minutes

  53. Riley Howell


  54. Itsyagirl Zy

    Me too

  55. Tugce Bozkurt

    Best Song EVER!!!!!!!!

  56. Ivan Montes

    Seems like someone is tryin to stay relevant

  57. Destinee M

    Damn my mom is over 33 years sober and my grandfather over 55 years sober. My moms story is a long and a forever life affecting one. My mom had to get away from a guy she was in a car with on the freeway so she ended up on the side of the freeway stumbling into a lane being hit by a car and run over by a truck. That was in the 80s. My mom is still disabled she’s gone through more surgeries than can be remembered. She’s the strongest and most kindest women I’ll ever know. She goes to her aa meeting everyday. At least everyday of my life and it’s literally every single day she goes. That’s been the same for 20 years. Whenever I’d ask her why she said because it keeps her sober. Shes really found a home in aa and friends in aa she’s had for decades now. I know being sober doesn’t sound fun but if you have kids and your struggling with sobriety here’s some suggestions, if you care about your kids don’t give back In to drugs. Fight for them if you love them otherwise to the people who don’t have kids yet but know they use and have a problem, just don’t. You’d spar your child a lot of twisted heartbreak rather than to see their parent fall down the rabbit hole again because they chose drugs over their own kid.

  58. Grey Grey

    I still can't get over her chin.

  59. #SWEETS

    Demi is so beautiful im addicted to her tone im glad she is still here!

  60. Bob D

    What's so interesting about a stupid, narcissistic drug addict overdosing on drugs?

  61. Fathers of the Sun Beckoning of the Xul

    Guess the Heroin messed up her brain for her recent idiotic comments.

  62. Katlyn Dobransky

    I’m glad that she’s sharing more of her story to the public. I’ve never been a fan of her, and when I heard about her overdoses, I thought “how stupid can she be? She’s got the whole world and she does this?” But I get that she’s trying to make up for her mistakes and teach others that were in the same situation as her. I hope that others learn from both her rises and her falls

  63. Leticia Milan

    I would rather be bullied than take drugs to fit in with people I will never see again. High school is only 4 yrs... being an addict is forever.

  64. Mioski Mioski

    Illuminati own her, like most of young stars in showbusiness. She live, bucause she sign a pact with the devil. Everyone, who refuse them, just died. Like Paul Walker, Heath Ledger and many many more. Popularity is empty shell, full of pedophiles and dark side of illuminati. Beware.

  65. Finesse The Wealth

    Dancing with heroin

  66. Wicked Miner

    Immortal Technique!

  67. Marc Mora

    Really dancing with the devil there!


    I wish the junkies that live in my neighborhood would have the balls to say they are just troubled souls.

  69. Theevilstoner 2001

    Y'all know wilmer is fez from the 70s show 🤣 so yeah he is a lot older

  70. Derek Fox

    Nothing like a little heroin to wake up

  71. Mishka Tot

    This is the sane woman who said we should get rid of gender reveal parties cause they’re Transphobic

  72. kortneethomp

    I love Demi Lovato. This is so so brave of her ❤

  73. LaNesha Stile

    Love you forever 😭😍❤️💪💯