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  1. Oliver Smith

    Good riddance.

  2. Paul Rudolph

    Somebody burn that communist filth!!

  3. Gerald Broflovski

    Good...and good riddance. BLM is a leftist Marxist origination. I got no problem with black lives matter themselves, just the organization that's behind it.

  4. Cats Ruin Everything

    Lol get fucked.

  5. Hellcat :-:

    How about a giant peace sign

  6. Gman47

    haha "there yall happy now?, one days over"

  7. Color MehJewish

    BLM = Exploits black people (and supporters are often the most racist people, projecting on others) #GimmeThatMansionMunnay

  8. ZimZam131

    Slavery is alive and well in the United States but everyone just ignores it. Trump spoke about it quite a few times but no one cared.

  9. Gustavo Esperanza

    Well that BLM Statue didn’t last long , but at least one statue is getting a make over !!! Lol 😂 😆 😝 😂



  11. See Nomore


  12. Augustus Ceasar

    BLM is a Marxist front group by their own admission Wake the hell up

  13. Trolling for Fish

    The world is coming to an end.

  14. Bretheren Lee

    The Bible condemns all White supremacy 2 cor 5:16 So from now on we know no man from a fleshly viewpoint. Rom 8:13 for if you live according to the flesh, you are sure to die America is marinated in what God condemns

  15. dale padgett

    Why was it put up for a day ??? Should have been destroyed not retrieved...

  16. Cyan HB

    No permission to display it, HOW did it get up there?

  17. Christian Brother

    That was one ugly sculpture. Put the white guy back up,.

  18. proverbs 23:23


  19. Le F

    They should have known they weren't going to let that statue or the likes thereof stand, heck hateful folks have destroyed Black headstones.

    1. Mike Hunt

      Fk blm

  20. Howard Stern


  21. liberal tears

    Lol get clapped

  22. DodgerDom Lad4life


  23. Phillip Hartman

    Every great civilization that came before has left only vandalized statues and monuments. Now we know why.

  24. The Patriot Patrol Ready To Roll


  25. Jeremiah Adams

    Anger hate rage all around

  26. afterimage289

    Fucking animals

  27. Malcolm Davidson

    I lived in Bristol while doing a term abroad. I loved Bristol, but BLM not so much. If more people knew about BLM, they might not be so fond of the organization either. I am glad the statue was taken down.

  28. Nate Smith

    Praise God becomes in the nearest dumpster

  29. Jeremiah Adams

    This is humanity 101

  30. mike andrews


  31. Robert Law

    Roll the mob that thinks they can re-write history into the river.

  32. zelma zanelly

    Just put up a pic of My Dick,it won't be tall really, but people Will love it!

  33. Jus Anubis

    The hilarious thing about pushing that statue into the river; the white people were hard laboring to shove it over, and the one black guy "helping" was flicking it with his one arm like he just wanted to help a little XD White people need to stop being offended for other races, get on with your lives and stop apologising for being white.

  34. Jus Anubis

    lmao, all the hardwork gone into getting the curves and the curly hair just right on the statue, gone to absolute waste. Put up a statue of Liu Kang, the champion of Mortal Kombat, the champion of our realm, let's get some real recognition here.


    I think they should put it in the museum as it was after the protest. Because it records it's history and how the paradigm has shifted. I kinda like it all spray painted and ugly. It's fitting.

  36. SuperParatech

    Anti-racist protestors using racism and violence against anyone they do not like based upon distorted pre-concieved view on how they should be; is unto itself, mind-boggling racist. But the irony is lost on the baying irrational and angry mob. To try and rationalise with irrational people is an act by its very nature, irrational. If there is belief that it will help, makes the once rational person descend towards irrationality. The age of enlightenment was 300 years ago. We are entering a social-dark age. Well done World.

  37. William Heimiller

    The founder of BLM who called herself "a trained Marxist" was discovered to have recently bought four expensive houses in California, one that cost $1.4million was in a rich white city owned under a shell corporation. It has been alleged by other BLMers she embezzled from the $90million donation fund she oversaw.

  38. Vaughn Spight

    Damn like that we in America don't even really do black female statues

  39. John Karahalios

    Why riot Target? They had nothing to do with what happened to Floyd.

  40. Danny B.

    I vote for a statue of Tom Brady.

  41. Leonel Hernandez

    Man! Take that shit down

  42. ValiSemyazza

    Si el hombre hubiese sido romantico hubiese dicho asi me exploto el corazon el dia que te conoci

  43. Henry Sceaphierde

    Fuck blm

  44. Jerry Smith

    Her dress was that sickening. It literally lit that building up. Yaaaaaaasssssssss!

  45. Shade Candy

    One day too fucking long.

  46. identity Europa

    This so enjoyable I could watch BLM protestors get hit all day

  47. cloisterene

    All such statues and monuments are *idolatry,* no matter who they supposedly represent.


    Fuck this BLM statue. We need a Penis Statue

  49. aeroAdvocate

    BLM is a group of scumbags.

  50. a anon

    that blm woman statue represents the violence, brutality, & thefts that take place at every blm riot. it triggered me.

  51. MSCard72

    Fuck BLM and the antifucks!

  52. Ms. Allie

    They took it down because they knew it was going to go in the river.

  53. Love Truth

    I want to see a giant penis for the British Empire not some blm woke idiots

  54. Chrissy Glenville

    Nasty thing

  55. Josh


  56. Donovan Brown

    That's called carma.

  57. Robert Bennett

    Go home get a job shut up

  58. Léo Stmart

    Why does i hear "Allah akbar "

  59. Yū Nishinoya

    The mother of the first kid needs to tell their child that George Floyd died from drugs. The police showed up cause he used a fake bill. And even if the police didn't show up he would have died from the drugs he was on. Maybe if he tried to calm down and breath instead of screaming he would have been able to breath. He was also resisting arrest which I'm pretty sue is another crime. But I am not saying what the police did is ok I am not siding with anyone over the George Floyd drAma

  60. Mara Chladas

    talk about wedding fireworks

  61. Derric Trevino

    Just put up a mirror. That way the protestors can see themselves which seems to be the only thing they love.

  62. TheCorrectViews

    One day too long.

  63. Take 'em Outdoor's

    Let's do emojis for statues lol

  64. [F-22] bycycle


  65. Tari Takuma

    TBH, i think that new statue is well made

  66. rfsawyer2 -

    Throw that BLM shit in the trash where it belongs.

  67. Te’ Douglas

    Why is it a statue of a women because its actually a feminist lgbtq movement with the face of black people

  68. dessertaz

    Don't these losers have anything better to do with there pathetic lives?

  69. Xavier Garcia


  70. katiejon17

    BLM. KKK. Two sides of the same racist and hateful coin.

  71. Bradley Shimels

    Stick your leftist socialism statues up your Marxist you know what.

  72. ap jack

    Piece of crap statue. BLM is the most racist organization in America comprised of thugs, looters, GED dropouts and cowards.

  73. Gazza FireFox

    All Life Matters NOT JUST BLACK!

  74. Mr. Comedian


  75. Ellis Meah

    Recently reported the founder of BLM just bought million dollar property in a nice safe white area In LA ,you can't make this stuff up

  76. Ζ † N

    how much more proof do these fucking idiots in this world need that black lives matter is a fucking enemy agency created to aid in the destabilization of the west??? shoot to fucking kill. i'm so sick of this shit!!!!

  77. Xylphx

    Am i the only one that laughed so hard when the explosion happened in the video?

  78. Tony V

    I'm moving back to Afghanistan

  79. bongobrandycasy

    through it in the harbour