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  1. Jorge Tellez


  2. Ohannah Torres

    Me: am not in the mood to listen to music When outside starts play Me:oh wow this this is amazing im in love with this song

  3. Sinem

    Üff var ya ne sübniminal var bunda illmünati anamızı ağlatıyor şu an

  4. Head Feet

    Now let's reach 20 m, come on zquad 😎👌🏽

  5. Alessandra

    Such an angelic voice ✨

  6. Claudia América Carraccioly Pérez


  7. BELÉN 28


  8. Harry Mughal’s

    All songs of the Album are amazing 👌🏻 but I strongly demand Sweat to be the lead single, with the video 🤟🏻 This song worth’s it 💯

  9. BELÉN 28

    ❤ 👑❤

  10. hiba

    .. thinkin abt tightrope

  11. BELÉN 28

    Me encantaa

  12. hiba

    ily z


    Who is single but loves this type of music 😂


    Zayn why don’t you try movies?

  15. BaSoOm 95

    Their vocals are so good together 👏🏻

  16. BELÉN 28


  17. BaSoOm 95

    This man does need music i swear. The his voice intro is always On point 🔥

  18. esperanzaa

    mi fav del álbum sin dudas

  19. Avijit Biswas

    My faverate singer

  20. Gabriela nechita

    Imi place melodia

  21. Samira Jahin

    When he sings the part "nobody is listening" is seems like he is trying really hard to tell us someting but we are failing to understand it!😢

  22. BELÉN 28


  23. Cande Moreno


  24. BELÉN 28

    La voz de zayn es la mejor

  25. BELÉN 28

    Z A Y N

  26. Georgina Diaz Hernandez

    Keep str3aming this zquad please

  27. BELÉN 28


  28. one way

    Who need only 1 collaboration between all one directioners

  29. Independent360

    Wish he didn't mumble so much man...

  30. BELÉN 28


  31. tushar garg

    Just keep this spirit zayn , you're amazing 💌 Fanlove from INDIA

  32. Ciara Kumaran

    please disneyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! use this song in your next movie


  34. Nesdav

    tu papa like Dios Ignora Diablo

  35. Andrew Bean

    Keep Going Zquad We Can Hit 19 Million !!

  36. Maria Heloisa Rodrigues Da Silva

    amazing!!! perfect!!!

  37. Bianca Larissa


  38. Ana Julia Carvalho Santos

    Minha amiga da escola, a Izabela gosta muito dessa música. Acho que foi ela quem me recomendou, e eu achei a tradução dela muito fofinha e romântica. Mas ainda assim eu preferia que os membros do One Direction ainda estivessem cantando juntos. Dá um pouco de tristeza também quando eu vejo essa música, por causa disso.

  39. Mr GrimZ

    This song gives me sunny and windy vibes

  40. Veronica

    Good night ❤

  41. Darsena Kam


  42. Darsena Kam


  43. Anurag Singh

    my heart😭😭😭omg zayn you are lahjawaaab

  44. Viola Prendi

    Invidia e brutta cosa sono bellissimi insieme una grande coppia nella vita e il lavoro meriton tutto il livello ti tutti

  45. ahmet çelik

    I know harry you are here

  46. isidora malik

    que lindo zayn dándonos buenas vibras para el 2021 *inserte emojis sarcásticos *

  47. Fabricio Costa

    all girls make remember Gigi

  48. Abhitha

    Can never forget this's just so euphonious & soothing❤️❤️

  49. iibixz

    U are so underrated I LOVE IT 🙌🏽😏

  50. Halima Hussain

    half way there now !! 9,52 - 18:53

  51. H. S

    4 years ♡♡♡

  52. iibixz

    Nice song (-;

  53. youtuber

    Zayn - Nobody is listening World - We are Nobody 🙂❤️

  54. hanna


  55. youtuber

    Chaudhvi Ka Chand ho Ya aftaab ho Jo bhi tum ho khuda ki Kasam lajawab ho (Are you the full moon Or the dazzling sun Whatever you may be, I swear to god You are beyond compare) 🥺❤️

  56. Ramiz Karaeski

    2:28 yar**** yiyinndiyo jocwgmdj9w

  57. Lyrixvibez

    Khalid and zayn Supper Song

  58. makeupbymannna

    This is amazing

  59. Kakoli Adhikari

    India 🇮🇳loves zayn soooo... Much❤❤❤

  60. makeupbymannna

    This is PERFECT

  61. Maria Lucila Galderisi

    Todo nos separa el lugar todo lo dicho fue sincero nunca te mentí y el corazón ❣ se me parte

  62. makeupbymannna


  63. yomomma

    lemme say this early , HAPPY 6TH YEAR OF THIS SONG OMG

    1. Ariana Premchan

      U mean 5 ?? Or for next year too

  64. Augusto Diaz

    This song Is amazing

  65. Haneen-ExoL12 61

    Exols here

  66. Haneen-ExoL12 61

    Everyone delete e m o j e

  67. Ksvaic_hgl


  68. Ksvaic_hgl


  69. Haneen-ExoL12 61

    Hey I’m Exol please let’s do it please st R ea M mmmh ok

  70. Mohammad Irshad

    Tightrope official music video❓when

  71. Annanya Nayar


  72. Ni Roth

    Who’re watching this song in 2021?👉🏻

    1. Козуев Адилхан


  73. Augusto Diaz

    Zayn you deserves much more sorry:(

  74. Augusto Diaz

    Zayn deserves more:/

  75. That's Rich

    His voice when he sings in Urdu is so unique.

  76. Nalin Dewangan

    He is making the music, he wanted to Reason why he left 1D

  77. Manni C

    is it just me or does anyone else point to their countertop, window and floor when he says "fucking on the countertop window to the floor" i think that i am the only one okay nevermind

  78. Lewis Tabor

    We love you so much zayn we will cheer for you

  79. Lewis Tabor

    Zayn please back to one Direction and back again to be the greatest band in earth so who's with me like this

  80. Kyle macalino

    This song is about for harry!😍