P!nk, Willow Sage Hart - Cover Me In Sunshine (Official Video)


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    P!nk + Willow Sage Hart // “Cover Me In Sunshine” // Out Now!
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    “Cover Me In Sunshine”

    I’ve been dreaming
    friendly faces
    I’ve got so much time to kill

    just imagine
    people laughing
    I know some day we will

    and even if it’s far away
    get me through another day

    cover me in sunshine
    shower me with good times
    tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
    and everything’ll be alright
    cover me in sunshine

    from a distance
    all these mountains
    are just some tiny hills

    they keep living
    while they’re just standing still

    I’ve been missing yesterday
    but what if theres a better place

    cover me in sunshine
    shower me with good times
    tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
    and everything’ll be alright
    cover me in sunshine
    shower me with good times
    tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
    and everything’ll be alright
    cover me in sunshine

    La la la

    cover me in sunshine
    shower me with good times
    tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
    and everything’ll be alright
    cover me in sunshine
    #pink #willowsagehart #covermeinsunshine

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    1. P!NK

      My baby girl and I recorded a song and made a video together!! We hope it brings you joy and sweetness and sunshine 🥰

      1. Unicorn Acacia

        P!nk this is a masterpiece love you and your kiddos

      2. Kimberley Tatum

        thank you so much for sharing. she really is a mini you!!! love you 2

      3. Titanic Fan

        Ahww thank you so much! You too

      4. Gran Barrufet


      5. Chamus Warren

        shes gawjus, P!nk love it youve got a very talented future pink

    2. Leon schubert

      Diese Musik Richtung ist eigentlich nicht meine.. Aber ich finde es trotzdem Mega!

    3. Gattermeister NVP

      very good Song 👌

    4. StephanieXD

      Come and sunshine 🥀🌺🌸🌺🌸🏵️🌼🏵️🌼🎶❤️❤️❤️

    5. Drew Drewski

      Pinks daughter has a Grace Vanderwaal quality to her! Beautiful!!

    6. Debbie Forsyth

      You are amazing n love both your voices. Makes me feel happy listening to this😊🙏🙏

    7. Debbie Forsyth

      🙏🙏🙏 love this song

    8. Musto211

      I found this song of you just yesterday and since then is playing on replay mode in my head 😅such lovely vibe from that tune and you both ✌️👏 I love to see that your daughter has nice childhood and you teach her to love the nature and animals because that’s what we need most right now.Generation of pple who will protect this planet and all living beings on it, people who will protect and love the life here for all us🌍🙏💫 Blessing to you from Slovakia 🇸🇰 💋❤️

    9. 陳羿中

      I can feel the sunshine...... the warth is so daily but everlasting

    10. Asha Smith

      Omg your really talented I’m watching one of your videos!

    11. Asha Smith

      Keep doing videos of your daughter and your self xx keep it up❤️

    12. Jen Me

      Thank you.

    13. Asha Smith

      Keep strong and positive xx❤️

    14. Asha Smith

      I absolutely love you videos! I have been watching them at night with my mum, you also have an amazing daughter I can see. Your very lucky that you have her. You guys are very amazing!❤️

    15. Sebso 3

      Don't understand the lyrics, but this video makes me cry.

    16. Katja Le Gallez

      This made me quite emotional. Such a special bond you have with your daughter.💓 My boys telling me off because I'm singing this song all day long 😅

    17. Hans-Peter Elsenberg

      I feel the sun in me again when I hear this song 🌞😊

    18. Sanna

      Einfach nur wunderschön, der Song, das Video... wie der erste Sonnenstrahl nach vielen grauen Wolkentagen, Danke für dieses tolle Werk!

    19. Pauline

      She's so beautiful.

    20. MrLootALot

      Why does YT recommend me such a bad song... I already put her on Ignore List and still get ads for Pink that how she gets clicks...

    21. Elaine Osborne

      Amazing 👏 🙀

    22. Niklas Korhonen

      How your child is that good singer. Shes amazing.

    23. Maria Fernandes

      Super la chanson super vidéo j’adore la petite fille chante à la fin super bien 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️

    24. Jiří George

      i love your voices

    25. Menura De Silva

      did she just feed chickens an egg

    26. Irene Espinosa

      She's smiling all the time, you can see what a happy child she is and what an amazing childhood she's having ❤️

    27. irkutsk2010ful

      Очень приятный голос у девочки, мамочка счастлива петь вместе с дочкой 😇

    28. Ameni Hosni

      This song is so sweet🥰

    29. Marija Jurešić

      I don‘t know why I‘m crying. I know maybe two songs from Pink, but this is beautiful

    30. Writer for Life

      Another great song 😘

    31. Speedyx

    32. Ольга Булавина

      Thanks for this amazing masterpiece. Everything is perfect here! 💞

    33. Karen Painter

      P!nk is not just a legendary singer but the best mom!!!

    34. Infinite Galaxy

      The girl is just-

    35. Idk what this is

      Where is this

      1. Chris Sweeney

        Pink's ranch and winery in Santa Barbara

    36. Raduga Duga

      Я слушаю Пинк много лет. Обожаю её голос Привет из Украины!! Hello from Ukraine!))

    37. Betty Woellner

      SO BEAUTIFUL. Pink looks at last at peace and happy.

    38. xander on yt

      1:04 sound switch🥵🥵

    39. Paula Homb

      Me and my daghter love this song pink is our fav artist

    40. Kevin Cook

      The lyrics and video are awesome...............the music not so much.


      Song too short 😭😭🥺🥰😍🥰😍

    42. Eriphoor

      Pink. Stop cutting her hair. Let her be a girl.

    43. stardustkai

      Somehow this song makes me imagine the family I'm creating in the future, filled with love and it makes me so happy 🥰✨

    44. V MM

      So lovely... so sweet...

    45. Selene Hernandez

      Cómo quisiera que todo fuera cómo antes...mi amor primero me reveló que era gay,lo amo con todo mi corazón.. sé que el mundo es cruel, pero ahí estaré..se que vienen tiempos difíciles.. estaré contigo luchando cómo una leona

    46. iiSimply Līllîë

      Willow is 25 days away from my b-day :D

    47. Mindy Trittipo


    48. heidi thorsteinson

      This song just makes me smile. I love it.

    49. louriia


    50. matt bla


    51. Aero Ville

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    52. Jack Bagelz

      what the world looks like without race baiting politics.. but no, we welcome globalism and disease.

    53. Harvey 2Face

      What a wonderful Song. Makes you hope in this broken world right now. Greetings from Germany 🥰

    54. Mell


    55. 1969Therose

      Sounds like the wee woman is taking after momma... I hear a pretty wee voice there.

    56. Jeanne Harrington

      She will grow up to be a strong woman like her mom...💕❤️🔥🥰🍀

    57. Patricia Sagun

      It's so touching that it makes me cry like old videos that you watch when you grow older... I love all your songs❤❤❤

    58. Jaymandapro

      That her daughter can sing so well for her age is mega

    59. unicorn

      My fave song🥺😍😍 makes me happy

    60. an es


    61. Mahleya LovePizza

      I love this song!

    62. Diane Hyatt-Turner

      So very, very beautiful; truly uplifting and inspiring.

    63. Gerardo Fraga

      HERMOSA !

    64. Klaus Iem

      beautiful song with a brilliant pink and daughter

    65. Lenka Laštovková

      we love you, Pink...

    66. Sandra Ze Ribas

      Hope we wake up and everything Will be alrwight.♥️ God bless you.

    67. Kara Lynne

      Sunshine ☀️ and SMILES! 😁 My face hurts from smiling through this entire song! Thank you! 😘

    68. miniu226

      To jest mójutwór na pierwszy taniec na moim weselu! Best regards from Poland!!

    69. Michelle Monserrat Rodriguez

      Oh my God, I loved this song 🖤 this little girl is just lovely and beatiful

    70. Sno Nyc

      This song is so cute🥺

    71. Kawina Anishime

      I love this song so much :)

    72. Britti ZePunkt


    73. Youtuber 1

      I can’t stop listening to this song. I love the voice of Willow too! It’s just amazing! 😍

    74. Lil Sardel

      Pink has a new song, check it out! It's called Anywhere away from here! pheecith.com/49OJ Looooove it!

    75. Ingo Zentgraf

      thats make my heart open , greetings from germany :)

    76. Adam Kr

      Willow look like young Milley bobby brown 🤍🤍🤍

    77. WaffelJu

      Damn she will become a great singer

    78. Stacey Gaudette

      So beautiful

    79. Lotta Meyer

      It's so cuut

    80. Krista Dumba

      This is just the best! So uplifting, so lovely, so caring! I love love love the tangible love between Pink and her amazing daughter! Thank you for this!

    81. Dina Stonestorm

      I Love and feel the song. Its so beautiful, wonderful an all of this things❤❤😍 The voice of your dauther ist vera nice. Ne heart Beats very loud!

    82. Danielle V.S


    83. emreandjoya

      We loved this song the moment we heard it, and used it for our 10th wedding anniversary video with our kids! Thanks Pink and Willow for expressing so much of what we've felt as a family this past year :-) hugets.info/show/xZSfmrOmp6t4vII/vide.html

    84. Danielle Fernandes

      True Sunshine love it😘

    85. Heather Harris

      beautiful x made my heart sing x thank you both x


      omg was für eine süße Stimme die kleine hat Einfach soo süß 😃

    87. KiWe72 P.


    88. Mara Garza


    89. CursedMystery

      Lovely vid

    90. Jakubekk123

      My battery: 1% Me: listens this song My battery: I'll wait

    91. Mediha Uçkaç


    92. Benny Zille

      Its soooo short😪

    93. IVY NDIIRA

      Made me cry

    94. Raphael Gomes


    95. Michaela Warren

      I love this so much, she is so beautiful, you both are incredibly beautiful inside and out!

    96. Carys Krut

      Pink and Willow I love you guys so much....!!! This is my favourite song

    97. Kerstin Ammersdorfer

      So sweet ❤️ mein Herz fühlt mit❤️

    98. Nesrin Isli

      This is just wonderful 🥰

    99. Kristina Sagowski

      So sweet ❤️

    100. Tara Hill

      Love this song