SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches the world’s most advanced rockets and spacecraft.

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  1. David Bell


  2. Reverse Psycho

    Smooth landing. Shame the vid froze.

  3. WingNut- 70

    Launch one above Ohio please!! 🚀

  4. Reyn

    Do you have an idea of the time that will be required to launch 12.000 starlink satellites due to the planning?

  5. Adi Hoile

    My first week on KSP

  6. Yug Maradiya

    3 years laters musk will invite aliens to his home for tea

  7. Meet the Woo

    It's just so great to watch it everytime💯

  8. Ra's Al Ghul

    Big stuff happening here, the world needs to tune in. Musk and his team are designing the future of humanity 👏👏👏👏

  9. Dan X2

    Featured on Astral Education

  10. Fares Al-Abed

    When Jordan will have Coverage ? Is government approval required in Jordan to have Starlink internet access?

  11. Lisa Hernandez

    U said "transporter erector" 😂

  12. Anthony Lopez

    Elon, couldn't you have gotten an actual English speaker to make the introduction? Jesus Christ. This man's French accent makes him sound like an actual looney toon martian...

  13. Wade Lee


  14. Exotic_ Bozing

    when will starlink be available in more places in Canada

  15. tubetop123

    Congrats. And our beautiful host as always

  16. Jaber Jb

    Our Sports channel in Bangladesh 🇧🇩 has better streaming quality and setup than this.

  17. Eddie Avinashi

    This is great VFX. Nice try, NASA.

  18. Reza Adel

    You guys should lend a hand to European Space Agency who just lost two more satelites worth $350 mil

  19. Jaber Jb

    NASA's broadcasting setup is garbage. Please hand it over to spaceX already.

  20. NE INDIA

    China must watch this video.

  21. Jaber Jb

    Falcon has landed ❤️❤️❤️ Three magical words 😍😍🇧🇩

  22. Paul Anthony Donahue

    The Unstoppable SpaceX... Go Elon!

  23. Daniel Leca


  24. Arnav Gorde


  25. bouytt guyt

    Awesome sauce!

  26. SomethingElse

    I think the commentators are starting to get tired of saying the same thing every launch.

  27. Sandro Anselmo

    Eduardo Taddeo " Quinhentos anos se passaram, e ainda o invasor Dá espelhos em troca dos nossos bens de valor Por um salário estratégico compram sua saúde Sua liberdade, de brinde, levam sua juventude Por meio dessa afirmo que o país dos belos gols Só te deixa vencer etapas da escala de Glasgow Meter o cortador atros no copo da construtora Em 20 anos devolvem sua coordenação motora Faxina não é black walder do boy na classe e É matar o bisto que vende cura falsa do HIV É jogar do helicóptero a foto do marginal Faz 9 em 10 do gueto ter processo criminal Se pedir igualdade fere a lei de segurança nacional Pode vim força tarefa e delegado geral Permaneço contra quem nos faz render o motorista Até que a carga seja entregue na rede varejista "...

    1. Atlas

      stop spamming

  28. Sandro Anselmo

    Eduardo Taddeo " ... Preocupação infantil é só chaveco humanitário Que abate imposto e fortifica a marca do empresário No rdd o dia da mão vermelha não é festejado Tem fila de espera pro posto de menino-soldado O eca serve pro boy infanticida limpar o rabo Depois de gerar uma tragédia do realengo em cada bairro Não tem bom dia e companhia, na cova de um metro Com urna branca certificada pela PM e o exército..."...

  29. Sandro Anselmo

    Eduardo Taddeo - Senhor Candidato " Você só vai ter democracia representativa Quando a política for dominada pela periferia Até la, vai continuar sendo massacrado Por ditadores sanguinários, como eu, seu candidato "...

  30. Sandro Anselmo

    Carlos Eduardo Taddeo " É um absurdo imensurável, em pleno século XXI, ainda formamos um exército desorientado, que não tem idéia de que está sendo massacrado 24 hrs por dia pelos que fingem demonstrar compaixão por seus dramas e perdas. Formarmos um exército invisível, que agradece as chibatadas embaladas em subempregos e que por seus soldados terem sido encharcados com complexo de inferioridade, se contenta com as quirelas da riqueza do paraíso tropical " A Guerra Não Declarada na Visão de Um Favelado vol. 1...

  31. Roddy Ohara

    Make you wonder why now with all the space flights is all because of the virus are we all going to get wiped out are we going to put a base on the moon so Adam and Eve can plant the seed

  32. Oyun Kralı


  33. AdrianDogmeat

    Fuck this one is better than Sentinel-6 and Crew-1

  34. E. T.

    They send up amazing rockets, make brilliant electric automobiles, has the best scientist and the list goes on. But about 46% of their population don’t believe in their democracy neither that co2 is causing climate change.

  35. RJ em Alerta

    Top 👍💪👏👏👏 Meu Twitter @RJ_em_Alerta_ Río de Janeiro Brasil 👍🇧🇷💪

  36. ayush trivedi

    Yoo when is starlink comming in INDIA???

  37. Dead beat s

    Thumbnail remind me 'your name' movie.

  38. Steven R Nelson

    Does anyone know what the small objects were floating around the rocket just before satellite deployment? They looked like other satellites floating by or maybe parts off the rocket released prior to deployment.

  39. e1123581321345589144

    massive wasted opportunity to call the service skynet

  40. DroneElectronic

    24x7 government surveillance coming to a Smart City near you, SOON.

  41. chloe devereaux

    lol 16 - 20 ms latency... paaahaaahaaaaaaaa shit i get over 890Mb at 1-2ms in the UK :D

  42. Brad3k

    I love watching that first stage landing on the drone ship! No matter how common it is, it still looks like science fiction becoming science fact.

  43. Dev catalyst

    Still amazing, never get tired of seeing it

  44. glamdring0007

    Amazing job SpaceX...7 launches and landings on one rocket is a huge achievement !

  45. Adam moulds

    Just me or is all this just the biggest load of bullshit going ?

  46. Edward Tremethick

    This should be renamed to Starblocker

  47. Твой_Отец

    Россия отсталая страна! Илон Маск лучший!

  48. David35445

    Would love to see footage of a second stage reentry rapid disassembly.

  49. Surmit Chauhan

    1:40 why is that fire hydrant watching Explosion

  50. Christopher Michael Spain

    A New Frontier

  51. Tom Nather

    Everytime that booster lands on a moving target in the ocean is nothing but amazing!!!

  52. Şaban Vurgun

    Please arrange the starlink prices differently for each country.! Not everyone can afford $ 100 in our country, $ 100 is a huge amount. please arrange price

  53. Captain

    Years by now spacex will have a stockpile of money

  54. Pink Elephants

    So much better than NASA's effort last week and far more professional too - exponentially so! 👍👌👏 To all those SpaceX employees who narrate these videos;- Thank you. It must be boring to have to reiterate the same information on every occasion but you do it with *such* professionalism and good grace; this is *much* appreciated. Best wishes.

  55. Pintuxo

    7 launches !!! A NEW WORLD RECORD !!! Congratulations.

  56. DANIII

    Here you al came to 13:51 1 minut before launch Thank me later😉

  57. BEN ZED

    7 ! ! ! oO

  58. Emir Jogic

    Great work, great stream! Space X, you make me proud and happy.. :)

  59. floydd warrel

    The man's got it goin on. No doubt.Good work kids.

  60. cherub cortiguerra

    wishing starlink offering in South-East Asia, next year :)

  61. Monkey D. Luffy

    14:45 > 5 seconds before ignition

  62. Piotr Blecharski

    It is just like Kerbal Space Program, but without sandbox mode.

  63. Sergei Demin

    Если очень захотеть, можно в космос полететь!

  64. Nazla Nafaiz

    Spacex create the New page of history. Now all the mission get easier. Spacex prove that we love what it definitely come true.

  65. kenneth salter

    Great Job !

  66. Cato Michael Lien

    29:50 is that piece a "space junk" and float around forever?

  67. ben3847

    if they need to find a way to keep these launches more exciting in the future they could let youtubers host these. have them read the science infos of a prompter or something. cmon elon we just want another collab from you and pewds

  68. Akai Kiseki

    That starting music and screen... We are getting there guys. WE ARE GETTING OUT THERE !!!

  69. DICΞTΘ

    61 landings.. SO FUCKING MUCH money saved

  70. SB G Making you famous

    Would be nice to have this in 4K SpaceX. 1080p is kinda a thing of the past and you are a future looking company. And use another smaller raft away from your sea landing pad with a chicken holding a cam on its head to keep it steady so we can have a better watch at the landing. also in 4K ofcourse. Drone can also be used if you want to get with the times ;)

  71. KoGa

    Any love for Europe anytime soon? :)

  72. Malvina Qehaja

    Its insane how the booster has landed for the seventh time successfully and it seems so NORMAL NOW. Damnn

  73. StarkosGuy

    Fun fact: this is the first time spacex has launched 4 missions in a single month

  74. dan carlo rata

    NASA and ESA Made the 1st Sentinel-6A Micheal Freilich Sea-Satellite for SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Prepare.

  75. dan carlo rata

    3... 2... 1... 0...... Ignition and Liftoff of SpaceX's 15th F9 Starlink Launch!

  76. Moe Lester

    Hold my nominal.