G-Eazy - Had Enough (Official Video)


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    G-Eazy - "Had Enough" out now!
    Director/ Creative Director: Lauren Dunn
    Prod. Co. : Happy Place
    EP: Tara Razavi
    Creative Producer: Matt Bauerschmidt
    Dir. Rep: Emily Sanders, Reveur Agency
    Producer Valerie Bush
    Producer: Nicolette Moreno
    Production Coordinator: Sarahi Salazar

    Management: The Revels Group, Matt Bauerschmidt, Jamil Davis
    Chief Staff Manager: Kathleen Wathen
    Creative Art Director: Jessie Camp

    DP: Russ Fraser
    Steadicam: Bill Hunt
    1st AC Bobby Pavlovsky
    1st AC: Sergey Nikitenko
    Camera PA: Angelo Clarizio
    Electric: Sven Van Ostrand
    Gaffer: Dimitri Christofordis
    Gaffer: Graham Wade
    Key Grip: Taylor Reick
    Grip: Chris Ginnaven

    Prod. Designer: Haley Appell
    Art Director: Cameron Nawaz
    Set Decorator: Hensel Martinez

    Post Producer: Tony Stackhouse
    Post Coordinator: Brandon Moody
    Editor: Julian Conner, Frame48
    Compositor: Enrique De La Garza
    Colorist: Jacob McKee, Forager Collective

    Styling: Anastasia Walker
    Grooming: Sabrina Bates-Whited

    Label: RCA
    Social Team: Leah Mack, Abir Hashem, Jasper Graham, Chris Maldonado
    Follow G-Eazy:
    #GEazy #HadEnough #NewMusic

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    1. Sydney butler

      I wish they would play his music on the radio more

    2. Mollee Davis

      Why at the ending of the song does it soundlike he is saying to instead of you

    3. Naniglexx

      Dope AF

    4. alicia cordova

      This ❤

    5. Kelly G

      I’m living for the shade.

    6. thatsBETSYV

      Y’all will be back together

    7. Fancy Necromancy

      Where tf I been on this?

    8. P Smith

      Had enough of this song

    9. Melanie Murczak

      Mein böses Lachen war damals ausgeschaltet... Ich lache anders... Als ob man mich nicht informiert hätte...

    10. Melanie Murczak

      An der Stelle der Korbacher hätte ich mehr Angst vor mir gehabt, denn Bildungsfremd bin ich nicht... Raus!

    11. Melanie Murczak

      Verreckt sagte ich und war war weg... Ich rede nicht gern so viel... Seht zu... Lach...

    12. Hannah Debreceny

      Leave me alone i don't like you hits different

    13. shahpal tariq

      Love this 😂😂😂

    14. Tara Flanagan

      Damn this track is gonna hit Halsey hard...I kimda feel sad for her

    15. Sharen Hayes

      This song ,words meanings ,I can relate differently then his video to me It says so much truth how I've lived my last 25yrs.w/ w.o. sons by blood, sweat tearz&fears of loss&distance in presences few

    16. Urban Music

      Q l q hugets.info/show/rHuldr3Ks4WVmIY/vide.html

    17. Le fabuleux Lilly

      Premium Voice 😎👍 love it 💘

    18. Sythus

      na im team halsey hey

    19. A L

      This man is FINE, but damn, this song is NOT 🔥.

    20. Jen Crumrine

      Mood af.

    21. Brianna Gomez

      I’m just waiting on the day they get back together

      1. xnxx

        @Brianna Gomez you don’t have to agree with my opinion that’s fine lol

      2. Brianna Gomez

        thomas oh noooo YUNGBLUD was not it

      3. xnxx

        @Brianna Gomez ye they looked fine together, same as with Yungblud

      4. Brianna Gomez

        thomas sadly I agree with you

      5. xnxx

        never gonna happen lmao

    22. julie gutierrez

      IT weird how two of the most people who loved each other a lot end up making songs about there break up 3 years later true love if u think of it

    23. JPANDA66

      THIS IS HARD LOVE HIS CREATIVITY 💥💥💥games bin blow away

    24. brittany R

      going ellen on me. Eazy knows

    25. Jasmine Towner

      Not a fan of his newer music. 👎

      1. xnxx

        don’t watch it then lmao instead commenting shit nobody cares about

    26. NDN

      “I don’t hate you now but have the right to” resonated so much with me

    27. Tim K

      Bäm 🙌🏻😍

    28. Zach Bochy

      This the best G been in a while

    29. sofia lopez


    30. sid mahadevan

      i'm just asking a question, don't hate on me. Was there ever actually any proof that he cheated on her? i mean based on the fact that he's g eazy, it's not that hard to believe..... but he keeps saying in the song that she lied and ruined his name so i'm just asking.........

      1. V.S Gaming

        good point🤐

    31. Thomas Clifton


    32. Melanie Murczak

      Ich w

    33. Brandy Witmer

      Had enough and back to what you knew are Gs best drops hands down since dont let me go & downtown love

    34. John Bossert

      Ahem... G-Eazy should have at least one Eminem collab...

    35. Melanie Murczak

      Ich hatte genug... Ihr d

    36. Melanie Murczak

      Ihr habt das Recht dazu mich zu hassen solange ihr euch an Recht und Gesetz haltet. Es gibt Regeln... Mh... Die haben nichts als den Tod und die Schmerzen der Hölle verdient. Mir ist es völlig egal ob man mich hasst... Damit komme ich klar nur wie man das tut ist nicht so ganz egal. Aus denen macht man nichts. Sowas darf nicht leben.

    37. The trap J’s

      G eazy is one of the best rappers in the game best believe that ☄️🔥🔥🔥

    38. Lina Mya

      About time we hear the other side of the story

    39. Harris Braton

      Celebs Relationship feels like their Managers doing colab for some stories

    40. Lucky Rahman

      Had enough,🖕 without you Ex

    41. Jamie Dylan de Jong


    42. Muttaki Islam Bismoy

      "Leave me alone, I don't like you" ooopps 🤭

    43. Kürşat Yücel


    44. fuck the world

      "leave me alone i don't like you" i look into the mirror n listen to this same line on repeat mode.

    45. Shubhankar Das

      20 seconds into the song and I'm already blown away!

    46. Melanie Murczak

      Ihr habt das Recht dazu mich zu hassen dennoch darf man nicht alles. Daf

    47. Full Send

      Is it just me or does GEazy look like Hunter Biden

    48. B King

      I just love him!!

    49. Elizabeth Healy

      Deer in the headlights 🚨Dope

    50. Cara Sanders

      Oof, "leave me alone, I don't like you" had to hurt

    51. nevordo mcneil

      Want them back together.

    52. Odawa Native

      At least halsey put some great music out after it. Maybe he can change his name to G crappy singer.

    53. Natalie McNeil

      Your music is getting me through recovery!!!! I’m four days clean and I’m trying so hard but it’s my third time in rehab. Just so you know your making a real difference to people’s recoveries with your music!

    54. Krissy

      Leave me alone...I DONT LIKE YOU! I felt this on too many levels frfr🔥🔥

    55. patrick gilhool

      Much respect to you and Black Bear also Merkules,NF (MY MAN NATE) And Tom McDonald. I'd love to see yall collaborate together whatever odds u may have put em aside and do something to change this world for the better yall got a gift with your voice where as Ii have one with a pen not so much a keyboard as u can see

    56. Teresa hikes

      imagine going from gerald to...yungblud..all the while saying you 'bi' lol

    57. angela b

      Omg wow

    58. Leno


    59. slut

      Eh this song isn't it.

    60. Vicki Lynn Kieszek

      I love them both, I don't like how either of them act about it but i still love the music

    61. Slntbisla

      But was she crazy? Or did you make her crazy. Lol

    62. Melanie Murczak

      Die haben alle nichts im Hirn und machen Größen kaputt. Warum muss ich meine Arbeit hassen, weil ich meine Vorgesetzte nicht mehr ertragen und weiterhin dulden kann. Mein Leben und meine Zeit verspielen... Ich kam nicht aus armen Verhältnissen. Ihr macht Menschen kaputt. Ihr habt nichts verdient außer Schmerz und Armut. Ich nehme nie wieder Rücksicht oder sonst irgendwas. Ich trete nur noch rein. Auf gewisse Personenkreise Scheiße ich später. Ihr werdet bei Zeiten sehen was ihr wirklich damit erreicht habt und dass ihr nie was wert wart. Wofür hatte man gelebt.... Mich hätte niemand wirklich niemand bedacht.... Ich bin nicht die Anni oder wie auch immer die hieß....

    63. Uyen Nghb

      What is the deer at the end about?

    64. Monika Christensen

      This is the anthem for all cheaters who think they are the victim 🙄

      1. xnxx

        okay officer

    65. agnes moss

      I love you g eazy or Gerald

    66. Jamie Dylan de Jong

      ryeone herd u

    67. Theoni Kaltsidou


    68. Maria Jose Gonzalez Sosa

      x22 report

    69. Erica Padilla


    70. Kenny Thao

      Haha I forgot all about this female but she had the audacity to follow me after blocking me when she left for another dude even though I got her through a breakup and stayed up all night on phone calls with her😂did a lot for this female and she treated me like a rebound and her relationship didn’t pan out how she expected it to and now she’s back🗑

    71. Mathew Campbell

      You've only gotta look at the new mgk and halsey tune, the way she comes busting out the door had me shook and i instantly thought why the fuck did G cheat on that. Everyone has their reasons but fml what a dumb fucker ngl

    72. bakoziel

      "You probably think this song is about you..." Bro... Come on.

    73. Hanalynda Nongtnger

      Why don,t two stop blame each other and forgive each others and get back together again

    74. Matt Brown

      If you listen closely, there’s a noise in the background the whole song that goes, “click click click click click”

    75. tamara davis

      Halsey screamed at the person when they shouted G Eazy's name at the concert G Eazy: But let somebody say G Eazy u go apeshit😂

    76. Gina D

      This is a decent banger not gonna lie but seems like the biggest thing "Galseazy" had in common was there smug self righteousness. Her thinking he couldn't live without her (obviously he can) and him thinking she was his property like money, cash, drugs and cars. That he could use or toss aside and pick up anytime he chose to. You just dance with the devil you don't lead. In any case, they clearly both got what was intended and their now more successful artists and humans as a result. Best to them both. 💜🖤

    77. Sami Gane

      okay im not mad fits exactly in this song

    78. Gabby Lopez

      Why am I get narcissistic vibes.

    79. SausageFruit

      Berlin Tag & Nacht brought me here.

    80. Eda Gülbaş

      The most UNDERRATED song ever

    81. Rain Smith

      "Wondering how could I live without"

    82. Jenastaso

      Still the best Song that has been released this year !

    83. Özge Çetiner

      You wonder how I lived “without you”, babe Live without me....

    84. Grapesca.t Sh

      how deeply it hits, dang, awesome. i love it!

    85. Feyloush

      Yeah yeah had enough ok but this girl showed all the homies how you do it the right way when you get on cheated on, SEVERAL TIMES !!! GO "have enough" now , bye !

    86. Caitlyn Rose

      Can you stop putting that blonde looking girl in your videos. It looks like the girl my ex cheated on me with. Thnku.

    87. Elnur Naghdaliyev

      You are best!

    88. Dawn marie

      Xoxo fire

    89. Makayla Chalfant

      So like are they gonna talk this out or just keep dropping tracks about each other years later lol

    90. Kavya Arora

      Here after Hate the way 🥺

    91. Simon Warriner


    92. Donny R. Marquis II

      Rip g

    93. miranda james

      Is he ok

    94. sagoon baniya

      This song is hella underrated

    95. boss mommy

      1:36 is that a pic of Halsey 🤔

    96. Rini Rodriguez

      I think hasley might of been the crazy one. G eazy was patient. He let her shoot all them shots and then released his diss track on her when he got tired.

    97. Raluca R


    98. Simon Warriner

      Never Have enough of Masterpiece 🙏🔥❤

    99. Tapti Sharma


    100. Netania Gazda

      I'm a halsey fan through and through but this is a bop. And at least g eazy essentially said they were both toxic 🤷‍♀️ I'm curious what halsey thinks of this song though