Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w08a Deepslate Ores & Enhanced Cave Generation


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    Minecraft 1.17 The Caves & Cliffs Update Playlist ► hugets.info/first/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk
    Minecraft 1.17 snapshot 21w08a give us a new name for grimestone, deepslate! deepslate ores have been added too alongside smooth basalt
    Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w07a Grimstone & New Ore Generation
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    00:00 Canyon, Cracks & Cave Carvers
    01:30 Geodes & Smooth Basalt
    02:45 Noise Caves & Biomes
    04:04 Deepslate & Deepslate Ores
    05:46 Ore Mining & Generation
    07:19 Distribution Of Ores
    08:49 More Changes
    10:04 Interesting Discovery
    #minecraft #deepslate #cliffsandcaves

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    1. Terrible

      I dont really like the ore texture changes, it takes away the nostalgia

    2. J T

      Hate the gold others are fine

    3. William Boy

      0:21 Anyone notice how that cave in the bottom left generated in a almost a cube

    4. Mikael Elmblad

      Telling your viewer to sub, might turn them off, and just skip your video. For like EVERY fucking youtuber asking us to sub and like ... And it's just.. STFO. We know how to do it.

    5. William Boy

      Another thing: Piglins get angry when you break deepslate gold ore near them

    6. HoBoMiKe

      Waterlogged underground areas are such a pain in the bricks to navigate,much less mine. Now they’re adding a whole underwater table near rivers, at the base of the world, and in the mountains. It would be fine, except all the ways you used to be able to deal with that (quick torch or door for air) are gone now with waterlogging , and you can’t instantly refill your oxygen meter and go back in the water to get ores. They need to add some kind of way to get rid of massive amounts of water. There’s no way to breathe in water without potions, which are extremely difficult to obtain until lategame , and trying to mine anywhere near water is abysmal because of the slowdown and the fact that valuable items can get sucked into the floor of the cave with bubble columns.

    7. Syndrome of a Down

      10:00 They grew up so fast...

    8. That one game dev

      What if they make more RPG-like dungeons that are randomly generated.

    9. GGGamer guy

      Whats funny is back before the aquatic update, i always thought that diamonds were found under water falls in caves. (Idk why) Now all my friends who laughed will be so confused as i pull out all of the diamonds (:

    10. nite x

      so guys, they did it. They made da oxbow lake

    11. Leviathan

      it would be funny if earthqaukes would get added. personally i think it would be cooler if the cubic chunks would get implamented rather than just adding another 64 blocks to the under ground.

    12. contrite sinner

      Therefore also now, saith the LORD, turn ye even to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning: And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the LORD your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil. (Joel 2:12-13 [KJV]) == = == Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7 [KJV])

    13. nectomancer

      little did thet know... THEY ACCIDENTALLY DELETED IRON ORE

    14. SamC169

      how to do the thing at 10:15

    15. coreynj

      The cracks in the surface look a little too unnatural. They need to be smaller and more blended into the environment. Also, a theory on the infested stone down there, they may create Infested Deepslate and make it spawn more frequently as you go deeper as a way of cranking up the difficulty. They may also make better ore spawn more frequently the deeper you go for a high risk/high reward kind of thing.

    16. Rolan

      This whole update looks awful, not like minecraft at all

      1. Salty Skwid

        Minecraft isn't even minecraft at all. Community is now trash, and the game is slowly degrading. Not having much hope for newer updates

    17. Demogo

      New snapshot out :D

    18. Elizabeth Del castillo

      The first thing I really thought was the caves there were too much water for it to be interesting early in game... yes there’s the door trick but you swim slower early game PLUS IF YOU PLAY BEDROCK the door trick DOES NOT WORK... so I really thank MC for making it rarer but personally... I think it may be to rare... maybe?

    19. lɐǝᴚʇoN

      Im a little bit late to this video but does anyone know the difference between the new deepslate ores and the normal ores? Has that question even been answered yet?

    20. pontsofani 44

      i hate this fucking snapshot. where is caves. i mean good caves not max 2 meter long

    21. Fish Paws

      At 7:51 you can clearly see that there is a secret message hidden in the deep slate. This message is in both of the ore generation graphs and I need to know what it says/means. Please Xisuma, help.

      1. John Ramos

        I just noticed it too

      2. John Ramos

        Bhholy cap

    22. mary nassuna

      Ores that I hope could be in the game THESE ARE JUST NAMES dintrite : Maybe a diorite stone obzi : an obsidian enzode : ore that's like copper that's rare stunch/stunz : Type of glow stone zinc : its a stone

    23. TheBlunderman bob

      i really wish minecraft had something similar to the Terraria glowlights where you could throw them to light up caves. Maybe something like a type of arrow and something else that could possibly work with water

    24. Absolute Zero

      "Since water blocks are not air blocks" -xisumavoid 2021

    25. F D

      i cant wait for 1.17 will go on a hardcore adventure

    26. EpicTrident

      I actually think what they did to the gold ore not being consistent with the one in the nether is good, because the nether gold ore only drops nuggets, which is consistent to the texture.

    27. PNW9581

      i love the old texture of the ores better the the new

    28. Tzer

      they increased the world height so... anyone wanna build on the nether roof higher up with me?

    29. Kai

      Why do they have no release date when the snapshot has so many of the features and is available already? Why not just release the stuff that is done?

      1. Kai

        @Smokey thanks

      2. Smokey

        ok then just play the snapshot and name your installation 1.17 done

    30. wildcat tuna

      me a 2b2t player seeing how much particles a spore blossom emits: i see a lot of lag machines in the future

    31. Giovanni Roverso

      Calicite? From Cali?

    32. Giovanni Roverso


    33. The Hybrid43

      Lets hope that it will be released in the summer

    34. Difa Pujasukma

      Mojang did add the snapshot to test an 1.17 snapshot

    35. wnnalis cioov

      I dont get the air expused thing. The whole point of the update was, so that mining is more exciting and harder. But now strip mining is encouraged again

      1. alida flus

        That deepslate look so good to use for building house.

    36. Dave Theisen

      The gold and diamond air exposure is probably just to balance the fact that with big caves a lot more blocks are exposed to air and you can see them all at once I bet it just keeps it so it takes about as long to get diamonds caving

      1. alida flus


    37. Supernova

      I ᓵᔑリ'ℸ ̣ ∴ᔑ╎ℸ ̣ ⎓𝙹∷ 1.17 ℸ ̣ 𝙹 ⊣𝙹 𝙹⚍ℸ ̣

      1. Supernova

        Did you translate what I said?

      2. wnnalis cioov

        Shame, I kinda liked the "Grimstone" names. Maybe they'll bring it back in the Deep Dark.

    38. GoldPlays

      "Lava is back" 😓 "Tuff is replacing andesite" 😃 Stone below y 0 😳 Basalt in overworld 😱

    39. GoldPlays

      This update feels more like a mod now

      1. Hougen

        every update does

    40. Outdex

      deepslate < grimstone

    41. Cimam


    42. alida flus


    43. Libby W

      im gonna miss the old minecraft

    44. Cimam

      Also Phenoix: **makes a texture pack showing deepslate ores** Mojang: Aight, time to make this real so we get popular

      1. alida flus

        Lapis Looks like Plutonium!

    45. Cimam

      Pheonix: **makes joke about basalt** Mojang: *aight, time to change the name bois

    46. meme king

      i think older iron ore is very better new iron ore is gross

    47. JustRanchinMC

      I hate it.

    48. SFS Stories

      I-Is that an 9 diamond vain at the end? 10:38

    49. Vynnie v

      All I can see is the absolutely horrible strain all this stuff with puy my computer under. This will be so so laggy

    50. Vynnie v

      Id love a lava texture update ngl. Darker towards the bottom would really bring it to life

    51. Grimm _


    52. Jona

      That deepslate look so good to use for building house.

    53. bilishu aliss

      Shame, I kinda liked the "Grimstone" names. Maybe they'll bring it back in the Deep Dark.

    54. SargentKade327

      I’m sorry but the iron ore texture looks like crap, literally, it looks like a rock with large turds smothered over it. It’s disgusting, gold is good though

    55. Psychtank 19

      Any talks on the optimization of the java? How the snapshot runs atm. I mean minecraft supposed to be fun even on potatoes, right? Multiplayer still meh rn ngl.

      1. bilishu aliss

        i cant belive it, they are replacing the only good rock or the granite diorite andesite trio

    56. Glory To Arstotzka

      4:02 "why not subscribe, make sure you're never going to miss out on them" actually subscribing doesn't help, if you watched like 5 of them, youtube is going to recommend them whenever you release them, regardless if the user is subscribed or not. the only reason they'd subscribe is if they are interested in your other content I say this based on experience, I wasn't subscribed a long time yet I caught every single one of the snapshots for about 1 year at this point, and subscribed only after a few months.

    57. Daniel Saran

      What about the Warden? Nobody is talking about him

    58. 4 2

      I (personally) hate gold texture (chunks of gold in texture is too big)

    59. 4 2

      Lapis Looks like Plutonium!

      1. dutoiu hour

        Well I think there should be a Diamond Making because you can make Diamonds out of coal I think we should be Able to do that

    60. Hjörtur

      I remember the good old days when the stone was just stone. Back then we didn't have multiple different types of stone cluttering up your inventory. :3

      1. dutoiu hour

        great vid

    61. monkey man

      Don't really know how to feel about the new irorn, but just gonna have to roll with it...

    62. It’s Extreme Gamer Carlos

      Hey i keep hearing rumors about Ruby ore will be added in 1.17 is that true???

    63. vliduu zeeb

      With the particle effects, it would be cool if fire gave off orange ones or if you could dye the spore blossom to get different coloured particle effects.

    64. Daniel Mahon

      I hope that they make the deep slate versions drop more ore, loot, items like they are more concentrated bonus points if they can get some form of fortune to work on gold iron and copper ores without making things cheesey.

      1. vliduu zeeb

        The diamond ore has a little bit of a beard now. It's just hard to see.

    65. Trevor McPhillips

      imagine polished cracked deepslate stairs

    66. Carter Williams

      So is andesite being removed entirely or is it just a terrain generation change?

      1. Daniel David

        It just won't generate under y=0. You can still find it anywhere above that level.

    67. Josh Peterson

      This is getting sketchily close to looking like a gross/congested modpack or texture pack.

      1. Hougen

        every update does

    68. CharliniChannel

      The Redstone does not look like Redstone. I mean, Redstone is a very red, opaque, dusty stone, not a reddish-pink, reflective, crystalline gem. Does anyone have the same opinion?

      1. Hougen


    69. Ivan Anguiano

      Minecraft moblie needs a update!

    70. TCoilStudios

      i cant belive it, they are replacing the only good rock or the granite diorite andesite trio

      1. Daniel David

        You know andesite still exists, right? You will just no longer find it below y=0.

    71. Thomas Reese

      I still wish Mojang would add more ores. Copper is a good start but has practically no uses outside of building. Same goes for Amethyst. Would love to see Titanium Ore or Silver Ore with toolsets or something new.

    72. HappyGamer 4ever

      The saying "don't dig straight down" hits harder especially if you cannot mlg or if you don't have water buckets/slime blocks/etc.

    73. richard343s

      This is all very cool but I'm worried 1.17 will make the game laggier.

      1. Hougen

        oh it will

    74. Link of Hyrule

      Minecraft screaming fantasy dwarfs elves 🧝‍♂️

    75. Micah Slade

      great vid

    76. Wildtooth 7081

      Well I think there should be a Diamond Making because you can make Diamonds out of coal I think we should be Able to do that

    77. Matt Counihan

      I don't like the changes to some of the ores, if it isn't broken don't fix it.

    78. Soccermanagershaun

      I've been wondering how strongholds will work now, I dobt know if you've mentioned it before I dont usually watch videos like these

    79. Olivia Carter

      I’m very disgusted with the new change on the ores why can’t we keep the name old one!!!!!

      1. Hougen


    80. EJB9

      I originally didn’t like the ‘new’ ore textures, but these newer ones make me like them way more lol

    81. BBXR 107

      The diamond ore has a little bit of a beard now. It's just hard to see.

    82. dutoiu hour

      I dont get the air expused thing. The whole point of the update was, so that mining is more exciting and harder. But now strip mining is encouraged again

    83. Yeet Boy

      I think all of the new ore textures are fantastic except for iron. I would want to still have the more traditional pixelization.

    84. Lone Dovah


      1. dutoiu hour

        This kinda ruind minecraft

    85. Demodog 56

      You said they should keep nether gold the same texture as overworld/deep ore but when you mine nether gold doesn't it give nuggets straight up unless you silktouch and smelt

    86. Asser Dawood

      Smooth basalt reminds me of trees

    87. Άγγελος Συρόπουλος

      Hope they not delete the iron ( all last updates that my mind think first). I believe we see some changes to iron gold diamond tools

    88. BlueVoidRBLX

      everyone is talking about the new caves and textures, But nobody is talking about if we are getting new ambient cave sounds.

    89. Headshot HatTrick

      I think the deepslate texture should be the top texture all the way around

    90. Yeuogu

      chunk miners will have a bad time on these new ores and deepslates

    91. Yeuogu

      one thing i can say about these new ores: _edgy ores_

    92. Budhvin Hewage

      i want to see the cool open caves with water generating in the upper layers too, it was awesome seeing the videos of minecrafters use rowboats

    93. Brayden Agresto

      Minecraft s looking modded compared to like 1.12

    94. Solsun

      these new textures are not the one

      1. laskin riubn

        grimstone was a better name

    95. Illusionary Void

      Can we just talk about deepslate tiles and all the creative uses for a second?

      1. Illusionary Void

        Like, bathrooms, kitchen tile, accent wall, etc.

    96. DeathRabbit

      I was alright with the new ore changes, but now that they got another touch up, they look GREAT! Really looking forward to this update!

      1. Hougen

        @laskin riubn nope. only in the snapshots

      2. DeathRabbit

        @laskin riubn maybe, no idea honestly. Id think so

      3. laskin riubn

        Will you have to generate new world for this update?

    97. Lemonade

      Infested stone... cuz the one thing we need more of is silverfish

    98. gamer guy

      Its not bsalt its basalt

    99. LezzerNet

      Why'd they go and add the air exposure thing? I don't mind it with lapis, since that seems to have extra generate without air, but with the other ores: WHY! Water caves are really annoying, and digging even more so! Why do they add such cave exploration features, only to make mining yet more efficient?

      1. TheDream64

        Mining is still way less efficient, also perviously it was way too OP with dozens of ores all within view. This nerfs it a bit

    100. Androbola

      This kinda ruind minecraft