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  1. Gabrielle Tremblay-Sullivan

    who did these costumes? The Felloweships would be proud!

  2. Αντα

    This should have been the ending of Vikings!

  3. Asia Jk Game of thrones video

  4. K Big

    Lois Griffin is Susie's secretary?!

  5. Antonio Barreto

    Not sure how they watch this happen to their brother

  6. Antonio Barreto

    I love Vikings show

  7. The RickelBack

    Insanely hilarious

  8. Conrad Jack Atkinson


  9. Dave Stock

    0:03 That boat doesn't sound like that.

  10. Rodrigo Scaglioni

    Galera que nnao escutou ainda meu set do ano passado um dos últimos que toquei de um salve e deixa seu comentário. Em maio estarei de volta nas pistinhas. bombando a ceninha BR...

  11. S

    Idk who manages this channel but pity on you xdddd (the videos aren't bad though)

  12. sreekanth reddy

    Who is the best Viking 1. Lagertha 2. Ragner 3. Ivar 4. Bjorn 5. Floki 6. Herald

    1. sreekanth reddy

      For me it's Ivar The Boneless 😍😍

  13. Lisa Boyd


  14. Joe Cha

    Hvitserk is like Rollo. He goes to whatever side he feels has a better chance of winning.

  15. gustav thorsen

    Was I the only one feeling bad for Ivar in this scene? I know he’s evil and doesn’t really care about anyone else than himself and Igor. I used to hate him, but in this season, I think we saw a more compassionate side of him.

  16. qptain Nemo

    This is vandalism.

  17. indiana jones

    These guys made an excelent duo . I can watch them forever . Why is season 2 not ready yet 😵

  18. Kp H

    Reminds me of tortsein , so badass. Now that's a king

  19. quezcatol

    Björn Järnsida was a king of munsö, here in Sweden, in fact his burial is at Munsö. We even have places named after him "Järnsida = ironside".

  20. Jake Howells

    Awful ending to a mighty empowering character, the realism of this show died with Ragnar Lothbrok

  21. clarky fc


  22. Äs Nödt

    Is this GOT 🤔

  23. General Games

    Yo they’re all not social distancing. Shame. Kappa

  24. Dig Dug


  25. Meagan O'Dell

    Bjorn Ironside is the absolute best ever.

  26. Dimitri Kr

    Epic and terrifying. Chapeau!

  27. NoshGames72

    It’s so weird seeing the guy who played Lucian play this angel

  28. Vyzard

    I'd imagine if it was Jeremy Clarkson hosting, instead of apologizing he would go around punching people for serving a small meal

  29. Kento Marek

    Best scene of the whole series to me. even the heathern army wasnt as great.

  30. tclass99

    This show REALLY knew how to give its characters a send off.... I’ll miss it so much.

  31. Lecher Moncul

    I am bit done with all the battle scenes. It is like watching a computer game. Shame story made place for CGI battles.

  32. Famof Turners

    Dot takes a nap for 20 minutes but she forgets to give the one and only braincell to someone else before she decided to check out and the group implodes

  33. RandomAsshole

    fully their fault, they served him food and never even told him not to eat it.

  34. Robert Farr

    Ooooowwwwwww pinched one.... there’s a tshirt

  35. Gkikas Spyros

    Almost forgot to watch today

  36. Mariam

    I just re-watched yesterday!

  37. Johnandrew Service

    We will never see the likes of such an honorable one again.

  38. Jean-Luc Herr

    Most lovable duo ever!!

  39. dylan foster

    Hail King Bjorn!!! The Legendary Undead King!!!

  40. Lou

    This was the first time I felt love while watching these two. they always had great chemistry and banter but not like in this episode

  41. Lou

    I want someone to stare at me like he did at 1:38

  42. murade Omer

    The electric nation habitually smash because commission ordinarily skip following a plucky cement. imported, ethereal office

  43. Thecreepwolf Horrornerd


  44. Trevor Hesketh

    Can you kiss me you're the best

    1. Trevor Hesketh


  45. Pablo

    Simplismente incrivel

  46. average joe

    Worst season ever. This show is better than a sleeping tablet. So boring.

  47. Charly Tenorio

    I'm not sure but at 3:24 there's someone standing next to valkyries and it looks like rollo.

  48. Charla Lala

    I tried those green seaweed things in Japan on James's recommendation. I loved them, they are like a sweet gherkin! My boyfriend and fellow travellers hated them, unfortunately. 😂😂

  49. LeinteTheGreat

    Wait when did this come out!???

  50. Danny Ohio

    Russians: - Why this pagan is still alive? Bjorn: - Magic runes laddie!

  51. Uncausedzeus

    This show turned to dogshit pretty fast

  52. Luisa Cesar

    I love Mandy Moore.

  53. Junior kirilov

    Im i the only one who cryed :D

  54. Aga M

    If one has two children, can one of them be youngest? I'd say younger.

    1. Mariam

      Loool so random

  55. Monang vesp

    Fiquei muito triste chorei na hora

  56. R M


  57. Джек Тейлер

    Блять, что только не приснится)

  58. Bruce Lee

    why in Italy (Amazon prime video) 6B has not yet been released? Amazon please wake up. Italy is not the third world and millions of Italians are registered with you. respect and let 6B out

  59. Isabella Earnhardt


  60. Mr K

    The best stand up? Your joking🙄 Them days have gone.

  61. Grimbart K

    And 2020 Swedish men are sitting down when peeing 🤣

  62. SlowMasterVideos

    I love the movie



  65. Harry Turner

    Surprised the producers have only been punched once to be honest