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  1. Bella


  2. simran _

    Just went trough a bad situation rn, this song is so relatable I'm literally crying.

  3. Jeon Vue

    That profile looks like YG'S profile he's a kpop CEO

  4. Rhylie Gonzales

    It's a sad song 😭😭😭 but I like it

  5. Zoe Campado

    Me a princess I go to my room cry in my bed

  6. Kandi Bear

    Dude this is just like what happened with me and my ex like everything the thing is I never did ANYTHING to him. he thought I was cheating on him with his friend when I just met his friend the other day so he broke up with me the day before my birthday.. it was this: 💖 to this: 💔 Last day of sep was b day..

  7. Ia Yang


  8. Nikita Reggina Chang

    Ayoooo sickk

  9. Jemellin Musico

    this song is bop 🤘

  10. Da Tre

    i love u .

  11. Shanquelra Gumban

    Anime AMV brought me her...interesting,isn't it???😂🤣

  12. RobertLovato

    This is the best song in 2021 so far, Thanks Jesia for the viral moment that brought you here,into the world of music ❤❤❤❤

  13. Rawr UwU

    My sister danced to this in a recital once when I was 7 I'm 10 now. Nice to bring back memories. 💕

  14. Rama Banik

    Started dancing listening this music 🎵

  15. AJAI FF


  16. Judy Momany

    I’ve never related to a song more, every single line and every single word hit just right....

  17. Angelo Campbell


  18. Nameirakpam Jamson

    I like this song

  19. dahabo abdikarim

    🥺🥺this song hit different 😚😚i feel single😭😭

  20. Son goku ssj9 Kakarot

    I always listen to this song because it relates to me SO MUCH!

  21. keziah aguilar


  22. AssassiN TEAM


  23. Frâncionário Del berto

    Po maneiro kkk a eu sou morador da favela que foi representada por essa música mó parada mané kk

  24. Athena Roy

    I'm one fan

  25. Chevelle Rector

    Let’s see how many Ppl watch this in 2021

  26. Jane Cruz

    Not me imagining romantic scenes from kdrama but replace it with me and my imaginary boyfriend 👁👄👁

  27. Katelynn Burton

    It’s a cool song but the beat sounds way familiar

  28. Louis Eng


  29. Antonio Akridas

    Think this is my favourite song on the album :)

  30. Minh Anh

    great voice

  31. Yanti Jpr

    "Snow White, Beauty And The Beast, A Bunch Of Lies"


    So relatable


    Very good

  34. Hamsath Hamsath

    If BTS is there I won't cry because they make me happy

  35. 369 Anureet Kaur

    wow my cousin suggeset this and i'm not mad lol

  36. zzz jfr

    I have one friend she always with me but now i lost her😢

  37. ayuchanadia Ibrahim

    Yes cause I don’t know:)

  38. SG GAMER

    My philosophy: it is better not to have no friends bcoz all of them are just fake, wearing masks in society just a fake..

  39. Maddi Marshall

    I loooove this so much thank you

  40. Anne Kathryn Haggod


  41. Ems Watson

    I love this song so much

  42. Gato sad ;-;

    What a beautiful song, man 😗

  43. Waffu Miueoa

    Awwww teenagers... Y'all can relate hshshhshshs Love yourself ILY ❤️

  44. Ja Mila

    This is what I feel everyday



  46. Jennifer Garing


  47. Nick

    anyone here 2021?

  48. Minnie Rose Coja

    i love this song


    Try to numb this pain.cause don't wanna get hurt again😢😢😭..

  50. Madam President.

    I teared up.😞

  51. Scitastic

    Yessss love ittttt

  52. Mary Ossinger

    Who is here in 20201 👇

  53. Salma Warsame

    She always touches my heart with her deep words. We dont knw who we trust, not even the ones we love. Cuz they dont knw💜💜💜💜😔😔😔

  54. Vance Amundson

    Feel like people that can do this or like the worst people that can be but you are an amazing singer and don't ever forget that people can love who you are no matter what you look like you're going to find love no matter what

  55. Nelma Joseph

    Loving myself isn't possible but it is for the rest of y'all❤️🚶

  56. Kpop Fans_

    2021 anyone ?🙃

  57. Taylor Louis

    I love this song

  58. Alex Ivanisevic

    Im crying. Not because of the song, but because of what it means to me.This was the last song me and my best friend listened to before she hung herself. Her suicide note was addressed to me. It said that she loved me but she couldn’t take it anymore. I liked her for 2 years before her untimely death. Sarah, if you’re somehow seeing this, I love you to the moon and back. I miss you so so so much. I’ll see you one day

  59. Jillian Orbase

    Me to Bts; 😢😢

  60. TeaGguckie grr

    My fav part is say my name say my name if you love me let me hear you ♡😂

  61. Gustavo Neves


  62. Emily Self

    Her voice is so soothing

  63. Enzonhel Orillo

    When i listen this its surpass 3.45k views in this youtube channel and now its 1.4 million views wow...congrats

  64. danny mangandi

    Those lyrics literally hits me to the bone :(

  65. Darci Faustino

    amei a usica

  66. Olena Krikov


  67. Zoey The gacha cookie

    me singing

  68. Ale Pay

    The story of my life

  69. Bolo Jean-Luc

    Good but too short...

  70. Asahi MaC

    イイネ押してるけど音で押してます。 歌詞は気にしてないので誤解ないように。

  71. #child_of Poseidon


  72. Yasmine Art

    Who came here from Tiktok??? ❤❤❤

  73. Wolf guy

    I made the comments 666 😈

  74. Nevaeh Cummings


  75. Mareng Mads

    I'm crying now

  76. Roxannie Miller

    This song is to all my Pisces Camilla is also a Pisces

  77. Kashia Vang

    My brother get more love and my sister. Me is broken in my home and I am only 10.😔😔💔💔🖤🖤

  78. Luxi Cloud

    ooo j aime bcp

  79. alaina smith

    Love the song 🤩

  80. EjdrienPL

    Why she is not more popular?