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1 M megtekintés565

    It's time for the Fails of the Week! This week we have a woman who gets a surprise manicure, a very chubby raccoon, and more!
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    Közzététel: Hónapja


    1. Sisa Khoza

      3:50 is proper error reporting

    2. J T

      the boats....gta vice city anyone



    4. Quote NL

      nice video !

    5. Edgar Jesús Ayala

      3:54 OMG

    6. Faraji Dat

      “What.. what.. kno your place trash” 😂😂😂😂

    7. sophia molina


    8. Mud Stick

      Everyone: thE fIrSt OnE WAs FaKE Me: we all know we saw all the comments, you don’t have to comment about it, we already know and we’ve read the 100 comments about it TL;DR STFU


      Love how the gymnastic guys fall and he still points toes 😄

    10. Seanne McDaniel

      Ok, yeah. The first one is fake as fuck. No one moves their hand that fast because of a slight tickle, especially from a deep sleep. Also, awfully convenient for there to be no anger, and a towel nearby. Piss off.

    11. Trevin Slight

      What's on your face buddy

    12. Madame 62

      My new favorite line, “Call your daddy”.

    13. Altair Baiseitov

      People saying that the first one was staged but nobody is noticing how the fourth was planned!? Seriously people.

    14. Jeremiah Crawford

      Looks like those people in the water took a wrong turn

    15. Nitty BlahBlah

      02:36 Mom Level: Savage.

    16. cevansinz

      I love it, like trying to see what’s going on by looking through a keyhole.

    17. Damian Siurek

      I wanna know the story behind 5:20

    18. My YoutubeChannel

      5:03 Thats my Man!

    19. Kaneki Ken

      Remember when these used to be funny many years back 😐😐😐

    20. Jakhari Williams

      these vids aren't as funny as they used to be

    21. luke lazar

      8 seconds it’s soooooo staged

    22. Debbie Webber

      If someone did that egg thing to me they better run, I would kick the crap out of them.

    23. melad ballat


    24. lillianjordan jordan

      At 4:45 bro I know he was trying to protect his home and whatever but dont kick the animal

    25. Lucas G

      0:48 close to death

    26. Eskimos 69

      There should be a death penalty for recording vertically

    27. Quinteria Grier

      1:33 they've watched one too many bullshit off road vehicle commercials lmao

    28. Renan Goldbach

      1:10 You Shook Me

    29. NadrianATRS

      Try not to loff, I loffed last toime

    30. unkreativ xxx

      Me on a god day...

    31. Lutzinger

      1.22 So glad they filmed it in portrait mode. I´d hated it to see to much of the left side or the right side. It only distracts. So everything that is important is in focus. Brilliant work.

    32. victor meyer

      stephen sharer

    33. Master Yoda

      idk bout you guys but the first one was real **wink**

    34. Luievn

      no one wood get up that fast he wood stay and be mad if you look he is happy about that

    35. Honest John

      First video was fake as F

    36. chetatanka

      Why do you use fake videos? do you have no quality anymore? and as the first video 🙈 thumbs down

    37. Trisha Cardenas

      alexander hamilton

    38. Myrquet Victorin

      jeremy jahns

    39. Positive Vibe

      0:53 nice boat

    40. zuhn

      i watched this

      1. Epica

        Omg, same!!! I also watched this! lmao

      2. Miigs

        We all know bro.

    41. Don Megatron

      Submissions must be down.

    42. actionary


    43. HIKAJO

      3:57 I'm sorry, but how is that a fail?

    44. We laugh

      It would be bad if today was the worst day

    45. Eier

      This bleeping out is so BLEEPING ANNOYING

    46. Vasoje S.

      2:09 lmao 😂

    47. Steve Davis

      For mount and dismount of a kayak , i give a 9.8 .

    48. Harald Schmidt

      God, that damned beeping! Just because society could be damaged if someone says shit or fuck. But to have an idiot for president, who lies and rushes every day. Sick!

    49. Mr Carson

      2:09 thats natural selection.

    50. Mike3DO

      Only fail in the first video was the Detroit Lions T-shirt.

    51. Gamer Boy HUN

      4:27 Sumacher xd

    52. UTAFan 01

      Finally, a non-lethal egg prank.

    53. Zirma Li

      These are funny and all but did you hear that cat fart at 4:21 ?

    54. RandomStuff

      Fake BS

    55. Jason MB

      This shit is supposed to be funny?

    56. Jason MB

      The first one in the clip is BS!

    57. wguevara86

      Now that is a much funnier egg prank than the last one and not a choking hazzard lol

    58. Jessica Miller

      What's on your face?

    59. Lee Duncan

      How many fellas tapped the 10 sec rewind for the ice skater in skin tight pink pants? I did it at least 6 times.

    60. Samantha

      2:08 "Don't go on the spicy thing!" 🤣🤣

    61. J F

      1st clip totally scripted

    62. István Gáspár

      Fokken make portrait format compilations... sadly noone films the right way anymore 😭

    63. tom calka

      painful to watch

    64. Leandro M. Consiglio

      No deberían publicar videos en los que asustan a los gatos

    65. Bad Mako

      I have questions about 0:55

    66. Gunther Wolfgang

      1:54 i sure hope you helped that poor thing. and 3:55 WHY IS THERE A WIN IN HERE? fail army still sucks ass

    67. John Skelton

      That fingernail one made me cringe! But that's also pretty messed up to do stuff like that to your girl while she is sleeping!

    68. Mia Wasabi

      8:54 STEER! STEER!

    69. KingOfKlubs83

      The boat video at 5:18 happened in my town, Sarasota FL. I know the guy, he got 4 counts of BUI

    70. Tejas Mhatre

      Very Funny 😂



    72. Yomars Hs

      Yo y mi papá veíamos esto, nos sentábamos y nos reíamos viendo cada vídeo de este canal, me gustaba mucho ver cómo mi papá se moria de risa, hasta que dejó de estar en esta tierra, y al ver esto ya no me puedo reir como antes.

    73. David Potter

      Poor bag to heavy

      1. Majora

        @David Potter they're like teenagers, what the shit is wrong with you lmao.

      2. David Potter

        Little b's

    74. Amir Al-katib

      5:04 The reason why I unliked this video :/

      1. Amir Al-katib

        Like... Oki...?

    75. claudio solinas

      The first is fake

    76. Michael McCoy

      So happy for you to be back on the boat.

    77. Joselito Rodrical

      I am really interested in skating now.

    78. Tyler Shaw

      There were some new funny ones. Nice work Fail Army! The ice skater at the end was amazing and she was pretty....hope she is okay. Everyone

    79. Ármin Kovács

      2:05 "don't go on the spicy thing" ... lol

    80. Lorenzo Farinotti

      The one at 3:52 it’s an epic win!!! 😲😲😲

    81. Tincho251


    82. Lorenzo Farinotti

      The one at 3:10 annoyed me so much! 😒😡👎🤦🏻‍♂️🙈

    83. Sina Heuer

      start with a fake :/

    84. MechMac666

      At the first video i thought that howtobasic is on "Egg-Tour"

    85. Chloe Posey

      Call your daddy. 😂😂

    86. Arda

      2:21 i choked

    87. Yerlano Beisen


    88. Peter Kelly

      Why would you stand in the landing zone of a ski jump??? (2:24)

    89. riggstwenty2

      Oh look , more clips of people skiing and falling....... yawn.

    90. ayka ayka


    91. Heidi Koch

      I hope they helped the Raccoon :O

    92. Gregorio J. Salazar Bibriesca

      Thumbs down-unskipable adds ...

    93. Sumit Chauhan

      1:37 Ghungroo toot Gye 😂😂

    94. Jody Golden

      lol that river "shook you all night long"

    95. Raahil Yadav


    96. Valentino gento


    97. Sour Brothers

      0:04 My dude probably thought he smashed a gnarly fly on his face lmao

    98. Austin Sanderson

      Second kayak clip... that kayak was like hell no

    99. isrofi yusuf

      Chanel is like comment HUgets

    100. Andrew Jones

      no i cant sit because i lmao