overpromise, sell, underdeliver Cyberpunk 2077


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    All gameplay footage is original, recorded on PC (high/ultra settings) and console (PS4 Slim).
    ---- Commentary & Credits (in order of appearance) (see video sources link after this) ----
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    1. Fluffie Monsta

      Cant compare this game to Rdr2. Rdr2 have more realism, physics, more detailed and can run on old gen consoles

    2. The Foundation

      Can't wait for internet historians "the cyberpunking of 2077"

    3. TheWatermelon3

      I like the music used here. Calm chaos.

    4. Michael Connor

      Todd Howard: mmm yes a good game

    5. EDGELORD -3000

      When the piece of shit "critics" from sites like Metacritic give it 80+ scores like its candy,you know there's something wrong with the game...this industry is rotten to the core,and that is because the 2000s posers calling themselves "gamers" enabled shills and corporate rats to take over for the sake of greed and ideological agenda spreading. Gaming going mainstream is the biggest mistake the scene has ever done,and has costed us legit gamers deeply.

    6. Vega Lucas

      Remember when they tell us to think of it as Witcher game? Yeah, me neither

    7. Codie Crieg

      And it is good game if you dont have potato pc XD

      1. SketchyChips

        Ok pc boy

    8. Mojito

      What if they made that shit of the game just SO crowbcat can return and let them be in one of his videos?

    9. Marcellus

      good to see Crowbcat still alive

    10. Muhammad Adiel

      7 years of making wasted

    11. Cynical

      28:46 even the NPC's are disappointed in this

    12. John Canavi

      This is just painful to watch.

    13. Carlos Ramirez

      This game shouldn've been PC exclusive and released on 2022 when finished.

    14. MemeReviewer

      Someone is Worse than Bethesda for once.

    15. CLHJordan

      Who knows maybe in 2077 cyberpunk will be fixed 😂

    16. Matthew playz royal

      Cyberbug 2021

    17. Thomas Shelby

      half life : alyx is 100000% better , too bad its only in vr so it doesnt get attention as much ,

    18. Takuto K

      This game is a whole joke lmfao Also it’s overrated asl

    19. кคקק๏гtєг

      I had a lot of fun with the game, but those side-by-side comparisons with other IPs were pretty damning.

    20. NOT SUS

      Man: Gets on his car Car: Initiate self-destruct

    21. Wild Dog

      You call this underdelivering, but there's something beautiful about how buggy this is. There's a literal staircase to heaven made of cars in one scene. How can you call that anything but perfect?

    22. NOT SUS

      IF Rockstar made this game it would be a Masterpiece.

    23. João Nunes

      "Could always be worse" - random street salesman

    24. Kevin aghastya

      Man... the game was fun because this map are big and future, only if they didn't spend a lot of money only on DAMN KEANU REVEE

    25. Ethonra

      I love videos like these. Not for the bashing, though it is deserved and funny, but because of how well the points are made. Just here's what they said, here's what they did, here's the proof. Short, sweet, and to the point. Wonderful.

      1. SketchyChips


    26. TheRockofShame

      CD Projekt Red had such a pristine reputation before this. Everybody trusted them. Now they'll never get it back.

    27. Drunken JJ


    28. Swamp Expert Extraordinaire

      1:15 I see Diana has really been desperate for a job since ICA went under

    29. Johnny Bravo's feet fetish

      This game barely lasted longer than call me Carson stepping into 2021

    30. ron

      CyberTpose 2077

    31. Big Ro

      This whole preorder and patch bs just made devs greedy and lazy. So back in the days you just got the whole finished game on the disk and played away. Now it's buggy and largely unfinished games endless downloading hours for patches n extra work. Can't even enjoy a game from start.

    32. Big Ro

      This is one of those times I'm glad I couldn't afford something. Would be a huge waste of cash.

    33. Jean-Francois Aubry

      Class Action or Crap Action

    34. AlphaLeader772

      truly amazing city, it has 300 sex clubs. Look at the simplistic city of Mirror's Edge Catalyst, it's beautiful and it's nothing special or HL2's City17 it's the perfect example of how Night City should've been. One way to make a great game is to never promise anything.

    35. K. Alici

      Idk it was not overhyped. Look at this marketing machinery. Just perfect on the point. Who cares about the product. Just perfect marketing. Not sure what people complaining about.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    36. The Crow of Yharnam


    37. Charlie Goertz

      Makes you realize how ahead of the curve Grand Theft Auto V and Rockstar were

    38. Eddie3D

      I have seen this video many times, it is very entertaining

    39. Sticky ツ

      LOL GAME DEC 2020 GTA V BE LIKE: 🤣🤣🤣

    40. Wilhelm 1

      This didn't just prove how out of touch and greedy the AAA industry is, but also showed how terrible gaming outlets were and I'm not just talking Gamespot and IGN but certain HUgetsrs that sold us this game with their early previews. Don't trust anyone in this industry anymore. Especially if they are getting paid good enough money. They are just a pawn in a rigged monetized system. Dishonest. I do miss the the good old days. I keep saying this to people and they say I'm just being nostalgic and now you can play anything. That's not the point. Games were better back then :(

    41. Aron Kingkong

      One of the Best games ever made!!!!

      1. SketchyChips

        You’re joking?


        What did I tell you about smoking the drugs behind the gas station

      3. [squidboy13]


    42. Brett Iverson

      The shareholders force them to release the game before it’s finished, and then sue when they don’t like the product, the irony.

      1. C B

        You still believe that lie's, the irony.

    43. Don'tCallMeNice

      The saddest thing is this didn't turn out the way it did because of a lack of talent. If this game stayed in development for a few more years it would turn out as great as they promised. What a shame...

    44. MSG

      "people didnt get the finish the witcher 3 so we shortened the cyberpunk 2077 story" bruh if you're playing an RPG game and RPG games do not end in 9 hours. These things can group up to MONTHS worth of gameplay and thats what we want as a triple A title game. A polished, well written, amazing, somewhat open ended game. I think we all know its physically impossible at this point to make a game that just has an open ending where if 1000 people play they will get 1000 different endings, this isnt DnD, you cannot recreate an ending and making 100% different but for fuck sake. I just want to be able to play a game that i can go to my friends and say "yeah i did this mission and i killed this dude and now this guy wants me dead and i lost respect from one of my allies" and they could be telling me what they did on that exact mission and have gotten a different path from it. IT would be AMAZING. but at the end of the day, cyberpunk has yet again proven that even the most respected devs and publishers will still overpromise to the stars and deliver us a tiny rock found on the ground.

    45. egg lord

      yall are stupid, you rush game devs too make a game, you then get a RUSHED GAME, and you all complain? if you people would just have had some fucking patience, the final product wouldve been much better. if it really bothers you, wait a bit for the game to get updated with bug fixes and patches, and the experience will be much better

      1. Enzo Perruccio

        Maybe, just maybe, if CDPR hadn't hyped the shit out of this game the devs wouldn't have been so rushed.

      2. SketchyChips

        Ok cybersimp

    46. Bob Bob

      After finishing this warm pile of shit on a ps4, i can't watch them hype this game any longer. It's just so embarrassing.

    47. Ethan Winters

      Wanna hear a joke?..... cyberpunk

    48. Congcrab

      i hope Crowbcat makes a video about the ps5

      1. Congcrab

        @Declan Byrne Maybe it would work as a short video

      2. Declan Byrne

        There's really not that much wrong with it besides the stock problems

    49. Flo

      We haven’t learned anything from Watchdogs have we?

    50. FeuerfesteUnterhose08/15


    51. Sgt Nooodle

      This game did the prologue about 60% of the way and then just slapped together whatever would fit for the rest of the game.

    52. Milan

      wheres platform 2077?

    53. Balder

      45GB update, is this real? xD


        Call of shity does it every week

    54. Costin MyR3L

      This is much worse than the Xbox360 version of Black Ops 3

      1. SketchyChips

        At least that worked

    55. Luciano CB

      I feel bad for Keanu, the game don't deserve Keanu

    56. swampthing94

      The devs wanted a 2022 release date. But no, the money hungry investors basically forced them to release it in this state. Thank god we still have The Witcher 3

    57. Gulda Vikur

      Unbeliveable! A video made by an idiot who didn't play the game for idiots who didn't play the game too. Embarassing!

      1. SketchyChips

        @Chunchunmaru wasn’t replying to you though. I was replying to OP

      2. Chunchunmaru

        @SketchyChips lol i was replying to the first guy i hate this game

      3. SketchyChips

        Ok cybersimp

      4. Chunchunmaru

        @SpottedPanda127 was too lazy to fix it

      5. SpottedPanda127

        @Chunchunmaru *because

    58. Pee 90s

      When you allergic to steps 5:38

    59. BurliestStorm94

      I'm fan since 250k

    60. Gamerhandsjr

      I can't believe I paid *NEARLY 100 BUCKS* For something I can do in *LITERALLY ANY OTHER GAME!!*

    61. Eoc

      "life is full of dissapointment" you can say that again.

    62. anamika das

      Yeah Next gen Open world adventure. A game which lacks Elements present in a 2004 game. No police AI Bridges-No trains Not jetpacks Not purchasable interiors THIS GAME IS GARBAGE, more so because it Failed miserable to live up to its hype

    63. Ashen Shanuka

      Bugs Life.

    64. Marhensa Aditya Hadi

      this is, really, really, sad. hopefuly this video lists all those bugs, and they could fixing it one by one.

    65. intelgen

      In all honesty I reckon what happened is they lost 2/3 years of progress and what they had to release was a alpha state version. So they know they can fix it now because it was already done. They just lost the progress somehow?

    66. redbro


    67. AmusingAutomatons

      Had they just delayed it for another 3-6 months, people would have bitched and moaned but they could have released a relatively bug free game and it would have generally been much better for them. The other limitations of the game would have hurt obviously, but that was inevitable based on design choices early on.

      1. AmusingAutomatons

        @Hans Alanson Agreed. One thing I would add, however, is that I would bet it all on it being a management decision. The fact that some people are calling it a software dev failure is ignorant of how the tech industry works. 9 times out of 10, it's upper management having no clue how anything works and just pushing middle managers to delivery, regardless of quality. The middle managers are the weakest, spineless twats in the industry and they just agree to everything in the hopes of making it to senior management. Meanwhile, the only talent in the business are the developers that make miracles happen in insanely crunched schedules.

      2. Hans Alanson

        That's on them for keeping making faux release dates and being adamant that they can do their own goalpost 34:43. Had they quietly worked on the game, didn't pull a giant marketing stunt for over a year and made the difficulty choice of announcing a reduced scope of their game before E3 2019, half of this fiasco would have not happened. But no, they chose the "scam everyone" route.

    68. The stuff That matters

      Literally I finished this game and was like "Okay now that's over back to modded skyrim"

    69. Mirailess m

      great ideas for a new end of the world movie

    70. SEN JAY

      Spent more money on the marketing than the actual game, warning signs to anyone that preorders 🤣🤣🤣

    71. GuyThatMakesSense

      I didn’t know “T-posing” would be the next “planking” in the future. Everybody does it in the streets.

    72. You really are something

      I wonder how long it's going to take people to stop buying triple AAA games?

    73. Superior Gaming

      14:48 when you try to be cool and stuff and then there’s your homie

    74. Superior Gaming

      3:56 sucks to be that guy

    75. Raven Carino

      Cmon guys! It IS realistic!! Just imagine a god who has access to all the cheats and all the mods at the same time while you are playing.

    76. Ujjwal Nigam

      Only rdr2 world feel alive and also from day to night cdpr,the fucking liers

    77. Ch3ato

      P R E F A B M I S S I N G

    78. Gray Fox

      7:08 idk what u guys talkign about, the man was just late for work.

    79. Mohit Yadav

      Maybe, everyone's just teleporting.. Come on, it's 2077 guys ;D

    80. Razor Blazor

      This game makes Fallout 76 and Mass Defect look like passionately crafted masterpieces.

    81. Mitch Boland

      I can’t stand reviewers like YongYea and Skillup. They hyped the game up and ignored blatant issues in their reviews. It’s partly their fault for the hype being as high as it was. And now they’ve switched to making money talking about how lacking the game is.

      1. Chunchunmaru

        Bootlickers 101

    82. Darie Cosma-Rapa

      Man that game could really be special game, but no. It's a shit that irritates people.

    83. Max B

      Maybe the game is so awful because it's trying to show how an extremely technologically advanced society wouldn't work :o

    84. PULYXX

      buy a pc


        Ah yes that will solve it

      2. SketchyChips


      3. SapoMercador

        Sadly a pc does not solve the history problem

      4. Nigatoni Flinbichoni

        Sadly my parents aint rich

    85. Duhtea

      Wait for GTA 6 .....No one can't beat Gta games they are the master of Openworld games...

      1. CHUDAK

        Plot twist:gta 6 will be worse

    86. Vito Nahberger

      Hell, even i feel kinda sad for this game and its community, and i never even gave a flying f*ck about this game.

    87. Furqan Ahmed

      17:08 Cyberpunk 2077 featuring the Turtle swimming style in which you can explore through the deep waters twice the speed.

    88. Lowen264

      After avoiding everything about this game leading up to launch I can now see why people who were watching all the trailers are so unhappy with this product. Damn let me tell you after 30ish hours in it doesn't feel believable at all. I like the game play, but it doesn't feel like their previous games. Even Witcher 1 was a more believable world than Cyberpunk. Oh well every developer has its peak and its eventual decline.

    89. Phucklord3000

      "Alright check this out". I lost it 🤣🤣

    90. Govardhan Sunil

      this is FUTURE . PURE FUTURE

    91. Mateusz Kaczmarek

      That's why you never believe prerelased footage. In this case I didn't, it made my expectations love and made me love the full game.


      Stupid game

    93. cool vids123

      so what happened to the people who had the physical copy after it was removed from the PSN

      1. Arvin Jay

        they either sold it or played it and it still crashed after 3 hours.

    94. Braydon S

      I actually believed this game would be something greater than anything I've ever played. I didn't figure that everyone who made TW2 and 3 fucking retired before development on this one began. Must have been really hard on Valve to create a new chapter to an old story known for it's jawdropping creativity with new staff members in today's hiring market. Jeez

    95. Jezreel Jeremias

      I love how old games are much more better than cyberpunk 2077

    96. Ker Plunk

      imagine building a house by painting it first

    97. The Crow of Yharnam

      Greed Rekt Redeadaption

    98. TheJshow

      I just don’t understand how these guys made Witcher 3? What the hell actually happened? Where was the direction? Quality control? Budget? Why would Keanu sign onto this? Was he lied to as well? Why did they reboot development in 2016? Why did they promise so many things that clearly weren’t achievable? WHY?

      1. Hans Alanson

        @Ker Plunk The Witcher 3 is a mess when it comes to game design and technicalities, but compared to CP-77, that game still has more tact. Funny example being how TW3 actually have a more functional law enforcement that is a challenge to get away from in many cases...

      2. Ker Plunk

        Did you even play witcher 3? the game wher you just pres a button and ur guys spins around with a sword like a dumbass that I stopepd palying after 5 minutes even after riping it for free...

    99. CunningCondor

      Here I am still playing System Shock 2 instead.