My Thoughts on Reality Shifting


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    Holy shift kids are trying to cross the multiverse just to be with Draco Malfoy. Second channel ➤
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    Hey if you're reading this, thanks for checking out the description. Sorry that I've been gone for awhile, but don't worry I've still been working hard. Pretty soon (and I mean this as 'odd1sout' amount of soon) I'll be dropping big news. It's the biggest news I've ever dropped. I can't wait until I'm allowed to talk about it! Thanks again for reading and have a day!!!

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    1. WednesdayTheFrog


    2. Gogeta Blue

      Imagine if dreams are just other dimensions existing out there

    3. Al

      6:15 most of us have very little to no mental stability and/or will to live (like me)

    4. Blue

      So there's a reality where im handsome?

    5. Al

      *i don't dream*

    6. Al

      5:21 nope

    7. Fogburg Edits

      I don’t believe in the different realities and that stuff I just think it’s like a really realistic dream and all of those methods are just different ways to make you have those dreams

    8. Mahmud firmsyh

      Moral from this video,dont install tik tok in child phone

    9. Al

      okokok so 4:01 James' question: what happens to the other you's conciousness. well the way i like to think of it... (not 100% sure if everone thinks this same way) is that time works differently. like if somone were to say they shifted, it can sometimes mean they did it just then (because it seams like you're gone for 2 milliseconds) OR it chould mean any time over the past decade or two (bc we forget shit) _OR_ it could mean when they were asleep, which it the most usual or obvious way to shift. please feel free to comment the way you think of shifting.

    10. Al

      i aaah- i- i realityshiftallthetimeandiactuallyrealylikeitandidieonpuposealot.

    11. VRFreak23

      honestly this just seems like a rant about harry potter more than anything

    12. Pog Champ

      i never thought it was really a new reality. only thought it was fun dreams that i could control.

    13. GodOfThunder

      I wanna go to Hogwarts just like voldemort

    14. Gacha Adam mustaqim

      Is he love 2 guys?.....

    15. •LovellyChu•

      "..And also back off Bakugou he's mine." Weird Fanfic Writers : *It's free real estate*

    16. Jacob Collins

      you know there are documents from the CIA and the government proving shifting right.....

    17. Devin Shay

      Deep fried memes

    18. Ben Noble

      From what I can find, they don’t think they’re going into parallel universes. Instead, they have a god complex. They think reality is an illusion and that they can control it.

    19. sus af

      i just believe everything small i do can change what happens in the future for example: I played 1 more game and now im homeless

    20. Elm Centauri


      1. Ben Noble

        that ship hurts me physically. “Disabled protagonist x dude who told him to kill himself for being disabled in episode 1”

    21. Lemon

      My teacher has one of the oddoneisout books

    22. Chrizon Lozano


    23. Denim_devil {YT}

      Hmmmm….this reminds me of freaking romance A WONDERFUL story

    24. KB Jinx

      Game stop

    25. drip urahara

      Bucket hats do look good

    26. Nicholas Sandt

      It doesn't push out person in qlt reality, it copies it

    27. Rowen Gacha

      Also the almost entirety of this comment section is toxic information✨

    28. Rowen Gacha

      Is not just kids doing it, I actually liked you for a while but this is just, not right you obviously didn't do enough research on the said Topic as you don't understand it. Believe what you do but this is just misinformation if you have questions contact a person that understands the topic instead of a video a ton of people will see.

    29. Kevin Lopez

      oh dam it now i have a headache just by learning useless information

    30. Mary Tyler

      Really want you to talk about that Bill cipher character...

    31. A Harry Potter Fan

      Some people can shift while awake though

    32. DekAmytr r

      5:56 dang she must REALLY be fan girling over Bakugou

    33. Trey 816

      A thought accours. The people who fly Confederate flag maybe remembering a family member who served or served and died in the war.

    34. Kendall Knudson

      I am a my hero academia fan, i know everything about it. I love that you are mha fan. I love it. And Bakugo is mine lol😂😅

    35. { monkey milk }

      And bakugo is not just ypur bc then we would be sharing so get ready

    36. { monkey milk }

      That would be me writing about me and bakugo going on a date-

      1. WastedBroccoli47

        this, shit like this is what's wrong with humanity

    37. Allison Coffe

      de acuerdo, entonces tu te quedas con bakugou y yo me quedo con Dabi, okey? okey

      1. WastedBroccoli47


    38. Carloconstructi

      Theod1saoud you speak spanis

    39. JuJu_ Julian612

      Are u gay???

    40. x_Ashton_x

      i know how to reality shift just go to sleep and dream

    41. RoozLuvCats

      He a Bakugou simp XD

    42. Kelly Gammage

      jammmmmes r u.......GAY

    43. Catherine Dosier

      he got me so bad at “puggle”

    44. Catherine Dosier

      7:29 james? do you have anything you want to tell us??

    45. Flash Dasher

      It helps me to know there are some sane people

    46. Noah H

      8:10 un accurate bakugo would have screamed for like 10 minutes

    47. Stepifiez MDY

      7:20 is that tommyinnit in the white and red shirt

    48. Anthony Patterson

      What do you watch my hero academia me too

    49. Froggy Club


    50. MonoDragon

      that 1 minute outro of "who wouldn't-" was quite entertaining

    51. ᴍɪsᴛʏ_1097

      0:34 😑 whats wrong with being a muslim?

      1. Snowy Elm

        What he means is that one belief, not just that belief system, can cause misinformation that really wasn't the direct message of the original belief. A religion can be against dogs, that is valid. But misinformation can spread making that belief look like all dogs should be killed, dogs should be extinct, or just generally making the belief something that it's not. Even an atheist or agnostic belief system can be mistranslated into something crazy like all people who believe in god are not mentally ok. The point is, a belief can sometimes be miscommunicated, therefore altering how people see it and spreading false information

      2. A Harry Potter Fan

        @SimpishLuc_ Islam believes you shouldn’t have a dog as a pet as angels are scared of them

      3. SimpishLuc_

        Wdym? He wasn't saying there's something wrong with being Muslim 😃

    52. The Xbox kid0963

      Who wouldn’t want- Who wouldn’t- Who wouldn’t want to- Who wouldn’t want to drop out of a muggle-

    53. DREW GLIES

      Who came here because you got addicted.

    54. Secret Assassin

      James:"Who wouldn't want to drop out of a puggle" Me: UMMMM JAMES GOOGLE PUGGLE.

    55. Ashlyn Beavers

      Do you like my Hero academia!

    56. Fluffy Toothpick

      these kids should research lucid dreaming since it's literally what they're teaching themselves. I mean one of the top advice for shifting is writing down what happens and that also happens to be the top advice for lucid dreaming.

    57. Emeromina

      Day 42 of trying to figure out who the heck subbed to me

    58. Eva Luna Cedeno

      All this time I thought they knew it was all a dream! Like I thought they knew! What the hell?! Shift to another reality?!

    59. Darius Brown

      what if you die

    60. MischaBär

      You always can shift to parallel universe.... ....... With FANTASY!

    61. niko...

      Oh no not again

    62. Gaming's Brink

      I dropped out of a muggle

    63. Green Edits

      27k people whos dislike it was shifters from hogwarts galaxy

    64. alamgir hossain

      I really like your animation style. I just recently subscribed to your channel and it's amazing. Keep up the good work.

    65. salem temesgen

      i mean you can totally talke Bakugo BUT Todoraki's mine

    66. Ja F

      I believe in reality shifting because one day I clicked on a guided meditation video for reality shifting but then immediately clicked off because I was then like, “wtf did I just do that? I don’t want to leave all my friends and family behind” and then I decided to watch some other videos and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, when I wasn’t even clicking on the meditation video from earlier, it just appeared on my screen, and it was in the last few seconds of the video. At the same time, the light in my room brightened, and my vision got blurry. When I stood up, I noticed everything seemed smaller, or maybe I got bigger. I don’t like to talk about this experience because it makes me extistensial and stuff but to this day I am still bigger than I was before and I can’t see all too well either. Maybe I’m just being delusional, but I personally highly doubt it.

    67. Muffin Boi

      No stop, bakugo is mine

    68. Eoin Murphy

      Talk about fidgets

    69. Leonan Lima

      Br genérico fazendo um comentario aleatorio

    70. annoyingly tired

      8:10 Its so wierd in a good way- To see odds normal style and heres bakugou- Also odds trying say something with the draco thing and room with pretty boys? /j

    71. Kylan Aigner

      Does anyone else think his voice sounds different in the video?

    72. sofia

      Every comment: bakugo

    73. Panos Chrysos

      if i could teleport i would go to new townsville and find my cartoon crush bubbles

    74. Faisal Presents

      You don’t know Tik tok

    75. Resolve Games

      so many big words. me no understand

    76. Mary-Jane

      If shifting were real and i "shifted" into other realities when i was sleeping. Im scared for the other realities. Cuz they're always post apocalyptic worlds with horrifying creatures trying to kill the only slightly human looking thing.

    77. Levi Ackerman

      I love when he was talking about bakugo

    78. Callum Gordon Pearse

      Tiktok as a whole just isn't worth paying too much attention to James, you should know that-

    79. Ghivi Fahmi

      So if you shift you leave a clone? *shift multiple times until I have 200.000 units ready and a million more on the way

      1. Sebastian Fontanez


    80. Lil sasuke :3

      a n i m e

    81. Maria dolores Pintado

      Nose sime entenderas pero yo soy de Latinoamérica asique no ablo ingles pero estoy empesando a estudiar inglés

    82. werter

      6:51 how did james mange to draw every tik tok girl so accurately Like... I mean every tik tok girl looks like that

    83. Songs of war

      Them:you make a new reality and a new clone of you every time you do something Yoda:begun the clone wars has

    84. Elijah Gibson

      jame's mom james is dating jaiden

    85. P SD

      the heck? Why's the racist blurred out? Did calling out Confederacy scumbags demonetize the video?

    86. MsLeito1987


    87. EasyToKill

      James likes blonde guys.... interesting

    88. a 10

      I'm showing this is to my cousin he needs to get his mind fucking FIXED

    89. CrimsonCreeper628

      *Scratches butt* reality : Y E S

    90. CrimsonCreeper628

      T I C T O C

    91. El wey que juega fnaf AR

      Tic toc XD

    92. Amanda Landry

      8:10 :O

    93. Waluigi

      3:30 How DARE u Rallison Draco is mine. W8 until my father hears about this.

    94. Chase Stephenson

      That’s pretty suspicious, James 7:25

    95. bunny

      Actually I believe in the universe thing but not the on where you can get there if you're from another universe heh

    96. MCCRAZY 2

      There's a universe where I'm not subbed to TheOdd1sOut!!!

    97. Samuel Tesfay

      Scripps is the first to play with the best se in the world

    98. Yuma Kuga

      90% of the budget went to drawing bakugo at 8:10

    99. James Lifvenborg

      Tic Toc is bad!

    100. Camille Marie Tatoy

      "right, bakugo?" yes ;-;