💥PSG beat BAYERN!💥 (Mbappe vs Bayern Munich Goals 2-3 Champions League Highlights 2021)


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    1. 442oons

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      1. sarah alkharboush

        We need a chug chug with you for this

      2. Adilinho

        @The 443oons Mop huh

      3. Owen Downes-turner

        @44200ns who's watching when Bayern knocked down

      4. OrehRobloxObbyAdventure

        It's not every day you see a Brazilian in the snow. I'm thinking about Neymar.

      5. AnduchtGG

        I am start playing!

    2. Taxi Pozzuoli

      Ma uno parla italiano hoooo

    3. Mr. Křeček

      Muller at the start sounded like Neymar

    4. Sonny Brisson

      0:26 michael Jackson

    5. Иван Рыбаков

      Muller is going to be called up to the national team for the Euros

    6. Thekhai_Danjo

      PSG Wins

    7. Brandon cortez


    8. Rodokxis 27


      1. Vafin Dukuly

        Let it snow

      2. Blazer 27

        @Such Comedian i will here too if you forgot

      3. Such Comedian

        I don't know,but i will leave my comment here to know one day :)

    9. Dominique Fourré

      Am I the only one addicted to Marquinhos voice ?? 😂 (scored a goal)

    10. Max Smith

      Let's gooooo if you hate the idea dislike the video


      Neymar uyir ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    12. Lorenzo Cookoo

      Müller: scores Spectator: screams Hold up- 0:56

    13. Aparna Bhandary


    14. Ferrus 2009

      Third time ref sings and 1st that the players whistle xd

    15. Lionel Messi

      Who heard Ronaldo when the lights went off

    16. mia fishing

      0:40 🤣🤣 lol

    17. nieooj gotoy

      0:27 - ok this soo deep man

    18. ngalim juliette tangem

      This is really funny hahaha hahaha this is the best football chanel even better than SKILLER

    19. bouytt guyt

      0:27 - ok this soo deep man

    20. ceerw buty

      0:27 - ok this soo deep man

    21. ItsMeArtis

      0:33 that voice sounded like Ronaldo's voice.

    22. Mohamed Khaled

      Muller was bleeding

    23. Cidasantos De brito

      Psg frutinha

    24. Mehmet Ulaş Alagöz

      PSG Win the UCL

    25. Behar Lutfija


    26. dcoog anml

      PSG: We have Mbapp- Thomas Miller: Well we have KimmDEFENDich you know

    27. Leyla Aliyeva

      Bayern vs psg lose bayern

    28. ChelseaFanPage1

      1:19 who else saw neymar dive into the changing room

    29. sehhi vooty

      I love seeing mj on the bench😂

    30. Saleh Yasser

      Guys my pants are down because I’m laughing 😂 🤣

    31. Saleh Yasser


      1. Saleh Yasser


      2. Saleh Yasser


    32. Saleh Yasser


    33. Ahmet Baba


    34. Georgian .J.


    35. Tatiana Laverde

      in all Paul fc Paul pogba

    36. Mirko Petric

      Victory PsG

    37. niduoe stre

      the results of professional players. This guy shows how to copy after him automatically using such a service. We must try while the market is on the rise.

    38. Robin Prajwal


    39. DuckInTheMud 10

      I’m pretty sure Marquinhos has a beard

    40. Psycho Mallu Gaming yt

      Why you trolling always neymar 🥵😡😡😡

    41. Alex the gamer

      I cant believe micheal Jackson in 442oons

    42. mikin lirou

      0:27 - ok this soo deep man

    43. Qiuhao blader zhou

      Wtf Micheal Jackson angel??

    44. Owen Downes-turner

      Who's watching when Bayern knocked out

      1. Konto-Mitteilungen207- 5

        Everyone after you

    45. Alex Guimaraes

      It’s snowing or maybe Maradona just sneezed in heaven ha

    46. Muhammed Kose

      The macth = 2013 galatasaray 1-0 juventus

    47. bowen voowy

      Long live king of music love Michael Jackson ❤❤😞💔

    48. grant pickering

      I'm shocked that Neuer is still alive after that game

    49. Mr.pigeon man

      Joshua kimmich sounded so sincere

    50. SPY_D

      I think lewa has taken that muller dialog(in the last 8 ucl draw video) that chupo is the best forward seriously So he decided to get injured and give the chance to chupo to play as he is the best.

    51. The Kids

      I can't wait for the part 2 and psg beating them

      1. The Kids

        @Konto-Mitteilungen207- 5 That is true

      2. Konto-Mitteilungen207- 5

        They Beat PSG, Drew and lost in the Same Game😂 I am a Bayern Fan btw

    52. Biagio Vallefuoco

      0-1 Choupo Mouting PSG WIN

    53. OfficialDevHishamTowerOfHell

      Paris won 3-3 AVG. #revengefor2020

    54. Xander Bolanis

      Do a second leg of psg vs Bayern

    55. Millicent Tackie

      Who said he he

      1. Vados

        @Blazer 27 he is laughing because he's not dead actually....

      2. Blazer 27

        Michael Jackson

    56. Joos Virin

      hahha michel jakson i think

    57. ilsemangodt

      I have beaten wonderkid wanderers

      1. ilsemangodt

        With 1-6

    58. E TV The Ultimate

      Insert "Anyone here post-match" comment.

    59. Zynnics

      PSG ARE THROUGH!!!!!

    60. Beatrice Bueno

      FCB keeper is sh*t 🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳😂😂😂😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Beatrice Bueno

        Barcelona and city and psg the best team ever

      2. the lets player

        @TimO LUL yes a farmers leuge compared to city who play in the premier league where there is an actual contests

      3. TimO LUL

        Well then you don't watch bundesliga

      4. TimO LUL

        @foopyu nooui no PSG is the best Team in France.

      5. foopyu nooui

        This is why PSG are the worst team in France

    61. Yeetus Meme

      Anyone here after PSG knocked out Bayern

      1. mahfoud seraf


      2. the lets player

        @El youtuber yep also tomorrow bvb go down to city

      3. El youtuber


    62. Salvador Ruiz Magon

      PSG to semifinals of the Champions Leage

    63. Polo g

      Who’s here after Bayern lost

    64. Cyril Guizonne

      PSG is qualifed !!!!!

    65. Armando Tah Salazar


    66. slinky doesn ́t give a fuck

      video idea: 5 ways to Robert Lewandowski can fit in Bayern vs Psg

    67. Rob Hargreaves

      442oons are brilliant

    68. bilisha coli

      dean your voice should win a grammy

      1. bilisha coli

        Deans singing is amazing

    69. cronas vapo


    70. Dominik Zeman


    71. Cristiano Arrogantaldo

      Eric Chupo-moting Derby

    72. catfish

      thomasshole is very nice

    73. Antony Efobi


    74. Starfy Stars

      This is why PSG are the worst team in France

      1. Starfy Stars

        @Mars Sh Qatar money.

      2. Mars Sh

        What is the reson ? Psg are one of best in france, they are seconde in ligue very close to lyon, monaco, and Losc

    75. Aleksandar Jovanovic

      What's Michael Jackson doing?

    76. Bolia Fops

      Can we appreciate how fast he makes these

    77. lir maliqi

      Nobody apriciated the ref singing that part was amazing

    78. Veselin Babic

      Miller 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Bolia Fops

        You havent let me beat you! Ahhhghgg :) love the voice on muler and neymar. Keep it your way Dean.

    79. Walter Coinprofit

      There is a famous character, a Google search for "signals walter bulls". He made a fortune for himself back in 2018. Recently, such services have appeared that allow copying the results of professional players. This guy shows how to copy after him automatically using such a service. We must try while the market is on the rise.

    80. Abdullah Al Yaseen

      What a diver 😂😂

    81. Tobias Dencker

      Come on PSG

    82. pinkitcv

      I hope Neymar won't dive as much tonight. he is embarasing...

    83. Hanan Arnold

      0:29 for all the MJ fans

    84. Hélène Pascal

      0:06 oooooh ok the snow is the cocaïne of Maradona but that's legal to bring drug in heaven mmmmh 🤔

    85. sannio komi

      Deans singing is amazing

    86. lort pilo poloralphlauren

      The snow fouled me, my 2012 self be like.

    87. Gladiador XXI

      Today have a play

      1. sannio komi


    88. nandan shetty

      Neymar literally killed the game single-handedly

    89. Secil Koksal Aykanat

      honestly, i love neymar and all of his hair-dos but this one, i give 4.5 out of 10

    90. DarthVidar-spiller

      Neymar in a giant sowball, it made my day.

    91. Nicolas Verdier

      Bruh bye bayern

    92. Daniel Dedja

      FC Bayern München will come back the result tomorrow 💪

    93. Sebastian Dudu

      You havent let me beat you! Ahhhghgg :) love the voice on muler and neymar. Keep it your way Dean.

    94. dueeh nyyu

      I love the fact that the Choupo-Moting in PSG played almost never and today he scored against them.

    95. NEXIAK 66

      Wow snowy

      1. dueeh nyyu

        The weather was SCHEIßE

    96. George Plays

      They deserved their win after payback in last season’s champions league final

    97. Maup Peters


    98. T54X


    99. Football History

      Don’t undersatand MJ...

    100. Yahia HAMMAMI

      muller normally should not be playing