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  1. Jasmin Velazquez


  2. PowerfulLighting

    Wait... that's illegal

  3. iamtimyah _

    That baby really said "Try again bish"

  4. Jazzie Greens

    When you're so younger that you don't understand the importance of stranger danger. Ahh, those were the days

  5. New change unlisted_viewer

    She screamed like a fire truck

  6. Chirantha Dharmesena

    if this was P Hub he'd fall different.

  7. Jim Ng

    Another great comment section!

  8. Dopamine :3

    Floppa when he sees a british “person”:

  9. Roger strong

    You little cutesteer you. That's awesome he can see his mum.

  10. Charlesbjtown

    This is the kind of video, where people attempt to be original, by saying "This video will show up in everyone's recommended 4 years from now".

  11. Hunter the beast Church

    I'm having a bad day I'ma die!

  12. Neo Stiker

    So, you're telling me that Fox and Wolf were Pals before, Dude, that's heavy, best friend comes Match and Enemies

  13. Judy Lynn Lau

    Only way to get your cat to go with his new vegetarian diet

  14. Negrito Chavez

    Now this is an avengers level threat!

  15. Kai Deo

    1:23 *W O B B L E*

  16. Archana Karna

    hello everyone this is your daily dose of internet🙂

  17. cb171985

    Um was that cigarette after she helped her brother with his biology homework?

  18. Lucy dogborn

    The label makes this even better.

  19. O Boy

    She don’t know she could use the hand rail going downstairs... especially, when stairs are slippery ? Poor guy .... lol came outta his warm bed then slipped.

  20. Starrk

    I’ll see y’all in 10 years when this is randomly recommended to us

  21. Kaosi Morah

    Welp, back to the drawing board...

  22. Bismoy Debbarma

    When he was born he named his parents

  23. A BONE

    He just slapped it on not actually putting it down

  24. Gremlin

    Found in a bathroom at Purdue university GOOD VIBES

  25. Maxwell Slack

    He wasn’t amused by your trivial attempt to dupe him

  26. Shannen Redman

    Baby looked at you like "you thought *that* could fool me, foolish mortal?"

  27. Blaze Flamestrike

    When a person does drugs, they’re frowned upon by society. When a cat does drugs it fricken hilarious 😂 Also, I love the name of the stuff - Cat Crack, it’s very fitting.

  28. Weeble Flufflycakes

    *If this doesn't sum up parenthood, I don't know what does.*

  29. Kuro Truesdale


  30. Blue Zircon

    This kid is Alexander Hamilton reincarnated. They’re gonna begin a long journey at age 19 where they help discover a new country, become the first Secretary of the Treasury, and help turn it into a global empire along with the baby who rescued his sibling from being stuck under a bookshelf.

  31. alexjakob7

    Owner didn't try that hard.

  32. Akbar

    The boss baby😎😂

  33. zykegraal

    Tf u mean “why you snitching on me” did you hear what she said 😳😳

  34. Tanner Kennedy

    lil floppa

  35. Looder

    You do know that they have a strong grip over things

  36. ManBanannaCat

    I hope all the video revenue went to her

  37. Kanao Raiko Takahashi

    He strong

  38. K’Den Balderrama



    Girls: fell off down stairs: 😢😢 Mans: fell off down stairs 😂😂

  40. K’Den Balderrama


  41. The Blu-Cthul

    The baby looking at ya like “Dad... do I look like a dipshit to you?”

  42. crf450ish

    'Merica..... Gotta maintain that girdle

  43. clark Wall

    That's pretty lame just take it away the cat the cat can't go buy it

  44. Johnathan Douglas

    Just getting that piece of shit out of the way for u Dad....

  45. Cupcake Menace

    Damn why she gotta scream like that??? I fell down the stairs and busted my face up against the wall and no one heard me go "EEEEEYAAAAAHHHH!!!"

  46. Grub o

    How old is this?

  47. Justin Keller

    What are the odds that they had an ambulance siren at the bottom of those stairs. Crazy

  48. Carlos Turcios Olivera

    my takeaway of this video: nice acoustics!

  49. E P Local

    A good one is tell them to go ask for a fallopian tube.

  50. That Matt

    When he fails a test the teacher goes to detention for making it too hard.

  51. Silver Fox

    Conclusion: Don't be fat 👎

  52. Raleigh Denton

    That thing is so heavy tho lmao

  53. MissSara101

    I could image what a dog version is called

  54. KRS KRS

    That black kid scampers so cute! Beautiful hearted kids.

  55. Kay The

    Come on guys... Why is everyone acting like people don’t just throw Christmas trees out of their apartment window and it lands? Wow that was impressive by the way 😂

  56. Germil John Sagun

    I hope that the part when he was pulled by his friends out were included in this clip.

  57. Ribeiro Asmr

    I can tell she’s one of those girls with the tinder account 🤣 but I feel bad for her 😭✋🏼

  58. Spence937

    He went for the grind, good try!

  59. Cheska Dale


  60. el

    the color pattern of this cat is very pretty 😍

  61. Panda Juice

    bro when it comes down to the ps5.... a homie gotta snitch

  62. 954scrappy

    maby because you have to press it down with force... smh

  63. Seriously Sarcastic

    Me during exam time:

  64. Jes Hicks

    I haven't Laughed this hard in a long time.

  65. JΛMΛ

    Porn has corrupted y'all minds so much you think any black man - white woman interaction is sexual

  66. Pasta Tasha

    😔, I came to laugh but this looked and sounded so painful. Poor siblings... hope they’re both okay.

  67. Aswin Sudarsan

    Cats got good strategy 👍

  68. Jipzon Popzz ッ

    Home Cat : ayo i shouldn't have fooled around with the femaaale hooman

  69. Camille Duyap

    I'm here for the muscles.

  70. BAKERAP22

    This is what happens when life starts to run out of bad shit to throw at you.

  71. Media Truth

    Baby: That's all you got? I am too SMART for you dad. Lol

  72. OPGamer Legend

    I feel like she want to slash someone when she's making this video

  73. Ritik Agarwal

    The guy looks so satisfied that it looks like he has been practicing for this very day for his entire life

  74. MarkK

    They didn't fall, their gravitational pull made them crash into the earth.

  75. Llama Girl

    Man.. This is why my baby sister (3 years old) is always so annoyed and crying- Because she wants to destroy things like this-

  76. Spider- Q man

    That cat is basically taking crack XD

  77. DaKare2126

    Like me with the Cookie Jar 🍪 🤪

  78. TH

    It's not an ordinary baby, it's an AI created by CIA

  79. Em A