Heya! My name is Vivienne, and I like to animate cartoons and songs!
I am a grad of SVA in NYC, majoring in traditional animation, and I animate films based on the silly characters I keep coming up with! I have also taken to trying to fan animate some songs every now n' then. Songs that give me inspiration or direct visuals! I adore musicals and villains and animals, can't you tell? Hope you enjoy! c:
"What programs do you use?" TV Paint for animation, Adobe premiere, After effects, Sai and Photoshop!
"When is your next animation?" Animation takes time, but I'm almost always working on something! Soon as I can finish you'll see it!
"What are these characters you draw from?" They are from my various projects, I have TONS of projects!
"Why is your taste in music such shit?" It's cause it's my taste in music, it's not yours. I choose what songs I LOVE so they aren't shit to me!
Hazbin Hotel (comedy/Musical series) -IN Production-

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  1. Rainbow 100 Gacha

    The son 666 is back

  2. Kolton Lutes

    litterliy the best sieres

  3. Kyla Walker

    Another season pleaseeeee

  4. Why Am I here

    If her voice changes 1 more time I swear to god

  5. HelluvaGoodTime

    This was definitely a good gift for my Bday 🎂🥳😈

  6. Earthworm sally

    OK I got a question why does it kind of seem like moxie doesn’t tell the server to be in hell Like he’s so innocent

  7. Alejandro Ochoa

    4:24 knowing this show doesn't censor words like the f,s,b words he probaly said the n word without the n word pass

  8. Bea Tube Gacha

    Vivziepop and the Hazbin Hotel? You have to stay there in that!!! :(

  9. lolly yolo

    00:30 newspaper says "ALLEY CRITTERS ATTACKS AT AN ALL TIME HIGH" and "in other news huge dork reads newspaper upside down in cartoon experts say "sad as hell"" ...fuck

  10. Lauramar Sanchez

    Vivziepop and A24 are fighting to improve the series. And there is no chain that wants to transmit it because of how morbid it is. Here you have the truth. And if the self-centered and spoiled Vivienne reads this, let her know that she is spoiling the success that she has earned.

  11. Nuxxh

    Ok ?

  12. Dyna Belghalem

    Can be that I'm the only one but I prefer when she does healthy stuff like her, because it's all public and there is no age limit to watch are contained

  13. Moonie Bunnie


  14. Barrel Daddy


  15. Moonie Bunnie

    12:18 "mmmm...yeah nooooo"

  16. Matt TheTelemarketer

    someone tell me why Norman Reedus pulls off playing a demon so damn well

  17. Squishxbop

    I find it kinda funny that the Angel is called Cleetus because that’s flamingo’s roblox avatar name 😳 But I do find the animal Angel things cute 😳

  18. Moonie Bunnie

    10:46 wait didnt the opera girl get smashed by the light- how is she still singing- but if it isnt her who came out and started singing bc whoever it was wasnt shown and besides that everytime Blitz moved the light she stopped singing- you know what just look!! 9:20

  19. RHAWK 531

    4:56 when your dad is getting married to someone you dont even know about.

  20. Annie Morey

    Imagine how angles put their children to sleep LOL 😂

  21. Enzo Bayon

    Like para que haga la segunda parte

  22. Moonie Bunnie

    10:46 i uh-

  23. Wilberto Perez


  24. Pineapple panda

    Oh I love this I've been rocking out to it ever since it's been released but I've just noticed something perfect animation and everything but how do angels glasses just stay on his head

  25. Amy Draws

    Ok but owlet octavia getting out of the bed all sad literal,y is the most wholesome thing in this series besides blitzo eating the dog treat he tried to give to loony

  26. Gacha_sparkles 021

    blitzo: M&M GET IN HERE WERE GOING TO L O O L O O L A N D Moxie: loolooland? Milly: loolooland! Blitzo: LOOLOOLAND!!!!! Luna: STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Moonie Bunnie


  28. Naevas Aedan

    I didn't see anyone say this, so I take responsibility Striker is kinda hot

  29. Samantha Hernandez

    anyone else notice how blitzo’s disguise this one of Brandan Rogers characters

  30. Amanda


  31. Moonie Bunnie

    16:50 "my boooty..😏"

  32. Yendsify TeviTime

    I just realized at 3:23 Stolas has pupils I'm so dumb

  33. omg_itsceline

    1:24 I'll do it for free

  34. omg_itsceline

    Oop just bought chibi moxxie pin

  35. A Cup Of Yeast

    Kids die for freeeeeeeeee

  36. Zef Davenport

    I once had a classmate that spoke the exact same way that deer did.... ...... what the heck?

  37. taccarro wilson

    So does this means there are demon hunters in this universe

  38. blue squala

    1:40 Blitzo Has a Twin Sister

    1. blue squala

      Her names Barbie Wiro

  39. Conor Dragunas

    This whole time I KNEW ben dislin was somebody and I was so happy when I was right

  40. Moonie Bunnie

    6:08 uhhhh...........

  41. Best Noob

    翻訳してくれてありがとう <3

  42. Moonie Bunnie

    5:37 "FU-LAWLESS

  43. Moonie Bunnie

    4:44 "every year you STD spreaders" LOL

  44. Pix Ecs

    I watched this because i am a furry.

  45. Crystal TheIceWolf

    19:56 at the end of that word she said with the "Bler" I like it

  46. Daniel Corral

    I love this video

  47. Moonie Bunnie

    4:13 "Mozzie!!! dont let her access any of your holes!." LOL

  48. Moonie Bunnie


  49. Moonie Bunnie

    1:42 the sound effect gets me everytime!

  50. He Jingwen

    4:58 to 5:04 so that is where the tiktok thing same from here.

  51. isan.orutisu

    Me realizing after watching a year later that this is like addict and angel dusts feelings

  52. Moonie Bunnie


  53. Antonia Corrales

    Striker is by far my favorite character of the series.

  54. Moonie Bunnie


  55. Pieface Divine

    When will there be a hazbin hotel episode

  56. Moonie Bunnie

    0:40 HAH

  57. Moonie Bunnie

    15:05 if he could do that then why-

  58. Moonie Bunnie

    10:47 was blitz hehe..

  59. austin feilds

    give us some new characters, i wanna see satan

  60. Moonie Bunnie

    10:41 LOLLLLLL

  61. IGABS

    Love the animation and thank you for more, but can you guys release deleted scenes just for more of helluva boss.