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  1. MeteorGaming

    I listen to this every time I play games and I always win XD

  2. DJ Native

    You sholud listening it at 2021! 🠗 🠗 🠗


    Let's see how many gamers love this song 💪💪🔥🔥

  4. Austin Paul

    Cant wait to throw this over some footage

  5. Manila Carmina

    the best music for relaxing

  6. Aran Habibpour

    Wooo yay this is awesome

  7. NateUsesYoutube

    First song is a BOP

  8. OOF Gaming MEMES

    It such a good song thank you man

  9. timm spohn

    Bruder einfach ich küss dein Herz für diese playlist einfach ein Traum ich hoffe du bist glücklich und deine Familie ist gesund ! Inshallah dir wird es immer gut gehen! Bleib stabil bruder

  10. Aqua Zoë

    Can anyone tell me her song with lyrics On the rooftop where we met, In your t-shirt in your sweats but only your not in my arms this time?

  11. ياسمين في الاسواق المصرية

    Happy new 2021 year i wish u all be cool ☺😍

  12. scientist 2.0

    When it's 2021 and u get lit and listen to this

  13. Sharon Davis

    Death Bed, Radioactive, my favs. Anyone ever watch Ever After High? Death Bed reminds me of one of there songs


    Dude thanks for the songs I can play so much better

  15. Sharon Davis


  16. Ulduzlar sayrlşanda

    Rank 35 bibi

  17. Jacey Boucher Sullivan

    this meh jam every one that is sruving 2021

  18. Kamil Dogan

    Aga bee 6 sezon pubg kotu oluyo yavas yavas cok fazla saçmalıyor

  19. Μikekats

    Bro that playlist is FIRE!! Nice job!!

  20. Free Music Library

    Fire 🔥

  21. Manila Carmina

    good music i great

  22. Richard Meirens


  23. Richard Meirens


  24. Liam Clement

    magic music: I just came up with a new playlist me: PRO HOOK ME UP

  25. Antonia Barwanietz

    die musik ist voll gut für videos und ich benutze sie schon dsa 5. mal

  26. Muhammed Emir Filiz

    Hell yeah!

  27. Dishen 24

    Demon slayer 💚💛💙❤💜

  28. Elijah myer

    best music of 2021 and i dont care if you say it did not come out on 2021 it still is the best and always will be

  29. Milanka Jovanovic

    Im love the music

  30. mm5 5ss

    Хоть я и русский но вообще топчик!

  31. Bravelli Elmlar


    1. Bravelli Elmlar

      Hoyhoyhoy ay lay tay hay tay ti ti ti tit tit tit

  32. Leader wolf


  33. Hải Anh Phạm

    Whats the song’s name at 13:30 ?

  34. chilled cloud

    hey this mix is op you can't do that to me you monster

  35. Heat Inside Beats

    I love this fire💥💥💥

  36. Leonardo Whitford

    Did you get copyrighted?

  37. BREEZY 7

    I love this song selection more than any of your others :)

  38. Dancing With You

    I love this Music Channel so much 💛 Always the greatest music is here 🙌🏻

  39. Sprinkles and Pikachu

    Goodbye 2020 welcome2021 that’s a meme what I sadi

  40. Geethika Isuru Sampath


  41. alice faccioi

    Good like!😆

  42. tj longmore

    hiiiii lol im tj bast fighter you no me

  43. Jeffrey Kane

    I like this

  44. Saimon

    Holy shet i like your music

  45. Yoshua

    Very EPIC SONG !!

  46. Philipp Lange

    best music!

  47. LuLu - Brawl Stars

    All : 1% Brawl Player : 99999%

  48. Keyzar Joel

    Nice song 👌🎶❤️

  49. Rubens AMV

    AHH i love it!! really good music! 😍😍💙

  50. Lolkiller311 YT

    Is that no copyright?

    1. Trini Gaming

      I’m wondering the same

  51. Suraj Raikwar


  52. Technical ashish

    Is it copy writed or er can use this in our videos

  53. Maxim ink

    Wonderful mix

  54. Jaleel’s House

    2020 and 2021


    Anyone here after watching jungkook’s oneshot

  56. PRO's GX

    La usale en uno de mis video

  57. Matthías Þormarsson

    Hey this comment is the 💯th comment

  58. GolfKungFu

    Aah, Super Training Soundtrack for my Golf Kungfu Indoor practice. Left you a like :-)

  59. Limitless Music

    There is a 0,0001% chance you are seeing this right now, but if you are have an amazing day :) Also I make music content so I would appreciate your support :)


    this is gud!!

  61. Veronika Prettypaw

    I wrote -p music on discord xD this came out

    1. Richard Meirens


  62. Relaxing calm music

    Hey ! Stop This for you , Even the more complicated tasks can be overcome if we just try. The key to success is perseverance, so make the most of this day and put your best foot forward. I hope your day is great! 💕

  63. Basem Suliman

    😎🤔 😋 😏 😋 😢 😘 😏 😏 😏 🤩 😭 😅

  64. Skuzious

    Music never dies that a lesson once my dad said. I understand it after 10 years

    1. Audrey Cornick

      @Richard Meirens wut

    2. Richard Meirens


    3. Richard Meirens


  65. david böhm

    Im just at 20 minutes but they are all hood

    1. david böhm

      I mean good but i leave it like that

  66. Phoebe PIXIE uwu Nowell

    Unu good -sips tea-

  67. Mohammad bathish

    Goosebumps lit up!😈😈

  68. Nik

    I be vibin'.

  69. David Ault

    good tune

  70. Khalid Kadem

    Mma arabia like

  71. Данила Быков

    LYRICS? Anyone?

  72. Corey Ball

    i'm going to become a dj

  73. Mohammad bathish


  74. Mohammad bathish

    Lit manhhh!!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘

  75. The Music In You

    Down down... great upload

  76. Pinnacle

    This is fire

  77. kaleb case

    this song is so awesome it's on my playlist right about now

  78. MuFaSa Pubg Mobile Lite

    i have recived a copyright claim for using the song :(

  79. RED DOGE

    I love the song in this YEAR 2021

  80. RealGarage