Kylie Minogue - Magic (Official Video)

Kylie Minogue

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    The Official Video for Magic by Kylie Minogue from the new album DISCO out now. Buy/Listen:
    I feel like anything could happen
    The stars look different tonight
    They glowing all around me
    It’s flowing through my body
    I can feel it I can feel it
    You got me started
    Ain’t nothing on earth can stop it
    It’s crazy I’m falling
    I don’t know what else to call it
    Oh do you believe in magic
    Do you do you do you
    Do you believe in magic
    Dancing together
    Ain’t nothing that could be better
    Tomorrow don’t matter
    We’ll make the night last forever
    So do you believe in magic
    Do you do you do you
    Do you believe in magic
    You make me wanna do these wild things
    Your touch is supernatural
    Oh I can’t fight this feeling
    I’m floating through the ceiling
    Can you feel it
    I can feel it
    Magic magic magic magic
    Do you believe in
    Do you believe in
    Magic magic magic magic
    Do you believe in magic
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    Video Director: Sophie Muller
    Video Producer: Chris Murdoch/Juliette Larthe
    Production Company: Prettybird
    #Kylie #Magic #DISCO

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    1. Kylie Minogue

      The new album DISCO, out 6th November. Pre-order: ✨

      1. boomerang 64 Chan

        @Activity what the fuck ya talking about speak English it"s the only one I no👽👽👽👽

      2. Activity

        Gracias por tu música. Haces que la gente sea más feliz. Thanks for your music. You make people happier.

      3. Maribel Gonzalez


      4. boomerang 64 Chan

        @flee-lil-piggy what a dick her music is shit and U no it

      5. Anthony Tumang

        #Queen #KylieMinogue 😎 #Magic I was just taking this picture before I throw it away and it aligned to #ApoCalYpTo❗#SayHey #MagicSarap‼️

    2. alberto medina

      desde Venezuela magic

    3. Lajos Wass

      I am not just believe, but i live in magic.

    4. Stelios Aivatoglou

      wow !

    5. Alice Blue

      Love, love, love!!!

    6. Jose Balbiani

      Almost 4.5M and I still in love with this song... #magic #disco I love it

    7. PhantasyStarLover

      Yes, I believe in the magic of Kylie. I am so amazed. When I was young, she was one of the artists I thought I really disliked. However, I learned that it was not her fault, but that it was Stock Aitken Waterman music I couldn't stand. Therefore, I remember so well when I saw the video of "Confide In Me" for the first time. I couldn't believe it was the same artist. So great!

    8. Emerald Floyd

      Do you believe in magic?

    9. almak777

      Hey, am I the only one seeing references to the Star Wars in the costumes of the participants of this video?

    10. Lee249

      She deservedly belongs on the queen of pop throne. Congrats Kylie! 🙏


      Her styling is always top notch.

    12. victor crespin

      Pure magic, this song is just addicted omg great hit

    13. Alex Souza


    14. Que Pee

      My favorite song off this album! Luv Kylie!!

    15. holly r

      Lovin' Spoonful has left the chat

    16. TanK A6


    17. Just a Viewer

      She looks so much like Madonna here.

    18. José Anibal Tuberquia Muñoz

      De lo poco rescatable de la música de hoy en día...realmente ESPECTACULAR!! One of my favorite singers in my life. God bless you Kylie

    19. Aleksandra Plavšić

      Fuck yeah, on repeat!

    20. Alan Ocegueda

      Queen 👑

    21. andhrey Coriton

      g Géniallll cette chanson... , toujours aussi belle kyllie !!

    22. Anna Danowska


    23. Joe

      Thank you for making 2020 magical 💖💖

    24. Joe


    25. Slavin Balen

      Pointer Sisters or Sister Sledge stylish. Nothing new.

    26. Maestra Diana Edith


    27. Fusión Latina [Visual Content] 1985 - 2020

      Me gusta esta canción

    28. Angela Garcia Candela


    29. Angela Garcia Candela

      I love you kylie!!😘😘

    30. Plegsio

      Guys, it's just Chained to the rythm by Katy Perry.

      1. Just Azael

        Just because they have the same key on the music keyboard doesn’t mean it is the same. Didn’t Katy got sued for Dark Horse which was so nuts cuz the artist who sued her also used the same sound as a song from the 90s Many musicians stand by Katy arguing that it was just the key that sounded similar. So I guess your point is not really valid

      2. Joe

        World discovery. thanks for informing

    31. Frederic Sestier

      I love it

    32. Clarisse Kesley


    33. worker999 all time

      THE GODDESS - WHITE DIAMOND - singing! No equal in the 21 century! (all usa super rich starlets & rapers-): only for their "intro" use! WE do not like them! THE GODDESS - FOR ALL WORLD! for 30 years - all years Also YOUNG! THE GODDESS! OUR GODDESS!

    34. Joshua Bailon

      This is like Champagne Problems of Katy Perry. I love the beats of this song and the entire album 🥳🥳

    35. Javier Toron Luli

      Diva ....Diva.....Diva .....única

    36. Roch Lester

      Love it.

    37. Ryan

      Wow I love chained to the rhythm 🤩

    38. Andy Marvel

      I wanna take a ride on your DISCO STICK

    39. Edd Mln


    40. Giuseppe Tranchida


    41. Genevieve T

      Huge Dazzler vibes omg!

    42. Jaco Aucamp

      Yes Kylie. I believe in Magic and you.

    43. Warren Nicholas

      Love the groove 💓❤️😍

    44. matea brnada

      I love it😍

    45. wobedraggled

      I NEEDED this in my 2020...

    46. BB

      Love Kylie. I belive in kylie.....

    47. Ronne Anderson

      nice music

    48. Malu Brenes

      She NEVER disappoint me! ❤❤❤

    49. EJ Gomez

      Thanks to Queen Kylie I believe in magic 💖🎶😊

    50. EJ Gomez

      THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH KYLIE!!!! Thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful art!!!! And thank you so much for saving the pop music 💖🎶😊

    51. Lena Domingues

      POP QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!

    52. Leonardo Rodrigues

      #Disco = Álbum do Ano 💖🎶🇧🇷

    53. Radosław Waszkiewicz

      Kylie giving everyone the timeless pop bops for the last +30 years, but everybody is busy sleeping on her :(

    54. Tyler Louis Kuretich SUPA DUPA XO

      ***Don't delete my justice and corrective comments. It's not my fault that the idiot corrupt worthless pieces of shit of the Fremont county sheriff department Fremont county district attorney canon city police department Alexandra Robak Ramsey lama are all being SHUTDOWN forever. They are guilty of having wrongfully illegally forced me through a courtscam, stole from me...and I will be paid for every day of my they stole from me and I will have my gun NECKLACES etc they stole from me. This is a statement of facts total truth correct and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief.

    55. Florence Dupuy

      J adore

    56. Светлана Ледова


    57. Светлана Ледова


    58. Hector Marquez

      This song makes me so happy. I totally love it. ❤️


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    60. Kejenvijia[kqligul] Tshijenniy-Sakvovnc

      b. dec 22, 1956 kaligula mooney csozkas. you don't. she's cassens minogue. haus ain't. not sure why.

    61. Kejenvijia[kqligul] Tshijenniy-Sakvovnc

      all childhoods end, radhena muller.

    62. Jose Balbiani

      I love this song!

    63. Jose Balbiani

      #magic #disco #kylieminogue

    64. sylvianblue

      Please don’t go down the Nicole Kidman stretched face look, Miss K....

    65. Albert Hodgens

      She looks younger n younger as the years go on!!!!!

    66. Anthony Tumang

      #Queen #KylieMinogue 😎 #Lie or #kE ⏲ #Kylie⁉️ pin.iT/17Cychz #TestYourself find #Minogue in the imAGe

      1. Anthony Tumang

        #StrikeAPose 😉

    67. Lill Priest

      What a great disco song!!!

    68. Sudhir Singh

      She’s magic

    69. Liberté Bisoux

      The hooded dress is awful and a poor choice of wardrobe for this video.

    70. Jose Balbiani

      Streaming all the time #magic

    71. Popmusic México

      😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰Hermosa 😍💓😍💓

    72. 二郎マカロニ


    73. Harold Santiago aka HaroldKing

      Oh My Golly! I Love This Soooo Much! ❤❤❤💖💖. Another Kylie Magic Music. Love this Kylie's new song so much as usual. Oh my, I have not been updated by Miss Kylie's Music for a while. I hope she would sing a duet with Queen Mariah Carey. 🎤🎶❤🙏😇.

    74. Manuel Cinta


    75. Desmont Ora

      Never dissapointed

    76. Guibm

      I don't know why, but it kinda gives me Chained to the Rhythm vibes XD

    77. Janel

      Peoples, can't stop to believe in magic, magic is really✨

    78. Fidato

      Her dress is a modest version of what she wore in I can't get you outta my head.

    79. Zully Almada

      *Hermoso video!!!* *Hermosa canción!!!*

    80. Keith McKenna

      Love this, best release from album so far 🔥💯

    81. Benedetta Neri

      Torneremo a ballare insieme ,❤️

    82. Benedetta Neri

      E niente non ne toppa una!!!! Top!!!!

    83. Alan

      Listened to it only once and already love it, will end on top charts for sure. Video is cool too, only 1 regret, KM used to smile lot on her vids, it was her signature since 80s, I don't recognize her style on this vid idk..

    84. TOM PIPPS


    85. Sofía BatiMar


    86. Sofía BatiMar

      My mother loves this song

    87. Gabi Bono

      Please open the clubs! I'll go with mask no problem! I need this!

    88. Kati Mon

      Se parece mucho a chained to the rhythm de katy perry 🤔 es el mismo ritmo

      1. Dany Ruiz

        Ambas usan el sample de una canción de los 80's 0 70's no recuerdo el nombre pero es por eso que suenan parecidas

    89. Farid Khan

      It's like iam listening to 80's Music... What a icon she is...❤️❤️❤️

    90. Let's Talk Now

      Does this song sample Robbie Williams Feel? It truly seems like it does but i am not sure.

    91. Jessie Golden

      OMG I need that teal dress in my lifeeeeee!!!! ToT The outfits are so prettyyyyy

    92. Santiago Farias


    93. Scott Henry

      It's got a right catchy feel good beat

    94. Petros Spyridopoulos

      In my opinion best Kylie's single since "Fever" album - "Can't get you out of my head", almost 20 years ago..! ❤️

    95. Tom Carson

      Love this song

    96. Rafael Hidalgo

      Kylie es/is magic

    97. Tomasz Pankanin

      Kylie is Magic

    98. Tomasz Pankanin

      I believe in magic

    99. Ciotka

      Love It Kylie !!

    100. Dany Ruiz

      Maratón de fin de semana para los 5 millones!!! Donde esta Latinoamérica