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  1. ZASBlaze Gamer

    The last guy is have skill like a god,but he was avoid use his own strength

  2. TMF-Jayden

    Just why did you do this you swine

  3. Kat Gonzalez

    I just noticed the weight on it ...online they sell Styrofoam fake weights... The things people would do for a click

  4. Tekkali Rahul

    Hes a type of guy who throws plastic toys on expensive cars

  5. Nkateko Sxolisi

    Lamborghini can't be crushed by balloon, 🎈🤣🤣🤣

  6. Amir

    It's made of rubber u can see at the end the weight bounces off

  7. ankit

    fake weights . lol

  8. A.L.E. Music

    He’s a type of guy that owns a Lamborghini then pranks on his own self to make us laugh. Sad.

  9. Chivo _charro

    It’s A Foam dumbbell

  10. Ceqq 1 2 3


  11. Daniloxidado

    What happened here

  12. Ricardo Andres Vera Alvardo

    Name of the song ?

  13. Bahroji oji

    It ni reee.. The plastik...

  14. Leo_88

    he's the type of guy who makes everyone guess what type of guy he is

  15. Abinsin Fenix


  16. từng trải


  17. từng trải

    Trẻ em Châu Phi :🙏

  18. Maya Ehaab

    Me: Sad for wasting $ 20 dollars on something Him: breaking a $211, 321 Lamborghini

  19. Reign Carmel


  20. Renzo Cifuentes

    Loco sos rico y que por eso no vas a romper un fucking lamborginy

  21. Destiny Jaramillo

    That was cool because it didn’t do it did the Lamborghini crack that’s so cool

  22. Syed Ahmed

    This is the kind of plate my friend uses to hit PRs in the gym

  23. Justin Parker

    You cool

  24. Jace Gaming

    It's foam

  25. P Graham

    I hate this guy for faking filling up that cup. Dude sticks the mouth in the water to stop the flow.. Cheater

  26. Dotdog 13

    It’s foam

  27. Gabriel Carvalho

    Livramento de Deus

  28. ARTO ff

    He is the type of guy that his parents give him everything but he complains about everything

  29. the walrus U.S

    This is how many people care: None, that’s how many

  30. YouGotLadyBalls

    Foam weight

  31. Xcel Elevate

    Didnt you text a under age girl?


    No he gf

  33. khalid


  34. Ricardo Caetano

    Isso é feique

  35. ItzJawshy YT

    He is the type of guy who sits on the tv to watch the couch

  36. Screen Shotz

    Its a styrofoam guys lol

  37. Xtesswastaken

    He’s the type of guy to crash his lambo for clout

  38. Amit Klein

    The first clip isn't luck it's science

  39. Professional Florida Man

    Bruh we knew it was fake the second it started cause who the fuck carries weight like that it would fall

  40. Professional Florida Man

    Bruh we knew it was fake the second it started cause who the fuck carries weight like that it would fall

  41. Rogelio Sanchez

    Yes!! with no hurts

  42. Argentina

    Is fake

  43. Help me reach 1k with 0 videos

    Who else is stuck in a endless loop of watching HUgets shorts for no reason? You click on one and you just can’t stop watching the rest..

    1. Triczy


  44. Railfan VIT

    Nice foam weight!

  45. Elijah Brink

    Foam plates

  46. Edgardo Peraza

    He's the type of guy to say he knows about the streets but lives in a gated community

  47. rashayfennell

    Okay I'm going to do that to make her vet

  48. I see the FUTURE

    How are these people so calm? I would be freaking out! Like "OMG DID ANYONE SEE THAT THAT WAS AMAZING "

  49. Roc Bre

    your car looks like Colby Jack cheese

  50. Salma Fathima

    That's fake

  51. Joao Biessek


  52. AMG LUI

    "Hes the type of guy" 😐

  53. Leo master

    Así quedé🤡🤡

  54. Lily

    Name song?

  55. Kaiden’s Kloset

    it’s fake cuz a real one wouldn’t fly in the air like that lol

  56. A Day in the Life Nico Y


  57. Salvador Barrientos

    Don do that

  58. Ralph Borroel

    He's the type of guy to throw a 45 pound weight at a fake Lamborghini, lol.

  59. Ali S.




  61. Waldmeister 96

    First one isnt lucky u stupid

  62. Mohamad Nara


  63. Andrew

    He's type of guy that everyone in comment section talk about his type

  64. Charbel Sarup

    Its a fake one like the cake 🎂 that the rock made one for his birthday

  65. Asha Sharma

    The truck if volvo

  66. Waldmeister 96

    Fn fake

  67. Waldmeister 96

    Common stop it

  68. Pluto冥王星シ

    He changed the song u can gear desperados in the background

  69. Guru

    Fake weight brdr

  70. Dub Nagrom

    He is the type of guy that buys fake free weights on amazon and cuts the video just in time to trick stupid people

  71. The Faceless Bot

    He’s the type of guy to pull his teeth out to get the London look and then realize-

  72. Sara AlO


  73. BQ95


  74. Sid-Ahmed Ourabia

    Fake plate, it didn’t break

  75. this is my 3rd acc lol

    Forgot to Mute the other clips

  76. Shify

    He's the type of guy that can't find his keys while he's driving

  77. Terry Ball

    He's the type of guy that serves thin sliced ham to a vegetarian.

  78. Baylor Riley

    You with that water

  79. Faria Khan

    Lol Anthony can't pick that up🤣🤣🤣 No hate btw*