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    1. Toasty

      4:38 grunkle stan 1440p 4k ultra HD i9 rtx 3090

    2. Lorenzo Savona

      11:30 but Donald trump already looks like he's from the dollar store

    3. Lorenzo Savona

      9:18 is it a coincidence that half of those words are double oo'd?

    4. Anna Furmaniak

      9:15 *Spoon*

    5. Maladjusted Cutie

      9:08 I would've just commented "noob". Example and reaction in one word :D

    6. TeBraxPlus

      8:53 i know that pfp anywhere. its "The Horizon" dude isnt it?

    7. Krewlex

      9:04 He might as well of just said, "Give it to me straight, Doc."

    8. Vincent Soussi

      2:18 He looks like a face drawn on a hot air balloon.

    9. Lee Tami

      11:49 omg poor scarra and toast

    10. Tom H

      First image! Poor Legal Eagle! His channel is great don't disrespect him!

    11. YeetNoodle

      If your looking for a face reveal of emkay you cant find it because hes already with you :)

    12. YeetNoodle

      If you want to know what emkay looks like its in his channel pfp

    13. Phoenix Davalos

      420 dislikes

    14. Mortality Returns

      “She looks like the evil cockatoo from the rio movie” “omg she does look like Nigel” so... you know. Know the truth

    15. Taffy The Cat

      Sorry for disliking, but I was 420th to do it - got to make some sacrifices B]

    16. Keegan Baertsch

      9:01 Good channel, called The Horizon, he finds P2W servers and lags them out until they need to reset the servers.

    17. Kathryn benson

      pinocchio keeps lying in Minecraft Auto wood generator

    18. Kathryn benson

      1:59 The interviewer: so you tried to shoot your husband 57 tim...... The woman: SHUT UP I'm trying to see my single brain cell

    19. Some random guy

      8:52 OH! OH OH! I KNOW THAT GUY. thats The Horizon, he makes minecraft videos hacking and duping in pay-to-win minecraft servers to shut them down. he has so many subreddits and discord servers because reddit and discord keep terminating them for ToS/EULA/whatever violations. he's probably admin in a lot of discord servers for coordinating server raids and dupes and the sort

    20. mrh11

      *breathing has now been set to manual*

    21. Vibe Check

      5:55 nobody’s going to talk about the 1.0k downvotes

    22. Calvin Weber

      why is the ad revenue so good?

    23. Angela Smith


    24. Frogsarelife

      8:25 lmaooo I’ve seen that video (Dont ask Eva Elfie is goated)

    25. Hi Hello

      9:20 I was waiting for "Fool". I'm disappointed

    26. Arman2468

      8:52 ive seen this guy in so many comment sections i know who it is already

    27. Mitzi Leiva

      11:31 Donald Trump is already from the dollar store but this is the thrift store version💀

    28. Wyatt Gray

      100 thousand years later: Mom! Wheres my IPhone X Deluxe U 2 Supa Dupa 914738236732772 Flip? I need it to preorder my PS360

    29. nmheath03

      8:53 Wait a minute is that The Horizon?

    30. David Alvaro

      10:25 can confirm.

    31. Delicious Sandvich

      0:00 Penultimo is that you?

    32. Lael Peiris

      7:12 YAAAAS!!

    33. SL Zero

      3:12 OOOOOOOOOH that Karen got ROASTED, OH MY GOD.

    34. 069 420

      9:19 oof.

    35. brixrr Schenk

      8:29 holy fuck i saw that one

    36. Timmy Pasta


    37. AbsurdAbsol

      9:20 even boom has oo

    38. Col Har


    39. Leni M-B

      why the person at 3:40 have a dorito shaped head

    40. Jerry, The Nitwit Villager

      Your voice looks like a human HK series droid voice

    41. Electronic Cow

      9:01 Horizon on top. Stay mad.

    42. NegaiStar Tachi

      11:57 He looks like Tom Holland who'd snort sugar instead of coke

    43. KC Krumbcake

      8:57 everyone know damn well that's horizon MC that typed that comment.


      The "roses are red and violets are blue" joke is not even an insult, it's just really wholesome

    45. Altalune -chan

      1:17 this reaction 2:38 “Are you a f*cking garbonzo bean?” WHY DID THIS GET ME 5:58 o o f 6:16 I think i recognize her pfp from Picrew? 6:45 he does 11:08 ouch

    46. George Taylor


    47. joe

      8:53 hey that's the horizon, don't worry, it's only ironic

    48. Sharl legreg

      one of the reasons I watch these is because I’d rather have someone else read the posts than me

    49. August Green

      Robin sounds like he's constantly trying to make me laugh but failing horribly.

    50. Gary Eslicjk

      7:55 Blackmail Not Black Male. I heard that diffrent until I read it

    51. Hanini Boi

      8:59 is that The horizion??

    52. Manic Neko

      0:01 hey isn't that the guys from that how's mafia works meme??

    53. Audience

      *3:58** MEGA OOF*

    54. Fantasy NC

      Rip legal eagle

    55. Adrian Glazewski

      3:37 Oh no not Ludwig LMAOOOOO

    56. gameboy 0101

      4:37 boi looks like Mr Incredible's employer in Incredibles 1

    57. Hawaii Stateball

      11:59 he looks like a weed addict from colorado

    58. Hulfe

      I slowly got more and more confused on the meaning of each insult.

    59. Ham Ripley

      Jeff Bezos = Meme man

    60. doge_sevens YT

      the first guy in the intro looks like box assasin not even gonna lie

    61. Templarfreak


    62. DoubleTrouble1312


    63. Exile

      caught you in 4K dude 4K

    64. JerryRage

      6:43 I actually thought he was a coat hanger

    65. Hays Blinckmann

      6:40 I actually thought he was a coat hangar

    66. AwesomeEspur 360


    67. Syrus 88

      12:36 flick

    68. Micah Murphy

      This guy talks like swaggersouls backwash

    69. sergeant mason

      1:03 do i?

    70. some knigt10 guy

      Never realised how cursed the emkay hand is until that fan art made me try it

    71. Robloxian gamer34

      Damien they didn't make just one console they made the ps5 1/93 and so on so forth

    72. Mrecc Plaze

      2:00 is that a JOJO REFERENCE

    73. Water Sheep

      where tf is damien!

    74. dustin lindsey

      9:04 USE HARDER BLUR. I can clearly make out the names. And one of them is a minecraft youtuber btw.

    75. DJtheYoutuber

      You look like the reason people don’t wear masks

    76. Youngpoolll

      The dude in the thumbnail could snort like 4 children and have space for more

    77. your worst fucking nightmare

      Rare insult: You're the reason why shampoo has instructions.

    78. Hssg Ha

      8:57 horizon on top

    79. James Spear

      4:04 oof size large

    80. TheCoolLEGO64 2.0

      2:47 putting the ass back in Christmass

    81. TheColorDark

      6:17 Yeah, Justin Bieber's ass

    82. Kelly Couch

      if you search Fun Costumes Child Super Saiyan Goku Wig Yellow its 12:05

    83. BearplayzTheBear

      Fun fact: the emkay logo is a left hand.

      1. Flawblade

        It is not. You can see his palm meaning that its his right hand but he turned it around. Or the image is flipped and im an idiot. Why am i making a whole thing out of this?

    84. Aureus Knighstar

      Robin sounds the guy who always gives off wholesome vibes and cheers us up when we're at the lowest point of the day

      1. Aureus Knighstar

        Also I fear one day when novel writers enter the r/cursedcomments battlefield

    85. RosieRo

      Rare insult: "It's too bad that your brain isn't as large as you're BMI."

    86. XZN Hydrox

      You warm toilet seat

    87. Jonathan Vance

      I lol'd pretty hard at the "This guy looks like the love child of John Lennon and Weird Al" one.

    88. Hot Leaf Juice

      6:10 shit good to know im 23😳😳

    89. Duncan Black

      They gotta do legal eagle like that tho-

    90. Godly Memes

      5:44 Wanted that bad romance bit too much I see

    91. 「Bite za Dusto」

      8:29 more like discount Thomas Sanders

    92. i an speed

      Give me a r/cursedcomment down here l l V

    93. Adam Teeple

      Chip Chapley of Cyanide and Happiness

    94. devil ze313

      robin is the type of guy who would watch a short video and ask "where's the funny part?"

    95. ZephyrGaming

      4:04 I felt that one in my core, Jesus

    96. TheBubek

      he sounds like swaggersouls edit: 11:58 confirms it

    97. keahUwU

      You can go to this xD to this x∆x

    98. Michael Buckley

      that protogen tho that was a bloody burn

    99. hahafunny h

      top comment on 8:59 seems like a minecraft hacking channel

    100. LinusSexTips

      1:52 lady has dinosaur vision