A Bigger Badder Bowser - Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Nintendo Switch


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    Bowser has become gargantuan and lost all control! Join forces with Bowser Jr. to stop his big bad dad in the Bowser's Fury adventure, included in the Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury game. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury launches on February 12, 2021 only on Nintendo Switch.
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    1. PapaChuck

      I love kaiju

    2. Devin Kalinowski

      they made mario a furry.....

    3. henrique lovo

      Giganta max Mario, what a surprise

    4. Derek jonas Lopez Campos

      No sé pasen nintendo otro juego de Mario afán otro personaje y otro juego y además paredes ya agarraron Sonic mania vayanse al carago

    5. philyhero33go

      Dame bowser looks badass. Not as badass as perfect dark Gaia

    6. Funnigame

      1:17 live and learn remix am I right? Except it skips a repeating part

    7. Manto 48 games

      This is amazing yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Nancy 06chicas

      If you guys agree with me like the comment

    9. Sierra Blue


    10. Nancy 06chicas

      Nintendo I’m here to ask if you can make a new weapon in splatoon 2 please here is the weapon I’m gonna ask you make a dualie squelchers that has a splashdown please read this comment

    11. Mario vs FNAF Team Acevedo


    12. marcia Smith

      Omg yes

    13. Bertha Papillion

      I wonder what game Nintendo gonna relase bc i cant wait to know

    14. Jeremiah Walton

      That's go takes so long for this came out

    15. User3476

      mario's a furry

    16. Gusmer 1709

      que mal ni tengo switch

    17. David Gatica

      Bowsers FURRY

    18. Bradon Briffa

      Mario and Bowser Gigantamax

    19. TheMovieNerd

      This video became more popular than the Just Dance 2017 trailer. Congratulations!

    20. Nicholas Forbes


    21. Iceman


    22. August Joseph

      Why is no one talking about how epic the Bowser entrance musical theme was?! It hit HARD!

    23. DoriyahDude

      Everyone talking about Super Saiyan Mario but is everyone just gonna ignore Bowsers metal theme?!

      1. Dres2000

        I’m looking forward to blasting it 100% volume

    24. Higgins Marlene


    25. Buckdaduck

      They can make remakes for 3D world but not for pokemon Diamond and Pearl bruh

    26. Shade Devyn

      I think this whole Bowser Fury thing is, Nintendo getting ready to start on Super Mario Odyssey 2

    27. Nikyu

      That music in the end sounds like jecht's theme from final fantasy X

    28. Leon Henry

      "I just keep moving until my enemies know what they're dealing with." -Bowser 2021

    29. get demonitized

      Botw fans: idk man, bowser kinda looks like ganon to me

    30. Newts Poots

      Mario collects all 7 chaos emeralds.

    31. noahswag41

      I can’t be the only one who’s scared of the meow noise the Giga Bell makes 😳

    32. Shiv Man

      Nintendo seems to respect cats more than their owners....

    33. Lucille Freeman

      Love you.

    34. AidenGamez

      This is looking like a little Mario odyssey ngl

    35. john fu

      Furries: Mario gets it

    36. Kevin Quinones

      Mario super Saiyan

    37. Conway

      This is cool

    38. Steven Guzman

      why is nobody talking about this when bowser is coming out why did it sound like a fart

    39. Crimson Pap.

      *_That second the music syncs in hard with Fury Bowser breathing fire is just- mph~!_

    40. Petar Luketina

      Pokemon doing really well. They got Gigamax Bowser and Mario.

    41. Giogio, lord of ferrets

      Super saiyian mario

    42. Axel Nord

      1:30 now that's a cool wallpaper

    43. David Cruz

      Mario really turned super saiyan

    44. z3ldafanjuli3

      So, Mario is now a Cat Goku? Also, can this and all other Switch games be played on the Switch Light?

      1. z3ldafanjuli3

        @RW Thunder That makes sense. Thank you.

      2. RW Thunder

        @z3ldafanjuli3 For Switch Light, avoid games where JoyCon controllers are mandatory (Super Mario Party, RingFit Adventure, 1-2 Switch to name a few).

      3. z3ldafanjuli3

        @Tryhard Penguin Cool. My nephew has one, so he may like this.

      4. Tryhard Penguin

        Yes and yes

    45. Thomas Boyd

      Mario over here looking like Super Sonic 2:00

    46. Rebel Hyperion

      So Bowser finally went so berserk for even his son to be like “Woah dad, Chill”

    47. JingleBerryBush

      This game looks beautiful on switch

    48. Jaden Walters

      Why is bj following mario

    49. inumis

      when they take the furry joke too far

    50. Zachary Jansky

      New Godzilla movie trailer leaked

    51. Icey Spike

      So... super sayian Mario. Gotcha

    52. Michael Tamrael

      super Mario 3d-er world

    53. Jaeden Kelly


    54. manualLaborer

      Not sure why I read that as "bigger bladder browser"...

    55. Thethumb 10

      We’re did cappy go did he just die or something

    56. The Quartz Pineapple

      Looks like an anime in the end

    57. Tyler Contenza

      Bowser and Mario gigantimax 2021 colorized

    58. Isabel 8 World

      Mario looks like sonic

    59. ØMEN

      Mario is goku?? WTF bro

    60. xNotPixel _

      im buying nintendo switch now

    61. タピオンTapion

      super sayan mario

    62. Artemis152 OwO

      Gigantimax Cat Mario vs Gigantimax Bowser

    63. Jordan Michael

      Giant Super Saiyan Cat Mario... sign me up

    64. ANNA PINK

      Calamity Ganon Bowser?

    65. Jeff Flank

      I like Bowser but does this mean Mario Cat Racing is next?🤠

    66. Alex Vermeulen


    67. Alex Vermeulen


    68. Alex Vermeulen


    69. Alex Vermeulen


    70. Alex Vermeulen


    71. Alex Vermeulen


    72. Alex Vermeulen


    73. Will McClain

      This seems like a really short game if I'm not missing something


      cool great.... where is super Mario Odessdy 64

    75. Cesar Fernandez

      Nintendo plz add gang beast

    76. Lukashagen 687

      Ssj Mario

    77. Ruzael

      Mario REALLY loves that kitten suit...

    78. Soyvo

      MY SONG IS ALMOST AS BIG AND BAD AS THIS BOWSER!!😂😂 check it out on my page😂

    79. aloser123

      big boi

    80. Leon Fisher

      I don't need it. I don't need it....... I NEED IT!!!!

    81. ZeldaNerdPlayZ

      this looks awsome ill probaby buy t idk

    82. Ilian Yt vocaloid

      I have a question,ir will come out in cartridge or digital only ?

    83. Justin Hesse


    84. Najah shikamaru

      When did godzilla get into Mario

    85. awesome puppet

      2:00 literally super sonic copy and pasted into Mario...YOU CANT FOOL ME

    86. CorporalPig22

      1:12 You know it's gonna be awesome when Bowser has a frickin' vocal metal theme song.

    87. WaVyXtream

      Bowser just went full on emo mode

    88. Cross Squirrel

      Did Mario just transformed into Super Lion Saiyan 4 at the end?

    89. John Jamison

      What? Whoa whoa whoa whoa! Is there another cat that's daisy in the premier trailer?

    90. Zachariah Johnson

      Now, to your right, we see an Italian plumber dressed up as a lion fighting a gigantamax dragon turtle.

    91. polypus

      Mario sounds like mickey

    92. Blake Stafford

      Bruh Mario just straight up went super sayain😂😂😂

    93. Zachariah Johnson

      Nobody: Bots desperate for likes: WhO hErE hAs LiKeD fOoD bEfOrE 2021!?

    94. SaladWithABeard

      1:15 - Princess Peach: "Understandable. Have a nice day"

    95. MrXcman92

      Furry Mario vs Goth Bowser

    96. Ironside

      Super Mario: Cataclysm

    97. S0meRand0mAnimat0r

      This Bowser:Exists Godzilla:Finally A Worthy Opponent

    98. Der Dörk

      What is that Epic music?

    99. Frank S

      Are we going to ignore SSmario deluxe