Biden Victory Cold Open - SNL

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    Joe Biden (Jim Carrey) and Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) give speeches after the conclusion of the 2020 presidential election.
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    1. Thumas Miller

      Bruh maya Rudolph does a great Kamala Harris

    2. Justfactsman2020

      SNL has sucked since Belushi left. *The election fraud/Facebook CEO Zuckerberg connection! Is CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the traitorous fake news reporting this?* "Kline said all of the areas investigated "had hundreds of millions of dollars poured into their election offices by Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook CEO, Kline said, poured in $400 million into the election, matching the federal government expenditures, through his charities. "They paid the election judges, they paid the people who boarded up the windows, they bought the machines and America was kicked out of the counting room, and a billionaire invited in, in all of the swing state urban core cities, and that is a violation the law." Link:

    3. KingKiller Monk

      It's insane how many people are brainwashed by mainstream media and actually believe that Joe Biden won a fair election. Weird that so many people are perfectly fine with the Democrats committing treason.

    4. Sokka Funny

      Jim Carrey is perfect ever since the sonic movie

    5. Green Voltage

      So I comment on this a lot but I keep watching it and noticing more. This is more of a problem I noticed: Jim messed up on his lines a couple times and Alec did once too.

    6. Marilyn M

      WINNING Legal Theory | Rudy Giuliani |

    7. Peter Schermerhorn

      It's almost scary to hear the sleeping masses screaming and happiness over Joe Biden you people better wake the f****** the real Satan is coming to town

    8. Sophia

      i love maya rudolph😂😂

    9. michael brand

      Stupid People, who voted for Biden. Ignorant people, you will look back on your decision and you will wonder why you did what you did. Can't say you were warned. America was there for you and you threw her under the bus.

      1. Sean

        Keep crying. You'll live.

    10. Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson

      A new video is needed of these 3 :D

    11. joseph roberto

      So funny!

    12. Walter Owens

      Kristen Stewart shared her opinions on straight actors playing gay characters, saying "It's a slippery slope conversation, because that means I could never play another straight character." :

    13. Thisis Fun

      This is stupid.

    14. jake

      what kind of a moron with 0 sense of humor can dislike these videos. too much even for the clown supporters

    15. AlFa 113

      Considering Jim Carrey's artistic works featuring Trump and his administration, he must have been exceptionally giddy to play Biden in this sketch.

    16. Susana Silva

      i have seen this so many times now xD

    17. Dr. Gray

      Can you all imagine what Trump did when he saw this

    18. Dr. Gray

      Best thing ever

    19. Amos Fridley

      Some how i voted this time when i have never and will never vote. And funny i seem to have voted bidin even though he was not the one i would have voted for.

    20. treverfox

      It is clear the SNL audience is anti -Trump and Pro Marxists.

    21. victoria jones

      They just had to use the iconic LOSER. god I love it!!🤟

    22. Cody Jones

      So why didnt they do any of his mumbling or slurred speech? Bias

    23. This Severe Production

      Was this supposed to be funny?

    24. TheIsraelite

      I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is. Revelation 17.:6-8

    25. TheIsraelite

      IT Has come to my attentions that this CO Virus is a convert cover up . Being used as the agent that kills us is a cover up form the redevelopment of the atmosphere, by Results of "The Infrared Horizon of the Planet Earth " The Classifed bill in 1963; implemented to reducing the water hydrogen microns from 128 to 24.. The Corona Virus is a cover up, of the true truth thier fumigateing all of us with over over exposure to COx that kills the living bodysuits of our souls.

    26. emannikufesin

      I just puked in my mouth

    27. Haywire Nightingale

      Lemme guess, the likes on this video are rigged, too? 😂

    28. Yoda ZX

      I automatically see Jim Carrey when I here the name joe biden

    29. Spider-Boy Studios

      Donald Trump: Into the Baldwin Verse Coming November 3, 2024

    30. Spider-Boy Studios

      Oh I’d fucking love to see Biden run the economy, handle the virus, and the whole US they way trump has. TRUMP 2020 DO NOT CONCEDE THE SHIT THEY SAY ON HERE ISNT TRUE FOR GODS SAKE ITS CNN THERE MAKING THE SKIT ABOUT TRUMP 2024!!!!!!

    31. Jae Jae

      Omg yasssssssss

    32. proud2bpagan

      Get well soon,Mr.President Elect! Hope you already feel better!!!

    33. Ioana

      Trump: Stop counting the votes if I'm winning. Trump: Recount the votes if I'm losing. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    34. Jason Allen

      Remember when the MSM at least pretended to be impartial? This is almost as cringe as when Clinton lost and they played Hallelujah. RIP comedy.

    35. Mario Johnson


    36. Anthony Padgett

      Dont make fun of Mrs. McEnany

    37. Harry Brown

      Carrey had to call on Ace Ventura to slam Trump god DAMN I love it

    38. The Shlobster

      This isn’t funny

    39. Jake Fether

      Chalk this up as one of the greatest cold opens ever 😂

    40. philiphied

      Harris impression is dead on

    41. johnnyatab

      HEY SNL. Could you please post the clip of Dana Carvy impersonating U2 and Bono on a rooftop claiming that "they're trying to shut us down." LOL Please???????

    42. Dude Here

      IMPOSTER!! THE REAL ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT ELECT AND I’M A LIB! 10 people at a rally, come on man!

    43. Sam H

      Jim Carey dresses as Biden is a bit sexy, and a lot sexier than Jim Carey as Jim Carey

    44. alida flus

      Cmon lets hear it! “STOP THE COUNT! STOP THE COUNT!” Wait im behind “COUNT EVERY VOTE! EVERY LAST VOTE!”

    45. Hype Highlights

      Thank you Alec. We will miss Trump on SNL

    46. Sam Sylvain

      Jim Carrey throwing satan horns. God he’s in deep. Be a man and fight it even if it costs your life.

    47. Sam Sylvain

      People don’t buy your propaganda anymore even when you bring in Jim Carrey

      1. NaturallyNathalie2


    48. Rachel Shamariah

      That just tickled my soul

      1. alida flus

        almost 16 millon views..... la,,,,,,ha,,,,,,houservtoo funny

    49. CostelloXIII

      30k mad trumptards


      Jim your the best!!!

    51. Mosa

    52. Jay

      I hate Jim as Joe I don't find it funny at all he just annoys me with his faces I love his movies of course but I don't like him as Joe. Love Kamala so funny.

    53. Video Game Sanctuary

      Funny how he's actually not president.....your bias is showing.

    54. Cyrus Moqadam

      what a buncha shit

    55. Kevin Reed

    56. Ana Gallegos teran

      Go home trump.

    57. Joe D

      Biden won't give them much material... Carey was hired for this moment.

    58. Jesse Morris

      Complete joke!!!! Voting off FEELINGS not FACTS

    59. Cheryle Ward

      Lmao xoxoxoxoxxo

    60. JustRosy2

      I can't hit the "Like" button hard enough, lol!

    61. S L

      almost 16 millon views..... la,,,,,,ha,,,,,,houservtoo funny

    62. JayDee

      Real Ex-vp Biden is funnier in real life though. He's like that funny old man that looses his mind. Kinda sad, but kinda funny. If you Love our President Trump please give either a positive or negative comment. Any comment is a good comment! Every two negative comments will be counted as a triple positive! Haters make us famous!

      1. christopherc93


    63. Chris Evans

      Ha ha polt twist Trump will still win arseholes

      1. M Rankin

        How long how long will you believe that December is right around the corner.

      2. christopherc93

        Win the sore loser 2nd runner prize?

    64. Rocketman1292

      When Trump finally leaves, do an opening sketch when he sings Frank Sinatra's My Way.

    65. Run E36

      This skit shows we all lost

    66. Run E36

      Is this funny..

      1. charleskarrow


    67. sisterfromanotherplanet

      I have to listen to the woman dying with laughter at 6:35 at least once a day

    68. J Jones

      Dark humor

    69. Lisa Marie

      WE need Alec to see the video #DiaperDon by one of the Apprentice Contestants. It would be an amazing skit!!! Check out this video about @/diaperdon @

    70. parkinson34

      4:06 If Dominion voting machines controlled our emotions.....

      1. christopherc93

        Oh no the Dominion again someone tell Captain Ben Sisko.

    71. Slayyed Makeup

      Jim Carrey you are so loved man!!!!!! WOW!!

    72. Sherman Culbertson

      As I said when Alex Baldwin started playing Donald Trump, Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden impersonation will become iconic.

    73. LiLChuck Mullins

      😂😂 they were great

    74. Huitzilo 2012

      Was this supposed to be funny?

    75. ND7652

      Sudekis' Blitzer is still THE BEST !!!

    76. Sam Smalley


    77. Pedro Gonzalez

      Man, the writing on this show fucking sucks! It’s nothing more than hack jokes that libs lap up due to how hopeless politics is in this country.

      1. Ignatius

        And what are you doing here buzz killington.. Leave us alone, we are happy people celebrating.. Go watch your Angry, hateful, boring, playing victim and make believe channels.

      2. Pedro Gonzalez

        @christopherc93 I don’t know what you think I’m in a rude awakening for since I expect Biden to suck like all the neoliberal Dems before him.

      3. christopherc93

        @Pedro Gonzalez Dude, you're going to be in for a rude awakening in January.

      4. Pedro Gonzalez

        @christopherc93 nope. Just commenting on how telling an audience full of libs that your side won is supposed to pass for comedy. But hey, keep the straw man going in your brain bro.

      5. christopherc93

        You must be sobbing and losing your mind due to Trump's defeat.

    78. Melissa Holland

      Alec Baldwin is a straight up fool. Macho man😂😂😂😂😂

    79. Tas J

      Cracked out hot mess like Florida. 😂😂😂😂😂

    80. Li CM

      ELECTION UPDATES (funny video)

    81. Chris Newman

      But God damnit that feels good 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    82. Chase Baxter

      Half of this was just them rehashing Biden's speech, and that was the only time the audience made noise. How is quoting Biden verbatim funny? SNL adding this and audience just cheering because they supported him.

    83. Jesse Torres

      I'm so happy that absolute Idiocracy with trump is over 👍

    84. Neil Lowery

      Spot on... 🤡🤡

    85. Anon Ymous

      i predict for tonight a sketch involving Giuliani in court trying to get allegedly Martian (or other extraterrestrial) voters/ballots) disqualified. I could see him (played by McKinnon) arguing to the judge that the Dems had recruited voters from Mars to vote for Biden. Then Big Bird and Snofelopogus. When pressed by the judge, and forced to swear under oath, he backs off, but only to recollect in his mind having seen "venetian blinds" at the polling place. "No, your honor, may have been mistaken as to the planetary origin of the unregistered extraterrestrial voters submitting ballots for Biden. But we now know they were not Martians, but VENETIANS. i am now prepared to swear, under oath, as to the presence of Venetians, sighted by myself personally, and 300 affidavits supporting this. We have good reason to believe the Venetians, not Martians, were supporting the Democrats, and will swear to this under oath..."

    86. Brian Meaker

      My hat's off to Alec Baldwin. We salute you sir now take a break big guy you have definitely earned it. Thank you for so accurately playing our dictator in chief these long four years

    87. Miguel Cascante

      Honestly, the map of covi19 is not far away from the elections map. Just to be honest.

      1. Ricardo Raygada

        Sure. Empty land matters.

    88. Joseph Perry

      I enjoyed this skit just as much as I enjoyed CNN projecting Biden as The President Elect!

    89. ShotgunSmoke

      Damn, such a massive difference in AND LIVE FROM NEW YORK, IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT! in comparison to 2016.

    90. Sunako N

      Watch "WATCH: Diamond and Silk on Election Fraud vs. Voter Fraud" on HUgets

      1. christopherc93

        How about no?

    91. Flabbergasted

      that loser part felt sooo satisfy8ing

    92. Caleb Holloway

      I despise Jim Carey as Joe Biden. Looks, sounds, acts NOTHING like Joe.

      1. christopherc93

        Sounds kind of like Abraham Lincoln at points. I mean like Daniel Day Lewis Abraham Lincoln.

      2. Angel CityGirl

        I like jason sudeikis as biden.

    93. Kenan Von Kaiser


    94. Yajaira Ramos


    95. Shane Howerton

      We will win at the end!!!!!

      1. christopherc93

        @Shane Howerton "You're"

      2. Shane Howerton

        @christopherc93 ok. Your so informed. You know better then better me. Thank you so much for the information and now I can stop thinking delusional about trump winning. Personally if you care about the liberal agenda and democrat party then you should hope that Trump wins. Btw Biden should have to prove he got 80 mil votes

      3. christopherc93

        @Shane Howerton You aren't going to win that. lol

      4. Shane Howerton

        @christopherc93 2020 duh.

      5. christopherc93

        Win what?

    96. MML MML

      You about to lose your job!! Lok

    97. Susan Peters-Chesley

      No worries, Alex will be back on A LOT in 2021 because Trump will create lots of content acting a fool and hopefully doing jail house scenes🤣

      1. retnavybrat

        @christopherc93 Whatever award there is for having the most lawsuits tossed in less than a month. 😁

      2. christopherc93

        @Marco Alvarez Won what?

      3. Marco Alvarez

        Too bad for you President Trump won (:

      4. retnavybrat

        Hopefully, once Trump is no longer President, the media will finally do what it should've done when he announced he was running in 2015: ignore him.

    98. sexyat44 jacks

      I can literally watch this every week 😂. I am just so happy that he lost that I want to enjoy every part of making fun of this fool and his denial that he lost. Thank you SNL for a classic. Oh and the ending with LOSER by Jim Carrey is everything. Caught me off guard and loved it 😂 😂