Subnautica: Below Zero Trailer


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    Dive into a freezing underwater adventure on an alien planet. Below Zero is set two years after the original Subnautica. Return to Planet 4546B to uncover the truth behind a deadly cover-up. Survive the harsh conditions by building habitats, crafting tools, and diving deeper into the world of Subnautica.
    Available worldwide May 14th, 2021.
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    1. Fanatix 15

      1:47 wooooo estaría genial la criatura se está descongelando

    2. Generic Schlub

      I've been trying to track down the song in this trailer and haven't had any luck. Does anyone know what it is?

    3. Balu 27

      ...and this is one if my normal days...

    4. Kapten Haddock

      almost like a part of a movie... Amazing!

    5. Sofa

      Human in trailer :🧑🏼👱🏼‍♀️🧔🏽🧓 Human in game :🗿🗿🗿🗿

    6. ZOCCOK

      Don't you hate it when a shark gives your ship a BJ

    7. Aumcp

      OMGG I just got mine

    8. KapKabui

      Cant wait for Jack's playthrough

    9. Felix The Fat

      Poor fred

    10. Maxx Modz

      We NEED multiplayer

    11. Hugo Minzblatt

      Reasonable: A coffee-machine is only the 2nd worst epic-fail in an underwater-game. The sea-truck, barely maneuverable, totally misconstructed and useless for cave-systems, is even worse. Unfortunately the implementation of weapons doesn't help to fight off the devs' idioty. This game would be great, if it was a prequel and not a sequel to a great game - and if it wasn't made by people who "know how to do it better".

    12. NewWorldOrgone

      Wow, thats some high quality animation. Very impressive.

    13. Dagok

      felicidades conseguiste el comentario en español !!

    14. Jet Bro

      I got the original subnautica and I don’t have the upgrade

      1. C U B E

        It is a new game

    15. Battlefire 15

      Its May 14th :)

    16. Catdude0514

      I am extremely excited about this game but what surprised me even more than how interesting it looks is that IT LAUNCHES TODAY, ON MY BIRTHDAY!

      1. Catdude0514

        @OliverTrex Gaming and Action Thanks!

      2. OliverTrex Gaming and Action

        Happy birthday man!

    17. Hero merc

      Make subnautica below zero free for ps plus pls

    18. tarrker

      I'm oddly excited that the 1.0 release means another review from Yahtzee. :)

    19. Assertive Almond

      im so excited

      1. Belinda Cook

        It’s come out already

    20. aY227

      Keep Calm And Truck On :)

    21. Âhmad Raza

      Who is gonna watch Jack play this ? Only me ? *Ok*

    22. Kátia Plenas Kátia Plenas

      sabnautica people question are u ever gonna add sabnautica below zero to xbox gamepass ultimate????????

    23. Xatar

      What's the song name???

      1. Isaiah Fajardo

        Idk, I don't think the song has actually been released yet. It was only made for the trailer.

    24. ALTS21PLAYS

      Plz update subnautica

    25. TV Boy

      Already came out :D

    26. joseph ramey


    27. Chaddles

      It's finally here lads

    28. Harrison Schoonmaker

      I've never been more excited for a game to be released. Let's go!!

    29. Man City Fan

      Played for 3 straight hours after it released and its been amazing so far especially since I'm on ps5 and the quality of life changes have made it so much more enjoyable

    30. Rax279

      r/subnautica_below_zero btw!

    31. CheatyPlayz

      hyped for official release

    32. Kai Jones

      Is his name actually Fred?

      1. Belinda Cook


    33. minrsin YT

      Yall should make copies of that coffee cup and sell it, I would buy it.

      1. Chaotic Angel

        Same except I don’t drink coffee xd

    34. OLG Typo

      its a really funny feeling seeing a game that I adored from the start to have grown into such a amazing, fun experience, and to have a second sequel to wrap up all of the un-answered questions in this video-game universe.


      please get a online mode


        @Chaotic Angel no there is not multiplayer

      2. Chaotic Angel

        I think and I may be wrong but I think there’s a multiplayer

    36. AlleluiaElizabeth

      Great trailer. I felt this man's pain.

    37. Pixelated

      Subnautica 1: spooky and scary Subnautica 2: cute penguins and funny trailers. How to ruin a franchise.

      1. hey

        Have you even played the game

    38. Alguna_cosa 69

      Tomorrow :)

      1. Chaotic Angel

        Pre ordered Downloaded Ready to go =)

    39. THEMK6Royal


    40. Voltaic Wolf

      Fred the master of the seatruck

    41. Cannon Layne

      i forgot my epic password :(

    42. Karlo Huzanić

      What is the name of the song in the background of the trailer? It sounds realy good!!! 😀

    43. Morrxw

      thats so crazy now add co-op

    44. Bima Khalfan

      Is it just me or this channel's profile picture just change from the peeper into below zero peeper

    45. Sledger

      Ah yes the punching bag of subnautica.

    46. Alex Newhouse

      Awww Fred

    47. Polelte Skalander


    48. kingviper186

      What is this song called so I can listen to it while I play

    49. Brendan Donohue

      I swear I know it's a dead horse but NOT DOING ANYTHING with the frozen leviathan is such a dam stupid decision like having it be the WOW HOLY CRAP moment of the trailer but it's just nothing is such a waste


        Play the game

    50. Always 0 Tired

      It looks so HD I hope the game is really that quality

    51. PDA

      Detecting mutiple leviathan life form in the region, are you certain what ever you are doing is worth it?

      1. Chaotic Angel


      2. NjoBe 99


    52. That1Trashborb

      What ever did happen to the two female protagonists from the betas were they scrapped? I loved that story line it's a shame still looks good tho

    53. roro lima

      esperar o alanzoka joga pra ver como vai ser a gameplay

    54. Death trap321

      Lmao this poor guy

    55. Kolt Storm

      poor guy

    56. Roko

      is the game released today?

      1. Chaotic Angel

        Tomorrow 18:00

      2. Alguna_cosa 69


    57. xvovka

      муть неочемная

    58. 87TIG

      Any interaction with others? [Spoiler Alert] Loved the first game but it seemed kinda overly darkened by looking for other survivors that weren't survivors anymore, just one or two would've been fine but still an outstanding game and can't wait to play below zero, already have it pre-ordered and downloaded just waiting for me to be allowed in the pool lol.

      1. bean_eater

        Subnautica both games spoilers ahead Yeah with Marguerit from the first game. She's not the main plot but a pretty big part of the story. Other than that nobody, Subnautica is a game best for just you, the ocean, and the monsters that live inside it.

    59. Bigmungus


    60. The GEnious Gamer

      loved the original game, apparently this one kinda sucks but whatever i already own it

      1. Swift Windsteed 24

        Its better to have our opinions then to follow others. So make sure to create your own :)

      2. bean_eater

        Nah it's better than original imo

    61. OliverTrex Gaming and Action

      What song is that?

    62. Michele Hughes

      the sad part is that we are going to have to wait like 4 or 5 years for the next game but so hyped for this one

    63. Nyarlathotep

      This guy is extremely relatable

    64. The Luinqued

      sub zero. sub = below! and now below zero lol!

    65. Koo Koo Plays!

      I’m hyped for the new game I previously owned the last game and I’m excited to know I’ll be getting the best graphics possible! Keep up the good work devs 2 days till launch! It will sell out pretty quickly 🤩 bye!

    66. Take12music

      Bought this game right after I beat Subnautica. I'm happy to finally play the full version!

    67. Eben Strange

      It's coming out tomorrow on ps5 and ps4

    68. Caketherobloxian

      The trailer: the game: ugly

      1. Pjay

        the game is far from ugly

    69. elfin mcfarlane

      me a european trying to figure out what the 14th month is

    70. Sergio Escobés

      Lo tengo desde que estaba en beta y a sido muy interesante ver como ha ido evolucionando y disfrutar de cada actualización. Un gran juego sin lugar a dudas.

    71. John D

      Poor guy...

    72. Colonial Bread

      alternate title: boomer gets chased by all walks of life

    73. EmotionAltF4

      when will frozen thing be alive

    74. Truth Seeker

      Beat Resident Evil Village the other day and pre purchased Below Zero(Years ago) and pre-purchased Legendary Edition of Mass Effect. To both games the launching of both occur the same day, to which I will pay first? Mass Effect and Andromeda, is my most favorite stories to be apart of and to follow in gaming, but the unique games that is of Subnautica series.... yep, Below Zero gets the win. Can't wait!!!! Played here and there over the years Early access, but have set aside play for release play. Nice to see the changes that the game has under gone. A great ride of the unfolding, of a great game and the unique experience in which their work brings to gamers. It is an honor to enjoy their work of their Subnautica Series!!!! Game on and have fun this Friday May 14 2021 at the release of Subnautica Below Zero!!!!

      1. Truth Seeker

        @VICIOUS HEART Thank You. Glad I have it on Steam. Get to play Full Release Version long before console players can. Long live, The PC Elite!!!!


        Have a good time.

    75. Mr. White

      I. AM. HYPED.

    76. Fry Guy

      But it’s a girl we play as. I guess there would be an uproar if we showed her getting beat up as a bumbling comic relief

    77. Lucas ekstra

      Below Zero it’s so god

    78. Dog with a witch hat

      2 days left YYYEEESSS

    79. SCP Foundation

      Наконец то бля !!! Интересно когда спиратят

    80. Filip Pivac

      Why subnautica below zero not free?

      1. bean_eater

        "Why can't they just enslave developers and use library computers to code the game?"

    81. Liam Pollard

      What is this song called somebody TELL ME ITS SO GOOD!!!

    82. SRBRASIL Fregnani

      what it,s the name of music?

    83. Pawsthecat

      If only below zero was this detailed :(


      2 more dayssss pogggg



    86. Alexander Klee

      Alternative Title: 10 reasons NOT to play subnautica below zero

      1. Alexander Klee

        @CreatorsFreedom!!! I meant he was constantly getting bullied by wildlife, and that's exactly how subnautica feels sometimes

      2. CreatorsFreedom!!!

        10 things you need to know before you buy or some shit

    87. Daniel Norambuena

      Wenardo el trailer y el juego

    88. muhd fudinz


    89. Dimitrisz Patakfalvi

      Very good trailer, however the music was not the best choice, I would choosed a music like the Subnautica's trailer, more mistic, more future-like. But that is just my opinion

    90. Erob

      I pray to God for Fred's safety

    91. TritonTv

      How did i miss this?

    92. Bluestone

      Best trailer I've ever seen for a game, the renders/CG is amazing, and the story is amazing. LOVE IT

    93. Aid3n ThePlayer16

      Is almost nobody gonna talk about the fact that the crash fish looks so happy to finally die?

    94. Andrew Kuenning

      I played most of the pre-release Below Zero and it is awesome! I thought it would be repetitive to play another game designed like Subnautica but it is a lot of fun and different enough to really enjoy. Go out and get this when it's released y'all!

    95. Ayush Jain

      I thought this game released 2019

      1. CreatorsFreedom!!!

        early access , this is the second game

    96. Chaos Incarceration

      That's nice maybe fix the crashes while saving and broken buggy bulshit in the first game before starting on a new installment Since you know you claimed you were working on that 2 years ago

    97. Viking Game Programmer

      Haha yesss! Man that guy was having a rough day xD Can't wait! :D

    98. OzenVR

      Whats the music

    99. Halcyon ArkGaming

      Wʜᴀᴛs ᴛʜᴇ ɴᴀᴍᴇ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ sᴏɴɢ?

      1. Halcyon ArkGaming

        @bean_eater i only type it so my comment will stand out. Also what it UwU?

      2. bean_eater

        Why the hell do I see so many people type like this. Is it for attention or just one of those "UwU discord wholesome 100" things

    100. idontlikeyouyo

      Oh noes. I am on the first game but haven't finished it now I know exactly what happens since you don't make it out. Damn sucks. But the game is pretty epic though. I didn't buy the first one, got it free on epic. I am for sure buying this one though.