REALLY, Intel?


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    0:00 Stop asking about paninis
    0:07 Intel claims AMD laptop bad
    1:23 GPU leaks
    2:18 Windows 10 on M1 Macs?
    3:10 Vessi
    3:51 QUICK BITS
    3:54 Phone leaks
    4:17 Comcast expands 1.2TB data cap
    4:44 Snapchat Spotlight TikTok clone
    5:12 Solomon Islands bans Facebook
    5:31 Guy pays way too much for game
    AMD laptops have a 10-second performance delay…according to Intel
    RTX 3060 Ti leaks out the wazoo, launch imminent
    RX 6700 XT leaked
    with 12GB VRAM?
    If Windows 10 sucks on M1 Macs it’s Microsoft’s fault
    Samsung Galaxy S21 leaks
    OnePlus 9 Pro leaks I guess
    Comcast adding 1.2TB data cap to 39 states
    Snapchat Spotlight takes on TikTok with $1M payouts every day
    Solomon Islands government bans Facebook to stop cyberbullying
    Rare copy of Super Mario Bros 3 sells for $156,000

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    1. denis_a

      Intel had a few good cards in their sleeves and they couldn’t even present those properly... Could they just say that amd makes your mouse freeze when windows decides to do some updating in the background?

    2. DBJones

      GREAT channel. Thank you.

    3. Timo Rouw

      Imagine having to put others down to make yourself look better. Such a pathetic fucking company

    4. SoullesS

      i am also with pixel 3, the main is reason is the reasonable small 5.5' display.. every phone afterwards is bigger..

    5. Sasanth Bollineni

      Hey Riley! Where my paninis at?

    6. Luis Pires

      In Portugal they want to do the same but only 600Gb per month .... The 3 of 4 already back down on it tho.

    7. Mugurel Teodor Andrici

      Intel: Noe one will eva ketchup with our ads Linus: Oh Noe Ya Don't

    8. TheLyricalSheep

      Intel just need to stop b**ching about every single details and being a baby and ACTUALLY start being an actual competitor

    9. Coalition Gaming

      Damn now I want a panini

    10. daniel hulson

      I just had a look at those Vessi Shoes have you seen the price of them,if i saw someone in them i would think they were generic shoes for $10,But no these are expensive generic shoes with wax on them lol

    11. Rex

      Media raise businesses, but also killing them

    12. bram w

      I work at a webshop and I've seen many 3060ti's laying around for weeks now.

    13. Nav Snylter

      5:31 MizKif

    14. Mehedi Hasan

      is it really or the Lazy Riley who started his own youtube channel and didn't care about it

    15. crisismcnoodle

      People who run windows on a mac definitely don't do it to use the arm version of windows..

    16. Jeff Ward

      Before I even watch the video I’m just gonna come in here to say “oh my God Intel not being consumer friendly. I am shocked!“

    17. Jani Palonen

      Listening to news about us isp's in general makes the country look like it is still in it's third world state. While we have 25$/ month prepaid packages that come with uncapped 200mbs internet and 2000min talk time & 5000 text messages. The subscription packages are even faster and cheaper.

    18. obimk1

      Something to consider, back in 2015 Intel already promised Apple (roadmap) that they would be on 10nm. Intel didn't deliver => hence thermal throttling Macs. Also Apple engineers reported more CPU bugs to Intel then Intel engineers. Intel has a shit "quality control". Mac OSX is a POSIX UNIX. Intel is a fucking ASS company, their CPU's are shit and loaded with bugs too, fucking idiots.

    19. Naiyo

      He needs his own channel. Entertaining

    20. Alemar Logronio

      Totally agreed. My Pixel 3 is still doing very good, too.

    21. mtpolak

      Hey Riley! Little tip: to distinguish the slashes: one is to Boston and another one is to Seattle ;) Credits to my Java teacher. Cheers :)

    22. Давид VАналович

      Intel like nazi Germany in 45, when had 2 fronts amd - ussr and apple - allied

    23. Aron Tallan

      I got an intel ad on this video

    24. Stjames221

      Comcast is really funny sometimes

    25. sky shabatura

      Riley is the worst.

    26. Froggo

      BEST 👏 TECH 👏 NEWS 👏 HOST👏

      1. Froggo

        Also love James behind the scenes

    27. SamTWOS

      Anyone else saw the Monitor system ad? lmao

    28. James Wilson

      Pam: You're having a press conference? Intel: no pam.. the press is going to find out about by themselves.

    29. Si Raff

      So about those panini's...

    30. Daazed McFarland

      Those gray hairs though

    31. Daazed McFarland

      The only reason people use Boot Camp on Apple is to play video games...... DirectX don't support ARM lol.

    32. mlg noscope

      oh boy cant wait to buy a 3060ti... half a year later than the paper launch

    33. Omar Comming

      These stupid face thumbnails have to stop

    34. Rawrkins Rawr

      You should make a cooking video for cooking various delicious kinds of paninis

    35. 手機

      Bidens use all these products to steal the election?

    36. Devon Farmer

      Im happy with my 10850 but Intel needs to just stay in their lane and make better products

    37. Makani DeMoulin

      Got an ad for Intel Superfins before this

    38. Life Is Turd

      Bots have been buying shops empty for years in runescape, get used to the scalping or go outside

    39. Rohan__ Maharjan use promo code "rohan_maharjan_loozer"to get 25% off

    40. Razvan220

      Now we get 20 seconds add , whats next 1 minute ?

    41. mjeol

      Darn. And here I was hoping to see this guy's panini. **sigh** :P

    42. EGG

      I got a pulseway ad with linus in it on a linus video

    43. Simply Sample Text

      I got an Intel add on this vid lmao

    44. ummm

      Shopping online is now off limits to humans :(

    45. General Cham

      I got a linus ad

    46. WizardNumberNext

      very strange and suspicious release date for graphics card 2nd December? why? did it have anything to do with BJ and lockdown in UK

    47. Untitled Item

      hahaha, americans have a data cap AHHAHAHAHAHA and they believe the bullshit about it being useful for anything else except revenue ahaHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAH

    48. Emotionally Challenged Eric Ciaramello Subordinate

      that fuck man. I wanted a paninni. you lied to me youtube! you LIED!!!

    49. Jason

      Did they already sell out of Paninis? Dang, I'm always too late to get any.

    50. Spinju

      Honestly just looking at the history of tech I think Intel is the next Giant out the door in the next 10 years. With Apple quitting them and a strong competitor it just doesn’t make then special anymore so If they keep up the petty jabs and continue to be in denial about their lack of relevance they will be the new internet explorer (once at the top but too full of its self to improve and getting beaten down for a decade where it eventually is forgotten)

    51. CalgarGTX

      super mario 3 for 150k ? I think I still have mine laying around somewhere..

    52. Impostor

      emergency meeting ! who has info ? who killed intel in the reactor ?

    53. I was Here

      I’m just gonna buy more AMD now

    54. TrooperStewart

      Glad to here about the RTX 3060ti just hope they release enough so a $700 graphics card isn’t over $1000+ like the 3080 is atm 🤞

    55. emmanuel masvinu

      WAIT no Panini?????

    56. Colby Knock

      Cyber bullying isn’t real. Just walk away. No I’m not a boomer. I’m just logical.

    57. Hubert K.

      Intel, the Trump of Tech Industry.

    58. Clout

      Bro, where is the panini discount coupon???

    59. Sabal Shrestha


    60. DjNorad

      Is he Linus (LTT) voice double? ;)

    61. manmay nakhashi

      ltt spin off

    62. its_a_trab

      I swear there’s like a new graphics card every week

    63. builder396

      Okay, so a 4000 Ryzen will take some 9 seconds to clock up to full for gaming? Thats like what? Main menu and then the loading screen? Maybe 2 seconds more into the game? If youre rendering videos (or any other sustained load), does it even make a difference to lose 9 seconds of full performance?

    64. Cicolas Nage

      panini is already plural. one panino is singular.

    65. Litch


    66. Havocking92

      Strange mustache man

    67. Sebastjans Slavitis

      no paninis? - dislike

    68. Dark Howling

      The Panini was good not great... Try harder in future...

    69. Gord Man

      I believe intel is acting desperate , makes sense

    70. Johan Joe

      shit was getting an intel i7 10750h in my legion 5i a bad choice then? xD. AMD models arent sold in india . F. but even the AMD models get 3 hours battery life

    71. Jason Dragon

      I am shorting intel....but they still keep going up why?

    72. Cyr Yak

      I want my oanini and my masculinity!

    73. James Saint-Surin


    74. LASM Gaming Blitz

      Bruh AMD is going to Help Intel and Nvidia FOR SAM, But Intel keep making AMD look bad, AMD is really a true pacifist company.

    75. Forgotten One

      Luckily for you, I wasn't looking for a Panini, but a cubano sandwich from Pollo Tropical, available for a limited time

    76. Johanes W.A.

      I didnt know pewdiepie hosting this channel

    77. Tommy BRO

      I would not even make great paninis coming from the products of intel.

    78. tallperson117

      Fuck Intel, they're nearly as bad as Qualcomm with how terrified they are of actual competition.

    79. restcure

      YEAH! Vessi: the shoes made to look as if they're half their actual price

    80. Flutterwhat

      really sick of your headlines latly.

    81. Big Chief

      I love Riley doing tech news

    82. Trenton Holen

      Best. Intro. Ever.

    83. BenFromCanada

      Does short Circuit make paninis???

    84. Gambello

      Intel thats cringe

    85. Spencer Fuller

      You guys are selling Paninis!!! Put me on the list

    86. TimeForHype


    87. Xee

      Bastion chat right now: "" Really?

    88. Ataru Moroboshi

      Intel inside never again.

    89. CaptainFatBat

      WTF Where are my paninis ?

    90. bmh67wa

      Unsubscribing for lacking paninis.

    91. TerraBiker

      You really don't know MANLI ? Am I THAT old ?

    92. Mohamed Ahmed

      I came for the paninis :(( why let me down

    93. Kefla S

      Xfinity have had data caps where i live for two years

    94. Ryan

      It's funny you mention Comcast, I just got my email saying "slow down or pay big money" now all my streaming crap starts at 240p unless I over ride it. Nice.

    95. Glent

      3:26 - ''keeping your fetus dry...'' What the hell guys?!

    96. Bruno Giovanna

      Humans has already lost to robots

    97. fabian

      3:58 this year this man said, hes stoned or something

    98. Deevo

      Wait a minute, hold up. I told my old panini guy to eat a big fat cock-a-doodle-doo because I heard you guys had paninis. Now what the hell am I gonna do?

    99. Michael Driftwood

      Damn I was only here for the paninis

    100. startrek03

      This bootcamp argument is sorta ridiculous...