Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license (Live From The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon/2021)

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    1. Moka Kamel

      I liked all your vids i love you

    2. Jennifer sharer

      Yesss girl this time it’s no audio tune but it still good

    3. Gloria Guadalupe González velis

      Gutes Lied, mein Respekt

    4. Shannon Cross

      I feel her pain and her voice is just so pure 💕

    5. srussert28

      crap... Bawl. Marine, Don't give a Crap

    6. walterfitzstevenzon

      I love it! 😊

    7. Mahya 11

      I love this song

    8. Yurrin Tinckelsonn

      Excellent. She has great musical sensibilities.

    9. Noah Lee

      You’re so good at belting the notes. I luv you

    10. Lina Mey

      Is it just me or this sounds so much better than the music video

    11. Mansoor Kemal

      She’s so pretty.

    12. Discord Burner

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    13. Mikey Magee

      The enchanting shoulder canonically reign because flood neurophysiologically risk until a endurable adult. clever, beneficial birth

    14. Heitor Daniel Ferreira Campos Amoedo

      Damn. It get's into your soul.

    15. Huun Park

      What a beautiful voice

    16. Kris Yin

      Hi swear words have changed

    17. Life Noell

      Heartache brings the world the finest art?

    18. Life Noell

      This song is for everyone who has ever lost love:

    19. Damian Perry

      the best pitch correction is when you don't hear it

    20. Maria Inês Ferreira


    21. νιĻᒪAIŇ dekU vIŁL卂in βakᑌᎶO

      cause you said for forever now i drive alone past your street

    22. Hector Valentin


    23. soulscion

      The lighting for this performance....oof

    24. Daniel Walker

      “I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is ending up with people who make you feel all alone.” ~ Robin Williams

    25. Kat T


    26. pikasfed323

      So who do I have to thank for not drowning her voice with reverb?

    27. Erick Aguila


    28. Damini Raj

      i dont know why but i feel the pain in her music, she is suffering within

    29. Vivien Englund

      She was on Jimmy Fallon AND got an SNL sketch written about her. That's when you know you've made it. Love her and I'm so glad her talent is getting recognized

    30. Alya Syahrani

      I'm just fucking love this😭

    31. Estrella M

      you made such a nice song

    32. نیلای یگانه

      she has a very good voice and lyric and she tells the story very well i wish i could write lyrics like she does :)

    33. Jake Deceased Toe

      I find this performance to be much better than the original. I think the key change from b flat major to a major made it much much more melancholy.

    34. Marlin Salazar


    35. Soul Shanti

      feels as if someones narrating my tale. LOVE while you can because you never know when will you drive alone past the street ! :(

    36. V MM

      What a cool voice girl, you sound exactly and better live.. so refreshing!,!

    37. teenfirstlove.


    38. sameeksha taneja

      she sounds the same n im here for it

    39. sameeksha taneja

      is she for real

    40. BCK2BCK


    41. Julio Uribe

      This girl has real raw talent.

    42. Jerry Cai

      The acidic blood laterally chase because sandwich identically rhyme but a busy creature. salty, tranquil kevin

    43. Marcia Velasquez

      LA voz màs Hermosa que he escuchado, irradia ternura y una paz infinita al escucharla. Una grande, ya lo es ❤️


      I'm crying.... She's is a Angel

    45. powergirl ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ

      Your voice its so cute like you 😊

    46. Scott Scotty

      Now this is music. Bravo Olivia.

    47. Michael Watson

      Looks like lip synching ? Very good though

    48. rokero1973

      ME Encanta buen contenido muchas gracias

    49. Keeta May

      SHE IS THE MOMENT!! Side note: is she wearing the Folklore cardigan??

    50. Ada Holo

      How does she sound better than the studio version!? She is just so freaking incredible good

    51. Chuttikullandhai


    52. Nil K

      i started crying, she has the voice of a angel.

    53. Robyn

      And she's my mum I can

    54. Robyn

      I literally wish I was like her

    55. Robyn


    56. Pimsri lemon

      Omg... her voice and that lighting so amazing 🖤🖤🖤

    57. Gideon Jin Dominisac


    58. Abdul Rojak

      Who's Geffen???

    59. SHY KJKWM

      When your live is better than the studio version.. its opposite for me, especially passing a project online than stuttering words while presenting it irl🤡

    60. tessa cuvillier

      seriously no one can do it better than her it's her song

    61. Nits Del Carmen

      F word change to still...good girl.

    62. Alex Gavin

      17...how does this happen?

      1. Rosie Posie

        18 now

    63. Sofia Diaz

      Love this song and love you❤️🎶

    64. jake fromstatefarm

      imagine being the reason she wrote this.

    65. Tara Scott

      I wish i was there! BTW im a child

    66. Vxnilla Berry


    67. Cleif

      Powerful voice i love it so much

    68. Kristine Elizabeth Galant

      This is such a powerful, heartfelt song. I think we can all feel it on some level. Imagine her surprise when she opened her mail and it was a ring from Taylor Swift. Can you imagine that? I would've been so excited for days!!! What an adrenaline rush!! I wish her much luck in the future and with her second song seeming like a continuation of this one, she seems like she is going to go really far especially for her age!!

    69. National Boundary

      Her voice is really amazing. I can't emphasize enough that she has so much talent in recognizing hit songs. It's also very interesting to see that she produces a majority of her songs. It all started from her song in Highschool Musical 2 "All I want" and then the hit song everyone knows "Drivers License." She then proceeded to release Deja Vu and let me tell you that song is so fun and catchy. I love the musical direction she is going on, and I genuinely hope she can produce continuous bops. The route she is going in really reminds me of the younger Taylor Swift. Taylor would always release bops after bops. However, I don't want to compare and in some way, Olivia is really unique and not really comparable to Taylor Swift. I genuinely love her sound and musical direction. I hope she continues to produce this type of music. I would love to see another huge global superstar for generation z. I wish you the best Oliva! Good Luck!

      1. Orren Wescott

        Well said. But just to clarify...she didn't produce this. It was written and produced by Daniel Nigro. Just wanted to make sure credit goes to proper people. Cheers!

    70. S Inzi

      okay but the fan who made this is hellllaa talented

    71. Raphael Rodrigues

      Great singer, great voice, amazing song and lyrics, great live performance (video-wise), but the vocals are pre-recorded which is a pretty common thing to do, Michael Jackson was an expert at it btw although his were kind of mixed but that's another case anyway, so, it wasn't "live" on this department (vocal) (and playing as well actually) and if anyone pays attention to her mouth movements and distance changing to the mic is possible to notice it, there is not a changing tone nor any fade due to mic position and she moves her mouth away from the mic a lot of times. That being said I believe she can sing just as well in an actual live performance no problem, pre-recorded "live" vocals are really common on these type of shows, maybe at Ellen she would've sung it live probably.

    72. Ольга Журавлева

      Так искренне и проникновенно. Молодец!

    73. Lena Golab

      Yes not be The Music Player

    74. Lena Golab


    75. Lena Golab


    76. Jeff Rodriguez

      I'm just here because this song is played every 5 minutes on the radio and i wanted to know who sang it and also because my 2 year old daughter has almost the same full name as her.

    77. Aesthetic Vibez

      Can't stop watching this❤️✨

    78. Awimbabe

      Am I the only one got distracted by the lights Also, Olivia was great

    79. Anahi H

      This video lights remind me of the climb by Miley Cyrus

    80. Nestor Enriquez

      i like it better than the original music video. original voice.

    81. Glitter Bomb


    82. Love life

      Amazing live show.. nice music. Love it from the first time i listened

    83. JaMuss榨沐丝

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    84. Maricruz Gamez

      Woow 😳👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😍

    85. IAMRAYE

      not just me but the lighting is superb

    86. Liming Yang

      Can someone add this exact song to Apple Music? This song is better w orchestra

    87. Salt One

      The gamy dead pivotally sack because glockenspiel infrequently repair but a debonair substance. learned, unkempt authority

    88. jairo avila

      To bad there won’t be a concert anytime soon, cause of COVID 🥺🥺for any Artists

    89. MRVN BDC

      This is for the idiots saying that she sings with auto tune

    90. Liming Yang

      Every once in a while there has to be a big hit like this song

    91. Amanda Carrese

      you deserve a grammy.👑✨

      1. Amanda Carrese

        @Captain Marven mhm

      2. Captain Marven


    92. Ruthik

      Beauty of Raw lyrics and angel voice!

    93. H Ë Ł P

      This was such a good song. It's so good! i have it memorized! It is too good. she has a good voice!!! '

    94. Victoria Hayes

      i’m 21 and i so wish i had this song to listen to when i was 16. ugh the feels

      1. Sufiana Ithinain

        Dang im 31 with a kid now and I feel it too

    95. Nathan McClelland

      Also, I almost died, I inhaled to much water and was suffocating, I'm not supposed to sing but I sing this song anyways. I'm okay now but my voice isn't. Goodbye!

    96. Nathan McClelland

      Every time I here This song I cry. Go team olivia

    97. Irene Jackson

      Love it!!!!!!

    98. Zuleihat Yusuf

      The rawness make better than the studio vasion

    99. Afzan Nur Faiz Jamean

      wowwwwwwww so good

    100. Celyne Camacho