Custom Water Cooled PC SPEED BUILD - Hydro X Series

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    1. Carl Ridlon

      nO lInUs DoN't PuT tHe RaDiAtOr PuMpS uP bCaUsE tHeN iT bUbBlEs AnD bUbLeS aRe BaD

    2. average Jett

      Can I just got one of the 1000 pcs you've made

    3. morgan godfrey

      3:50 steve didnt like this

    4. Malinda Bright

      I got an incredible pc setup my spyhacks.Pro on iig it's super dope 😘

    5. NeverTalkToCops1

      So, the radiator is either sucking air in to the case, or blowing air out the front, never mind you have no drive bays. Put the radiator/fans at top of case, if you want space for drive bays.

    6. cherry lee

      0086-13671843635,, Skype: linnaniu1 factory supply 19” aluminum server subrack chassis, cnc network enclosure

    7. Royston Pinto

      HUgets: "Ahh 2020. Now is the time to recommend this" Linus: "Gimme that cashola"

    8. Tyreese

      so like how would you empty that loop?

    9. Bhavneet Saini

      Would i be able to mount a res on the right side of the psu shroud where it dips down,

    10. Kabir Sangha


    11. matt welch

      Fifth time watching this this month

    12. Eric Peacock

      That nob in the middle prevents some motherboards from using their m.2 shields

    13. FinalFlame12345

      I'm a bit confused, so after installing the radiator, did Linus install additional fans at the front (attached to the radiator) to expel heat buildup from the radiator itself or was it just an aesthetic choice?

    14. Sal Soto

      Corsair says to mount radiator with the connectors at the bottom if mounted in the front. Will any problems occur if you mount as depicted in video?

    15. Athalla Rafa

      Linus: *explains useful information of building a pc* Me who just started watching him yesterday: I like your funny words magic man.

    16. CRYPT


    17. Immortal

      who else noticed that he unboxed the power supply before putting on the ssd but showed the unboxing after installing it through editing. no one else. okay

    18. Nicol Bolas

      could someone put this in a Newegg list so I could see how much it would cost?

    19. HauntedBox

      What would be the total for this PC?

    20. EPIC GAMER

      Steve from gn would be so pissed at the fact of Linus putting the tubes at the top

    21. Brent Crisostomo

      wow thats tight" oh boy"

    22. Lucason60fps

      Not gonna lie but it looks like the digital storm lumos I have

    23. Ethan Production Cinemas

      This is classified as a pool

    24. Ethan Bondick

      Everything's fine. It's #StrangerThingsDay.

    25. Dr. BlueDino

      All these dis-likes are those little kiddies on there crap phone that they think he is flexing when he is just making a super cool PC.

    26. Ben van Jaarsveld

      this was a year ago... Feel old yet?

    27. Jovensky

      can you cash up me some money so I can build the PC heres the code is ambroke09

      1. Stone

        Spell better

    28. Catherine Hughesse

      4:30 They are just really long screws which goes all the way. The Verge

    29. Matthew Wong

      Does anyone know which RGB strips were used in this video?

    30. Platinum

      linus making me jealous with every video

    31. Andrew Ingle

      States using the red colored coolant limits your options with rgb makes whole system red anyway

    32. Triskele Assassin

      But dont u run the risk of pushing the air through your cpu block when u mount the rad with the fittings at the top as the air pocket will be at the highest point in the loop

    33. My Little stickbot

      Can I have that pls

    34. A Button Gaming

      That pc is really nice looking

    35. joe jack

      What is the total price for this build?

    36. Senji

      My guy looks like danny d


      8:13 what was he thinking

    38. Ralph Carpenter

      The Verge: Taking notes on how to build a computer with water cooling.

    39. Ralph Carpenter

      Linus: doesn’t put the red coolant because his PC is RGB Also Linus: Sets the colors of the PC to red

    40. Luke Plays

      I cryed everytime he said you.

    41. Simply Eddie

      i wish linus would send me this pc to mombasa nayli with a 144hz monitor a corsair keyobard and mouse and the virtuoso headset

    42. just a guy a normal guy

      i want a pc tbh

    43. ll NATE DOGG ll

      This looks so ugly.....

    44. Kaid

      Wait thats master chief in the back round

    45. A.f.m Tanvir Anjum

      I hate amd

    46. Joshua

      3:43 Isn't this incorrect based on Gamer Nexus' research and experiments?

      1. RS

        Gamer nexus tips only are applicable to AIO with the pump on the CPU Block, For custom WC kits like this where the pump is on another location, the rules are different. Having said that, I'm not sure if what linus is saying is 100% fact, but it does has some logic to it.

      2. DimIsHigh

        I was wondering the same thing! Weird

    47. JUMP3Rx

      those white fans ruined it

    48. D P STUDIO

      watching in 28.10.2020 after 1 year

    49. Rob Lugo

      I'm into it

    50. Nayem Sohaill

      Amazon new product MSI Gaming GeForce GT 710 2GB GDRR3 64-bit HDCP Support DirectX 12 OpenGL 4.5 Single Fan Low Profile now get to order direct to amazon :@t

    51. Nayem Sohaill

      Amazon new product MSI Gaming GeForce GT 710 2GB GDRR3 64-bit HDCP Support DirectX 12 OpenGL 4.5 Single Fan Low Profile now get to order direct to amazon :@t

    52. alyleaf

      the 913 people that disliked still dont know how to install RGB

    53. youthfullgem me

      Now he’s dropping water

    54. Adam Kn

      I use the same Corsair ram and Msi mother board but when I set in Mystic Light color shift, ram is flashing. Some one help me please (sorry for my english xD)

    55. Daryl Hall

      Steve from Gamers Nexus said put your radiator loop at the bottom because more air bubbles go to the top when you have it the other way....

    56. Multiple F-15s inbound I think

      Too overpriced for me but cool build Linus

    57. Ghostwulf

      @ 9:44 i rolled on floor laughing :-D

    58. Noah Thomas

      Guys he’s into fans

    59. Charles Bertizlian

      。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •   ゚  Linus was An imposter.  。 .   '    1 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   . ,    .  .

      1. Mr.Bodi.Minds

        Adi ba vattu ra

    60. Nico Tharp

      I’ll pay you 2000 to make me a pc like that or however much you need it just has to be less than 2100 I can’t make PCs and I rly want a good one that isn’t prebuilt

    61. Dodcio Challenger

      I'm into it

    62. TEAM_IPQ

      Hi! big fan of your videos keep up the good work and never stop I wish I had a good PC I can barely play any game everything is lagging just can't enjoy playing 😞 one of them is CSGO! 20-30FPS...

    63. Daniel Horne

      id set it all to change colour based on temp thats what i did on my mice only the mice at the moment

    64. AKAbigfry66

      I wonder what they do with the builds when there done don't you

    65. Survival Instinct

      i feel like people should get bigger cases with good enough spacing

    66. vincent cortes

      Can you rotate a cpu block 90 degrees? Does it affect the performance?

    67. FR4sian TTV

      DONT BUY ****WARNING**** Don't buy Corsair, worst client service and poor quality product. For some reasons I have bought their product for a while on Amazon. Forget getting any type of refund or replacement. If they do it takes a month. I ordered a Pump and res combo recently, set to ship october 12th, 2020. On the 13th I asked them if it was shipped, I get a response that the order doesn't exist. I took a screenshot of the fund on my credit card and the order number and sent it. Two days later I get a response that yes it was being prepared for shipment. 5 days later, I ask them about the package as there is no signs of it being shipped yet, asking for a refund at this point I'm done. Receive a response that they can't refund as the package is being prepared. I sent back a message saying I want a refund now the item was not shipped and they can cancel it and give me a refund now two days later still no response. Go Razer instead if you want a gaming fidelity company, at least with Razer I never had any issues. This is not my first bad experience with Corsair they won't change the way they threat their customers, they don't deserve our business.

    68. M̷r̷_̷S̷H̷A̷R̷K̷ M̷ ڔڃۚــڷ ا̍ڸــڦــڔڜ ۛ ּمۘ

      شكرا عالفديو الحريقة يا أسطورة🔥❤️ احلة لايك و اشتراك الك يا ملك 🤗 💞❤️❤️❤️ ما تنسة شيك على قناتي بنزل فيها ماينكرافت و يمكن تعجبك بس ولله ما تقطع علينا يامبدع ياملك😍

    69. Eli Klappenbach

      Holes in the motherboard to route cable might actually be a good idea

    70. Wicked Games420

    71. Reiven John Lopez

      i wish i have that kind pc. for me thats a dream build

    72. VeryMusclyMan

      you’ve literally just made my dream pc

    73. MemeWithADream

      can i have this pc

    74. harrisontheonly _

      Damn I really need a new pc mines pretty ass I lagg ever 10 minutes and it’s not my internet I have the fastest where I live it like goes to 170 FPS on modern warfare to 20 FPS every 10 minutes plz help

    75. Danny Mark

      did he just refer whoever watches as kids ? I feel offended

    76. DIY GalaXy 0.0

      Awesome!ok. custom water cooling is super rad. I just posted a video showing my custom radiator from a Honda to cool my system. Since you like water cooling like me U should check it out.

    77. - Lucid Dreamer -

      I personally think that anything other than static rgb colors looks so bad. And static rgb colors look way better than no rgb.

    78. CubingDesertFox 3x3

      The riser at 2:17 made it sound like my pc was about to explode

    79. Hulk-Smash


    80. Jar Jar Binks

      How has corsiar not made sleeved psu cables yet

    81. a rod

      Dat power supply doh.

    82. Hunter Main


    83. The Frame24

      Hello Gyus, I have started my new HUgets Channel for Video Editing Tutorial with Premiere Pro in Hindi... Kindly support to

    84. Oliver Solheim

      The website is not designed for Mobile

    85. Kammaflaje

      Old video but ill try asking anyway? im thinking about custum watercooler. But most videos iv seen only one radiator is used. But from cpu to gpu the water is heated from the cpu. My thought is cant you put a second radiator betwin the cpu and gpu. my thought is reservoar/pump to cpu to radiator to gpu to radiator and then back to the reservoar. Thinking the gpu needs the best cooling aswell then heated water from the cpu.

    86. Weirdo

      Another watercooled video of where I cant afford.

    87. Jana Lee

      Now, buy me one.

    88. Tim Uren

      13:23 so arrogant 🤣

    89. Tim Uren

      dont drop your dust filter 😖


      What's the budget for this build

    91. Bongos

      SWOOP 9:35

    92. Bongos

      8:37 LOL

    93. Carlo Gutierrez

      please water cool a raspberry pi 😂

    94. E W

      I watched a gn video that said the fittings should go on the bottom I thought, which is correct?


      Nice but I was here for the meme

    96. GoldSkula

      my god the pump-gpu kink is giving me ptsd

    97. Riley Tessier

      That power supply tho

    98. Xu_

      Must be nice to afford a good pc smh 😔

    99. Definitely Not Gentry

      Linus isn’t a simp like Austin

    100. angela casapia

      grateful dead