Worst gun in PUBG - Revolver

885 E megtekintés63

    No other gun comes close to the uselessness of the revolver
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    1. Noemi Mercado

      I like revolver because it have cool reload animation (:

    2. Ksanboru Mawrie

      Dat d main gun it's jus a show


      BanginDads killed Gameboy_Connor with a skateboard 😂

    4. Zilong Nez

      I actually like the revolver

    5. Indian Nation 2.0

      7mm pistol 😆


      Indian name KATTA

    7. Diego Alfredo Puma Jaramillo

      It was buffed on update 9.2.

    8. QHSL Gaming

      Imagine If Shroud Gets A Revolver Kill And Starts Dancing Like Scout

    9. Mohamad Arif

      Does anyone cares about the notification above mentioning people who killed each other in ridiculous ways?🤣🤣🤣

    10. REX Gaming

      Pls see my video I am not getting views😭

    11. M

      Class as usual

    12. Dwi Arzaq

      Dude you 400% Gyro rip

    13. LOGAN

      why the fuck u are not running

    14. Chandru Shekar

      When u got that gun in gun game means just do kill chori to win 😅😅😅

    15. Niwag

      The Sawed off is the Worst... Change my Mind!!!😤

    16. Byteboi

      His kill field has a another level of humor.

    17. Yogesh Dutt

      In india, this gun is called "desi katta" means a gun which is made locally by using cheap local components 😂😂😂

    18. RazorKamaitachi X Blade

      Playing in 3rd person view when shooting someone without using ADS aiming in nutshell

    19. Busstop Boxer

      Aww man it's a good gun, but Adam is just better...

    20. Gaming With Ujjwal

      Worst gun in pubg Everyone: R1867 pistol Me: Flare gun😌(if you get player gun in starting without gun then u r not able to survive player will kill u at the situation when they are rushing on you) but r1867 can clutch them it produce 30% damage in 1 shot and firing rate is slow I don't know about you , you can clutch or not but for me I can clutch the whole squade with r1867 whether they have m4 or akm😌

    21. Gaming Maniac

      You're a noob if you think that way. -Gamer

    22. [AC阿森]

      Wait.... This gun does *a lot of damage * usually....

    23. everdeen beech

      u looking for an m416 the got back up with some random noob

    24. COMALI DA

      Nah Dude thats not a worst gun 😂 that gun saved my life many times Dude u r a noob 😂😂 just practice and try to shoot ur oppenent 😂😂

    25. PJE 401

      Guess this was made pre "shoot from car" update? Cause now the revolver is a must.

    26. Survey Corps

      The Kill announce was just very Funny!!

    27. Survey Corps

      Commando killed maceinyoface with a mace into his face? HAHA

    28. Prime' A

      Funniest thing in this video was "someone was killed with a skateboard"😂😂

    29. K Nandakumar Krishnankutty

      Vidan the mighty killed pnw581 with steam roller what is that :(

    30. V S R GAMING

      This is R1567

    31. Trending Tarzan

      How many Indian viewers?

    32. sɪʟᴇɴᴛ ᴀʟᴘʜᴀ ɢᴀᴍᴇ

      Why the guys in comment section not taking about kill feed?

    33. LIL NTN

      There is nothing wrong with this gun You need to improve your aim!

    34. Armaan Afzal

      At least it is not the worst wepon

    35. Tajamul Khan

      #bot aim

    36. Timur

      I've just decided to subscribe. Than I saw THIS and changed my mind.

    37. Arun Gurung

      Oh my God like,literally he is me 🤣 I can win by fist but I can't use this gun.

    38. Game Mod

      Dodge this 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    39. RiDeOUT Gaming OP

      Yes it's true in gun game it's a big mess

    40. tamuna dvalishvili

      adam got revenge

    41. MOHSIN TV

      Nice wow good

    42. Vexi 573

      I don't agree with title

    43. END ツ FEARLESS

      If I were there I would run......


      If it can work then u could have run 🤔

    45. Mohammad Umair

      Kaleen bhaiya katta h😂😂😂😂

    46. Dynamite Gaming

      Revolver person like victor 😅

    47. Cool Boi - Minecraft

      The kill feeds are awesome 😭😭😂😭😂

    48. Sumit Kashyap

      Watch caseto indian youtuber he told you what revollver is😉😉😉😉😉😉😁😁😁 Check out once

    49. GZone GamingYT

      In pubg pc also no clothes lol😁?

    50. JR GAMING

      Noob 😂

    51. PhantomBerry PH4N70MB3RRY

      nah your just bad, i always use the revolver, its my go to handgun / pistol

    52. ArchAngel121996

      rvb church wants his gun back

    53. C H A N D R A S E K H A R

      Look thos kill massages

    54. Ultimatum Gamer

      u forgot abt desert eagle, wth those fckin noise reload

    55. leon mendez

      Your aim sucks not the gun

    56. JKR VIPER

      It's not worst

    57. Precision Gaming ༆

      If anyone wants to unban his pubg mobile account, dm (venox_tools) on instagram

    58. N1ghtyxl

      plot twist: he was missing the shots for content

    59. SP##DY

      worst gun is sawedoff

    60. Hassan Chatta

      this gun reminded me of gun game whenever i reach this gun some other player becomes the mvp or our team loses bcz this is the worst gun ever

    61. EASY TECH

      Enemy smiles like ^_^



    63. Navya G

      You meant best?

    64. Noob gamer

      That's gun is katta in India!!🤣🤣

    65. SpicyGamer

      0:20 Killed By Locking in A Washin Machine 😂

    66. Vihaan Shah

      Worst than revolver is r45

    67. Wildstyle Nk

      Worst revolver in pubg that is .45 ammo revolver i don't know that name . But 7.62 ammo revolver is far betterthan that one

    68. Mark Sayos Mejia

      Still waiting for cod warzone parodies but this is cool too

    69. BLAZE

      Actually, the revolver is a good gun But his aim wasn't good 🤣

      1. Incognito xoxo

        What an over used emoji

    70. 47 Peter

      I hate R1895

    71. T. Etelber

      Dodge this Don't mind if i do

    72. Ch Sampathkumar-45

      Have u all seen the kill feed

    73. Karan Sharma

      R45 is more worst than revolver😂

    74. Mr GuGu • 55 years ago

      It’s not the worst gun haha your aim is worst lol😂

    75. Just Mark

      Should have use your fist

    76. Bhabajit Das

      Katta 😂😂😂

    77. bad vibes

      Nah the worst gun is r45

    78. Mr.Tactical SO2

      I have no problem with that revolver, like I've wiped entire teams with it.

      1. fami ivt

        Also the revolver its very quiet with a silencer

    79. FiSA

      Actually revolver can kill with one headshot without a helmet

    80. bhavesh mohit

      1:28 gameboy_Connor WHO IS THERE FANS

    81. Manik Sharma

      Bull shit things pubg have ever made😂😂 Revolver M16a4 Mutant SLR Shortgun You lose confidence when you get one of these after landing 😂

    82. Deepanshu Sharma

      What are you saying... This pistol is famous in India as ' katta ', and we know 😎

    83. Ak47 basha

      i hate that revolver 🥴

    84. Alonimator

      Revolver is still better than *R45*


      That is really worst gun

    86. mistrust editer LAUR Laur


    87. Raunak Singh

      Revolver is very nice gun in pubg.

    88. ultra gaming

      Desi Katta .😂😂



    90. GURJAR is ALive



      Yes revolver really suck ..

    92. SWAT INNU


    93. Random Guy

      U should check those Kill feed !!

    94. mad md

      طبنجة باب الحارة خرا بيومها حتى ب٧ طلقات ما تنزل نوك

    95. CLASHING with BOSS


    96. yeLa WoLf

      It depends on the player , Choco literally won the game only with this gun !!!

      1. Mr Irkiz

        with 19 kills too 🤯

    97. Mystery King

      Just see those kill messages 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    98. S Ã V A G E / P Î Z Z A

      Ur aim is worst not that gun

    99. Thomas shelby

      when you reach the kill 14 in library 🙃🥴

    100. Amarjeet Kumar

      Desert eagle gun sbse ghatiya h, BC ek goli bhi connect nhi hoti h.😑