Gucci Mane - Truth (Official Music Video)

Gucci Mane

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    1. Gucci Mane

      I Am My Only Competition

      1. Vic Noloc

        Gucci mane you back to your old ways or what ? We need more hits like this one

      2. If I Can Help !!

        Watch "Yung Jeezy-Stay Strapped-GUCCI MANE DISS" on HUgets


        BABY YOU THA TRUTH #GUCCIMANE 4L 😍😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶BURRRRRRR


      5. Matteocci Tha Don

        Facts clone gucci vs real gucci#freeguwop

    2. Andre Avenue

      This boy Big Guwop done re-up load the video track 😆

    3. I Am Chedda

      This is better than TRUTH

    4. CALICOTV301

      This the same sh that got Big and Tupac killed...

    5. Isaiah Guillaume

      I hope you didn't pay them cuz they ain't have no success 🔥🔥🔥

    6. chinga.tu.madre. puta.667

      He's dissing young jeezy

    7. Francisco Ravalli

      2:01 YUHH

    8. Kyle Thomas

      “If you lookin for the kid, I be end zone 6”

    9. Ulysses Johnson

      Just got paid

    10. Turnt Up!

      Gucci Ate On This One B.

    11. Matthew Bailey

      Grab a Louisville and turn into a batting cage 🥶

    12. Jan Thea Tv

      Here’s the video

    13. QDSMOKE B


    14. Henry Lewis

      I Love both these Catz but this has to be the hardest Gucci Mane song PERIOD PERIOD!!!

    15. The Boss Number 27

      IM SO ICYYY🖕🏿💯😤

    16. AJ Fiore

      0:57 Gucci still can’t let it go

    17. Jr Cash

      Big Gucci no heart no remorse

    18. Ray Smith

      This shit forever timeless give it another 8 years another 800 years put back on and it's still gon get a couple million plays in 5 days.

    19. Lee Gonzalez

      this shit still go hard.

    20. Five Star Russian

      Fortnite players: Hmmm fresh drop vid, but y Gucci become fat so fast

    21. Micah Bell

      And if you looking for the kid I be in zone 6

    22. Tony Rockfeler

      Old school still hustling my life everyday

    23. Trill 4e

      Fat Gucci was on that bullshit lol

    24. Sbg Gang

      If you still fucking wit dis song in 2020 like dis

    25. i -Greenmuch


    26. M E K E L

      Yea the clone ain't rap it like this. Gawddamn 🔥🔥

    27. JESUS LOVES US *v*

      :“If you try to find happiness through the pursuit of worldly things, it will elude you. The only way to find happiness is through the pursuit of God.”

    28. T💲O WRLDWDE™

      Had too🥶🍦

    29. Debbie

      For the people who didn't know, look up Truth by "OG man man" same beat and all!!

    30. Godzilla360

      "i tell you what"

    31. Meat Wadd


    32. Danny Gordon

      I’m a big dog 🐕

    33. Alejandro Picazo

      Gucci my hero...

    34. Alejandro Picazo

      Gucci a player.....

    35. Hustlerz4Life


    36. D

      Rest up POOKIE LOC

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    38. Ronald samuel

      He would put this up again🤦🏻‍♂️.........smfh petty

    39. Gregory Campbell

      Gucci man is a wack rapper

    40. lone wolf

      Wow they reposted the video

    41. ぴぴぴぴぎお

      It says uploaded 5 days ago I thought I was trippin

    42. Percules

      He re up this shit ?? I swear I had commented on this a long time ago

    43. Eagle eye

      This the real Gucci La Flare before he became a clone! Smh....

    44. The Child

      El Cuchy meyn :’y

    45. CollectorsLuck

      Man, this is the Gucci I know and grew up on .

    46. Thomas Henderson

      Always had this song in my playlist for over 8yrs still be playing it , happy that it’s re uploaded on HUgets so I can see all yah fake Gucci fan and jeezy fan give these dumb ass opinion yah have 😭😭

    47. Will Sutherland

      $10,000 bounty put on my neck Hope you didn’t pay them boys cause they had no success

    48. Magic Zack

      this like ten year old, Fawk the world feel

    49. OGUT KANO

      Gucci is goated

    50. Iam WhoIam

      Stay mad Gucci, that nigga tried to get you out the paint! I'd be 80 with a walker like "fuck that nigga"!

    51. Iam WhoIam

      Real street niggas know Gucci caught another body during the #verzuz! This shit was a hand grenade! Gucci won easy!

    52. Wilson Elis Feliz

      Oh ufff

    53. N Cruz

      He Re-released it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    54. king cobra

      I had to watch this while I roll up my pookie pacc

    55. simon mundo

      Why this be uploaded it was from 2012 lol

    56. T X


    57. Bobby Shofner

      Enjoy the clone.RIP Gucci

    58. LOSO G

      Dat verzuz had a Chico on tilt 💯trill nigga shit from atl to 305

    59. Free Thinker

      How u doing Hopsin...

    60. Mark NUNEA23

      the GOAT

    61. Yvng Jarvis

      Gucci so damn petty why he repost these 10 year ass song😂🤦🏾‍♂️💯#Legendary

      1. TARANTINO

        cuz he can

    62. Add Link Free

    63. payten weeks

      Challenge100 word song with 100 hip hop singers. 1 song. Each person only sings 1 word to go to the next. Lyric to finish the song that would be so cool...

    64. Julian Flaka

      is this the real gucci??

      1. Crippy Boytupac

        NoCap Gucci should sign this rapper out miami he sounds like YB 💚👏

    65. Chanda Wood

      This da old Gucci man .pre jail❤❤❤❤😳💉!

      1. Crippy Boytupac

        NoCap Gucci should sign this rapper out miami he sounds like YB 💚👏

    66. bilisha coli

      I knew Gucci was gon play this and when he did my jaw still dropped like daaammmmnnn

    67. Steven Craig Winn Jr. finally started beatmaking up again after a long break listen to the sound/style of the ones that came out same day truth came out... weird?

      1. Steven Craig Winn Jr.

        i didnt know gucci came out with it til day or so after lol

    68. Dog Life S.A


      1. bilisha coli

        certain way. Gucci had every right to feel that way! Great Battle

    69. pearl harbor

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    70. pearl harbor

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    71. pearl harbor

      It's amazing using Hackkits,uk I just got paid again $26,000 directly in to my account

    72. Joshua Johnson

      Something that don't sit right with me gucci never grew his facial hair like never why all of a sudden he got a full grown beard and his racial features changed dramatically anyone else feel like the new gucci cloned J's🧐

    73. Fanagal Godd

      1Love big cuz Mr.Elm

    74. Tyrell James

      These recent events made me remember why gucci was my all time favorite rapper.. he is entirely too fucking real. Will do and say anything at any time. True street nigga that dont give a fuck how many cameras are watching or who else is in the room. Not that its something to be proud of, but its comforting listening to someone rap and you know they not lying. Respect 💪🏾

    75. Weapons Grade Viral Media

      Anyone else always wonder why it sounds like a bong hit at the end when the lawyers talking? 8 years laters still goes stuuupid

    76. ho1thoho1992

      Gucci is back

    77. Jeff Molette

      Gwop ate on this bit on my mama

    78. CoollikeDat 007

      Priest: "How you feeling today Demon?" Demon: "Like Gucci Mane"

      1. Ms. Williams


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      What a cool passage

    80. Nathan Granum

      He wasted no words on each verse. He stated factz. This has major repercussions.

    81. spademode

      This was the none clone version.. Guwopp.🔥🔥🔥

    82. manu demarchi

      TRAP GOD

    83. Choc Green

      I’m glad you told your story! Mf want to all of a sudden hug it out! I don’t think Jeezy could move on comfortably in life, knowing that somebody in the streets was still feeling a certain way. Gucci had every right to feel that way! Great Battle

      1. Ms. Williams


    84. Choc Green


    85. 6hilltop6

      This the real pork chop gucci not that new tofu gucci

      1. Ms. Williams


    86. Eric Holder

      I use to drive to Birmingham wit alot grams Nigga!!

    87. Chris S

      I just came from Gucci Peacoat. Gucci Mane flipped my vibe 🤣

    88. Adam Williams


    89. entity one

      Words of wisdom

    90. zaytek djemaa

      i am listening to this the last two weeks then i see it in official channel

    91. Nate Peace

      Worst music ever. Honestly NWA, Snoop, I mean what happened to rap?

    92. mihai ciurileanu

      This is what i call great music😛

    93. Jimm Vjacka

      Let’s Confuse the new gucci fans

    94. Mike Nakita

      Aachen kriminell best

    95. Jacob Seraphin

      Who know this song by heart before the verzuz battle wit jeezy

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    97. XanaxAndGreen10

      Damn I feel like Gucci Mane on 2006 shiittt 👆🏾

    98. AZ FLA

      why they saying this new ?

    99. Eternity x99

      Damn this went up up! Lol 1.7 million it wasn’t even at a million before the versuz lol Guwopppp

    100. Nicolas Shepherd

      This song make me wanna 🎶🎶🎶

      1. Nicolas Shepherd