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  1. 김여사

    축하 합니다 영웅 왕자님~~~♡♡♡ 노래와 그대는 너무 감동이네요~~~♡♡♡ 우리 모두 건행~~~♡♡♡

  2. imghazal

    I purple you 💜

  3. imghazal


  4. 럽킬

    너무 멋져 최고야 몬스타엑스 6명 사랑해♡

  5. 고유정

    비&JYP 짱~^^♡

  6. Its me Shelby

    Sana's voice change and I'm proud for that💗

  7. 김동림

    새벽에 듣는 감미로운 목소리 오늘하루도 영웅님믿고 즐거운 시간이 될것같애요 오늘도 건행^^^♡♡

  8. Your Love

    Intro 🤯

  9. Hwang Hyunjin

    I love how they merge the intros and this live is masterpiece

  10. dream hunter

    this crowd is dead. This guy did a great job.

  11. ow key

    this BOY version is soo good, we need a full version of it on SPOTIFY…

  12. Lekhanh Loc

    if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray.

  13. floodkite

    성균관 유생들 송중기 배우님 역할 그런 느낌... 한량이지만 똑똑해... 거기에 또 홀린다고... 나 오마이걸에 진심인 여자...

  14. Namjoon's lost airpods.

    the biggest smile spread on my face when i saw yoongi

  15. Michelle M

    Junkook know what he be doing with those loose shirts💯😩

  16. Purple You

    skz yeah we bang like this.

  17. ᅳᅳ

    래퍼라고 무시하네 올해는 진짜 메테오가 먹었는데 불러놓고 뭐하는 짓이냐

  18. Rutser Anne41

    0T9 Forever❤✊

  19. Dannyella Araújo

    Vamos apreciar MonBebes, beijos do Brasil, i love you monsta x

  20. Dannyella Araújo

    Amo vocês 😘🇧🇷

  21. Dwarka_BTS

    I love you!!

  22. للوش للوش

    2:56 i got goosebumps just wowwww

  23. Chaeyoungs Strawberry Farm

    We gotta have some real talk about Chaeyoung. The hype I’m seeing is so deserved. The way it was a dance break bridge thing and she got to cover Jeongs part of the chorus after was just so beyond amazing😆

  24. Chaeyoungs Strawberry Farm


  25. Adithya P Rajesh

    I love how this comment section is finally appreciating Namjoon the way he should be, Normally it's V,JK or Jimin. I stan all of them, each one of them is perfect but I always feel RM nd J hope are underrated so much. I mean just look at him he's a legit god in here... 🔥 Fire that's what he is.... 😎😎

  26. Edin Martinezo

    Esta cansi me ase llorar 😭😭😭😭

  27. Kichou Serene

    My first favourite Korean actor who introduced me to Korean drama (FULL HOUSE). I REALLY ADMIRED AND ALWAYS RESPECT RAIN.

  28. Angela Roblero

    que presentación más fuerte, enérgica!!! waaaa!! :o

  29. 서콩알1849

    1:29 서수진 걸음거리만 봐도 가슴이 웅장해진다....

  30. josyvnd21

    KINGS 💙👏🏽

  31. Morpheus N

    this is amazing.


    Why is it only appearing now

  33. Aaliyah Sakinah

    i hope this isn't their last performance but their first performance with freedom

  34. Languages with Raisa

    I can't get enough of listening to it

  35. Just me

    What song that yugyeom perform?

  36. Valentina

    i love the interviewer she is so nice

  37. Cams Del valle

    She's not singing, she's telling her feelings 🥺💔

  38. Nikita Chauhan

    Just came here to watch Solar do that step and heard an Indian song at the beginning. I'm shocked. It makes sense coz solar watches Indian movies and is familiar with Indian music too.

  39. Irene

    Love to see how much fun they were having!!

  40. 호잇호홍


  41. Y /N

    Even tho I'm a Stay, I'm about sad that I can't barely find a comment about IZ*ONE

  42. 네오한 시즈니

    개인직캠 시급

  43. Fernograph

    I'm so sorry to interrupt not to be rude but MINHYUK'S BODYROLL on 1:11 GOSH BOY

  44. Lucía Peralta Quiroz

    Stray Kids 😸😻♥️

  45. yixing dimples is so cute

    The way they look at their replica of their mv's location makes me touched. So much stories in their eyes

  46. Skz 123


  47. yixing dimples is so cute

    Why did they dress jungkook giving chance me doubt thats not his dad there 😂

  48. 그 자리를 뜨시랑께

    아니 여러분 저 진짜 이렇게 미친듯이 덕질하는 그룹은 다 엄청 성공한 그룹이엿삼 저 보는 눈 개쩌니까 다들 덥즈하세요 ㄹㅇ,,,

  49. yixing dimples is so cute

    People : u cant flirt with cute song BTS : really..? *smirk*

  50. make UP ARMY Mosquera

    Love BTS 🥰💜💜🐰💜💜🐇

  51. knam Alcocer


  52. 서영은

    0:21 서예지님 얼굴 조금 나오신다

  53. knam Alcocer

    I cry every time I hear "find you", I am tears right now

  54. Tania Saha

    I want to have a serious conversation with cameraman

  55. knam Alcocer

    Hyungwon dancing that song (My self) is my favorite thing in the whole world... damn

  56. knam Alcocer

    I love this song... From Zerooo

  57. 르네상스

    아니 원래 댓 안다는데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 나 여돌 ㅈㄴ 빠거든 ? 근데 이건 아니잖아 ㅋㅋㅋ 누가봐도 창모님께서 받으셔야 마땅한 상이었어 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 주작 티난다 ㄹㅇ ;; 창모형 마에스트로 들으러 갈게 !!

  58. yixing dimples is so cute

    That *BTSxARMY* prop literally makes me sobbing that I just realized it become 7 and each them stand by each alphabet. . . *ONLY BTS*

  59. yixing dimples is so cute

    The 7 of them got different colors and my fav in rap lines is Jhope's color, in vocal lines is Jungkook's. But all of them shine the way they deserved and definitely me love all of them

  60. 블루문

    멋지다! 여유잇어보여~

  61. Tolganai Tolganai covers kz

    V ilove you😙😭

  62. Paty semaan

    Queen! I'm just speechless!🔥💖🔥

  63. yixing dimples is so cute

    They singing live literally screaming their voices to get louder while giving all out for dance and movements shit this is *THE REAL DEAL*

  64. yixing dimples is so cute

    During intro, RM just proved his face expression is so good. He looks expressionlessly dangerous like *I'm not showing what I'm up to but u gonna die in 5 secs*

  65. Sun 456

    First 3 minutes V be like playing national anthem 😁

  66. Elif Acar

    I thought suga was also going to perform :( but still way too happy that he's finally BACK! also what the hell is tae tryin to kill us? especially at 3.27 i couldn't focus on jhope you know?

  67. GyuMeo

    Taehyun's "Oooh" at the ending of CYSM is gonna go down in history. *ICONIC*

  68. 갱유

    교복 찰떡이다💙

  69. Christine Weber


  70. eevee tzuyu

    Finally their stylist make them look pretty and Tzuyu is so pretty

  71. Zumrat Kurvanzhanova


  72. 솜사탕

    3:22 두근!

  73. min J

    다들사극나오면한자리씩 하겠다ㅎ지호는 약간 여왕?황후같고 아린은 양반집 수줍은 막내아가씨 도령과 그네탈것같은 느낌ㅋ 유아는 공주?그외멤버들도 역할이 상상되는데 명칭을 잘모르겠어서못쓰겠음ㅋ명랑소녀같네ㅎ

  74. jenepher gillado


  75. S weety

    코디 완전 이뻐 뭔가 르네상스 풍인데 컨셉에 잘어울린다

  76. 민또민또

    매 시상식마다 리즈갱신하면 어쩔라구증말💜💜💜 내가수 정말 멋지다 지금처럼 쭉💜💜

  77. 나는고양이 입니까?

    선미 버리고 비랑 붙었나?

  78. Beewie Wears